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I’m not one of those who like pizza as much, but I know where to go-to for the perfect pizza when I’m craving for it. Thankfully, you can go to many chain restaurants when you want to buy your favorite pizza. But of all the many different pizza chain restaurants, which one is your best choice to use?

Well, in this article we are going to show you some of the very best pizza chains. I know most of them you probably already know because they are global pizza chains that have been in business for ages.

1. Brix wood fired pizza


in 1998 they opened their doors in charlotte North Carolina. Growing rapidly, they today have about 30 different pizza locations. They focus mostly on the southeastern, though. They have retained the traditional method of cooking the pizza in the brick oven.

If you have tried their pizza, you will understand why the traditional pizza makers used the brick oven. Such options have the capacity to retain the flavors and the perfect taste.

This chain restaurant is ideal for you if you are looking for a family-friendly place. Brix wood offers you all their pizzas being 11 inches, but they also have six slices of pizzas. You will enjoy their pizzas, mostly because they offer you fresh ingredients.

Aside from the different pizza styles, they also have sandwiches, chicken wings, kinds of pasta, and different desserts. `

2. Debonair pizza


This is another one of the familiar restaurants but mostly in South Africa. It’s a chain restaurant found in South Africa. In 1991 Craig McKenzie and Andrew Harvey founded this restaurant.

Today they have over 500 restaurants across different countries in Africa. Nonetheless, most of the restaurants are in South Africa, but we have to say that they continue to grow in this competitive pizza arena. Expect to find the different pizza styles but especially the ones that will suit your family’s needs.

3. Dominos


For me, anytime you talk of the pizza chain restaurant dominos comes to mind. Of course, some of the other pizza options are better than the other, that’s why. In the 1960s, Tom and James Monaghan founded the restaurant.

Today about 60 years later, they have 6500 restaurants within the US, but they also have a franchise business across different countries in the world’s six continents.

Notice that even in those countries outside the US, they still give you some of the very best pizza types. It mostly doesn’t matter where you are; if you are in a major city, you can have them deliver at your doorstep. Did you know dominos sell over 3 million worth of pizza?

Dominos makes five crusts, nine sauces, eight types of meat, ten veggies, seven kinds of cheese, and they will further have their unique recipes for you. They also offer different sandwiches, and I like their chicken wings. You can be sure that this chain restaurant is here to stay; they only offer the best options.

4. Pizza hut


Another one of the most common pizza chains is here. Having found some of the well-known pizza styles today, like the deep hut, they continue to deliver only the best option. In 1958 brothers Dan and Frank Carney founded pizza hut. It took off to be what it is today.

When you, therefore, visit pizza hut, you can expect four crust options (stuffed crust, hand-tossed, original, thin, and crispy). They will also sell you three different crust flavors, making it easy to find your best. They further offer you four sauces to use in the pizza. You will also find nine veggies and eight types of meat.

They are not your typical pizza chain restaurants as they try to be innovative for them to stand out. I like it when they have a limited time crazy pizza hybrid that includes their great cheesy bites.

5. Papa Johns


For ages, they have offered various breadsticks and wings, but they are not as good. But I must say I love their pizza. If you mainly go for their specialty pizzas, then you will never regret your choice. They are generous with the toppings when selling the specialty options.

In 1984 papa john opened their first restaurant, and since then, they have been selling the best pizzas. Of course, they have had their fair share of downfalls, but they still remain some of the most recognizable chain restaurants.

You will find them in every state but for Vermont. I have a friend who likes their extra cheesy alfredo. They have some of the most extensive fan bases in the world. Of course, their pizzas are craving worthy.

6. Round table pizza


In 1959 bill Larson founded the round table pizza. They are popular for making their dough fresh in each store they go to. But the reason why it remains popular is that they have different toppings for the pizza choices. You will like their Italian toppings on your pizza crust.

If you like beer with your pizza, this is the chain restaurant to go to. They sell such choices when you go to other restaurants. I particularly enjoy when the restaurant doesn’t minimize the toppings, and thankfully this is what they have. They will get the toppings to even the edge of the crust.

They have won souls over because of the innovation with the different styles of pizza to use.

7. Uno pizzeria and grill


When we are talking about the history of pizza, then we have to mention Uno pizzeria. They don’t only focus on pizza; instead, they have pasta salad, chicken steak, seafood sandwich soup but with other different pizza styles.

Sewell Ike founded the brand back in 1943, and at first, his focus was on the regular Chicago style pie. They today have over 100 locations in 20 states from one pizzeria, and you can be sure only to find the best pizza. They offer the best deep dish pizza, you know. They will offer the high cheese pizza different sauces with the toppings as well.

8. Buddy’s pizza


When all you want is to taste the ingredients’ freshness, you have to take the pizza from buddy’s.

Being one of the country’s best independent chains, it continues to offer only the best pizza to Americans. This is especially true when you want to eat the Detroit style pizza. They make it stand out by making everything from scratch but also using fresh ingredients.

Again, the brand stands out for being the one place that will give you the option to stack on your veggies’ different choices. With this then you will always have a mouthwatering option.

9. Giordano’s


We have to still mention that it is the smallest pizza chain restaurant that still stands out for its service. They have 12 different locations that are somewhat outside Chicago. Even though they only have a few locations, their pizza style dates back to almost 200 years ago in Italy.

They use the style that made the pizza, which was served Italian eater pie. The one thing that makes them stand out is the fact that their deep-dish pizza then is stuffed with loads of cheese with sauce. Their toppings are actually everything you will find meatballs, garlic broccoli, then bacon and sausage too.

Well, this doesn’t mean it’s all they serve because they will sell even thin-crust pies, pasta dishes, and sandwiches too. But when you are craving the deep style Chicago pizza, only visit Giordanis.

10. Little Caesar’s


They offer some of the best pizza styles at just $6. Sometimes you need to be smart in making your business empire. Notice that they make the pizza very fast and you won’t have to wait a long time as you do in other restaurants.

They don’t limit on the toppings but particularly the cheese with the pepperoni. In 1959 mike and Marian Ilitch founded the pizza chain in Detroit suburbs. It’s one of the largest pizza joints in the country and outside. They are present in over 25 countries, yet they aren’t shy of experimenting with different meals like lasagna.

11. Jets pizza


The one reason that makes it stand out for me is that they have a number of choices for the pizzas on the menu. Mind you, most theory pizza styles are perfect. I don’t know which one you want; whether it’s thin crust, deep crust, New York-style crust, or even the hand-tossed, you will find it here.

This one was founded by two brothers, Eugene and John jets. And their first restaurant was in Michigan today; they have grown their clientele base by having more than 400 places within 20 states.

Anytime you are therefore talking of the Detroit-style square pizza, Jets pizza will come to mind. They offer the best of the jets pizza. Of course, you can also have other styles. When you go there today, ask them for the jet ten pizza and thank me later.

12. Mellow mushroom


I don’t know about you, but I can say their crust and pizza generally is mellow. I have had so many people praise their crust but, most notably, the blend with their pizza toppings. They use some of the very best and yet fresh ingredients on the pizza, you know.

Whenever you are looking for handcrafted quality, you should look for it here. They will add their art to make the best-looking pizza but also the most delicious style one. It was first founded in Atlanta, and today most of its pizza locations are in the southeast.

When you look at their menu, you will be impressed because of the pizza’s creativity, but most importantly, they use crafted beers. For over 40 years, they have made some of the best pizzas and continue to create the go to pizzas.

13. california pizza kitchen


This brand came about back in 1985, and this dining chain is everything for those who like something extra for their pizza. You will realize that it stands out with its different pizza styles but mostly the barbecue chicken pizza.

From this restaurant chef, Ed was the first to bring in the idea of gourmet pizza instead of the standard pepperoni and the sausage. He borrowed the idea from Wolfang Pucks Spago, and that’s where they first tried the smoked salmon.

And if you aren’t looking for pizza in this restaurant, then you can try power bowls, soups, pasta entrees, with plank salmon.

14. Blaze pizza


Whether you are looking to buy the pizza online or offline, you can have it here. In the year 2011, rick and Elise Wetzel founded this brand. They made the brand to cook the pizza in three minutes. They have four different classic dough styles.

They further use eight different kinds of cheese and four different sauces. They further have 18 veggies and eight meat types.

This site focuses on using all the fresh ingredients. You will, in fact, like their crust because they maintain their authenticity.

They use filtered water, unbleached flour, extra virgin oil but without extra additives.

15. Cicis pizza


They have about 35 years of experience in the pizza industry, so you can be sure they have mastered the art of pizza making. They started the original unlimited buffet pizza. The restaurant has gone to grow into 32 states, and they have 450 restaurants.

If you are a fan of family style restaurants, this is the place to go to when you want to spend some quality time together with your family. It’s even kid-friendly for those who have kids. It will take you a short time too to have your favorite meal on the table.

Cicis have the best mac and cheese pizza; you should try it. Most of their restaurants also come from Texas.

16. Pizza inn


This chain has been in business for years, but for some reason, it isn’t growing as much these days. It’s an American restaurant founded by the two brothers in the year 1958. They set their first restaurant near the Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Today they have set up 150 restaurants in the south.

They work in the country by setting the different pizza styles in the buffet to choose the one you like. They still maintain some of their very best options that include their original thin crust with the chicken.

They further have a food franchise across the globe, and no wonder you will always have it in every country you visit. For over 60 years, we have had this brand selling some of the best types of pizzas.


17. Shakey’s pizza


This one came up in Sacramento in California, and since they have grown into more restaurants across California. Nonetheless, they have other restaurants in Washington and Mexico too. Whenever you are looking for a place to take your favorite pizza with the beer and a little bit of fun, then go to shakey’s.

They also offer you some shakey’s special where they offer you the salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef mushrooms with black olives. They have a variety of pizza styles for you to find the one that works for you.

18. Papa Murphy’s


They mostly solidly focus on pizza, but you can be sure they only sell the best pizzas for you. When you try their pizza, I know you will soon be going back, you know. They even have a two layers’ pizza where you have a high quality stuffed crust choice of pizza.

They like to use the ‘Take N Bake’ method to choose your favorite pizza, and they will then bake it for you. When you are looking for all the freshest pizza, then you can have them here. You can even get their Keto friendly pizza if you need.

19. Godfathers pizza


In most cases, this site will only sell you the different pizza styles and just a few types of side dishes. I like that they even have the bizarre pizza topping styles. Whenever you are out there taking their pizzas, try their taco pizza and their dessert pizza.

20. Mazzios Italian eatery


If you like the Italian style pizzas, go to Mazzios you can never go wrong with it. The first restaurant is in Oklahoma, but today, we have the same chain restaurants in different places.

However, they have the different styles of crusts that they use today that will blend both the Italian and American styles of pizzas. They also use a different style of sauces, including the traditional red alfredo barbecue and more.

21. Hungry Howie’s


Here you have another one of the most famous pizza restaurants founded in Michigan back in 1973. They were also the ones that would then deliver the original flavored crust pizza.

This was a new twist, and with this, they have expanded to different destinations within the 22 states. They have up to 550 locations where you can find some of the most delicious styles of pizza.

There’s something about their crust that makes you want to eat it again and again.

They have butter cheese, sesame garlic herbs, onion, ranch, and Cajun. They have some of the best gluten-free pizzas on the market.

Their pizzas have some of the best seasonings. That is also filled with meats and different style of cheese.

22. Sbarro


Another one of the oldest chain restaurants is here. They first opened the restaurant to serve the different Italian palate needs. This is a family-owned restaurant that first started in Brooklyn today. They have made the New York-style pizza and the roman style one. When you are craving that authenticity, feel free to go into this restaurant.


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