14 Best Cheese For Pizza – What Cheese Goes On Pizza

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We all love and enjoy pizza in its different forms. This is particularly true for Americans, regardless of whether they make it at home or buy it in a chain restaurant. One of the essential ingredients on your pizza is the cheese.

Even if you don’t cook it at home, you know that you can enjoy the different styles of pizza. But did you know you won’t need to use every other kind of cheese you see?

Notice that there are different cheese styles, from the complex, simple to even the decadent ones. You can also have the hard to soft and intense to a mild style of cheese pizza.

You can use the cheese solely or as part of the other toppings. Whichever way you want it, you can never go wrong with the different styles of cheese, as you will see. Sometimes you can even only use it as a garnish.

1. Mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella cheese

Image: Slice Pizzeria

This is one of the most common cheeses that they use in different recipes too. You can use the cheese for pizza, pasta, and many other meals.

Notice that it’s also processed in minimal amounts, yet it remains creamy and light.

Everyone who likes mozzarella cheese likes them for the fact that they have near-perfect consistency. You will further realize that they do have straight flavors as well.

pizza with Mozzarella cheese

It would help if you also went for the low moisture mozzarella cheese since it’s full of flavor, but it’s also salty and tangy.

The difference between the low and high mozzarella

The first thing you’ll need is to have either the low or high moisture mozzarella cheese. Notice that if you are going to use the high moisture mozzarella one, you should know it has a shorter lifespan.

Low moisture mozzarella is great and salty, yet it will melt quickly and first. Most people prefer to use the low moisture mozzarella with whole milk the better.

When you are making the Margherita pizza, you can use the mozzarella cheese as the base, though. You can even use them for the Greek pizza and the Neapolitan pizza.

So the best way to go about it is to slice it thinly and then let the moisture out.

2. Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese

Image: Slice Pizzeria

Well, this is one of the hard cheese that you will need to shred quickly, just like other Italian style cheese types. You can even use them on top of your freshly baked pizzas. So then you should never blend it into your other cheese mixes.

You can therefore use it with your delicate, dry, and flavorful cheese meals. But you shouldn’t set it directly in the oven to bake.

Unlike the mozzarella one above, when you expose it to direct heat, then you will immediately damage its umami.

This one is best for garnishing of the pizza at the very last step when it’s fully cooked already.

You can decide to shred or grate the cheese, but you should know that this one will take longer to age. Most people know it as hard cheese, and although they rarely use it on pizza, some people like it. It will be salty but also sweet after baking.

3. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese

Image: Slice Pizzeria

We all know cheddar cheese for its sharp and distinct flavors. You will realize again that most people use it in the pizza too. This is by far the most purchased and eaten cheese in the world. This cheese is full of flavors, creamy and firm too.

This cheese is also one of the most popular because you can use its slices in the sandwich. You can also use it for garnish on salads or even cut them to bite sizes to eat them alongside your fruits.

Although you can use it in other sandwiches, then you can be sure they don’t use it alone on the pizza. People mostly use it in the cheese blends that you set in the different pizzas.

This is the best cheese to use in a pie, and then it’s not so elastic, and well, it doesn’t blister the same way as the mozzarella does.

When you’re going to buy it, though, consider buying the one with a deep orange color to enrich the pizza color.

Be creative with the pizza toppings when also using the cheddar cheese. Notice that the cheddar cheese is versatile, and it will create the perfect blend with other cheese types. T

he different toppings like pepperoni, pineapple, and ham will blend well with cheddar cheese. But then make sure you also add the different kinds of meats.

4. Provolone cheese

Provolone cheese

Image: Slice Pizzeria

Here you have a semi-hard Italian cheese that they mostly use when it comes to blending the different cheese styles. So then the provolone cheese has a unique flavor and taste that stands out amazingly.

Just know that this cheese is great since it has a sweeter flavor that’s further creamier and tastier. Remember, therefore, that how it ages will determine the flavors too. If it takes a shorter time, then it will remain sweet.

If you also want, then you can add the sharper taste yet make it drier if you let it age over a longer time. It works great as a base when you are using it with the tomato base chicken pesto.

5. Goat cheese

Goat cheese

Image: Slice Pizzeria

Well, this will not melt as the other cheese types do, but it gives you a different and classic pizza flavor. This cheese is common for its tart flavor. I enjoy it for the creamy texture, yet it will keep lingering in your mouth, thus reminding you of your perfect meal.

This is a tangy, elegant, but also refreshing cheese that will blend well with most of your pizza. Use it whenever you are thinking of having aromatic herbs with mild veggies too.

Notice that you can cook it in the oven as it softens way quickly. If you want to enjoy it best, then spread it directly on the surface of the crust for that savory taste.

Of all the recipes I’ve tried with the goat cheese, I find that it pairs so much better with the peppers caramelized ones and figs.

6. Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese

Another one of the most common cheeses you will find in the market is here. Whenever you want to make the white sauce pizza, you will most likely use this cheese. Nonetheless, they rarely use the ricotta alone; instead, they mix it with other different cheese styles.

So you will blend it with mozzarella cheese, gruyere, gorgonzola, fontina, and many other different styles of cheese.

Use it on the white pizza, and then add the toppings like the chicken, shrimps, and broccoli pieces.

7. Blue cheese

Blue cheese

This one will make using the cow, goat, or sheep’s milk that they already pasteurized. Notice that they let it culture, thus making it ready for use.

Generally, the blue cheese is salty but with such a sharp flavor. It further has a distinct aroma. Notice that it’s low in fat and high in sodium content. This is a great source of protein, phosphorus, and calcium too.

Of course, there are different types of cheese, and they can use them for different needs. You can use them for the different pizzas that you like.

8. Gorgonzola


This one is aromatic creamy and with an intricate flavor. People like it a lot more because it has a full body too. They make it using cow’s milk in most cases, and it’s common on the northern side of Italy. You will like it because it works best to add to the different styles of cheese.

This one has hazelnut tones, and it has rich flavors too. You will notice that it gets intense as it melts into your mouth. It will not even grow too strong as you are eating it either. It’s often soft, and it’s crumbly.

This is ideal for beginners in cooking pizza because it will melt easily and spread perfectly on the different pizzas’ different styles. It retains a mildness when it’s still young, but it will continue to mature as it ages.

The gorgonzola one you can blend perfectly with the prosciutto and also the caramelized onions. They will offer the perfect blend for your pizza style.

9. Gouda cheese

Gouda cheese

Here you have one other type of cheese you can use with your BBQ meats. This is a Dutch cheese that’s originally from the Netherlands. This cheese they mostly make with Dutch milk. People like it for its tastes that perfectly blends with the different kinds of pizzas.

This cheese will often give you the mild, softness, and sweetness of the cheese. You will further like it for the textures and the tastes too. But as the cheese then matures, you will notice that it gets darker with a buttery taste.

Although it harder, I like its nutty flavor at this point. You can use it for some pizzas, garlic bread, and to eat alongside your wine. Most people like it for its decadent flavors too.

10. Fontina cheese

Fontina cheese

Here is another one of the best cheese that is a semisoft kind. The only reason anyone likes it the most is that it melts quickly on your pizza. In most cases, people use it for sandwiches, frittatas, pizza, and toasts.

It will give you a gentle rubbery texture with a nutty flavor too. If you can get the one they make in Italy, you will get the one with an intense flavor.

I like it the most for its silky texture, and if you are going to use it on intensely flavored toppings like spinach and pepper charcuterie, you can be sure it will work.

11. Asiago


Asiago is another one Italian cow’s milk cheese. They make it in the Veneto and Trentino regions of Italy. They will also sell it in fresh and aged versions, and they are both perfect for your different cheese choices.

The fresh asiago will age for about a month, and they make it from the whole milk. With this, then you expect a milder flavor, softer and smoother texture too.

Aged Asiago, on the other hand, takes between a few months to two years to age. They feature the lightly sweeter taste but with the vegetal taste. Notice that this type is also slightly bitter and more rigid. The one that takes even longer to age is hard crumbly, but also spicy.

It works on sandwiches, but you can also melt it on different kinds of pizzas. Nonetheless, I prefer the fresh asiago to the aged one for my pizza.

12. Pecorino Romano cheese

Pecorino Romano cheese

This is a sheep’s milk cheese, and this one will age for eight months to one year. They don’t make it at a specific place, and as such, the tastes and flavors may vary depending on the region it’s from. You will mostly find it in the central and southern side of Italy.

This one is a little bit salty and sharper in taste, therefore mostly used in pasta and soups. It’s sharp and robust; that’s why people like to eat it alone, but you can eat it over your melted pizza too. Wherever you intended to use the parmesan cheese on the pizza, you can also use this one.

13. Gruyere


This is a hard yellow Swiss cheese. They further make it from the cow’s milk, and it takes a shorter time to cure and age. Six months is almost enough for the cheese to develop and mature, ready to use on pizza.

You can even eat it in the sandwiches or on itself, but it also works for your pizzas. Anyone who likes these styles of cheese likes it, for one thing, its nutty flavors. But you will also like the fact that it melts quickly in your mouth too.

You will enjoy it best when they use it alongside other toppings. Whether you will make the veggies, the meats, or the sauces, this one will work correctly.

14. Aged Havarti

Aged Havarti

Lastly, we have the best and richly flavored cheese you will like. They are easy to spread on the pizza, and no wonder it’s one of the most common pizza styles. This piece is actually from Denmark, and it’s further a delightful choice.

This cheese is easy to use, and it delivers the perfect taste with clear and savory flavors.

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