10 Best Bagel Cutters Of 2021 – Bagel Slicer Reviews

When it comes to cutting the bagel, you want to use the right tools. Using the regular knives and other tools not meant for the jobs is the reason for various injuries incurred in the kitchen.

It’s not by chance that the national electronic injury surveillance system statistics showed that in 2008, over 2000 people were injured while trying to cut a bagel with the wrong tool.

There are various tools that can do the job for you but, use them only if you know how to.

Otherwise, check our list today to find the best bagel slicer.

Best bagel cutters to buy in 2021

1. Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer, White

Hoan The Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer, 9.25-Inch, White

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This might well be the only bagel slicer you need. It’s safe to use with sharp blades. Cutting your bagel should be anything but hard. the guillotine model happens to be the best model in the market. Regardless of your bagel size, this slicer will make it easy to slice it.

The handle is sturdy and strong and I like the fact that it’s high above making it safer to use. You can never slice your fingers with this tool if you place your hands right.  With its acrylic safety shield on the cradle, your hands are safe from the piercing blade.

Although it’s designed for slicing the bagel, you can use it to slice the muffins, buns and doughnut rolls. What I like most about it, is that it gives you even slices without messing up your kitchen with crumbles all over.

Its blade is made using stainless steel which is durable and will last a long time in the kitchen.

With its serrated blade ends and the non-stick xylem coated blade, you will have the best slices and the blade will serve you for years to come. It’s dishwasher safe but you should never slice the frozen bread to avoid dulling it.

2. Larien 5400 Bagel Biter Plus Commercial Bagel Slicer

Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

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For all your commercial needs, buy the larien commercial bagel slicer. The item is designed to stand the pressures of regular use which makes it the best option for your bakeries and coffee shops. It features a large item that is safe for use.

Its outer part features a plastic material construction for maximum performance and durability. Its blade, like most other blades, is made using stainless steel and then coated with Teflon to avoid sticking of food. It’s also easy to clean.

With the above features, it offers you the ultimate smooth slicing experience. Your fingers are free from harm and it also comes with a Lexan fingers guard to keep them safe from cuts. It will slice large and small bagels alike with its blade.

I like it because it gives you the option of swapping the blades once your blade is worn out. No need to buy the whole slicer again. The item is easy and safe to use.

3. Chef’s Choice 680 Bagel Pro Electric Bagel Slicer

Chef'sChoice Bagel Slicer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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As we had earlier stated, the various kitchen injuries are a result of slicing the bagel. Therefore, when you have this electric bagel slicer, you have the answer to less slicing injuries.

You can slice your croissant, bread roll, doughnuts, bagels among others without putting your fingers in harm.

It works when you place your bagel in the feed chute and push it to come to contact with the cutting blades and then insert your motor and start it. In a few seconds, you have your favorite slices of bagel, rolls, or buns.

It has stainless steel cutting blades that are durable for use. It also has two high quality plastic spring arms. In addition, it has a receiving compartment where the bread slices drop in after they are cut. It owns a knob that you may use to shut it off and switch it on.

You have a cord that you can store easily beneath the slicer. Its key parts are removable which makes cleaning it a breeze. Moreover, with its safety switches, you have your fingers safe and far from the cutting blades.

4. Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife

Tablecraft FirmGrip Bagel Knife - safely slice bagels, baguettes, English muffins and buns

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As you may notice, this blade features a totally different design yet very effective. I perceive it to be ideal for industrial use because it has a strong sharp knife that will slice through any kind of bagel size, thickness or hardness.

This bagel slicer gives you an edge as it offers a firm grip on the knife with its middle plastic guide. Some of this slicer design would slip through my hands when using it but not this one. Its handle is large and it gives you a soft grip.

This makes sure that you can handle the slicer with ease and that the knife remains safe to use. Its structural design makes it easy to slice your bagel. Moreover, the knife is very sharp and you mustn’t place your fingers on its way as it’s cutting or else you will nurse injuries.

I know most of us like to bring our children along for the cutting process but with this slicer, the kids aren’t safe using it. You can use it to cut all sizes of bagels.

Moreover, cleaning it is easy. If you have the dirt pieces on your knife just remover using the paper tissue. Also, use the dishwasher to clean it.

5. Bagel Biter without Suction Cup Base

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No products found.

Although most bagel slicers are meant for a single purpose in the kitchen they come in handy when you think of your safety. For many years, I quit cutting the bagel for fear of cutting my hands ever again but when I bought this tool, all my fears disappeared.

This slicer, unlike many others, has a triangular blade that is serrated for easy cutting of the bagel. You will have some clean halved slices in minutes. Mind you, the cutting of the bread happens in the plastic which leaves your hands safely out of the cutting blades way.

The traditional design also prides itself on being stable because it has 4 suction pipes on the sides. They also prevent the slipping possibility. You only press the top of the bagel with your hands when you want to slice the bread.

This makes it easy to use by those with arm weakness as they won’t place the fingers on the blade’s way. Besides, it has an acrylic safety shield that protects your fingers. This is a high carbon stainless steel blade that will offer you a durable service for many years to come.

6. Joie bagel slicer

Joie Bagel Slicer Pack of 2

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And now let’s talk about this other must-have home gadget. With this item, your slicing is much easier. This basically features a plastic holder that keeps the bagel in the middle and steady as you are cutting it. You may notice that it has a slanted edge, that is the part that holds the bagel in place.

What I like about it is that you can make many slices within minutes with the holder. You also get all the even bagels and clean slices. The bagel holder will act like your finger protector as your fingers don’t go anywhere near the knife.

The joie accessory works with all bagel sizes as they all fit into the holder of the bagel. You can also have it in a color that suits your kitchen décor. If your family is on a budget, you may want to still have safety measures in the kitchen and this gadget is that tool for your own safety.

Nothing is as easy as cleaning and storage this item. You only need to fold the arms down making it compact and protective as well as easy to store anywhere. When cleaning it, you only need to throw it in your dishwasher.

7. Ironwood Gourmet 28330 Local 338 Bagel Miter, Acacia Wood

Ironwood Gourmet 28330 Local 338 Bagel Miter, Acacia Wood, 7 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

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Notice that you can even make the bagel slices using the wood. This is the old-fashioned way of cutting the slices that was deemed effective and it still is effective. The ironwood features acacia wood which gives it uniquely beautiful patterns and color for your kitchen decoration.

It further comes in different wood tones, colors, and luster that changes when subjected to different lighting. The wood piece design holds your bagel in place and steady for cutting. It has a wide base that will offer a firm grip on the bagel and make it steady as you are cutting.

As you can see it has a central knife slot which gives it a straight cut every time. It further has a convenient handle that makes it easy to cut and slice the bagel.

When you want to slice your bagel, you can just align your knife with the base and with the help of the steady handle cut the bagel to even slices. Never soak the item in water instead wash it in warm soapy water then dry it. You can then rejuvenate it by rubbing the oil all over the parts.

Never place your bagel slicer in a dishwasher.

8. Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide with Adjustable Thickness

Trudeau Bagel Slicing Guide with Adjustable Thickness

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This is a unique alternative to your regular guillotine slicer. I like the fact that you can adjust the holder and thus slice any bagel size. If you love to work with kids then this is your best tool to buy. Its safety is enhanced with the help of the finger protector that will shield you from deep cuts.

The Trudeau slicer and holder has a stainless steel blade that is durable and effective to use. Remember, even the outer ring slicer makes smaller slices of bread which means that all your appetizer recipes are possible with the gadget.

It further has an anti-skid base to offer stability while you are cutting the bread. What’s more, your bagel will never slip off as you are slicing because it’s held in place. Whenever you need to clean the tool you can disassemble the parts and place in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Although it’s mostly designed for a bagel, you could use it to slice other bread forms except for muffins. You can slice your bagel in different layers and unfortunately, this sometimes becomes a downside. It may prove difficult to use.

9. Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, White

Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, White

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If you want a bagel slicer that will cut your bagel easily by hand while using the serrated knife then here is your ideal tool. The knife is safely guarded by the outer plastic protection thus making sure your hands are safe from the cuts.

I often say that Brooklyn is the elegant way that you use to slice the bagel. You can use the item even on your hot bagel and it will cut any sizes of bagel into different slices. This gives it an edge advantage over other slicers.

You may use it to cut your croissants, dinner rolls among others. The item speeds up the process of producing the slices which means you could use it when you need to produce a large batch of bagel slices.

If you will follow the set instructions, you can never get hurt when using the slicer. The award-winning slicer is easy to maintain and easy to store on your countertop.

For all I care about, the blade is made of stainless steel which means durability is inevitable. The item is dishwasher safe.

10. Toastmaster Bagel Automatic Bagel Slicer

Toastmaster Bagel Automatic Bagel Slicer

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Are you tired of those uneven slices of bagels?

Buy the toastmaster for easy and effortless cutting. This is one of the best products in the market today. It was invented by a physician who saw the need to avoid the many accidents that resulted from cutting the bagel.

Its main aim is to offer you safety while being effective. It features a plastic housing to the knife just like most other slicers. It works when you drop your bagel at the top of the slicer then press it down the machine to come up with the slices.

It’s easy to use yet ideal for those with weak arms.

What Is A Bagel Slicer?


Image: Slice Pizzeria

Let’s start by understanding that a bagel is a dense bread roll that assumes the shape of a ring. It’s originally from the Jewish people of Poland.

So, simply said, a bagel slicer is a tool you use to cut your bagel. It’s ideal for those who cut the different types and sizes of bagel from time to time. You mostly need a bagel slicer to keep you safe from cuts and other injuries.

It also gives you perfect slices without producing breadcrumbs so you are sure to stay away from messy work.

Features of Consideration When Buying the Bagel Slicer

  • Your safety

As we had earlier stated, most people get injured while cutting the bagel. A bagel slicer must have a knife but the knife should be safe to use.

It’s not a really complicated device and since it comes to save you from the knife cuts it should have the knife guarded to prevent it from cutting your fingers. Although it should be sharp enough cut the bagel.

  • The size

If you love making large bagels every so often then the bagel slicer that is big is ideal. Similarly, you could choose the small bagel slicer if you like making smaller bagels. Some will ask what if you like making both the sizes and styles? Keep reading to answer that.

  • Adjustability

If you can, it’s best to buy a bagel slicer that you can adjust to different sizes. This makes it easy to use when you have made small bagels today then large ones tomorrow. When buying it make sure it’s easy to use and that the blade fits the slicer.

  • Convenience

By all means, check to ensure that the device is easy to use. It shouldn’t do more than cut your bagel in whichever form. Remember, like any other kitchen gadget the bagel slicer comes in various forms, those that can cut the dense bagel and those that will only cut the small ones.

You can also have the ones that can cut the frozen bagel and fresh ones. It is all a matter of what kind of bagel you like making at home.

  • Can you replace its blades?

After you have used the blades for a long period of time you will need to change the blades. The question is, the slicer you intend to buy, does it warrant the changing of the blades?

With the consistent use of the slicer, the blade is bound to become dull. It will need you to sharpen it or replace it. Thus, if you don’t see the essence of constantly buying a new slicer, buy one that allows you to change it.

  • Which design

The one that you will commonly find in the shops is the bagel guillotine. The design features a safe to use guillotine that keeps your fingers safe while performing effectively. You can find other designs although they aren’t as popular.

You could have an electric slicer, saw-like contraption, and a holder together with a knife.

How To Use The Bagel Slicer


How to Keep Panera Bagel Fresh

Keeping your Panera bagel fresh for longer shouldn’t be an issue. According to the best bagel bakery, storing your bagels in a paper bag keeps them safe for longer. Although they get chewy when they are left to stay longer than needed.

If you will keep them for four or five days, they will stay fresh. It all depends on how long you intend to keep the bagels

If you want them to stay overnight

  • Leave your bagels in a plastic bag on your pantry and at room temperature. If you stay in a hot area or during summer it’s better to store them in a paper bag and clip it to avoid the tendency to get soggy.
  • This goes the same if you want them to stay for about 2 to 3 days. Just follow the procedure above. However, if you need to keep them for almost a week, consider freezing them.
  • Some tips of consideration when placing them in a plastic bag is to place just a few bagels in the bag then press it so that you can release excess air from the bag before sealing to avoid moisture that would get them stale quickly.

When you want to freeze your bag

  • If you want to store your bagel in a freezer, it’s advisable to slice the bagel in half when fresh because not most slicers can cut a frozen bagel.
  • Go ahead and wrap your bagels in plastic bags this helps to avoid the freezer burn. Then place them in another sealable plastic bag.
  • Remember to mark the date of the expected expiration so that you can use them before then.
  • If you store-bought your bagels, freeze them immediately if you don’t intend to use them immediately.
  • If you store the bagels properly you can use them for up to 6 months.

Benefits of Having A Bagel Slicer

  • Safety

Using a knife is the cause of many accidents. Since some of us adore bagels yet we like slicing them, it’s best to buy the slicer if you intend to avoid accidents. Most bagel slicers as we have seen are designed to keep your fingers safe from deep cuts.

Your children can enjoy using this item as well.

  • It’s versatile

Apart from using the slicer for the bagel, some slicers are used in cutting croissants, muffins, bread rolls among others. This makes it ideal for use on various food items.

  • They are easy to use

You don’t have to worry about how to use these items because it’s straight-forward. Besides, you can follow the set instructions when you aren’t sure about how they are used.

  • Makes your work easy

For most people like me, cutting the bagel with a knife is tedious. Using a slicer makes the cutting process easier. Your slices come out evenly uniform and you can use them to slice the bagels of different styles.

  • They will serve you for long

Most of the slicers are designed to last long. They have a sturdy construction and mostly use the stainless steel knife for durability.

Where to Buy Bagel Slicers

When it comes to buying kitchenware, I’m one person who loves going for what I can see as opposed to the online shops. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a real deal for your money when you buy the items online.

In fact, truth be told, when you are looking for a variety it’s better to visit online shops like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and the various other stores available.

In addition, don’t shy away from taking a walk to your nearby kitchenware stores and sometimes even the supermarkets have these items.


Honestly, when I look at the bagel slicers above, I see slicers that are easy to use and best suited for different occasions. Nevertheless the Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer, White is best placed for effectiveness and ease of use.

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