19 Types of American Pizza (With Pictures)

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It’s hard to believe that this simple meal consisting of dough, some sauce, and the toppings have traveled far and wide. A meal that was first considered for the poor continues to trend across the globe, particularly in America.

Well, ever since it was founded, we have seen different chefs creating various variations in different countries. Today though, we will show you some of the most common options available in our country.

Most of the different options you find here are also influenced by the different cultural cuisines. You see, the way different people eat in one place is not the same way others eat elsewhere.

Notice that the pizza style you enjoy in America today is different from the authentic Italian style. It’s even different within our country, with different regions making the ones that match their flavors.

Even though it’s a quintessential meal, you need to know that it may vary a lot from the one you have in Italy.

1. Deep dish Pizza-Chicago pizza

deep dish pizza2

The truth is that you may not know what goes into the Chicago pizza if you haven’t tried it. However, you will most likely have seen it and can identify it, therefore, from its thickness. It features the use of a thick heavy pie. Believe it or not, most people say it’s also one of the healthiest choices of pizza. Well, I don’t know about that, so I won’t dispute it.

You will notice that you can’t eat with your bare hands, contrary to most other pizza styles. You will always need a fork and knife for it. Note, though, that the Chicago pizza styles are diverse, and you will sometimes have even a thinner option than the regular New York one.

It stands out with its oil-enriched crust that they first press into the pan to make it look like a fried crust. And since it’s thick, it can easily hold many tomato sauces, cheese, and Italian sausage. If you are from Chicago, you already know that this is a special meal and don’t eat it every day.

Notice that its edge is high; this is why it can hold a lot more toppings. It’s further why the people of Chicago like the pizza have a lot of flavors.

They never use the regular tomato sauce; instead, you will have the thicker tomato sauce options. If this is your first time trying the pizza, I want you to know that this is not the on the go style of pizza.

So the flour they use is white wheat flour for the crust, but you can also have semolina and cornmeal flour.

If you are new to Chicago and are looking for the real treat of Chicago pizza, go to Giordano’s pizzeria. They offer quality and authentic pizza every day. Also, you can go to Pizzeria Uno for the perfect pizza deal.

I like pizzeria Uno mainly because they were the founders of this pizza style. Also, they try to combine some Italian style ingredients while making it authentic Chicago style pizza. They always have a lot of cheese, and they don’t compromise on the veggies and the meats they use.

Also, note that this pizza they assemble in reverse to make sure you don’t burn the cheese. So you will have the cheese, the meats, and veggies direct on the crust, and then the sauce is over them.

The deep twist is that you can have the stuffed choice. And when you are looking for a way to keep these toppings under-control, they sometimes add another layer of pizza crust. The secret then is to use a thinner crust on top. Also, make it have the holes that will let out the air or rather steam.

2. New York pizza

New York pizza

The very first pizza was first made in New York, or so we believe. You know the pizza meal came into the country as the country welcomed more Italian immigrants. People talk about Gennaro Lombardi in the same regards. It’s from this that they went on to introduced some more pizzas in Connecticut and New Jersey.

This one was first created in the 1900s, and it’s also the variation that people see as closes to the traditional Neapolitan pizza. They used thin and crusty, but they often balanced the grated mozzarella with the tomato sauce. Anytime New Yorkers are making the pizza, though, they focus on making sure they balance these two, thus ensuring the pizza doesn’t get soggy.

When you are talking of New York pizza, the only thing in mind is the wide triangular style of pizza. This style of pizza came about from the Neapolitan pizza.

In most cases, you will have it with mozzarella and tomato sauce and any toppings you need. It will amaze you that it’s foldable even though it’s crispy. They often also make the pizza without other toppings, and thus they call it plain pizza.

In New York, you will buy the pizza by slices because it features the use of large. Also, there are 18 slices, and unless you are in a group, it may be a lot to finish; that’s why slice service is better. In the past, they used the coal fire to cook it, but today you can even use the gas oven with it.

3. Detroit style pizza


This region also has a hearty style of pizza. You will find the Detroit style pepperoni style that’s also rectangular. It further has a thick crust with yeast, and it’s delicious to eat. You will notice one good thing about it is that it has sauce and melting cheese too.

The characteristic of the pizza is that it features the use of cup-like pepperoni meat. And, of course, it stands out for using a lot of pepperoni pieces. I like to describe the pizza that its thick, light, and then chewy.

It’s not like most others because you have it being rectangular or square. They like to make it in a thin or dark pan. The pizza gets its inspiration from the Sicilian and the Chicago pizza. In fact, to me, they are a cross between the two. This is also one of the deep dish styles of pizzas.

It mostly also has the marina sauce on top. The Detroit style has its crust being crunchy with a caramelized edge like the one you have seen above.

4. Pepperoni

Pepperoni with cheese pizza

You can’t talk of the American style pizza without actually talking of the pepperoni toppings too. This is the pizza that includes some of America’s loved styles of toppings- the pepperoni. The pizza is a corrupted word from the same pepperoni in Italy. Notice that it has double p. This is an Italian word that refers to the larger pepper.

Sometimes, they also use it to refer to the Italian salami. This one is made using a mix of pork, beef, and other spices. Although it came into existence much later in the 1950s, it’s today a more popular version.

Notice that you may also have the fish pepperoni, but they aren’t as popular as the pork one. This is one of the versatile pizza because they prep it differently in the different states. It will mostly depend on the local ingredients too. Since it can take on the local cuisine style, then it means that they vary from place to place. Remember it will often have the mozzarella, pepperoni, and tomato sauce.

5. Chicago thin-crust

Chicago pizza

I know anytime we talk of the Chicago pizza, the only thing that comes to mind is the deep crust pizza. But this one has an even thinner crust that’s often crunchier and crispier than your regular New York-style pizza. Now don’t expect diagonal slices; instead, they do cut it into square slices.

They will mostly use the spicy sauce, and then you will also have a lot of meats. You will also have it cut into strips or squares.

6. New haven style


Well, this is not just a regular pizza; it’s a real deal pizza. Now, this is a descendant of the Neapolitan style of pizza. It stands out for being hotter crispier, but also dirtier. One characteristic of the pizza is that it features a white clam. Expect the dough to be briny but greatly delicious too.

Notice that they dress it with olive oil, garlic, parsley but with the Romano cheese too. Notice that they mostly like to add even the smoky bacon. If you are like me, you will understand that theirs a distinct taste every time they use the smoky bacon or meal.

Here they further make sure they use the mozzarella cheese generously. When you look at its dough, you will notice that it’s also a little bit charred. You can be sure it’s crispier than most of the other pizza styles you use. You should know that the pizza then takes longer to cook than at other times. The authentic one will even have the raw brick taste.

Sometimes you’ll have people referring to it as the tomato pizza, in which case it contains garlic, parmesan with tomato sauce.

They sometimes have white pizza, and it contains garlic, mozzarella, parmesan, olive oil, and oregano too. If you can also have the ones with the little neck, it’s better.

7. The tomato pie


Here we are talking of the new jersey style of pizza. This will stand out for inverting the regular pizza to avoid burning the cheese. It features the use of a thick crust, and they also use the sauce at the bottom of the crust, the cheese, and finally, you have the halved tomatoes on top.

This is also a derivative of the Sicilian pizza; no wonder it’s much common in the Sicilian American communities. Now understand that there are different versions of the tomato pies, but the authentic one is the new jersey option is the main one.

8. California style

California style Pizza

This one uses the dough style you will find on the authentic Neapolitan pizza and the New York one. Notice that they mostly will have the base with the jazzed and also unusual ingredients. Thanks to the then chef Ed LaDou for developing this perfect looking style of pizza.

This is one of the types that contain unusual ingredients. If you like to try different styles, then use this one. It has a pizza that’s also made using ricotta cheese, red peppers, mustard pate, red peppers.

They often also have smoked salmon and duck sausage. So basically, they feature a combination of the New York pizza with the thin Italian crust. You’ll have the shrimps, asparagus, seafood, and smoked salmon.

The other extra toppings include pineapples, goat cheese, barbecue sauce, peanut sauce, and chicken options. You can serve the pizza with the beer, wine but also sparkling drink varieties.

9. The Greek-style pizza


The Greek immigrants created this one. In fact, they first made it in Boston back in the 1960s. Notice that it’s a nice thick and wet dough. They further have the greasy cheese, but they also have the tomato sauce. They further had a strong oregano taste. Notice that this one, like many other pizzas styles, bake in a heavily greased pan.

They further have a fried bottom crust. You will mostly have them use the famous Greek ingredients here. They like to use artichokes, feta cheese but also Kalamata olives. Most of the companies will further add the pepperoni for even further meal spicing.

Unlike most of the other pizzas, if you are going to use this choice, you should make sure you consume it sooner and all of it. Use it within fifteen minutes of having cooked it.

10. Colorado mountain pie

Colorado Style Pizza

If you have been to Colorado, I expect you to have already seen this pizza style. The pizza here always works to make it all bigger. Here you also have the thicker crust; it also has cheese, and it further has the different styles of toppings.

Notice that this pizza style then is crispy and, of course, beneath it the different styles of toppings.  Although it’s crispy, it still is soft and chewy on the inside. In this case, the pizza will stand out because it has the unique flavor from the honey that you will only find in the Rocky Mountains.

Notice too that the ingredients you, therefore, find here are from the regional products. The pizza, in this case, has ricotta and mozzarella cheese, fire-roasted peppers, roasted garlic, and spinach. You will notice that sometimes they also use pepperoni and Italian salami.

11. Stromboli


You know Stromboli is to American what calzone is to Italians. Founded in Philadelphia, this flavorful turnover pizza has more people leaking their fingers today. Often they use different styles of cheeses, but it must have mozzarella cheese. You can also have additional Italian meats like pepperoni, salami, capocollo, and veggies.

Most people will also set aside the marina sauce to act as the dipping sauce. Notice that they sometimes use the Italian bread dough or any other pizza dough. So once they set the fillings, then they roll it to make a jelly-like roll.

12. Neapolitan

Yes, you heard right; you can have the Neapolitan pizza in American, too, thanks to Italian immigrants. In fact, today, we have it in various parts of the country.


Again here, they like to let it ferment for hours to days. You should know that this is important because it will make the dough soft but also digestible.

You will have the airy pockets, and they also have the perfect crunch. Just like the authentic ones, it has tomatoes, herbs, and imported cheese.

13. St Louis’ pizza

Now this one stands out for being a thinner option all around it. Notice that we are talking about the thin crust size, and it’s a type of New York pizza, thus the thin crust.

Its dough uses no yeast, and it further uses Provel cheese. You see, the Provel cheese is a mix of different cheese types, including provolone, cheddar, and mozzarella.

This type of pizza they also call the pizza cut choice. This is the easiest to eat pizza in that it looks so much like crackers and cheese.

14. Sicilian pizza


I mean, the pizza diet was brought into the country by Italians, and of course, this meant that they would bring some of their styles. It has a different variety of pizza.

In this country, the ones you will find are thick and square-shaped, just like those you find in Italy. They are made using mozzarella cheese, and you can use tomato sauce too. Notice that it has cheese, and then you will also add the tomato sauce over the cheese.

The essence is to make sure it will cook the crust right. Notice that the pizza, in this case, never has the same Italian mozzarella. Nonetheless, they do use the cheaper versions that you will find in the country. Now you can find this kind of pizza in different areas that Italians live. Connecticut, new jersey, New York, Michigan, Masacchutes, Rhode Island are some of the places to find it.

15. Grilled pizza

Grilled pizza

This is another style of pizza where you will have the stretched dough on the grilling grates. This one you will also have over the hot coals.

So then you will cook it on one side then you can flip the dough too. You should then set the toppings in reverse in that set the cheese first and then the sauce.

When you take it back to the grill grates, you will have the cheese melting and cooking best. Notice that they have the dough being crispy, airy, and well-charred too. Notice, though, that this one will remain smoky.

The grilled pizza is very versatile, and you can top it with almost any ingredient you like. It’s all about personal preference here. This pizza was first founded in Rhode Island. Remember, you will add the cheese at the very last step.

16. Montanara pizza

Of course, this is another version of the Neapolitan pizza, with the only difference being that they deep fry it. Montanara is almost the same as the fried pizza in Italy.

You will have it with the sauce and the mozzarella sauce. They sometimes call it the pizza doughnut. The style of pizza was founded in New York. The pizza today is common in Wisconsin, Colorado, and Florida.

17. Quad cities

I know you would be surprised what kind of pizza this is, but you know it if you are from Rhode Island, East Moline, Illinois, Davenport Iowa, Bettendorf Iowa.

The main characteristic is that it has the brewers malt, and it has a nutty, sweet taste. It’s further darker than the regular pizza.

Now compared to other pizzas then is that it has a thinner sauce. This sauce is also often spicy, and they use the lean sausage that’s full of spices and fennel. It further has the pizza cut in strips, which is also great to get the razor-sharp scissors.

18. Ohio valley pizza

This is the pizza from Ohio valley. It features the use of square pies, and notice that contrary to most other pizzas, you will add the toppings when you have removed it from the oven already.  They say that the heat of the crust will then cook the pizza toppings even without the heat.

Those from Ohio valley love their pizza style, but you won’t find it in other pizzerias in town. They do add the toppings over the piping hot crust, remember. You will therefore have cold mozzarella cheese and pepperoni as the toppings.

19. DC Jumbo

When you suddenly get hungry in DC, you should go out to order this pizza remember. They offer a large slice of pizza, and it will take up to two plates to hold a single slice, remember.

Notice that the crust is hand-tossed. Notice that this one will come to you in not so different varieties. It only has cheese and pepperoni.

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