Best Mozzarella For Pizza – Find Out The Best Mozzarella Cheese

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Whenever you are talking about the different pizza, cheese comes to mind just because it can either break or make the pizza. Remember then that you have different kinds of cheese you can use on pizza. Today we are interested in one of the most famous cheese types, mozzarella.

Before we even go into it, notice that you use the cheese in its fresh or low moisture form? To come up with the right statistics, we made sure we studied the different types of mozzarella cheese.

We even studied the most famous mozzarella di bufala. If not for anything, you are going to like this cheese for its milky and creamy nature.

Of course, the authenticity was mostly based on the fact that they used the buffalo’s milk. Today, it’s not as common to have people use the buffalo’s milk, particularly here in America.

The mozzarella is the best option to use as cheese for your pizza because it has a milky flavor. It has a delicate flavor. You will like its smoothness, elastic texture, and do not forget that it has the perfect melt ability.

The categories of mozzarella cheese

Fresh mozzarella

Here you have the cheese that you make from the whole fresh milk too. When you think of a snowy white ball of cheese that is also wet, that is your fresh mozzarella.

If you aren’t going to use it on the pizza, you will have it served cold or chilled with most other dishes.


This one then has a shorter shelf life, especially since it has high moisture. You will have the cheese last for only a week to the maximum. If you let it stay longer, then you should expect to have the cheese develop some more bacterial.

The fresh mozzarella can either come as mozzarella di bufala or the one you can use with the cow’s milk. They make it using the buffalo’s milk first invented in Italy, and they used it in the first pizza Margherita.

The fresh mozzarella then is that it will spread quickly, but it sometimes even soak in the dough. They will then form the puddles. If you enjoy a lot of cheese, you will find the fresh mozzarella better since it makes it easy to attain the gooey, cheesy tastes.

But expect to have the moisture evaporate, which means that it will form a pool of thick and delicious cheese.

You may also have the middle part of the dough being soggy, and this then is the authentic Neapolitan style of pie. A majority also like it, while others want it to have a salty flavor, which will then melt quickly. If this is you, then you better go for the one below the low moisture mozzarella.

Low moisture

You will mostly find the cheese on American pizzas, not like the fresh mozzarella you find in Italy. You will find it in cube forms or shredded forms.

Notice that if you use the heavy starch cheese, then you are sure you have the right cheese for pizza.  

Also, this one will be stickier since it has a low moisture content, which is why it stretches more.

It will usually be even brown, and it will burn on the crust. Here it would help if you always remembered that the cheese would become rubbery but also bouncy.

Mozzarella cheese

They sell in plastic packages, and it will remain drier, thus keeping it melty but also delicious. It will regain the stringy moisture. It’s often softer, which means it will still spread quickly.

Here then, you have the salty texture that’s further denser. You can also have it being tangy, which is because it contains no bacteria.

This is almost the same characteristic as the one for the provolone or the cheddar cheese.

If you also want the one that will quickly melt, then the best choice is this slow moisture choice. Notice that the cheese will stretch and stretch, but then it won’t affect the dough. You will have the crust still being crispy.

So you can expect this one to sour for just a little longer, yet it remains fancy. Now, if you would like to have the paddle free pizza go for the low moisture one.

The types of mozzarella cheese

Smoked mozzarella

It doesn’t matter the type of mozzarella you choose; they can be smoked, you know. If you are going for the fresh, burrata, or the other types are remaining, the smoking flavors.


Once you, therefore, flavor the mozzarella, you will start to call it the smoked mozzarella.

You are always supposed to use the select kind of wood for the same. Consider the hickory, the pecan, or alder for the smoking of the mozzarella.

Burrata cheese

This one is no different from the regular style of mozzarella. It takes the shape of the ball of mozzarella. Also, expect that then when you shred it, you will experience the creaminess at the very center of the cheese.


So then, you will have the creamy cheese when you use it, and thus it will deliver the perfect delicious flavor and texture too.

String cheese

This one features the skim cheese type. Notice that it’s going to be less oily, but the way it comes out in strings is exciting. Notice that it has a uniform texture making it perfectly healthy and sweet.

String cheese

So when making the cheese then make sure they retain the milk protein.

Fresh mozzarella

When you’re looking for mild-flavored cheese, then this is the best option to use. Therefore, they sell the mozzarella cheese in its fresh form, and this one has a shorter lifetime.

So make sure you chose to use it within 7 days. You can then sell the mozzarella in different sizes.

Mozzarella di bufala

Although you can classify it in the fresh mozzarella list cheese, you need to know it’s different. The reason is that they use buffalo’s milk to make this cheese.

The one they used to make from the water buffalo milk then was richer and more flavorful. These days, however, it’s not as expected.

7 best store bought mozzarella for pizza

1. Fresh Italian Cheese Mozzarella Treccia 

Fresh Italian Cheese Mozzarella Treccia - 6 pcs x 8 ounces (1 case x 3 pounds)

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The unique thing about it is that it remains braided, yet it’s a perfect version of mozzarella cheese. Its color can be anything from white to pale yellow. It’s a soft and yet stringy kind of cheese. Generally, they make the cheese from the cow’s milk. But if you find the treccione di bufala, you can be sure they make it from the buffalo’s milk.

This is one of the fresh Italian cheese styles. Notice that it will taste as the fresh mozzarella does, and it has a unique texture that is different from other regular cheese balls. It will then have a mild fresh taste but with a thicker and spongy consistency.

Therefore, they will always store it in freshwater; this then means that you can use it in some of your fresh and elaborate dishes.

2. Belgioioso, Fresh Mozzarella

Belgioioso, Fresh Mozzarella Log, 1 lb

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This is one of the best fresh mozzarella cheese you can use, mostly because Belgioioso makes some of the best cheese. Now, this one is not from Italy; instead, it’s from America. Regardless this brand works to make sure they deliver some of the best Italian like mozzarella cheese.

Since the founder was an Italian immigrant, he had the skills of making the cheese like the other Italians. Also, he worked to satisfy both the American and the Italian audience. Since he has the firm headquarters in Wisconsin, you can be sure to find only the best cheese. You know Wisconsin is the hub of some of the very best dairy products.

They make this cheese from fresh and local milk. Then you, therefore, can pull and stretch it as much as you would like to. It has that perfect and delicate flavor that will also serve the vegetarian people. This is a safe kind of cheese you can use at any time.

3. Fresh Smoked Mozzarella

Fresh Italian Cheese Smoked Mozzarella - 6 pcs. x 8 ounces

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The fact that it’s fresh makes it soft to use too. It’s often silky and ultra-fresh, too, and this is also the Italian style cheese but with the perfect smoky flavor. It will further enhance the real pizza taste. Again this one will work because it features the traditional style of making the cheese in Italy even though they make them in Florida.

These, therefore, they make following the help of the cheesemongers in some restaurants in Florida. They make it by kneading the curd in water, and with this, they make the cheese develop a spongy texture.

It’s the type that uses cow’s milk to make it, and it will have a smoky flavor and an elastic texture. So then you can use the wood, which then means it will attain even the woody flavor. Notice the perfect golden hue. In the end, then you will have the regular mozzarella cheese.

It’s a great choice to therefore use on your favorite pizza, but it’s even more delicious when you use it by itself. If you also have the grilled meats and Mediterranean salads, you can use it even on your favorite meals.

Remember this is a fresh option, and so you will have it only safe for not more than two weeks. However, if you want it to be delicious, you should use it in only a day.

4. The Carolina Nut Company Peanuts, Smokey Mozzarella

The Carolina Nut Company Peanuts, Smokey Mozzarella, 12 Ounce

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Here you have one of the very common Smokey mozzarella. It delivers the colossal but also the tasty nuts that you can add to your mozzarella cheese. So then you can be sure to have the wood flavored cheese, and it gives you an even better taste for your mozzarella.

The good thing then is that they use the ready and perfectly hand-roasted nuts; thus, such will retain all the flavors you need. Also, you have a real gourmet size cheese that you can use for different options.

You, therefore, will not only have the regular mozzarella, preferably the other perfectly flavored cheese. Consider using it with your different meals, including eating it raw.

5. Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf 

Mozzarella Whole Milk Loaf 6Lb

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Here then you have a low moisture mozzarella type. For this one, they use the whole milk in the making of the perfect mozzarella cheese. Notice that you will also make it using 100% fresh mozzarella cheese.

Here it doesn’t matter whether you are making the slicing, shredding, or even cutting the cheese. Again this one is made here in America, but you can be sure you will want to try it every time you buy the new one. To make this piece, you will need to use the pasteurized milk, the culture, some salt, and enzymes to make it even better.

Notice that it has a buttery texture that’s also pliable, which makes the cheese every chef’s favorite. Here you have a mozzarella cheese that is further a very mild choice.

6. Sorrento Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese

Sorrento Whole Milk Mozzarella Cheese, 5 Pound -- 8 per case.

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When you are looking for some of the most authentic cheese styles, then this is the one you should buy. This cheese style will dry, but it’s of great flavor too. Some people refer to it as the total string cheese types. This one is a type that is also classified under the list of salty types. The only reason you will notice it most is that it’s more expensive and that’s because it’s from an authentic brand.

Here you will have a creamy cheese that is further delicate in flavor and delicious to melt quickly. You can comfortably use the cheese with your cheese sandwiches, pizzas, lasagna, pasta, to mention a few.

The good thing about the cheese, though, is that the mozzarella will melt quickly.

7. Sargento Classic Chef Style Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

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No products found.

When you are talking of the low moisture cheese, you are sure to have the perfect tanginess. This will match and suit your pizzas well. This is another one of the best types of cheese made in Italy.

Although you have it shredded already, you can also have the un-shredded option. So here you also have the skim mozzarella. It features the use of pasteurized milk. If you like to order the cheese in large qualities, I would advise that you order the frozen choice of mozzarella.

The most common low moisture and fresh mozzarella cheese are perfect for different meals but particularly the pizza. People prefer different types for different reasons. Therefore, the difference is that you will give the low moisture cheese more time to sour up.

If you like the one that will last longer, then you should choose the low moisture. Aside from that, though, low moisture mozzarella will melt quickly, attaining the ooze like texture.

When should you use the low moisture mozzarella?

When you are out having a fun day, you should consider or use the low moisture mozzarella. This is the perfect one for the pizza night.

Notice that you will have the perfect melt ability, and most people like it because they are going to deliver the perfect stretch. The low moisture cheese then will have no water, and thus it remains soggy.

Notice though that contrary to what used to be in the past, today people don’t use mozzarella di bufala, especially if you will buy the cheese from America.

Use it anytime you have access to it. The cheese will work well with the different pizza lasagna and many other Italian delicacies.

How to prevent the mozzarella pizza from being watery?

Whenever you use the fresh mozzarella, the chances are that you will have the watery cheese. This is something you don’t want, but you may not know how to avoid. It’s also the reason why we say you should follow the procedure here to avoid it.

No one wants a watery or soggy pizza as that will ruin your meal.

  • Consider using thinner slices of mozzarella at all times. If you choose to use the thicker slices, then the moisture is still retained in the cheese.
  • Before you set the mozzarella on the pizza, set it on a towel for it to absorb the moisture. Notice that your fresh mozzarella has about 52% water, so if you set it on the towel, it’s bound to drain some water.
  • Don’t use only the fresh mozzarella; instead, the fresh and other low moisture is also shredded. The essence here is to make sure you reduce the moisture with the help of other cheese types.
  • Only add the cheese when you are almost ready to serve. It will take just a few seconds to melt entirely, which also means that you should set it for long in the pizza as it will start to release the moisture.

How to store it

It all depends on the type you have, but traditionally, the mozzarella is best eaten fresh, so you should eat it within a day or two, which means no need for storage.

Just remember you should never store it for too long because it will continue to ferment, making it a bad cheese.

Therefore, when you want to store it, you will need to keep it in the fridge and freezer.

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