About Us

My love for pizza began when I was still a young girl, or so I hear. My mum tells me that I wasn’t one of the few kids who enjoy eating. However, the one meal I enjoyed was pizza in different forms. That hasn’t changed to date; I still enjoy pizza.

This love for pizza has also turned into a passion where I’m today interested in anything that regards pizza from the tools, the dough, the toppings, how to serve it, and even eating it right (Italian or American way).

My name is Dana, and welcome to Slice Pizzeria, where you will find all the pizza information you are looking for. I didn’t want to learn and keep it to myself rather, share it with other pizza fans.   


This website has grown way too fast, and today I write a lot about the different pizzas I’ve tried. But that’s not all of it; here, you will find the answers to all the questions you ask on the topic ‘Pizza.’ It’s mostly a blog to find the one thing missing, whether it’s the dough, pizza oven, how to cook it right, the pizza stone among others.  

It’s going to be informative, and that includes the changes that we are experiencing in the pizza world. But don’t worry, pizza is going nowhere; we all love these delicious slices, we could never get rid of them.

The blog aims at making you understand that you can make your favorite pizza at home too. We demystify that it’s as easy to make pizza as it is to make any other meal you want to. We show you the advantage of making it at home, especially if you like to make a healthier option.

In other instances, we show you some of the best restaurants we have today when it comes to pizza globally. We are here to build a community of fun pizza lovers who also want to learn different things about pizza together.

Why slice pizzeria?

With the recent pandemic, you know that the world has gone online, and today unlike a year ago when people didn’t believe there’s anything you could do online, you can learn a lot and do a lot more. Whatever you want to learn in this regard, no need to go to a physical store when you can have it all here.

If you want to make the pizza like the Italians do, you will find the best content in this blog. I know pizza debates aren’t about to end, but at least I’m sure you will know where they stem from. This way then you can understand how to handle them.

You are welcomed in the comment section if you like to debate about the different pizza too. We would love to connect with you. So you can follow us on other social media platforms or even leave a comment in the comment section.

Lastly, are you looking for some of the unique recipes to spice up your pizza nights? Well, you came to the right place for the same. We offer you easy to try recipes that are also unique and tried recipes to help you make the pizzas like a pro. Whether you are a beginner or a novice, we have recipes for you.  

Do you share this pizza passion? Feel free to reach me for a chat or even collaboration for the content creation, business, or questions you may have. Click here to contact.