Best Pepperoni for Pizza of 2021

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Pepperoni the Americas favorite toppings

If you like to order pizza from the different restaurants in America, you are probably already familiar with these slices of spicy sausage.

While there are hundreds of pizzerias in America, the one common topping over the pizza is pepperoni. All this for a reason; they make the difference in the flavor, appearance, and taste of your pizza. They further give it another perfect texture.

Since the different pepperoni pizzas are selling at the highest rate, it’s noble that we show you some of the best options you can use since there are quite several options.

But first, what is pepperoni.

The simplest way to refer to the pepperoni is that it’s an air-dried sausage that’s also spicy. It further has distinct characteristics. Notice that this is mostly fine-grained, yet they lightly smoke it.

You will like it because of its bright red color, yet it’s relatively soft.


Although some people think it’s still an Italian creation, no, it’s not. It’s an Italian American invention. The word pepperoni also comes from the Italian language, and it means ‘large peppers.’

Still, this was used to refer to the spicy nature of the pepperoni.

I know that there are different toppings on the pizzas. I must say, though, that I make the 52% of the people who like the meat over their pizzas.

How to make the pepperoni?

Notice that there’re different ways they make the pepperoni. But the common one is where they mix a base of pork and beef. Often they will take the time to trim the meat, thus achieving the right fat to meat ratio.

They will typically then combine this with the lactic acid bacteria. The essence of this part is then to start the fermentation process.

Remember, it’s also the one they use in starting the fermentation of the cheese and yogurt, so it’s no big deal.

The following days are where they partake in the fermentation of the pepperoni. They then smoke the meat and dry it but then finally set them in the casings. After some time, they will slice the pieces and then distribute them to your pizzerias and houses.

What does pepperoni come from?

As we have already mentioned, this typical meal manufacturers use beef and pork to make the pepperoni. Sometimes you will find that they mix the beef and turkey, but that’s not as common as the mix of beef and pork.

Do they use spices with the pepperoni?

Of course, they do, and that’s what makes it even tastier than most other meats for the pizza.

They use garlic, paprika, crushed pepper, black pepper, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, and mustard seed. So note that the paprika is what gives the pepperoni its red-orange tone. I don’t know about you, but I find that color being nicely attractive.

Where does the pepperoni come from?

Thanks to the Italians of Naples today, we have one meal that people enjoy globally but particularly here in America.

Pepperoni is more like an American salami that you will find in most of the famous American pizzas. By 1894 the Italians were serving the dried sausage already; they just didn’t set it over their delicious pie. And when they finally did, then they called it the sausage on pizza.


So then one the Italians were using took a longer time to make. You know Americans love when they do things fast. This is what led to the invention of the pepperoni that cooks faster and makes it fast.

By the mid of 20th century, they served pepperoni as part of the appetizers alongside other meats. A few decades later, they started to set it on the pizza, and life has never been the same. I like my pepperoni on the pizza and never without it.

Things to consider when buying the pepperoni

When you’re going to buy the pepperoni, you will have to consider the following questions to make sure you are buying the right one.

Talk of the flat vs. cup

Often, the food presentation determines whether people will like it or not, and that goes true for your pizza. So the pepperoni slices are colorful, and don’t forget the delicious flavors, but then would you like to have them cup-like or flat?

When you use the flat one, you will notice that the oils are left to create a sheen across the cheese.

However, when you are choosing the cup-like ones, you can be sure it will contain its liquid in a little pool. This is also something that most of the pizzerias struggle to attain. Now, remember the thickness will determine to cup.

If you, therefore, choose the one with a medium thickness, you can be sure it will cup much more comfortable. So when you remove the casing, it will be flatter, or if you use the thicker slices, you can expect it to be flat.

Consider the thickness

This is another significant fact that will determine how your slices appear.

Do you like to have the crunchy pepperoni slices? You will need to choose the thin pepperoni slices. However, if you choose the thicker ones, you can be sure it will be a mouthful, and of course, you will taste the meat for what they are. But you should expect to pay a little more for the same.

You see, you can decide to buy the already sliced pepperoni, but some pizzerias buy the whole pepperoni sausage, and they go on to slice it themselves.

Check the fat

In this era of health consciousness, you have to consider the fat content. They often let it have a little bit of fat just because it makes it delicious too. But if you don’t want high fat, you can use the ones with minimal fat.


You may also have the dried-up pizza without grease but again too much fat, although it may mean you use lesser pepperoni slices to make it visible that you are minimizing the toppings. I often prefer that you balance the fat, thus keeping it lean too.

1. Bridgford Old World Pepperoni Stick

Bridgford Old World Pepperoni Stick, Made in the USA, 16oz, Pack of 3

View on Amazon

I trust bridgefood just for the fact that they always sell high-quality products. I know they never disappoint, even when you’re finding the baking products. When you look in your stores, the bridge food sausages make some of the most popular sausages we have in the world. Notice that you will have the sausages smoked in a state of the art facility.

One common thing, though, is that you will have to go through the natural fermentation and the aging process. It still just has the perfect flavors that the customer will enjoy for years on end. They then use the flavorful ingredients. Thus, they will develop the perfect and delicious pepperoni slices.

They will always deliver the tasty pepperoni, which means that you will receive the tasty salami. It again uses pork beef salt and other regular spices to attain the perfect taste.

Notice that they aren’t only made for pizzas. Instead, you can use them for pasta, sandwiches, and many other meals. The sausages are gluten-free, and yet they also have BHA &BHT that also protects the flavors.

2. Tillamook Country Smoker Real Hardwood Sticks Resealable Tall Jar, 15.2 Ounce PEPPERONI 

Tillamook Country Smoker Real Hardwood Smoked Sausages, Pepperoni, 15.2 Ounce Tall Jar, 20 Count

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There’s a difference when you even use the smoked sausages because they will be nicely flavored. People like the pepperoni sticks for the perfect reason that they remain delicious looking. They will always satisfy your craving for pepperoni.

Now, remember these you won’t use on your pizza as they are a jerky option. The good thing is that you will eat it on the go. It features the use of the premium meat, and when they smoke it; therefore, the aim is to make sure they only deliver the perfect tasting sticks.

So you won’t only have the smoky flavor, but you will also enjoy the seasoning blends.

3. Hormel, Pizza Toppings, Original Pepperoni

Hormel, Pizza Toppings, Original Pepperoni, 3.5oz Box (Pack of 4)

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Here is another form of meat you may use to enhance the different kinds of meats’ flavors. Notice that the pepperoni you, therefore, use features the use of traditional flavors and the cured seasonings. It’s ideal for use on your different pizza toppings and flavors.

It contains the pork and beef meat together with salt, and then they use other seasonings to make sure the sausage comes out perfect. Buying this piece means you will have almost 50 slices of pepperoni. Besides they come to you being very cheap.

4. Gallo Salame Deli Sliced Pepperoni 

Gallo Salame Deli Sliced Pepperoni 7 oz Package (Pack of 2)

View on Amazon

You will be getting exactly what you see here. You can see that it looks delicious, and the thin slices then will set right on your favorite pizza topping. Therefore, use lean pork and beef, which means you won’t behave the greasy pepperoni. It’s ideal for those who are not looking to use fatty pepperoni. But let’s praise them for selling some of the most delicious slices of pork.

Notice, though, that they nicely season it to make sure it remains delicious. They also use red peppers to give your pizza a little bit of spiciness.

So then it uses high-quality pork and beef for a reason. It’s all to make sure you only receive the best tasting and delicious pork. So then you can use it on the sandwiches, pasta, and most other delicious flavors. When you’re having the pizza nights, then you can cook the different pizzas.

5. Boar’s Head Natural Casing Pepperoni

Boar's Head Natural Casing Pepperoni

View on Amazon

Here is one of the most favorite pepperoni you can use on your pizza toppings at home. When the pepperonis aren’t as common during this time, you should be happy to find this one here. I’m one of the few fans of boar’s head pepperoni.

It features a rich blend of the different ingredients to make the best and yet tasty pepperonis, therefore. The way they have made it over the years is the same reason why it remains one of the most popular choices to use. If you like them in their natural casing, then here you have a perfect choice.  

Pepperoni shortage

America has, over the last few months, experienced a shortage in this delicious topping and sausage. Thanks to Covid19, some items we like the most are not accessible anymore. The pandemic, together with the changing economics, squeezed these sausages. And today, even where you can find them, you will buy them at a costly rate.


There has been a high demand for frozen or cooked pizza during this pandemic in the country. But then it goes to meet up with the disaster of most meat plants that were already closed down.

When you go to Amazon today, you will be surprised that some of the top brands that sell pepperoni a lot more don’t have them.

Of course, there’s a higher demand than the supply since the meat factories also closed down at some point. You see today; therefore, we still have a shortage in supply, but of course, it’s not going to be for long.

The meat factories had to set it aside since it just doesn’t bring in significant profits compared to the labor they need. Notice that Covid19 already led to many layovers. So there are not many people in the factory making the sausages.

I hope next time you hop into dominos, pizza hut, and other chain stores, you will understand why they don’t sell a lot of the pepperoni pizzas.

So we’ll understand that we will be coming back with a longer list of pizza pepperoni when the shortage is no more. Of course, this is American’s favorite, and it will have to just come back to regular at some point.

Major brands to buy your pepperoni from

Of course, I must say there are different brands out there, but I’m going to suggest two of my favorite options to go to.

Boars head

If you eat a lot of pepperonis, you will already know that the boars head is the best brand to order your different pizza flavors. The truth is that you can find the richly flavored but also delicious pepperoni. They don’t compromise on the quality of the pepperoni they are going to use.

One thing you can be sure of is that they will deliver delicious and yet natural-looking and tasting pepperoni. To date, we have people who won’t buy other different brands of pepperoni just because here they never disappoint. You can decide to snack on them or even use them on the different styles of pizza.

Vincenzas Crafted Charcuterie

They will also sell to you some of the best pepperonis at whole foods, you know. It doesn’t matter the kind of pizza pepperoni you like. This brand will deliver all the time.

It will work whether you are looking to snack on it or even attain the complex flavors. You can attain the perfect flavors with these brand pepperonis. However, if you have to buy from them at the moment, head over to the whole foods, and you will get the ones you like.

From these two brands, you will be eating the best slices that are further delicious.

How long does pepperoni last?

This is a question you want to know the answer to as soon as you want to buy it. Remember, you don’t want to eat pepperoni that has already gone bad. When you have not yet opened it, then 8t doesn’t need refrigeration for as long as 2-3 weeks.

It will often continue to cure during this time. Then, the moment you open it, you have to think about the leftovers’ storage.

If you then keep it in the fridge, you will have it last about three weeks. You should remember that you don’t want it to dry out, so you should keep them in the freezer bag to make sure it’s still okay.

Can you freeze it?

Typical of most other foods, you can freeze the pepperoni but remember that you don’t want to dry them. So it would help if you kept them in the freezer bag and set them safely in the freezer. With this depending on how fresh they are when you are freezing, you can have them last up to 10 months.

Remember even to keep them in smaller portions to avoid thawing them and then not using and freezing again. It’s much better only to thaw the ones you will use. Remember how you freeze; it is going to determine how long it’s going to last.

How will I tell it’s going bad?

The worst thing you can do is to eat the pepperoni when they are already going bad. This will mean you attain food poisoning,

Check for the pepperoni color, sliminess, as that’s the first indication that it’s spoilt.

Check the smell as the one spoilt will start to change the smell. It will often attain the rancid smell.

Also, the pepperoni may become slimy and also sticky.

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