9 Best Parmesan Cheese of 2021

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Parmesan cheese, also known as Parmigiano Reggiano, is one of the world’s most common cheese types. The cheese is from the cow’s milk and was originally formed in Italy.

To date, Italians say that if you didn’t find the cheese from Parma, that’s a fake one, and of course, this is mostly true. This is also why if you are buying the authentic one, you have to pay extra.

The name parmesan is more popular than the name Parmigiano Reggiano. They use it to refer to the kind of cheese that imitates the real Parmigiano cheese.

What is parmesan cheese?

This is one of the top cheeses by the cheese connoisseur, and of course, today we have several firms producing it. But they aren’t the authentic parmesan cheese, you know.

Remember, in Italy; we have a Protections Designation of Origin PDO in Northern Italy. This is also designated to guide the making of the cheese. And it suggests that if you try to produce parmesan cheese outside of Italy, it doesn’t qualify to be called parmesan cheese.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

In these regions, therefore, they monitor the cow’s habit. They also ensure they use a particular type of hay and grass to make the perfect cheese.

It comes in a pale yellow to yellow color, yet it’s tough; it often has a hard rind. Expect its texture to vary based on how long it has aged. Notice too that the rinds come with the stamping that shows it’s an authentic parmesan.

So when you want to know the real and authentic parmesan cheese, you should look for the one with the stamp.

What of the flavors?

This cheese parks the rich umami flavors, and yet they even have the creamy notes. It has a gritty texture with nutty flavors. Sometimes it gives you a fruity taste too.

You will often use it over your pasta dishes, baked dishes, meats, and fish meals too. Alternatively, it would help if you enjoyed it with a glass of sparkling wine to spice it.

Things to remember when buying the parmesan cheese

The market has several fake parmesan kinds of cheese or, better said, not many real ones. The first thing you ought to check for is the stamp. If it lacks the stamp, it shows you that they didn’t produce it based on the PDO regulations.

Note that the cheese takes a long time to age; therefore, it will also take a long to attain the perfect flavor and texture.

Expect that the ones you find in the supermarket often take between 18-20 months to age. However, if you are going to the cheesemonger, note that you will have even those still in their fresh form or slightly aged.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

Notice too that you should check to make sure you only buy the matured cheese at all times. When you, therefore, buy mature cheese, you will attain the perfect flavors.

12 months: notice that the youngest cheese is often smooth and has a greater aroma.  Expect it also to have an acidic flavor, primarily since it uses fresh milk.

24 months: here, you will have it mature to form a sweeter flavor and a firmer texture. It further has some granular texture too. This one will even give you a pineapple-like smell, which makes it even better.

36 months: here, you have a parmesan cheese that has a nuttier flavor, and it’s spicy with the perfect aroma too. It further features a crunchy and crystalized aroma of the cheese. It also has a punchy flavor.

What to do with the parmesan cheese

When you’re talking of parmesan cheese, you should notice that they have a complex and deep flavor. This is why you can even enjoy them as they are, but some people like to use it in the cheese dessert cake.

However, if you would like to cook with the cheese, you should consider using the younger parmesan-not too aged. They are furthermore economical when you are thinking of cooking with them.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

As you’re talking of the fish and meat, you will notice that it has salty and umami flavors in the crusts’ elements. It will make your meal look so delicious. When you are looking for piquant flavors, you can be sure to find them with your parmesan cheese. It will deliver the perfect flavors for your prosperous and creamy dishes.

You can use the shaving over your salad’s bread style and many more options.

1. igourmet Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese 24 Month Top Grade 2 Pound Club Cut, 32 Ounce

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When you are looking for authentic parmesan cheese, then you should know which ones to buy. Remember, we already said it should have the stamps to show you that they made it based on the law. This is one of the very best and authentic styles of cheese.

We like that the brand grades its cheese to show the best ones away from the other regular styles. After the first 12 months of age, then the cheesemongers check it to determine its grade.

They will only bring to the market the top three grades based on the appearance and structures. If you then have one that will last more than 12 months, they check them for a second time at 18 months’ mark.

When the inspection is done and meets the required demands of the top quality cheese, you classify it in the list of the best cheese types.

They make this cheese from unpasteurized milk, and it will deliver 80 pounds of cheese. This one is imported from Italy, that’s why we insist it’s the most authentic style of the parmesan cheese. Also, this one will deliver the right addition to any of your cheeseboard platter.

2. Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 

Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 'Vacche Rosse/Red cows' seasoned 40/48 months, 2,2 lbs (kg.1) Produced by Consorzio Vacche Rosse (Red label)

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This cheese they make using dairy milk from a breed of the cow will only be found in Italy called Reggiano cow. This breed you find in Italy and remember this kind of cow they find in Northern Italy. Again it appears to be the only cow that they breed for a single purpose to make the cheese.

Some people like it more because it contains no lactose, but you will also find that it more digestible, thus fitting in most of the foods you use. This cheese has a high nutritional value, but it also has enough calcium that benefits your body.

It contains very fine granular but also the small-eyed structure of milk cheese. That will then break the slivers while also making it taste perfect with its incredible aroma as well. Notice that this cheese is going to be sweet and full of flavor without necessarily being too spicy.

This cheese then it’s ideal to use when you are eating it with the red wine. Again it will match perfectly because of the perfect body, flavor, and tastes you have on the pizza meal.


  • It gives you a unique flavor; remember they make it from the different cow breeds.
  • People like it a lot more because it’s more nuanced than most other types of cheese.
  • You will like it for its intense flavors too because it’s also long-lasting.
  • It’s best to use if you like to have the lactose-free one.


  • None we know yet

3. Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese

Kraft 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese - 24oz by Kraft [Foods]

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You can use this piece of cheese to make the meal an unforgettable one. You can then use the grated cheese every time to make sure you only eat outstanding and delicious meals. While you may think you only use it to top the pasta meals, it works on others like pizza as well.

This one even delivers a nutty and salty flavor, which means that it’s in its most authentic space since it even ages perfectly. They even age it for at least six months, which also says that it’s one of the freshest cheese options.

Notice that it also has a locking cap, which will also mean that it retains all the flavors and the aroma of the meals. You will notice, though, that it’s convenient since you don’t have to struggle in making any of the meals you need to make with it.

Also, it contains no lactose and gluten; therefore, it’s safe to use those whose bodies are intolerant of such cheese types. This then means that you can use it as a vegetarian and Keto option of cheese. So then you can use it for your pizzas, pasta, or most other meals you’re looking to make.

Just remember to keep it in the fridge, though, if y0ou want it to serve you over a long time.


  • Here you have a nutty-flavored cheese that is also salty.
  • It’s convenient to use with different meals, especially in cases where you need the grated cheese.
  • It’s also one of the trans-fat options.


  • It has cellulose powder.

4. Whisps Parmesan Cheddar Cheese Crisps 

Whisps Parmesan All Natural Cheese Crisps - Party Size - Great Tasting Healthy Snack - Keto Friendly - High Protein - Low Carb - Gluten & Sugar Free - 2 Count (9.5oz)

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Here you, therefore, have the artisanal cheese types. Well, this is not a cheese type. Instead, it’s a crisp type that you can also snack on. Aside from the cheese, it also contains herbs and spices. Here you, therefore, have a keto-friendly, lactose-friendly, and gluten-friendly cheese. Let’s say that you may not experience many reactions in using the crisps.

This one is also low on carbs, but it contains sufficient amounts of proteins. We say it has almost no sugar, and therefore it remains a healthy choice you can use. Remember here; you, therefore, have the right source of calcium.

You will have it containing the same calcium and almost all the same nutrients you do when you eat from a glass of milk. So this will work for you even when you are watching your weight.

Remember, you won’t cook with it; instead, you can use it as a perfect snack choice.


  • It contains no gluten.
  • It is further low on carbohydrates.
  • It will deliver the flavor of the perfect herbs.
  • This option is even keto-friendly.


  • It has a lot of sodium.

5. Mama Francesca Premium Parmesan, Asiago and Romano Cheese

Mama Francesca Premium Parmesan, Asiago and Romano Cheese, 8 Ounce

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Here you have a mix of the parmesan-asiago and the Romano. Still, we talk about it just because it contains the right amount of parmesan. They don’t contribute the cheese in large quantities, but you will like the fact that it has premium cheese.

It contains no gluten; it’s a non-GMO product, yet it contains no artificial flavors and colors. Here you, therefore, have the excellent option of flavors for those who are health conscious. Besides, the tin is exceptionally convenient to use, making it the perfect option for storage.

This takes approximately ten months to age entirely, and it will deliver the perfect meal toppings. But you can also use it on your pizza, especially since it’s a mix of different types of cheese.

The fact that they don’t produce it in large quantities also means they focus more on the quality, which means you will always have the fresh cheese.


  • You will always have the perfect tastes with it.
  • It will work whether you are using it for the past or even the pizzas. This is for the cheese layovers.
  • You won’t have the GMOs, thus making it a safe choice.


  • Not so many people are convinced why the tastes.

6. Belgioioso Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese 5 Lb

Belgioioso Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese 5 Lb

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This is one of the most common cheese types you will need to use. Here then, this is an all-natural ingredient. Like most other cheese types, it has cultured milk and the enzymes you may use to make the perfect cheese.

This one has its base in America’s Wisconsin area, and that’s where we have some of the best milk from. Wisconsin is a dairyland. This one will take about ten months to age. It comes to you conveniently grated to make sure you find it easy to use in cooking.

You will mostly like it because it has a lot of calcium and protein. It usually also has a lot of sodium that may also work to your disadvantage. You will even like its nutty flavor but the taste as well. So if you like the taste, you can use this type of cheese but remember to store the remains in the refrigerator.


  • This one has the perfect taste.
  • It will take up to 24 months to age.
  • It contains no preservatives, which means it keeps its great taste.

7. Belgioioso (NOT A CASE) Parmesan

Belgioioso (NOT A CASE) Parmesan Cheese Wedge

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Here are yet another one of the most popular styles of cheese you will find here. This one is made here in Wisconsin and not Italy, which is why it has no stamp. Also, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great product. It will serve you at different levels whether you need it for the pizza pasta or just any other toppings of your meals.

They make the cheese from the local cow milk giving it about ten months to age. The good thing is that it’s safe since you then use all the natural ingredients with it. Remember, it contains no gluten, and it’s often flavorful. When you are after the nutty flavor, then make sure you use this cheese.

It’s versatile, so you can use it when slicing, grating, or even cutting.


  • They use authentic milk from real high-quality cows. They even use cultured milk.
  • It’s a versatile option.
  • It’s safe and gluten-free to use.


  • It has inconsistent quality.

Is parmesan cheese vegan friendly?

When buying cheese, most people want to know this question, and the answer is simply no. Remember, they use the cow’s milk, and that already means it’s not vegan friendly. Since making it also means it will aid in killing animals, it continues not to be vegan.

Who makes the best-grated parmesan cheese?  

Grated parmesan cheese is also the best, but if you asked me which one is the best, I would go for Kraft 100% grated parmesan cheese. Although they uniformly grate it, they still have their rich texture and flavors making it one of the must-have options in the market. You can also choose the 365 grated option of cheese. They don’t let them age for long, so they may not be as flavorful.

8. Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese

Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese, 24 Oz

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This parmesan cheese makes it easy to use; it means you take it from the package and spread it all over your pizza or pasta. They often use parmesan cheese that they have allowed aging for at least six months.

You see, they usually make the cheese using the pasteurized milk. When you want to shred the cheese, it’s better to buy the readymade one. You will like the toping as it keeps it safe after use and if you leave some more.

This one will even show you some recipe ideas on the package, making it easy to use. I like its salty and nutty flavor on the different meals, so I use it a lot more than any other cheese.

This one is surprisingly versatile but also convenient to use.


  • It will work correctly for the pasta and also the different Italian foodstuffs.
  • This one will be convenient to use at all times.
  • You will enjoy it’s nutty but also salty flavor.’


  • It will work, but then the salt may be too much for other people.

9. Milano’s Parmesan Cheese Jars, Imported Grated

No products found.

No products found.

Here is another one of the best to use grated cheese. Once again, they use the pasteurized milk to make the perfect cheese for the pizza pasta and all such foods. The grating they do to this cheese is such that the cheese looks fine and even powdery. But it will also attain a stronger aroma. This is also effective on the pizza and the pasta like this.

If you are looking for one versatile cheese that you can mostly use on your Italian delicacy, this is the option. It doesn’t matter what you want to add it to; it will always work. If you want to use it on pizza, pasta, salad, meats and eating it on almost anything you want.


· This one is fine, and it’s going to be powdery.

  • You can use it for cooking all forms of Italian meals.
  • It has no clumps, and it’s also gluten free.


  • They say it has an inconsistent quality.  

How long will the parmesan last?

Parmesan cheese is one of the most challenging kinds of cheese, and they make it last longer than other kinds of cheese.

Suppose you keep the cheese safe though you will need to have it for at least 7-8 months. Nonetheless, check the expiry dates on the packets to make sure you only buy the safe cheese.

Even once you buy and open the cheese, you should know that it will retain the flavors. The moment it starts to lose its flavors, then you should know it’s time to buy another one.

Things to consider when buying the cheese

When you are going out to buy the cheese, you have to settle on either the quality or the convenience.

Consider the type of cheese.

You are going to have to choose the pre-grated or the pre-shredded cheese. Of course, the pre-shredded and pre-grated is even better because this one is ready to use. It doesn’t matter whether you use it at the dining table and the kitchen.


Image: slicepizzeria.com

You can also choose the block or wedge cheese and have it still serve you perfectly.

Consider the texture and flavor.

Remember, we have already talked a lot about this. The texture and the flavor of the cheese will mostly be depending on how long you let it age.

  • If it took over ten months, you could expect it to be smooth, but it will also be slightly fresh.
  • If it’s two years old, then you can be sure it has a firm body and texture, but it then develops a sweeter taste.
  • Its 36 months, then it will retain the nutty flavor, and it maintains the buttery flavor.


It’s another one of the essential aspects when you are going to buy cheese. The easier it can melt, the better.

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