We’ve Got Your Pizza, New Orleans!

New Orleans. A city known for unique culinary treasures, humidity, a raucous good time, and, now, pizza! Slice Pizzeria opened in 2004, ushering in a renaissance of pizza New Orleans style. Our story starts with Juan’s Flying Burrito, a New Orleans restaurant staple since we opened our doors 15 years ago. As pizza connoisseur’s (self-proclaimed, of course) we noticed a distinctive New Orleans pizzeria was missing from the culinary landscape. Being the food lover’s that we are, our team got to work on what would become the definitive pizza New Orleans style.


We first opened up on historic St. Charles Avenue, alongside architectural landmarks and the iconic New Orleans streetcar. The Slice Pizzeria team spent over a year and a half transforming what was once a traditional hairdresser into the vibrant New Orleans Italian and Pizza restaurant that you see today.


At Slice Pizzeria on St. Charles Avenue you’ll find a stylish ensemble of traditional Italian aesthetic, a pristine open kitchen, and a vibrant atmosphere of diverse patrons and music. Dine on pizza, pasta, salads, or sandwiches in our classic leather booths and bathe in the ambiance of a true New Orleans pizzeria.


Slice Pizzeria – St. Charles
1513 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans,
LA 70130
(504) 525-7437

Mon-Sat 11am – 11:00pm
Sun 11am – 10:00pm

Pizza New Orleans Style

The Slice Pizzeria concept and our famous NOLA style pizza were born through a culmination of practical application and the search for unique, healthy whole food offerings. While playing in Atlanta bands during the late 80’s and early 90’s, Warren Chapoton gained practical pizza experience by working at Fellini’s, Grant Central and Mellow Mushroom. Taking what he learned to a different level, he says, “We searched for a unique and solid foundation of great ingredients to build our brand upon.” “Starting with our discovery of a local Southern Louisiana Artesian water supplier and we didn’t stop there!” When it comes to pizza, flour matters, and ours is simply the best. Slice Pizzeria flour is sourced from our supply of signature and extremely tasty King Arthur flour.


New Orleans is eclectic, eccentric, and always fresh. The rest of our pizza New Orleans style toppings and ingredients are no different.  Imported, organic, and simply NOLA, we offer a wide range of pizza styles. At Slice Pizzeria, we famously offer all of our specialty pies by the slice or by the pie.

“Have Your Pie and Eat It Too”

-Slice Pizzeria is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.
-We are a favorite among the New Orleans foodie community.
-Check our Facebook or Twitter page for our daily specials.
-We boast a full bar and will keep you coming back with our tempting cocktail and wine specials.


The People Have Spoken

In 2011, Slice Pizzeria won best won Gambit Weekly’s Reader’s Poll Best New Orleans pizzeria. Our pizza New Orleans style is raved about all over the internet. You can read our rave reviews on Yelp, TravelAdvisor, UrbanSpoon, or elsewhere.


Some of our favorite reviews include:

“Outstanding pizza. The flavor is spot on, and uses quality ingredients.” – Ryan, UrbanSpoon

“Best pizza in Nola” – David, UrbanSpoon

“Service was outstanding and pizza was amazing!!!” – Pamela, Trip Advisor

“Great service, great food. This is Italian home style cooking.” – SnellyUSA, TripAdvisor

“The slices I ordered were just about perfect (…)” – Omar, Yelp

“I am from New York and I can honestly say… This pizza is BETTER. Not greasy… full of flavor. Yumm!” – Sharein

“Distinctive toppings and toasty crust kept me coming back.” – Kelsey


Stop by to Slice Pizzeria on St. Charles Avenue and have a Slice. Call (504) 525-7437 and place an order!


You can also find us on Google+ and Facebook