17 Best Pizza In Atlanta (With Images And Address, Update 2021)

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During the weekend, there is nothing better than ordering your preferred Pizza and sitting on your couch as you catch up with one of your best series. Pizza gives affordable comfort when in distress or uncertainty.

People want to know what makes up Pizza. But due to divergent cultures, there is no specific method of how it’s prepared because everyone has their style. Some people are committed to a particular style.

Many people focus on the crust, which shares its dough with bread which most of us are familiar with.

If pieces of tomatoes are placed on the dough and carefully kneaded, then you make a pizza.

Here in Atlanta, there is an option for everyone. May it be the traditional style of Pizza, the Neapolitan-style, with ingredients imported from Napoli.

Slices prepared using the brick oven or the New York style of Pizza, all these you will find at Atlanta.

There is a slice for everyone, whether natives or tourists. The different flavors that top the pizza dough are what leave our tongues yearning for more.

Here in Atlanta, are 17 best pizza joints that will serve what you want you to order.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

Pizza Jeans

Location: 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States

Contact:+1 678-329-0203

Pizza Jeans

Pizza Jeans is located on the second floor of Ponce City Market. It has a sister company with which it shares its space called  Root Baking Co. The joint is open from Thursday all through to Saturday.

Pizza Jeans has been awarded the larger space because of its redesignation to reflect its specific product and services. It has working hours which also affect the customers visiting the joint.

It was named after Jean Smart, who is a Women Designer and an actress. That is because she ate a sandwich at the sister company, Root Baking while filming in town.

It serves Pizza in slices and pies with desserts, salads, subs, and breadsticks. Their pizzas are prepared with naturally leavened dough and then with toppings from local farmers.

The menu here changes frequently. But there is always at least a traditional red sauce pizza.

Pizza Jean’s desserts include Italian lemon ice, New York-style classic cheesecake, and sourdough doughnuts. Beverages like wine, lemon soda, and local beer are available as accompaniments to your slice of Pizza.

 Other Pizzas like Red pie, a white pie with ricotta and peas are also available.

A neighborhood pizzeria inspired the space at  Pizza Jeans in Wilkins’, New York.

It features dark grapes, a nine-seat bar, and leather booths. That means that there is a limited capacity for those that can sit inside.

Due to that, customers are advised to call in for orders, pick or make a delivery request through a toast.

Juniors Pizza

Location:77 Georgia Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

Contact:(404) 549-7147

Juniors Pizza

Junior Pizza was a childhood dream for co-owner Alex Aton who opened it at Georgia Avenue in Summerhill. As a child, he dressed in a pinstripe suit whenever Pizza was being delivered at their doorstep.

His dream later came into reality when he started working as a pizza maker, then Atlanta Fellini’s manager.

He felt the surroundings of the pizza makers and ingredients a reality of his dreams.

Alex and his wife Jennifer later started making homemade pizzas with a Kitchen aid stand mixer and an oven in the home. They would deliver the pizzas to friends working at restaurants and tattoo shops in Atlanta.

Later, they realized that their pizza flavor was highly regarded; hence they needed to grow their business to accommodate the demand. Jennifer went ahead to market the business online, where they would get their orders.

Since Pizza needs to be sold while hot, that was an issue for them that was hard to deal with but later, they found a partner with whom they established Junior Pizza.

Their main dish on the menu was a “New York-style” pizza. That was inspired by a variety of pizzas in New York. They used the “cup and char” pepperonis that char and curl on the Pizza’s edges to ensure it has a  thin crust.

It also offers a Sicilian-style deep dish pizza. It has a focaccia-like crust like the bread Detroit-style pies. At Junior’s, there are also vegan pizzas.

They are topped with Daiya cheese which is made from cassava and arrowroot.

Junior’s Pizza aims to attract a more significant market from students due to the neighboring university and football fans from the university. That is why it offers the dine-in luxury not prevalent in other outlets.

Junior plans on getting a liquor license for beer and wine. That will improve the dine-in experience. For those that want to eat their pizza slices at home, you can make an online order via Postmates.

O4W Pizza

Location: Atlanta, GA 30312. Old Fourth Ward

Contact:(678) 515-3388

O4W Pizza

That outlet majorly focuses on Detroit-style and Italian restaurants—Nina & Rafi style of Pizza. There is also the Jersey-style which is the grandma pie.

It is located in Virginia-Highland, where there are a high walking tendency and various excellent restaurants. So this offers the best quality pizza on that side of the town.

It is perfect for get-togethers like family dinner, late-night grouping after bar, and league team parties.

People claim that 04W brought some light to a  neighborhood that was becoming mediocre due to Atkins Park institutions. If there are any other pizza outlets, they are miles away, not how a neighborhood should look.

The New Jersey-style pizza, which is the grandma pie mentioned earlier, attracts many people to this joint. The 16-inch square Pizza with toppings of olive oil, homemade marinara sauce, pecorino, and mozzarella is a delicacy here.

Those that want to have an outdoor experience can dine at 04W while others make orders for deliveries through ChowNow.

Glide Pizza

Location:660 Irwin St NE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States


Glide Pizza

What inspired the establishment of this pizza joint was that there was no other outlet in the surrounding area.

That, of course, was a huge loophole for the neighbor because Pizza in Atlanta is a quick meal that you will want to have late at night or during breakfast.

So Glide pizza was opened at Irwin Street Market across Jake’s Ice Cream, Academy Coffee, and the Cooking School.

The creator of Glide Pizza, Birdsong, admitted that coming up with perfect pizza recipes was not his area of expertise. So he outsourced Angelo Womack, who helped develop the pizza recipes for the cheese, dough, and sauce.

Their menu factors in a few unique pizzas, and their toppings ensure that they have plenty of time left to focus on their core pies instead of various pizzas that are not well cooked.

One particular dish on their menu is the pie made of pimento cheese. It is homegrown from Reynoldstown restaurant.

People in Atlanta love it, but it is rather sad that it is hard to find anywhere in Atlanta making Glide pizza a hot cake.

Most dishes on the menu are homemade, right from the dough to the sauce and mozzarella and pickled peppers. That ensures that they provide their customers with the best tasting slices of Pizza.

All the pizzas they make have a thin and crispy crust; just the way pizza lovers like it. Foods like square pies and salads will be added to the menu.

Customers who do not want to visit the outlet physically can use Uber Eats or Grubhub for delivery. Others can order through the shop’s outlet, and the delivery is made on an electric bike.

Floataway Café

Location:1123 Zonolite Rd NE #15, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States

Contact:(404) 892-1414

Floataway Cafe

Anne Quatrano is the icon behind the establishment of Floataway Cafe. The main menu dishes feature five pizzas that are baked in a wood oven. It is a real example of a restaurant that transforms farm ingredients into a delicious pizza.

For example, the Neapolitan style pizza of Italian origin has ingredients that were farm produce that was creatively combined and added as dough toppings hence the uniqueness.

The potato pizza is made from smashed raclette, new potatoes, and caramelized onions, which is good at cool temperatures.

Floataway cafe allows their customers to have indoor dining only if you make a reservation before visiting with the capacity. If you want to eat from home, visit their website and make an online order.

Triple Jays

Location:1020 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30309, United States

Contact:(678) 712-8400

Triple Jays

Triple Jay is located where Cactus House Mexican restaurant was previously established. It is a  family business owned by Jay and his wife, Lasonia Terrence, and their sons, Justin and Jeremiah.

The family outgrew their love for Pizza and decided to open a pizza business in a truck in 2015. Their services are so good that they were voted the second-best pizza provider in Atlanta.

Now they have opened a physical shop where people can dine from, make their online orders for deliveries and pass by to pick up a pizza.

The building has features of a bar with countable stools seating next to the window rails and the booths inside. There is also an outdoor setting with a spacious front patio.

The decor is available in the Triple Jay’s signage and two TVs for watching sports and talk shows.

The menu is characterized by a  thin and round crust like the New York-style. There is also the thick, rectangular crust of the Detroit-style of Pizza. It is mostly cooked with powerful commercial ovens then served as a whole or by slices.

The Detroit-style pizza features a thick, crunchy crust and the edges. It is popularly compared to a Silicon slice or a deep dish. The New York-style pizza usually has a  thinner slice so that you can fold and eat with one hand.

Plant-Based Pizzeria

Location:730 Barnett St NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, United States

Contact:(404) 835-2739

Plant Based Pizzeria

Plant-based pizzeria pizza shop mainly factors in Vegan pizza which is considered very delicious. Plant-Based Pizzeria has developed a unique hype among its customers.

Its popular toppings combination consists of pineapples, the Hawaiian with a barbecue drizzle, beyond sausage, and vegan mozzarella cheese.

Their menu also consists of flatbreads, calzones, and burgers. At Least this will help it achieve its marketing strategy because if you come for a burger and see its pizzas, you will be tempted to buy one.

Some pizzas are gluten-free for those that don’t like taking protein into their system. So to avoid the gluten, you can order a cauliflower crust.

The Toast platform is available for anyone that wants to place an order for pizza delivery.

Blue Moon Pizza

Location:325 East Paces Ferry Rd NE #3, Atlanta, GA 30305, United States

Contact:(404) 814-1515

Blue Moon Pizza

As mentioned earlier, a gluten-free pizza is hard to find in Atlanta. That is one of the reasons why Blue moon pizza was established.

The pizzeria menu offers a regular crust that is specifically good for gluten-free customers. The gluten-free pizza is available in a 12-inch home pan pizza size.

Blue Moon also has a restricted menu of a few gluten-free dishes like Buffalo chicken salad and bruschetta.

As a customer, if you want to eat gluten-free pizzas at home, you can visit the outlet’s website and place your order so that it can be delivered. Others can make the orders but pass by to pick up the order.


Location:1540 Monroe Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30324, United States


Varuni Napoli

One of the Varuni Napoli joints is located at  Morningside. Here, you can place an order of large pizzas with sought-after toppings combinations like pepperoni, the Bastardo with mozzarella, pecorino Romano and Ndjua (spicy pork spread in ragu sauce).

The joint also offers its customers a variety of beers, wines, salads, and appetizers. The joint at Krog Street Market, Varuni offers limited indoor dining services, except in personal-sized pizzas with similar combinations.

You can have Varuni delicacies by dining at their physical outlets, ordering a take-out for pick up, or placing an order for doorstep delivery via Zifty, chow now, uber eats, and door dash.


Location:1328 Windsor Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30319, United States

Contact: +1 404-500-3841


Avellino is a pizza joint in Atlanta that offers Italian Neapolitan-style pizzas. One dish on its menu is the Polpetta that comes with ricotta, cremini mushrooms,  mozzarella, meatballs, and fresh basil.

There is also an option for sauceless Pizza, which is the molta carne. It comes with basil, Italian sausage, pancetta mozzarella, pepperoni, and Calabrese salami which are a great choice of combinations. There is also the option of carbs and garlic cheese bread.

Avellino’s offers dine-in services, or you can order a takeaway via chow now services.

MTH Pizza

Location:1675 Cumberland Pkwy SE Suite 415, Smyrna, GA 30080, United States

Contact:(678) 424-1333

MTH Pizza

The abbreviation MTH stands for Mussman, Turner, and Hall. They are friends who sat down and decided to establish a pizza joint named after their names. They had previously started a local joint in the same area.

They believe their Pizza is prepared like the “Smyrna Style,” driven by a chef. It is added seasonal toppings then baked in an Italian brick oven. It has stood out over a long period among the other creative combinations of Italian tradition.

For example, the El Guapo is topped with cotija cheese, chorizo, charred jalapeño-tomato sauce, potatoes, and poblano peppers.

As a customer, if you want to have indoor dining at their joint, the service is available. It is also available for those who want an order for pick up as you pass by. For those who want deliveries made to the doorstep, you can order through RevelUp website.

Antico Pizza Napoletana

Location:1093 Hemphill Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States


Antico Pizza Napoletana

Antico pizza napoletana was opened in 2009. It is popularly regarded as one of Atlanta’s best joints that offers the best Neapolitan Pizza in the city.

It is located at Gio Antico in West Midtown, where locals and tourists visiting Atlanta would flock to have the pizza delicacy. But now that has changed since the pandemic is within us.

That is because of the new joints that have been established at the Battery and Alpharetta’s Avalon.

They have helped reduce the long queues that were experienced at Gio Antico. Customers complained of the time they waited to be served.

With less waiting time, everyone feels great about their services. You can visit them at their various branches for a dine-in or make your online orders via their website.

Nina & Rafi

Location:661 Auburn Ave NE STE 220, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

Contact:(404) 549-8997

Nina Rafi

Nina and Rafi is a pizza joint established by Billy Streck, Hampton & Hudson, and Anthony Spina, the owner of O4W Pizza. It is located off the BeltLine.

Here you can get your New Jersey style of Pizza, popularly known as the grandma pie. There is also the Detroit red pizza and the big square pie. Appetizers like the pizzeria salad for the vegans and some roasted wings that complete the customers` meal.

The joint also offers beverages prepared expertly like the amaro cocktails, beers, and wine to compliment your dining experience.

Nina & Rafi offer dine-in services for those that want to eat at the joint. You are ready for a physical pick-up for your order; you can pass by and get it. Those that are busy at home or offices, you can visit chow now and place an order, which is delivered to your doorstep.


Location:591 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, United States

Contact:(404) 835-2298


The Pizza baked at Ammazza has got all the traditional Italian influence. That is because it is mainly the Neapolitan deep-dish style. It is made with a brick oven and flour, but its ingredients are not solely imported from Italy.

Unlike the other pizzas joints, you will find that all their ingredients, even the patio set, is Italian influenced.

At Ammazza, the chefs use locally grown produce from their farmers in Atlanta for their baking. Some other ingredients like meat and pepperoni are sourced around the surrounding region.

Since Pizza is hard to eat solely with a beverage, Ammazza has taken care of that by readily ensuring that there is a cold beer to drink as you eat your favorite Neapolitan slices of Pizza. They don’t only have a single type by a variety of 30 types to choose from.

Ammazza has two locations in Atlanta, both of which offer outdoor seating so that you can experience fresh air from the surrounding environment as you have your delicacy. That is unique for their customers because other pizza joints only offer dine-in services.

When caught up in your busy daily schedules and you have no time to visit the diner,  place an order for delivery through their website.

Slim & Husky’s Pizza Beeria

Location:581 Metropolitan Pkwy Atlanta, GA 30310

Contact:(470) 355-5779

Slim Huskys Pizza Beeria

The Slim & Husky’s pizza beeria offers a fast-casual pizza concept. It was initially established in Nashville, then grew and expanded its wings to two other Atlanta locations. It is owned by three childhood friends that decided to partner in business.

The hip-hop throwbacks of the 1990s inspired the names of the main dishes of the joint.

For example, they have the Cee No Green, which consists of red sauce, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, cheeses, pepperoni, and hickory smoked bacon.

You can order your Pizza with a thin or thick crust. A 10-inch crust is considered a thin pizza, whereas a 16-inch pizza is considered the husky one. It also offers cinnamon rolls with cream cheese flavors to give you an exceptional experience at their diner.

The joint has set a place where you can dine in if you want an outdoor experience. You can pass by to pick up some slices while still hot and eat from the place of your choice, or you can visit their website and place an order for them to deliver where you are.

Fellini’s Pizza

Location:1991 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States

Contact:(404) 873-3088

Fellinis Pizza

Fellini’s Pizza is a pizza joint that was established in the early 1980s. Fellini’s has the real traditional Atlanta-style Pizza, which is considered close to the New York-style.

In all of Atlanta’s joints, Fellini’s is considered to have the most giant-sized pizzas that are almost the size of your head. Everyone wants to eat a pizza that will fill their stomachs, not just killing the craving for the pizza flavors.

The joint also has pies that would attract a larger crowd to their joint hence marketing their Pizza. As a pizza lover, why would you not choose to go to such a point where you can have all the dough experience of your own Atlanta tradition.

What also makes Fellini’s an excellent joint is the variety of toppings available for your Pizza. You can choose whatever you want for your slice and have no regrets.

Like most other Atlanta joints, you can get a cold beer to combine with your Pizza and prevent being choked for eating like gluten, haha, due to the delightful Pizza.

Both branches are open till midnight, so you won’t have to worry about sleeping on an empty stomach as a customer.

The joints offer an outdoor diner where you can sit with your friends and family in the afternoon and laugh about many things without alerting a crowd in the door. Other people choose to visit the joint’s website, place an order, and then pass by the joint for a pickup or ask for a delivery.

Savage Pizza

Location:484 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307, United States

Contact:(404) 523-0500

Savage Pizza

Savage Pizza is one outlet that makes sense in this era we are living in. The times have become savage, so eating at this joint online makes life more sensible.

Some of the branches of Savage Pizza are located at Little Five Points and Avondale Estates’ home. Those are great locations for those that want deliveries made to their estates because it is more a residential neighborhood than an industrial one.

The main dish in their menu includes Cajun cuisine. It is an incredible pizza. That is because it has a variety of toppings like mozzarella cheeses, peppers, shrimp, roasted chicken, red pepper sauce, andouille sausage, onions, and gruyere.

The dish’s ethnicity is Louisiana, and that is why it has got its different seasoning. The Pizza cuisine is sometimes substituted with creole seasoning, which is made by adding cayenne pepper to the mixture of the mentioned ingredients or dried chili peppers.

All this gives a heat sensation in your Pizza that you won’t find in a typical Atlanta pizza joint.

The pizza outlet offers outdoor seating on its patio for anyone who wants to eat close to the chefs. The reason being that you may want more and more for you to be satisfied, a luxury you won’t have if you eat from home.

You can also make an order via chow now to get your delivery because savage Pizza understands that we live a busy life, and you may not have minutes to spare to get to the joint.


For the natives and tourists visiting Atlanta, you have all it takes to experience exquisite delicacies within your reach.

These pizza joints are not tied to a specific pizza style, but their flavors range from local to Italian and New York styles.

People won’t visit Atlanta and feel that they are missing out on their favorite combinations of desserts, beverages, and pizza slices. Why? The invention has become necessary among the locals that they strive to offer the best in their locality.

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