20 Best Pizza Places In Cincinnati Of 2021

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Pizza has gradually become one of the most liked foods in America. No wonder when you move or visit a new place, you want to know the best pizzerias in the area.

Pizzas are so flexible that one can use any ingredient as long as it’s edible as a topping. If you have not tried the controversial Hawaiian pizza, try it, and you will get what I’m saying.

There are several types and flavors of pizza, ranging from thin crust to deep dish. No matter your preference, the pizzerias in this list are known to make some of the best pizzas in Cincinnati.

If you can, try your best to eat in every one of them before heading to the motherland of pizza which is Italy.

Without further ado, let us dive right into it.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

1.Goodfellas Pizzeria

Location:1211 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Contact :+1 513-381-3625

Goodfellas Pizzeria

Goodfellas is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Cincinnati. They have prided themselves on bringing a slice of new york city to Cincinnati. Goodfellas pizzeria offers one of the best New York Style pizzas in Cincinnati.

The dough which is used to make the pizza is freshly made. It is then hand-tossed and cooked on a stone. The result of this is a brown(not burnt), thin, crispy crust.

There are some comically large pizzas associated with this pizzeria. But who can blame them? The bigger the pizza, the better.

If you like to take your pizza with a tasty cold beer, then definitely check out the Goodfellas Pizzeria.

The option you have to get a slice of Goodfellas pizza is to dine in or get a takeaway.


Location: 113 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219, United States

Contact :+1 513-281-4344

Adriaticos 1

Adriatico is famous for its Sicilian pizza.  Therefore if you like pizza with a thick crust, this is the place to go. New York-style pizza is another fan favorite that you can have at this pizza place.

University students frequent this pizza place more than any other.  The popularity is because one of its outlets is located on the University of Cincinnati campus.

Reasonable prices are also another motivator for the students to frequent the place.

I mean, who does not want a good bargain.

Special diets which are vegetarian-friendly are also a plus.

For you to get a taste of pizza prepared at Adriatico’s, you have a few options. You can dine in at the restaurant, do a curbside pickup or have it delivered at home.


Location:3014 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209

Contact:+1 513-731-7755


For the 18 years that they have been in business, Dewey’s have been getting better and better. They have several outlets in Cincinnati which have become very popular.

If you have been to Dewey’s, you know it is a bustling place. Therefore it can take a little longer to get served.

But this goes to show you how people love the quality of pizza served in this restaurant.

For loyal customers, once the mouth-watering pizza is on the table, it is worth the wait.

Unlike other pizza places, which mostly stand out for one pizza style, Deweys are liked for variety.

Special diets which are gluten-free and vegetarian friends are also included in the menu.

Deweys gives you the option of accompanying your pizza with a seasonal craft beer during your dine-in. You also have the option of curbside pickup as well as no-contact delivery.


Location:3244 Vandercar Way, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA

Contact:+1 513-351-0064


MOD Pizza is a chain of restaurants that originated in Seattle. The food chain that was founded in 2008 is making a name for itself in Cincinnati.

If you are pretty hungry and you want fast service, then MOD is the place to go. The quality of service has made this pizza place acquire several loyal customers.

Aside from the excellent service, people are also attracted to the reasonable pricing of pizza at MOD.

MOD has been very creative when it comes to their toppings. They have added a specialty menu that includes vegetarian-friendly options.

My personal favorite is the Mad Dog pizza. It has a combination of mozzarella, red sauce, pepperoni, mild sausage, and ground beef.

To get a taste of a pizza from MOD, you can dine-in, do a curbside pickup, or request home delivery.

5.Fireside Pizza

Location:773 E McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45206-1944

Contact:+1 513-751-3473

Fireside Pizza

Fireside has one of the most impressive selections of Italian food. They also have a vast menu that will leave you spoilt for choice.

If you like a thin crust pizza with a good amount of sag, this is the place to go. The sauce is nothing short of amazing.

This pizza parlor has a good selection of appetizers—for example, Spinach and Artichoke Dip, garlic chips, and Lodge wings.

They also have gluten-free salads such as greek salad as well as pear and walnut salad. The salads are made using organic greens, which is a plus for me. The healthier, the better, right?

If you choose to dine in with your family, you will be blown away by the friendly and fast service. Your delicious hot pizza will be on your table in just a few minutes.

Additionally, the atmosphere of the old firehouse brings a pleasant dining experience.

6.Ramundo’s Pizzeria

Location:3166 Linwood Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208-2955

Contact :+1 513-321-0978

Ramundos Pizzeria

Ramundo’s pizzeria is a family-owned restaurant founded by Gino Ramundo. He wanted to provide the people of Cincinnati pizza by the slice.

The signature pizzas would be the New York-style pizza. At the time, this was a new concept.

So you can say creativity is one of the things that made this restaurant stand out.

At this pizza place, you have the option of choosing a spicy or a mild sauce. You can also have a little bit of both by splitting the sauce.

Ramundo’s is known for its award-winning pizza-sauce. Better not miss out on that.

Besides NewYork Style pizza, Ramundos serve good sandwiches, homemade sausages, and meatballs, as well as fresh hoagies.

They are also on top of their game in customer service. Therefore you will have a pleasant experience if you choose to dine in.

7.Pieology Pizzeria

Location:128 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219-1353

Contact:+1 513-221-1300

Pieology Pizzeria

This pizzeria was founded by a man, his wife, and their daughters. They wanted to spend quality time together and offer their customers great food to share with great people.

It is not odd to find some people referring to it as the “subway” of ordering pizza. The reference is due to the process involved when ordering the pizza.

You will start by choosing your pizza dough then proceed to choose the pizza sauce. You can add as much meat, cheese, and veggies as you want when adding your toppings.

An exciting method of service, don’t you agree?

Their special diets include vegan options. They are also vegetarian-friendly.

So if you want a new and exciting experience when ordering your pizza, Pieology Pizzeria is a must-visit.

8.Trotta’s Pizza

Location:3501 Werk Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248-6223

Contact :+1 513-451-5555

Trottas Pizza

Like most pizza places in Cincinnati, Trottas is family-owned. It is known for its finger-licking pizza as well as subs.

If you are not a fan of dining in, then this pizza place should be your choice. They have a drive-through. Therefore you can carry as you go, mate.

The Goetta and the Trotta pizzas are among the famous pizzas ordered in this place.

They have a wide selection of specialty pizzas. These include the traditional, the large and small Sicilian, as well as the lot of Trotta.

They also have an exciting selection of appetizers. These include potato skins, jalapeno poppers, buffalo wings, and many others.

They also have a range of desserts, salads, and subs.

So if variety is your middle name, this is the place to go.

9.Mac’s Pizza Pub

Location:6309 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227-4212

Contact:+1 513-271-6227

Macs Pizza Pub

Known for its award-winning Chicago Gyro pizza, Gyro pizza has become very popular in Cincinnati.

Mac Ryan, the founder, was a former employee at a restaurant before starting his own business. He aims to provide good food at a reasonable price.

Aside from the Chicago Gyro pizza, they have other mouth-watering types of pizzas. For example, the Mac-attack, flying pig, and of the don.

It is plausible that they make their dough fresh in-house daily. The sauce is also made daily. The Mac’s team primarily uses fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Therefore the nutritional value of the food is higher.

If you also want a place that offers other meals aside from pizza, Mac’s is the place to go. They offer burgers, wings, and sandwiches.

10.LA Rosa’s

Location:527 Sycamore St, Cincinnati, OH 45202-3215

Contact:+1 513-347-1111

LA Rosas

La Rosa’s has been serving Italian recipes for more than 60 years. So it is evident that they are pretty good at what they do. This assumption is if we are looking at the experience.

La Rosa prides itself on being a family-friendly pizzeria.

You will find other Italian favorites such as pasta, Hoagies, and calzones on the menu. They have over 40 options on their menu. Impressive right?

They only have lunch and dinner menus.

My favorite Italianate pizza at Larosa’s is the Zesty barbecue chicken. Covered in jalapenos, bacon, seasoned chicken, and red onions, this pizza will leave you with a long-lasting impression.

Most Larosa outlets have dine-in, carryout, and delivery options. So the choice is yours.

11.Harvest Pizzeria

Location:1739 Elm St. At the west entrance to Findlay Market, Cincinnati, OH 45202-6965

Contact :+1 513-541-2073

Harvest Pizzeria

Harvest Pizzeria is one of the most all-rounded pizzerias in Cincinnati. They serve pizza, Italian and American dishes.

The wood fire Neapolitan style pizza is so delicious it leaves a long-lasting impression. The house sauce combined with fresh mozzarella brings life to every dish served.

The vegetable pizza had a combination of ingredients which made it so yummy you would probably not miss meat anytime soon.

It contained house tomatoes, sauce, mozzarella, sunflower sprouts, onions, bell pepper, olives, and most importantly, mushrooms.

If you have a friend or a family member who is vegan or a vegetarian, bring them to this pizzeria. Trust me; I will never cease to thank you.

12.Catch-a-Fire Pizza

Location:3301 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209-113                                               


Catch a Fire Pizza

Catch-a-Fire Pizzeria was launched back in 2013. Starting as a food truck, they have grown tremendously since then. They have specialized in wood-fired cuisines.

They offer their customers a wide range of cheese, sauce, and newly harvested vegetables.

They also source most of their ingredients locally, which is a plus for a food restaurant. Being a wood fire pizza, you would expect it to taste burnt.

However, that is not the case. The Catch-a-Fire Pizza team has ensured that the pizza is well cooked without getting burnt.   

Its location inside a MadTree Brewery is what tends to attract customers.

So, if you want that extra flavor on your pizza that comes with wood fire cooking, Catch-a-Fire Pizza is a must-visit.


Location:3531 Columbia Pkwy, Cincinnati, OH 45226-2108

Contact:+1 513-321-0454


Taglio is the best pizza place in Cincinnati to get your Detroit-style pizza. The crust is thick and chewy. Their sauces are rich with flavor, and the pizza is well cooked.

The most ordered pizza is the combination of hot honey and pepperoni toppings.

They have a good selection of wine and beer. Moreover, one is spoilt for choice when it comes to variety.

Although the price is a bit on the higher side, it is worth it.

The outside dining area is well protected from the sun. Therefore during the warm or hot months of the year, this would be the best place to have your pizza.

14.Via Vite

Location:520 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202-3103

Contact:+1 513-721-8483

Via Vite

Via Vite is located in downtown Cincinnati. It was started in 2007 by Chef Cristian Pietoso and his father.

One of the things that stands out in this restaurant is its ample open-air dining space. You will therefore have a good ambiance when having your meal.

Since it is located downtown, it is easier to find a parking space than other restaurants.

As compared to other pizza restaurants, however, the pizza menu does not contain that many options. The menu contains pizza Bianca, Calabrese, Margherita and the Salsiccia E Cipolla.

If you are a fan of Italian food, this will be one of your favorite places in Cincinnati. They offer a wide range of Italian food. They source ingredients both locally and internationally. 

Different sourcing ensures you get the great taste that you are looking for in your pizza.

To order pizza from this restaurant, you have the option of dining in, doing a curbside pickup, or a no-contact delivery.

15. Jet’s Pizza

Location:10040A Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242-5322

Contact:+1 513-793-4488

Jets Pizza

Brothers Eugene and John opened the first Jet’s pizza in 1978. Eugene had a passion for pizza which motivated his decision to open a pizza parlor.

Although they offer other types of pizzas, they are mostly known for their amazing Detroit-style pizzas. The thick, chewy crust and tasty sauce are something to write home about.

New York-style pizza, fresh salads, and desserts are also offered at this restaurant.

16. Mio’s Pizzeria

Location:1212 Sutton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230-2746

Contact:+1 513-231-0900

Mios Pizzeria

Mio’s pizzeria has been in existence since 1975. They have managed to open several outlets in Cincinnati.

Mio’s provides a suitable environment where family and friends can meet up and have a lovely meal. There is a warm and relaxed feeling that you get when you enter a Mio’s Pizzeria.

At Mios, you will get a pizza with a generous amount of toppings for a reasonable price. Talk about value for money. Their Chicago-style pizza is rich in flavor and has a generous amount of sauce.

Considering they are not based in Chicago, their deep-dish pizza sure tastes like it’s made in Chicago.  

Aside from pizza, you can try the lasagna. It will be served piping hot, and the melting cheese will taste fantastic.

If you have kids, I recommend this place because they will have fun as they eat.

17. A Tavola

Location:1220 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202-7295

Contact:+1 513-246-0192

A Tavola

You have not had a good Margherita pizza if you have not Visited A Tavola.

I have visited this place numberless times, and I still cannot get enough.

When it comes to wood fire pizza, there is a thin line between well-cooked and burnt. A Tavola, however, seems to nail it every time. The piping hot pizza will be served with the melted mozzarella looking as tasty as ever.

When you dine at A Tavola, there is this communal experience that you will have. The experience is brought by the dining area, sharing wine, pasta, pizza, and the atmosphere.

If you plan to visit this place, better bring a friend or better yet a couple of friends.

They have the options of curbside pickup as well as home delivery.

18. Krimmer’s Italianette

Location:1704 W Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45239-4812

Contact:+1 513-521-7650

Krimmers Italianette

Krimmer’s Italianette is an Italian food chain that got its inspiration from daily recipes. It is locally owned, and its customers are served with high-quality cuisines.

Everything in this pizzeria screams fresh, from the vegetables to the dough. Homemade sauces are also used in the preparation of the pizza.

Aside from pizza, they have finger-licking hoagies. The hoagies with Meatballs dipped in pizza sauce, onions, mozzarella, and pickles are my personal favorite.

Just like most pizzerias, Krimmer’s offers dine-in, takeaway, and home delivery options.

19. The Comet

Location:4579 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223-1752

Contacts:+1 513-541-8900

The Comet

Formerly known as Corky’s Pizzeria & Deli, the Comet has provided quality food to its customers for 27 years.

The Comet offers quesadillas, tacos, nachos, burritos, and many other tasty dishes in addition to pizza.

A top seller that you should try is the deluxe pizza. It has a crispy crust, and it is generously layered with delicious toppings such as bacon, onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, and peppers. The sauce has a strong spicy taste.

The quality of food is the answer to how this restaurant has stood the test of time. The resilience is so despite the increasingly stiff competition in the industry.

20. Chameleon

Location:4114 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223-2225

Contact:+1 513-541-2073


Chameleon is a neighborhood startup that is committed to serving quality food and drinks in Cincinnati.

If you like the atmosphere created by a live band, then this is the pizzeria to visit. Great music and good food are a great combination.

Pepperoni is the epitome of pizza made at the Chameleon pizzeria. The meat is ideally spread around a thick layer of melted cheese and sweet sauce.

The selection of pizza may be limited, but the selection of veggies used changes weekly.

Let Us Wind Up

Can we say that there is a perfect pizza place? I do not think so.

You will probably choose a place based on the type or flavor of pizza you want on a pizza night alone.

During the day, you will probably factor in the weather when choosing a pizza place. It would be practical to eat at a place with an outdoor setting but protected from the sun on a hot day.

You might have to try a few places to find the best pizza place according to you.

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