5 Best Butcher Knives Of 2021 – Top Rated Trusted Butcher Knife Reviews

The butcher knives offer great variety when it comes to handling food. You can do all sorts of cutting and prepping with the help of a butcher’s knife. There is a range of different butcher’s knives available, and each one of them facilitates in cutting different foods and handling various types of meats.

You need to pick a particular type of knife if you are handling the meat on your own. People prefer to choose chef’s knives, however; a real grill-master will always go for a butcher’s knife.

Here is a list of best butcher’s knives that will do the job for you:

You must look for certain aspects that are associated when buying a butcher’s knife. It will allow you to purchase the best option that suits your needs the most.

You don’t have to buy just any utensil with a label of butcher’s knife on it. Every knife has different features and is designed to serve a different purpose. Here are some of the factors that you must take into account before you buy one:

We have made a small list of most useful knives that you can find in the market with their short reviews as well as their pros and cons allowing you to choose the best butcher’s knife for your kitchen or outdoor activity.

5 best butcher knives to buy in 2021

1. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Butcher’s Knives/Chopper

Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Cleaver Knife Chopper Butcher Knife Stainless Steel for Home Kitchen and Restaurant

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The 7-inch Stainless Steel Cleaver from Utopia Kitchen offers multi purpose usage, and you can conveniently use it in your home or even in a restaurant setting. It is a heavy duty cleaver which is made from genuine stainless steel.


  • It can cut through large pieces of food and is very useful in bone chopping as well.
  • The handle of this knife is ABS+430 which enables comfortable gripping and makes it very easy for maneuvering.
  • It comes with an ultra sharp edge that allows superior cutting output.


  • The handle is not very comfortable for extended usage.
  • The handle does not have an ergonomic shape.

2. Ontario 7111 Butcher Knife

Ontario Knife Old Hickory Butcher Knife, 10-Inch Blade

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The 7111 Old Hickory Butcher Knife from Ontario Knife Company offers high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. The company has designed this knife for the tough jobs when you are handling your meet.


  • It has a wooden handle that feels very comfortable in hand for extended use.
  • The 10-inch blade is very sharp and cuts through almost any type of food, and it is excellent for carving meat.
  • Its sharpening is effortless as well.


  • The blade rusts quickly; therefore, you need to take good care of it.
  • The handle is made of old hickory, and it is more prone to bacterial reproduction.

3. imarku Nakiri Chef Knife

Nakiri Knife - imarku Nakiri Chef Knife 7 Inch High Carbon German Stainless Steel Nakiri Vegetable Knife, Multipurpose Asian Nakiri Vegetable Knife for Kitchen with Ergonomic Handle

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The 7-inch Stainless Steel Chopper Cleaver from iMarku has a wooden handle that delivers superior cutting quality and comfort as well, and it has Ergonomic design.

The knife has 7Cr17 stainless steel which is excellent in dicing, chopping, slicing as well as mincing.


  • It has 7Cr17 stainless steel blade, which is 100% genuine and is also resistant to rust.
  • The wooden handle feels very smooth in the hands and is ideal for using for long periods of time.
  • The handle is also very ergonomic.


  • Despite the antibacterial feature, the wooden handle is not recommended to use by food authorities.
  • The handle might snap from the joint after some time because there is a tiny piece of metal that holds the handle.

4. Update International 11″ (KGE-11) Butcher Knife

9' Premium Forged High-Carbon Steel Offset Bread Knife

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Update International’s KGE-11 is a forges butcher knife that is 11-inch in length and is made from high carbon steel with vanadium allow. The company has done the handle using slip resistant polymer and has also contoured it to fit perfectly in your hand.


  • The 11-inch blade is suitable to deal with any food cutting very conveniently.
  • The pointed tip of the blade is handy for picking.
  • The handle has that ergonomic design which enables excellent gripping and maneuverability.


  • The blade of this knife is a bit too thin which makes it bendable if you apply excessive pressure while cutting.
  • The 10-inch blade is a little too big for some people, and it can halt the maneuverability.

5. Utopia Kitchen Butchers knife

Allezola Stainless Steel Cleaver Kitchen, universal, Silver

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Another one from Utopia Kitchen, this 7-inch cleaver comes with a steel handle which adds to its durability. It is ideal for different types of food-cutting that you want to do in your kitchen.

The blade is made from 420-grade 3Cr14 which allows it to be resistant to rust.


  • You don’t have to worry about the snapping of the handle and can use it freely.
  • The handle also comes with the ergonomic style.
  • The blade of the knife is not too thin which enables effortless cutting performance.
  • It has a pointed edge at the front which is useful in picking.


  • The steel handle adds to its weight which makes it slightly uncomfortable to use for extended periods.
  • It is not ideal for bone chopping.

How do I judge the quality of a butcher’s knife?

The manufacturers of butcher’s knives make them handle tough tasks. Hence, you need to look for a product that does not break easily, when you are performing these tasks.

The material of these knives is vital, and different knife manufacturers use different types of materials. You must look for the quality of the steel used for the knife.

Following are the different types of material used in the manufacturing of knives:

  • 420HC stainless steel which is rust-proof.
  • 440C stainless steel is also rust-proof plus it has more strength as compared to 420HC.
  • The best quality butcher’s knife is made from VG-10steel which is stainless as well. Moreover, it is sharper and durable than other types.

Which kind of a handle should I choose?

The knives come with different handles that are made from plastic, wood or steel as well.

  • Wood handle

Wood feels most comfortable in hand but it is more prone to the reproduction of bacteria, and they are not as sturdy as steel.

  • Plastic handle

The most popular material for knife handles is plastic because they are comfortable as well and does not make the knife bulky. These handles are suitable for easy cleaning. However, plastic handles are not durable.

  • Steel handle

Steel handles are the best when it comes to balance and durability. It also comes in handy when you need to clean your knife.

Disadvantage of using steel knife

  • The only issue with a steel handle is that they are not as comfortable as the other two types. They add to the weight of the knife, and your hand will get tired if you use it long enough.

What size should I prefer?

The size of your knife will depend upon the jobs that you will carry out with it. If you are buying them for butchering different type of grazing animals, then its blade’s length is crucial, and it should be long.

If the general purpose is slicing and cutting meat, then a short sized knife will also get the job done.

Should I look for a particular knife shape or style?

You need to consider the style or shape of the knife for specific tasks for instance; there is different kind of knife for skinning purpose because the blade of this knife needs to be thin and sharp.

If you want to chop the bones, then you will need a thicker blade that cuts through the bones with power. For buttering purpose, you will require a longer blade to handle the meat conveniently.

Do I have to take care of my knife?

All utensils require proper maintenance because it allows them to last longer. Proper maintenance will also improve the performance of the knife. Always ensure that the blade is sharp because a sharp requires a minimum amount of effort while cutting through various foods.

You must also store your knives properly to avoid any injury. Place them in a wooden box within sheaths. You can also use blade guards. You must also clean them regularly and with care using a regular dishwasher.

Do not use chopping boards that are made of glass because these will ruin your knife very quickly.

How many knives do I need to keep?

If you intend to use them for different purposes, then you need to have a knife for each function. As mentioned previously, varying types of knives are available for various jobs. There is a skinning knife, butchering knife as well as chopping knife.


Having a knife with a designated purpose will also contribute to improving its performance and durability. Therefore, you must look for a specific knife for a particular purpose.

For example, it is not recommended to use a skinning knife for chopping bones. You won’t be able to do the tasks properly, and you might also injure yourself in the process. It will also adversely impact the knife’s durability.


The winner of the above round up is Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Butcher’s Knives/Chopper which has a multifunction design. Its blade is very sharp, and the handle is a stylish mix of steel and plastic. The plastic and steel go together to the edge which eliminated any snapping issue.

The edges of the blade are pointed which makes picking very convenient. It is an ideal butcher’s knife for the home kitchen as well as for restaurant setting.

The blade is made from genuine stainless steel and comes with an ultra sharp edge for extraordinary performance.

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