9 Best Pastry Boards Of 2021 – Dough Kneading Board Reviews

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I don’t know about you but I am this person who loves cooking. I cook anything from veggies to meats and to pastry. I specifically love making pizza doughs, pasta doughs and sometimes I even make candies at home.

In this case, I know that a good pastry board is vital.

Over the years, I have been using my kitchen countertop, and let’s just say it works fine but I needed something that is not just fine but the best. Funny thing, that’s just the professional cook I am.

Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board
  • Large hard maple surface is perfect for kneading bread dough, rolling out pizza or pie dough or working with pastry dough
  • Suggestion - keep one side smooth for working with dough and use the reverse side as a cutting board
  • Creates a perfect over the counter work station

So, I did research and bought my amazing piece. Trust me, cooking has never been this fun.

Today, we will conduct research into the best pastry board for you. A lot of my friends have asked why I need the board when I have the counter so I’m answering it herein.

9 Best Pastry Boards of 2021

Best board surface for rolling the dough

1. Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1

Tableboard Co Reversible Cutting Board PBB1

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I know you have probably been looking for the easy way to roll your favorite bread dough to no avail. Today, I bring to you the best cutting board to use in rolling the dough. It’s easy to use yet made to last a lifetime.

The material used to make it is Marple which is not only safe but also offers an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. It has a smooth surface which means you won’t be using a lot of flour on the surface as you continue to roll.

Whether you have the pizza, pie, or other forms of pastry, kneading will be easy with this item. The side lip of the board makes it stable on your counter making the rolling and kneading easy. It has a reasonably large surface that makes it suit your reasonably large counter.

In addition, the craftsmanship employed in this item is what you need on most other kitchen appliances. Most customers are by the way satisfied with it. With the 2-sided board, you can use one side for pastry and the other for cutting different items.

The cleaning of the item is easy as you only need to wipe it with a damp cloth. Remember to oil it every so often. This will make it enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

Wooden board

2. Catskill Craftsmen Over-the-Counter Pastry Board

Catskill Craftsmen Over-the-Counter Pastry Board

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For all those who only trust items made in the US, this is your wooden board. It features the use of hardwoods from North America. This is made using the hardwood to maintain a safe environment where your wood will never let bacteria grow.

The process of making this wooden pastry board is safe and the shavings are used to make fuel for home use. It, therefore, allows no wood waste formation. This item also fits into any kitchen décor and if you will remember to oil it, durability is a given.

Once you finish cutting or kneading whatever you were kneading, just wipe off the dirt and never soak it in water. Like the previous board, this one has an inch lip for enhanced stability during use.

3. Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board

Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board HK165-50, 16' x 20'

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This marble board is an elegant piece that you may use to make your different kinds of flour. The fact that it’s large makes it easy to use and avoids the process of chasing your dough across the cooking surface.

One major characteristic of the marble surfaces is that the dough on the board remains as cool as you first placed it on the item.

This is exactly what happens with the board and it keeps your dough cool. This is especially ideal for those recipes that are quickly affected by the change of temperature.

The item is naturally a non-stick board that has four non-skid surfaces. Its non-stick surface means that you don’t have to use a lot of flour that will make your surface messy and sometimes just waste your flour.

You will find the item in different colors and unique patterns but the features remain the same. If you want you can buy a matching rolling pin with the same elegance and high quality. It’s easy to maintain and clean this board.

Extra-large pastry kneading board

4. Wooden Kneading Dough Board With Rolling Pin

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No products found.

For this wooden board, durability is a must since it’s made using beechwood. It looks stable yet it’s also hard and resistant even when you must regularly use it. The item happens to be comfortable to use since it has an edge lip that keeps it firmly on the counter.

The item uses high-quality wood which doesn’t also compromise on the quality of the board. Its color suits every kitchen decoration. It further comes alongside a strong large and sturdy rolling pin for your convenience.

The fact that the item is extra-large means that my counter surface will remain clean and since it has the edges, sliding is unheard of. When it comes to the cleaning of this item, you only need the mild dishwashing liquid soap.

You can let the water run on it, wash it with a little soap then dry it with a paper towel. Remember to season the item with paraffin oil once a month. This increases its lifespan.

Marble pastry board

5. Fox Run 3827 Marble Pastry Board

Fox Run Marble Pastry Board, 12' x 16', White

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When all you want is to get a high-quality marble piece that is sourced from the high-quality marble, this is your pastry board. For most people, the elegance of marble makes it appealing. It often has contrasting veins that will add aesthetic value to your kitchen.

The material design is designed to be safe from the tendency for bacterial growth that results from the absorption of moisture, food odor, fats, or water. Another vital character of this marble is that it remains cool thus ideal for those recipes that require a standard temperature.

It’s cool nature naturally makes it hard for your dough to stick on the surface. Additionally, butter and fat remain cool thus effective to use. The item has a non-slip mat that makes it easy to use on your countertop.

Its design makes it ideal for serving your meals. After all, the item has an elegant design that would fit any dining table set. It’s easy to clean as you can wash it with your warm soapy water then let it dry out.

6. White Marble Pastry and Cutting Board

White Marble Pastry and Cutting Board, 18 x 24 Inch

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We all know marble to assume different but aesthetic colors with different patterns. The big kitchen marble pastry board is distinct with its unique color. Its rubber feet are designed to offer you stability while you continue to knead your dough.

It’s your best bet whenever you need to make the pizza or pie shell since it has a large surface that would make it ideal for any size of work. What’s more, it’s beautiful and cool to use with the ability to fit in any kitchen design.

What further makes it ideal is the fact that it is freezer safe and it thus maintains the required temperature that your pastry needs.

Plastic pastry board

7. Dexas Pastry Superboard

Dexas Pastry Superboard Cutting Board, Set of Two, Midnight Granite Color

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This is your high-quality board design that appears in the granite color but is made using BPA free plastic. It’s safe to use your knives on them as they won’t warp, peel, or splinter. The items are lightweight and stain resistant which is something that not most plastic boards have.

It features a set of two large cutting boards that are non-porous and odor resistant yet easy to clean. Its further dishwasher safe and has an aesthetic appeal.

Pastry mats with measurements

8. The Original Silicone Pastry Baking Mat

Sili Bake Silicone Pastry Mat with Measurements. Finally a Baking Mat That Actually Works. Designed in the USA. Large 23” x 15”

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A good pastry mat is one that doesn’t move or slip and this silicon mat is exactly that. It lays flat on your countertop. You won’t have the cases of bunching up or slipping whenever you are rolling your dough.

Use it to make your pizza dough or pie crust and homemade biscuits as it will nicely stick on your table or countertop. The mat is made thin enough to occupy minimal space when you roll it up. Its surface is non-stick which means you won’t need extra flour or oil to avoid sticking.

It features a food-safe and high-grade silicone material and you can use it in large baking sheets since it’s oven safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe. It’s further FDA certified and you can rest assured that it’s free of chemical odors.

This ensures that you reach your baking dream and for a longer duration. Moreover, it comes with a protective case zip where you keep the mat and thus maintains its features even after months of not using it. It has measurements that you could use in your baking process.

9. Best Large Silicone Pastry Mat

SILICONE PASTRY MAT - Clings to the Counter without Sticking when Rolling Dough - Oversized 25 x 18 inch Extra Thick Mat Replaces a Board or Cloth - Perfect for Baking Cinnamon Rolls!

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This is your other best silicone pastry mat that will stick to the counter surface as you continue to knead your dough. The mat is a high-quality design that is further non-slip that doesn’t wrinkle. move or fold up. You have a nonstick item that allows for easy rolling of the dough.

Moreover, why add some more flour to help in rolling when the surface is nonstick. I like the fact that it’s large enough thus you have sufficient space to work on. You further enjoy the measurement guidelines with the printed measurements on both sides of the mat.

This mat is made using high-quality silicone with tight weave fiberglass which helps to prevent stretching and ripping off. One advantage about it is that it doesn’t absorb the bad odor or colors that would otherwise mess with the quality of your food.

It further comes with a rolling pin and it’s easy to clean. For more assurance of the item, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why you need a pastry board

  • Ease of use

The pastry board is designed to ease the process of rolling your dough. This makes it speedier to roll the dough as opposed to doing it on the kitchen counter. Mind you, the boards are usable by all and sundry. You might think that you must be a chef to use them but no.

Whether you make different doughs regularly or occasionally, this board will be of service to you. Remember, a good example is, if you are rolling your pasta sheet, you need it very thin. When using the counter, it’s not easy to make the sheet as even as it is on the board.

  • The pastry board reduces the mess

When you are using the kitchen counter, you will find that your kitchen looks messy which makes you feel lazy to clean as there’s so much to clean.

On the contrary, the pastry board means all the flour and the dough mess are centralized to the board. This makes it easy to clean.

  • It’s versatile to use


Image: Slice Pizzeria

While the board is meant for pastry, I use it to make even my pizza dough and various other doughs. You can even use it for cutting various things on your recipe.

  • It’s convenient

Some of the great boards will have the measurements set as well as the weight units. This helps you when making a certain size of pasta dough.

  • Easy to clean

You don’t want to have a material that will be hard to clean after making the dough. Thanks to most manufacturers as this is a factor they consider when making the board.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

You may either wipe your board or throw them in your dishwasher. Nevertheless, confirm that the items are dishwasher safe.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Board

  • The size

You can have the large, medium, and small size of the pastry board if you want to. This is because the market is flooded with every size you will ever need. The question of concern, however, is whether your kitchen has enough space on the countertop for you to place the board.

It goes without saying that you should pick a smaller board than your countertop. If you pick a bigger one, you won’t have a stable place to put the board. Roiling the dough will also become tricky.

  • Which is the best material?

Like any other kitchen appliance, the material used in its design matters a lot. Some people are more concerned about the aesthetic value of the board but, if you want durability and long-term service, the material used will matter. The material also determines the safety.

Most of the boards I know of are made using marble, wood, and plastic. For the case of the wooden boards, they fit in whichever kind of interior design and decorations. Aside from that, you may use them as your cutting boards as well.

Its density is determined by the wood you use in making it while the durability is determined by the maintenance. Remember to apply the mineral oil or beeswax on its surface to retain its luster.

Also, if you choose the wooden boards that are made of oak, Marple, and walnuts, you won’t have a problem with bacterial growth.

I like to choose the silicone model or plastic one for my small kitchen. Who said you can’t buy the board when you have a small kitchen? The best part of having a plastic or silicone board is that you will roll it up for storage.

Plastic models are easy to sanitize but make sure they are BPA free.

The marble board is best because they have a natural cooling property. This way your dough temperature remains cool. They are characterized by durability and non-porous nature.

  • Stability and non-slip

You want a board that will stick to the counter surface as you are kneading the dough. A good example of such pastry boards is made using silicone. They tend to stick on the surface making the kneading process easier.

Alternatively, just buy items with non-skid feet. That way you can knead your dough faster.

  • Can it work in the oven?

If you have a small kitchen this is a point of considerations. You want a board that you may use to spread your dough but also use in the oven. This may seem minuscular but you will have saved the storage space as well as one thing you would have otherwise cleaned.

  • The aesthetic appeal

This is a factor of consideration for every item you bring in the kitchen. A beautiful color or neutral one will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. This makes it an appealing place to be.

  • The budget

The price determines the kind of board you will have eventually. What’s more, you can have a board as cheap or as expensive as you wish. Remember, the price may have a direct impact on the board you receive.


Pastry board wood vs marble, which one is better

I think it all depends on how the wood is made because we have some high-quality wood boards in the market today. If you will maintain it properly then it will continue to serve you best.

But let’s face it since this is a comparison, I must say that nothing compares to the marble and wood boards. The top chefs will tell you that marble surfaces are ideal for pastries and other desserts especially chocolate.

Most of us believe that marble remains cool especially when it was chilled before you begin using it. Sometimes that is the temperature you need for recipes like chocolate.

Besides, when you use the marble surface you won’t need extra oil or flour because, at a chilled level, they remain nonstick.

This seems to be a hot discussion online today but I would say that although I like marble surfaces the difference between it and wood is only that it is a good conductor of heat. I hope you all know that for best pastry results you need to keep your pastry dough chilled.

Of course, the marble will chill the dough faster than wood will when subjected to low temperatures. This makes it easier to work with. On the other hand, wood boards will also chill the dough only the process is slower.

Marble being a good conductor of heat, it warms up as fast as it cools off. So, in my opinion, the boards are almost the same and it’s all a matter of what you want the board to do for you.

How to make the pastry board

How to Clean the Pastry Cloth?

Of course, for most people, this is a basic question that will most likely be taken for granted.

I hope you already know that the pastry cloth is the heavy fabric that you make or buy as dough cloth and roll your dough on. They are mostly made using cotton but sometimes you could see those made using silicone and other materials.

You must know that you might have to handle them with care if you intend to use them in the future. So, follow the steps below to clean it.

  • Use your knife or bench scraper to take off the extra flour.
  • Shake it off to remove the extra flour that may have stuck.
  • Fold your cloth then return it to the plastic zip bag and store it in the freezer. This is to wait for the next time you need to roll the dough.
  • If you need to wash off some stains, just wash them in cold water but never use harsh dishwashing soap just the mild ones. If possible, avoid soap.
  •  Let them dry under a shade then roll it and place in the freezer awaiting the next pastry dough.
  •  Alternatively, there are brands that you may clean in the dishwasher so just throw them in the dishwasher and then dry and roll to store in the freezer. In this case, confirm with your manufacturer if the item is dishwasher safe or not.
  •  You could also just wipe them.

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