21 Best Pizza Places In Austin (Update 2021)

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Pizza from Austin is excellent with a high-end reputation but not as good as most big cities like Chicago and New York. That is because of the too much indulgence in its culture and reluctance to change.

New trends in pizza preparation are looming every other new day. New flavors of pizza have been introduced in the big cities due to the living population’s divergent cultures.

You will find many pizza flavors ranging from tiny pickles, squash to chimichurri. A slice of pizza dotted with honey ham will be readily available.

If you saw these on the pizza websites, you will want to get on a plane and enjoy these pizza flavors in Austin.

Here you will find joints that will interest you with their delicacies. You will have your pepperoni the way you like it.

You are embracing the Austin weird culture when having your delicacies at your favorite shops.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

40 North

Location:900 W 10th St, Austin, TX 78703, United States


40 North

40 North is found on the streets of North Lamar. It has an outdoor area with a blue striped umbrella deck that gives you the easygoing European atmosphere.

That outlet reflects the Neapolitan style of pizza dishes through how they combine their unique dishes leaving out the traditional flavors.

One pizza style, the Dandelion, equates the onion jam and Dandelion green with spicy slices of pancetta.No one ever thought it would ever give pizza a good taste.

For example, a barbecue collaborated with spicy pickle pizza, tangy dill, spicy peppers, and garlic slices that match up very well.

You can order online with a click of a button or eat from a small outdoor area within their premises since their indoor dining area usually is.

Via 313

Location:1802 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702, United States


Via 313

That is one pizza outlet that can’t help you but crave the pizza flavors it offers. The greasy type of decadent pizza here will leave you in some sweet coma while sitting on the shop’s couch.

The Detroit-style pizza is trendy in Via 313. It is characterized by the thick, bready crusts of their pizza slices.

They are perfectly highlighted with crispiness from caramelized cheese, making every pie the desired corner piece that everyone wants.

An Italian grandmother’s meatballs recipe, topped with red sauce, green pepper, and grated parmesan cheese, will ensure that you get the profit for your sales because of the traditional recipe’s demand. You can never go wrong with this recipe.

If you want these traditional slices of pizza, you can order online from their websites for deliveries. That is because physical indoor dining is closed for now.

Pinthouse Pizza

Location:4729 Burnet Road Austin, Texas 78756

Contact:(512) 436-9605

Pinthouse Pizza

Pinthouse is known for its right combination of pizza and a cold beer like no other pizza outlet. Their brews have won awards like the citrus-driven Electric Jellyfish IPA.

That is because of its impact on their soft, crusted pizza that is topped with ingredients carefully.

They have unusual,  tasty combinations like the Honey Pear. It modifies the sweet taste of honey and pears with the intensity of blue cheese and prosciutto.

It is diversified for people with multiple dietary needs so that everyone is accommodated—for example, the vegans.

Suppose a recipe that will make you not want to eat from another outlet is theirJalapeño Ranch. If you dip one of the edges in one of the brews, then you will have the best-tasting pizza you can have any time.

Their outlets have limited space. You are advised to visit their website and book your visit to the joint to be on the waiting list. If you want their crowlers and cans for their beer, you make the order online too for delivery.

Dough Boy

Location:1108 E 12th St Austin, TX 78702,


Dough Boy

Although it is barely two months old since its establishment, it has built a hefty verbal marketing method among pizza lovers in Austin. Gossip spreads like wildfire, which has helped the outlet.

It is located in Arbor Food Park in a city where there is a good reputation for food truck popularity. However, there is a limitation to it, which is the limited space.

Dough Boy uses an Italian wood-burning oven for its pizza preparation. That allows the pizza to be chewy with a  bubbly crust which is what characterizes Neapolitan-style pizzas.

So for you to have an Austin experience, order the Eastside Trip. It has local oyster mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, and garlic cream.

There is also Dough Boys queso, which is inviting. It is made with baked brie with garlic and herbs, then served with a herby crust which you use for dipping that will make you reconsider your decision to eat elsewhere.

You can order online for deliveries at home or still pick up at the truck point. Those people who want to have an outdoor experience can eat at the picnic tables set next to the truck.

Home Slice Pizza

Location:1415 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704-2434

Contact:+1 512-444-7437

Home Slice Pizza

People with a love for New York-style pizza can find a good piece of it at Home Slice. That is the only place in New York that is an expert in delivering what New york pizza looks and smells like.

It is an aroma that will make you drool to the point of the source of the aroma.

If you consider that, it will be hard for you to choose a slice that is not made of mushroom and classic pepperoni. The slice will soak your plate with grease and cheese as a New York-style slice does

For those that love adventure, a taste of White Clam pizza from home slice will do the magic. It has got lots of garlic and chopped clams that give you a New Haven taste. The difference is that there is no long and gray winter.

The outlets by the home slice at South Congress and North Loop are both for takeaways only. However, you can place your order online through their website for home deliveries.

Il Brutto

Location:125 East 11th St. Austin, TX 78701


Il Brutto

One thing that will make you forget that Italy is many miles away is the experience of sipping Lemoncello under the light-covered tree. That is a theme at the outdoor patio of  Il Brutto.

They have made people’s illusions better by ensuring that you can order Italian cuisine at their joints.

Their pasta and antipasti are their original invention. They have Neapolitan-style pizza that you can notably share with your friends during the happy hour.

They also have an anchovy pie resulting from pairing mozzarella melted slices and little tangy capers with salted fish. It is worth trying no matter the notion people have preconceived about seafood.

You can visit Il Brutto and dine there, whether inside or outside but first, you have to make a reservation through their website due to minimum capacity. For those who want to eat from home, you can order online for door-to-door delivery.

Little Deli & Pizzeria

Location: 7101 Woodrow Ave Unit A, Austin, TX 78757, United States

Contact:(512) 467-7402.

Little Deli Pizzeria

As Austin city’s dining spots keep exploding alongside the changing and growing population, many original shop settings have disappeared over time. That is why Little Deli is unique.

The  Crestview location of Little Deli has been in existence for three decades. It is relaxing and has an inviting atmosphere which has been appealing across generations.

It has not survived for this long due to nostalgia alone. They make a hand-tossed thin-crust pizza that has remained one of the best pizzas you can find over many years.

There is one called Rollatini. It is a pizza topped with roasted garlic, pecorino romano, roasted eggplant, and ricotta. It is vital to an Austin experience since you get to watch the bats flying over the South Congress bridge.

You can make an online order, dine-in or experience their outdoor seating available but limited.

Bufalina Due

Location: 6555 Burnet Rd #100, Austin, TX 78757, United States

Contact:(512) 215-8662.

Bufalina Due

It is one of the latest pizza outlets to be established in Cesar Chavez Street. It brings the original  Italian pizza flavor to Austin.

Bufalina Due is a small restaurant with a spectacular wood-burning oven placed at the center of the outlet.

The said oven was imported from Naples. That was to help them make their Neapolitan-style pizza. Many Austin locals have their favorite tacos or BBQ outlets. They will defend infinity for what is referred to as the best in Bufalina.

The exquisite, expertly baked pizzas are more of a love letter to any possibility that the mixture of toppings ingredient and dough can achieve. That shows the complex flavors made like the Garden pie that contains squash, herbs, hot sauce, coconut milk, and corn.

That aids in elevating your idea of pizza from a basic craving to delicious cuisine. The dough of a pizza at Bufalina Due is made with simple ingredients making it soft and less chewy.

Both outlets, Bufalina and Bufalina, accept orders online for pickup. Due to limited space for outdoor dining, you should make a reservation before visiting the place through their website.

Hoboken Pie

Location:718 Red River St Austin, TX 78701


Hoboken Pie

Whenever you find yourself hungry at night, you can visit Hoboken Pie which will provide you with a beer to quench your thirst. Though they are open till midnight, there is the no-frills tendency which lures people to the joint.

That does not mean that the pizza in New Jersey is not good enough for the masses; it is just about the uniqueness.

The ice-cold sober with the Hoboken specialty pizzas like the Danzig, with honey ham, black olive, mushroom, and cheese, perform the magic.

You can order the website through the website for pickup, but those who live around the downtown area can get their deliveries at home.

East Side Pies

Location:1401 Rosewood Ave Ste B Austin, TX 78702. East Austin

Contact:(512) 524-0933

East Side Pies

East Side Pies has established three shops in Austin. But they were initially at 1401 Rosewood Avenue. They don’t need a great wood fire oven to provide their customers an exquisite pizza.

A simple crust characterizes their pizza with a slight crunch made with ingredients from local farms and a few Texas ranches. In front of their shops are raised garden beds growing artichokes, swiss chard, artichokes, and lettuce.

They want to use fresh ingredients. They also have gluten-free crusts for vegans. So everyone is catered. That is because of its extensive menu that allows you to choose between the traditional marinara and a base of pesto, black bean sauce, chimichurri, and ricotta.

Pizza traditionalists shouldn’t be demoralized since there are plenty of combinations with a red sauce like vegetarian Guiche. It is topped with goat cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes. The goat cheese can melt your heart even if you are already a dedicated meat-lover.

Fans of East Side Pies range from musicians who perform at late-night clubs to families grabbing pizza slices on a picnic on a Saturday afternoon. Everyone will flock to the doors of the East Side.

East Side Pies offers takeout and deliveries depending on what method you choose the pizza slices to get to you. Some people want a quick bite as they bike on the east side. You can place your order online for home deliveries. Rosewood Avenue outlet has outdoor tables for dining.


Location:166 Hargraves Dr h, Austin, TX 78737, United States

Contact: Not available


Pieous is located on the outskirts of Austin, which is quite a drive from other pizza outlets. For people who are knowledgeable about pizza, for Pieous, it has been a journey.

They had attracted such a big market that now they had to move to a more prominent spot to accommodate their growing hungry devotees.

What contributed to their migration is their tender house-made pastrami. It is used as a topping for any pizza order you make. As their name suggests, Pieous covers pizza as their main meal.

That saves room for their Blueberry Brown Betty, a mouth-melting treat made of fresh blueberries coated with crumble.

What is more interesting is how they pound their dough to the crust that it is. Their crust hasn’t changed a bit since they began their operations.

So there is no significant difference. With their excellent crust, they have managed to have a perfect pizza. And that is what Pieous offers.

You will get your slice of the pie of pizza by visiting their website and placing an order for pickup because they are not doing home deliveries.


Location:1305 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Contact:+1 512-298-(2242)


The outlet’s official name is “The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co., “But any local Austinite will refer to it as The ABGB.

Their name already gives them out because one will think of a beer garden deeply-rooted in a neighborhood in South Austin.

The beer may be the headliner, but their fresh and seasonal pizzas equally deserve a spotlight. The ABGB bond to the city is mainly factored in the food itself because most of their ingredients are locally sourced.

Suppose you consider how their pizzas are topped to the gills. In that case, their pizzas are, for example, contain Brussel sprouts, rosemary, pistachio pesto, taleggio, black garlic, ricotta, sweet potatoes, red onions, and goat cheese on one pie.

That’s because they have these veggies in their backyard stores. So for you to dine with them, you must make an online reservation for their outdoor patio dining area. You can also add a brewed beer to your list.

The Backspace

Location:507 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701-3623

Contact:(512) 474-9899.

The Backspace

It is one of the many restaurants owned by Shawn Cirkiel established as its partner restaurant, Parkside. It uses wood-burning ovens in its pizza preparation. The temperature is often between 400-700 degrees as it is vital.

That allows their pizza to cook in a few minutes. That is the true meaning of art since guys at The Backspace make this process look easy. You can find yourself eating one pizza all by yourself.

Their pizza is living proof that Austin has an outstanding share of Neapolitan-style pizza joints. Their dough is popularly known to be exceptional.

It is factored by a thin, crispy base with a fluffiness occasionally lost during heating with other wood-fired ovens.

The unique pizza on their menu is the Bianca pizza. It is a white pie topped with cheese, which enriches their good taste that you want to eat more and more.

However, their Bianca is well balanced with enough lemon and arugula that cuts through the heaviness giving you all the contentment of fullness, with no stomach ache.

You can visit any of their two outlets in West Anderson lane and downtown West Anderson to dine in. You can also order for a pickup through their website.


Location:1025 W Stassney Ln, Austin, TX 78745, United States

Contact:(512) 440-0866.


Most of us have a craving for our childhood pizza no matter our age. Nowadays, most shops deliver their pizza to our doorstep, and there is nothing wrong with this big step in technology.

Though you will find that some of these outlets pizza are not good, local or fresh. So Milano helps to take you back to those memories of childhood.

Their crust has the right thickness, which is not too thick, not too thin, and manageable. The pizza is not fancy, but the toppings are local and fresh.

Their best pizza dish is the calzones. Milano has not yet gotten a competitor in Austin for this dish. To add to their excellent pizza, they deliver if they want it at home.

This for you to relax in your PJs as you watch a movie and enjoy your fresh, local, and simple pizza.

There has been a parallel growth in pizza options and their quality in Austin. You never know what new things may pop up on the pizza shops outlets for breakfast, so keep up with the new pizza world trends.

The Parlor Hyde Park

Location:4301 W Guadalupe St B, Austin, TX 78751, United States

Contact:+1 512-323-0440

The Parlor Hyde Park

That outlet is for those who want to hang out in a dark bar while playing pool and pinball as you have the best pizza bites. You can as well sit on a shaded patio as you drink while watching gym rats play and outdo each other across the street.

Their menu is a bit limited with options but still stands out to be the best for vegan pizza. It is the home of the first vegan pizza in Austin.

It feels house-made, and gourmet vegan meats are available at that spot. For those that have an animal-friendly outlook, that is your place to be.

You can get your pizza slices by visiting the outlet and dine on its patio as you enjoy yourself.

Salvation Pizza

Location:11501 Rockrose Ave, Austin, TX 78758/ 512


Salvation Pizza

That outlet is for those that want to experience an East Coast pizza. You can visit here with your dog pets so that you have that homely plus experience.

Their main dish is the New Haven-style of pizza with a hand-pounded crust that is thin, crunchy, and crispy. They add more than twenty-five toppings to their dough.

Their top ten menu dishes mainly consist of  Truffle Spinach Mushroom, classic Hawaiian ham, plus pineapple pairing ingredients.

Among these, any choice you make, you can enjoy it with your beer garden in the backyard of your house.

Spartan Pizza

Location:1107 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702-3210

Contact:+1 512-484-0798

Spartan Pizza

For those interested in a classic, quick pizza while running, you should visit Spartan Pizza. It was established in 2009 using a Spartan Imperial Mansion Travel Trailer of 1955. In 2015, Spartan Pizza opened a building outlet with a shiny and right storefront in Corazon.

Their main pizza dishes include the  New York-style pizzas that coke with toasted focaccia sandwiches and fresh salads. They also have Calypso, which consists of bacon, pineapple, red onion,  and jalapeno.


Location:1500 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Contact:+1 512-479-1800


That is an outlet for those that want to try out a wood-fired pizza cooked to the best crispy perfection.

It is located on Barton Springs Road. Its menu factors in classic Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, and Formaggio. Its wood-fired pizza wonderfully combines with a classic Negroni.

If you have a Margherita with roasted garlic, basil, shaved tomato, mozzarella, and extra virgin fresh olive oil craving, that is the outlet to visit or to order from.

Austin’s pizza

Location:10900 Research Blvd, Austin


Austins pizza

Austin’s pizza offers the classic pizza combinations with a spicy ranch sensation. It is classic as it aims to win Austin’s population over. So its primary market is the city people.

It offers the best version of a traditional menu dish for delivery or takeout pizza. You can visit their website to make an order for delivery since all the information is provided there.

There is no essential experience here apart from the secret pro-tip in the atomic ranch to dip their pizza in. If you don’t go for that combination, I don’t know what will interest you more.

Southside Flying Pizza

Location: South Lamar1224 South Lamar BlvdAustin, TX

Contact:(512) 600-6962

Southside Flying Pizza

Southside flying pizza is known for its convenience of location for deliveries and pickups. It is not a hidden outlet that one would miss if walking by.

Its convenience ensures that you never sacrifice your taste by the pizza going bad or cold due to long-distance traveled to pick it up.

The pizza offered here is not too thick or too thin. That is what most people boast about. Due to this, it is evenly cooked and does not have a soggy or chewy crust. The crust is also hand-tossed.

Their pizza is freshly made. It also offers a patio place for anyone that wants to dine outdoors or indoors or make an order for doorstep delivery.

Pizzeria Grata

Location:4415 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745, United States


Pizzeria Grata

Pizzeria Grata strives to offer a rustic ambiance, and fresh ingredients from the farm to the table philosophy found initially throughout Italy, the home to Austin.

Pizzeria Grata has taken pride in its sourcing processes for the best available ingredients, cultivating the idea to partner with its best producers to have a quality pizza made.

Their menu dishes are cooked with a lot of care using a wood-burning pizza oven made by handcraft. It offers an Italian experience with comfort dishes in a delicious pizza with handcrafted salads.

Grata is derived from an Italian phrase that means grateful. It is the aim of that outlet to offer the best hospitality with a passion to its customers to feel the gratitude for visiting the place.

They don’t aim at egoistic gains but aim at cooking and serving you the best. They have invested in the art of using the finest imported ingredients from the old artisan traditions.

That is to help the customers feel like they are in Italy, even though it is Austin.

The Neapolitan style of pizza is what brings the essence of the Italian culture and tradition to Austin. It is characterized by fragrant,well-cooked, and a soft edge crust.

It is specific in its preparation, the ingredients used, and cooking is essential to imitating the traditional pizza that began in Naples. The imported Ingredients from Naples and the wood-burning brick oven contribute to Grata’s pizza’s uniqueness.


Austin is one of the cities where you will enjoy the best traditional flavored pizza slices. That city has not changed its inclusive ingredients in pizza preparation and the setting where you enjoy that delicacy.

You can never miss a slice that will take you back to your childhood memories from the many pizza shops available before introducing new pizza ingredients.

You want a pizza prepared from the old brick oven, just like in Italy, then Austin is the place to be.

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