14 Best Pizza Places And Restaurants In Denver (update 2021)

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Even if the world shuts down, you can always count on one kind of food. And that is pizza. That is because you can have your pizza through takeaways or deliveries and still get to remain indoors.

Pizza travels well through the cities and is still in good condition without being damaged. Even a cold pizza is still useful because it can be reheated and be eaten as leftovers. Pizza has won the hearts of many people living in Denver.

That is why people don’t have any reason not to settle for pizza. Pizza lightens up your day with joy and makes you forget all your troubles during your cheese-covered, glorious moments.

You don’t have to visit a pizza outlet to dine for you to experience the magic in pizza, but the love we people for pizza grows day by day.

Over twenty best top-tier spots in Denver will make you not want a pizza from any other state.

They serve pizza ranging from the Italian Neapolitan style, the New York classic style, New Jersey Grandma flavor to the Detroit-style with a crispy crust. There are also pies topped with mac & cheese.

So, where can you find Denver’s Best Pizza joints?

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.


Location: 2000 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222

Contact: (720) 892-0202

Petes A Pie

Pete’s-A-Pie has perfected the art of making perfect thin, airy, chewy but crispy pizza crusts. The unique toppings are perfectly combined. The pizza here is out of this world.

Pete’s A Pie is owned by Joel and Alicia Mehr, husband and wife. They both operated Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Washington DC  before starting this destination worth location.

They make their pizza in a hot stone deck and use ingredients they purchase from local vendors. These ingredients are fresh with no additives. They mix the ingredients well to form a soft, delicious crust.

What makes the pizza here stand out is the Wisconsin mozzarella cheese that they put on the dough. It bronzes to form crispy, dark air-bubbles on the crust that are heavenly. Additionally, the sausage, meatballs, all sauces, and caramelized onions are made in-house.

The pizza here is reason enough to make the trip to Denver. The pizza comes in 16 inches sizes for the roundish ones and 13 by 18 inches for the square ones. The flavors available include Avalanche, Lodo, Aspen, Red Rocks, Estes Park, and Cherry Creek.  

The Aspen pizza is my best flavor. It consists of red onions, kalamata olives, mushrooms, sausage, and meatballs, all spiced with pepper. If you want something spicy, then you should choose Red Rocks. Cherry Creek is the option for vegetarians.

They also have gluten-free crusts, which they make in-house, and Daiya vegan cheese that you can get at an extra cost.

Pete’s-A-Pie is one of the few places in Denver that offers delivery and pick-up. You can as well do indoor dining and enjoy the Junction Food & Drink atmosphere.

White Pie

Location: 1702 Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80218, United States

Contact:(303) 862-5323

White Pie

White pie belongs to the brothers that own Dos Santos Taqueria. When they announced that they would be changing their recipe in White Pie, their second location in Denver, fans were somewhat skeptical. It was going to be a New Haven-style pizza.

New Haven-style pizza is a unique pizza characterized by roundish but not round shape, the sauce that has little to no seasoning,  charred crust, and cheese that is a topping. Someone new to this flavor may disagree with me.

But once you have a slice of the Fuggetaboutit with the perfect Kalamata, you will want to always go back for more.

White Pie boasts of serving honest food that is made by family. White pie only sells a whole pie of pizza. They open every day from noon to 10.00 pm.  

They provide tables on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also make reservations on their website or give them a call. You should note that reservations are only accepted for six people or more.

White Pie caters for events too.

Brooklyns Finest Pizza

Location: 5007 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80221, United States

Contact: (303) 573-3779

Brooklyns Finest Pizza

People living on the East Coast have moved to Denver City, so New York-style pizzerias have opened there too.

Brooklyn finest opened its branch in Regis, Denver, in August 2015. Brooklyn’s Finest is thought to be one of the best for that kind of style.

A medium-size crust characterizes its pizza. The crust can still bend. For example, if you visit that outlet, try having the spicy Hell’s Kitchen, their signature pizza. It features fresh mozzarella, sausage, garlic, and cherry peppers.

You can also try the Spicy Hawaiian. This delicious pie contains pineapple(definitely, Hawaiian!), bacon, red onion, ham, and mango habanero glaze.

Brooklyn’s finest offers its pizza in slices. If you need to make an order for delivery at your doorstep, that is also available. Visit their website to order. Alternatively, you can use Grubhub or Eat24, and you will be good to go.

They can cater for pizza parties too.

Nicolos Chicago Style Pizza

Location:1209 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO, 80218-2161

Contact:(303) 969-9000

Nicolos Chicago Style Pizza

You can still enjoy your favorite Chicago deep-dish in Denver. Nicolo’s Chicago serves one of the most delicious versions of this Midwestern pie.

Nicolo is a newbie that was started less than a decade ago. It prides itself on serving the best pizza in Lakewood.

If you plan to visit this pizzeria and have ever eaten Chicago deep dish, you know that you will have to use a fork and a knife since they are usually very thick.

Some of the toppings on that pizza crust include generous amounts of gooey cheese, fresh vegetables, meat in plenty, and marinara sauce.

It takes about 25 minutes for the pizza to be ready. Make your order in either slices or a whole pie. You can order a drink as you wait to enjoy this delightful little piece of heaven.

If you want a delivery to be made to where you are, you can either order via their website, Grubhub, and Eat2. For orders worth more than $10, delivery is free.

Marcos Coal-Fired Pizzeria

Location: 2129 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Contact: 303.296.7000

Marcos Coal Fired Pizzeria

If you want to get the real Naples experience in Denver, Marco’s coal-fired pizzeria is where you should go.

This joint is nine years old and was formerly referred to as Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana. It produces a pizza that is almost an exact imitation of the original pizza in Colorado.

Furthermore, that is the only restaurant certified by AVPN in Colorado. That means that the strict  Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana has blessed the pizza at that pizzeria.

Marco’s serves Neapolitan style pizza, new york style, and gives you an option to assemble your own. They also have gluten-free options.

Here, they will serve you a simple, perfect Margherita, which is the right choice. Other good pizza flavors like the Del Re are made of mushrooms, an earthy blend of truffle cream, and thin-sliced Italian prosciutto.

If you love pizza slices, you are not lucky because you will only get a whole pizza. For online orders, you have to visit their website or Grubhub to place the order for delivery.

Marco’s also allows for indoor dining. However, due to the situation at the moment, the tables are limited. You can also make reservations. They have outdoor gardens that provide outdoor dining and are heated during winter.


Location:2500 Larimer St 100, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Contact:(303) 292-3553

Cart Driver

Cart driver is a pizzeria in RiNo, Denver. This unique pizzeria stands on a 640-square-foot shipping container.

They serve one of the best-woodfired pizzas in Denver. Cart Driver serves local brews and cocktails that you should take with your pizza.

Cart Driver’s concept was inspired by the Carrettiera, which was used to carry supplies and food from farms in Southern Italy to the villages. He only stopped to serve food to people he met along the way. This explains the sharing concept that Cart Driver is based on.

Sparkling fresh oysters and Prosecco is always there, ready to be served to the customers.

Cart driver has specialized in the eight best pizza styles on its menu. All of these have preferences among different people.

Though there is a specific style that people love most, including pizza with pancetta, tender littlenecks, and roasted garlic cloves, there is also a happy hour where Daisy pizza goes for five dollars only from 10 pm to midnight.

That is a gift to Denverians. Their pizza is not served as slices but as a whole, and there are no delivery services, so you have to get your pizza from the outlet physically.

Cart Driver also serves other things like cocktails, spritz, and wines. Cart Driver opens every day except for Mondays. It opens at 3 pm and closes at 9 pm. You should take advantage of their 2 hours long happy hour that runs from 3 to 5 pm daily.

Cart Driver reopened its patio; therefore, you can enjoy outdoor dining with your family. They accept a limited number of reservations which you can make via their website.

You can also make your orders through takeout and Doordash, and you will have them delivered to your place.


Location:10195, 80238 E 29th Dr. Suite 110, Denver, CO 80238, United States

Contact:(303) 645-3779


Cattivella is owned by Elise Wiggins, an award-winning chef. Cattivella means Naughty girl, and everything about it is naughty. Wiggins has mastered skills in preparing authentic Italian dishes after years and years of experience. That has helped her nail the pizza industry.

Wiggins developed her pizza technique in Napoli, Italy, where she visits annually to work together with other chefs and improve her skills in Italian cuisine.

She can recreate a  classic recipe of Italian origin with an imported, wood-burning Acunto oven.

She acknowledges the 48-hour long fermentation period that ensures the dough’s deep flavor. That can match its high-quality toppings, for example, the speck and the imported buffalo mozzarella.

This is then baked in the wood-fired oven. The wood-fired pizza is only served as a whole pie, not slices.

Cattivella also has an exhibition kitchen where you can enjoy the display of their art. It opens from Tuesday to Saturday between 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm. Their happy hour runs for 2 hours: between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

Cattivella provides both indoor and outdoor dining as well as carry out. Unfortunately, they do not do deliveries.

Hops & Pie/Berkeley Donuts

Location:3920 TENNYSON ST. DENVER, C0 80212

Contact: (303) 477 7000

Hops Pie Berkeley Donuts

Hops & Pie/Berkeley Donuts is located at Tennyson and was opened a decade ago. And each day, its cheerful chefs have been mixing no less than 100 pounds of dough for their wood-fired ovens. That means that it specializes in thin, thick, and Detroit-style pizza.

The experience gained over the years translates to the pleasure seen on the diners’ faces as they feast on their pizza.

They allow for indoor dining and outdoor dining with a cafe-light in the garden patio where you can dine. You can make reservations.

Customers are served with slices, both square and triangular slices. Those that live near the pizzeria enjoy home delivery after 4 pm, a luxury that others miss.

Their signature pizza is the Artisan Pie. This comes with pineapple, red onion, white beans, etc. They also have a rotating deck from where you can choose your toppings. Then you can also order a drink to take with your pizza from their wide range of beers available.

Black Shirt Brewing Company

Location: 3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Contact: (303) 993-2799

Black Shirt Brewing Company

Black Shirt Brewing company has been there for half a decade. It only became a full-time pizzeria a year ago. It is located in the RiNo Art District. The owner of the pizzeria, Chef Matthew Kender, is happy that it did.

Black Shirt is named “Black shirt” since Matthew Kender believes it is a symbol of rebellion and going against the norm. It means forging your new paths. Black Shirt is based on this policy. They are non-conformists and rule-breakers. Everything about them is unique and adventurous.

Matthew Kender has a lot of experience after working in Oregon for a long time; he made perfectly crispy pies, a recipe that he carried forward to his new joint.

The crispy pies pair wonderfully with the crafted red ales of the Black shirt.

The chef here dries and then mills grains from a nearby brewery to make a malt dough. He also adds his home-based toppings, like Berkshire pork sausage. A wide range of beer is also available.

The shop does not offer pizza slices and also does not do doorstep deliveries. So if you need a pizza, you have to visit the shop to get it. There is indoor dining and patio dining. They also host parties and private events. They also have spaces for things like weddings.

Blue Pan Pizza

Location: 3930 W 32nd Ave Denver, CO 80212 Highland, Northwest

Contact: (720) 456-7666

Blue Pan Pizza

Blue Pan Pizza opened a second new branch at Congress Park in August. That was born from the original branch in Highland. The mission of Blue pan is to satisfy the craving of its huge crowd of fans.

Blue Pan serves five types of pizza. It has a pan-baked, fluffy crusted,crispy-cheese-edged rectangular Detroit-style pizza.

It also serves 13-inch classic Italian pizza, 16-inch Chicago cracker-thin pizza, 22-inch New York-style pizza, and gluten-free options.

The signature pizza dish Brooklyn Bridge. It consists of toppings like pecorino, brick cheese, sausage, pepperoni, and creamy whipped ricotta.

That is what gives its customers hype to visit the joint. They serve customers here slices of pizza or the whole of it according to your budget. Postmates is available for anyone yearning to eat their pizza to place an order which would be delivered.

Blue Pan currently has no dining options. This is because of Covid 19.

Sexy Pizza

Location:2460 ELIOT ST,DENVER, CO 80211


Sexy Pizza

Sexy pizza is one of the few spots that aim to serve quality pizzas and promote community engagement. It has three branches that partnered with Capitol hill to increase its sales by locking lockers where the homeless can store their purchase.

Sexy Pizza serves fresh deck-oven pizzas. They make everything from scratch, including their signature red tomato sauce and dough. This New-York-style pizza consists of fresh toppings and veggies that have been hand cut.

The pizzeria is committed to philanthropy. This has greatly strengthened the relationship with the community, making it a neighborhood favorite.

The team that started Sexy pizza met in a campaign to decriminalize cannabis in Denver which was successful.

Later they started experimenting with different recipes before opening the first Sexy pizza location in 2008 in Capitol Hill.

This quickly became the It-Spot for artists, business entrepreneurs, and activists intending to engage more in community projects. The second location opened in 2012, then the third in 2015, and finally another in 2020.

Sexy Pizza’s institutions include the Harm Reduction Action Center, Freedom Service Dogs, and Colorado Youth Symphony. Delivery services have been enabled to ensure that pizza reaches these centers to help those in need. It also offers the pizza in slices so that people can easily share.

Due to the persistently increasing numbers of covid 19 infections, Sexy Pizza has suspended all dine-in services. You cannot eat your pizza at their location, and the patios are also inaccessible.

You have to put on your mask to be served. Only three people per group are allowed into the establishment to make orders at a time.

Fortunately, they still have deliveries; therefore, you can call ahead. Do not forget to order your pizza with your favorite beer and enjoy that taste of heaven.

Remember, you will not only be enjoying your favorite pizza but contributing to society because giving back is totally sexy and notoriously delicious.

Slice Works

Location: Denver, CO 80203. Uptown, Northwest

Contact:(303) 993-8127

Slice Works

Slice Works is a family business belonging to the Scileppi family. This family hails from Long Island. This family has had over 20 years of experience spinning and making Neopolitan style and New York-style pizza in New York and Connecticut.

This was before they decided to share their love for pizza with the rest of the United States.

They finally settled in Denver and started Slice Works in 2012 January.

Slice Works is based on two locations in Denver, with the third one being in Castle Rock. The two locations are in Colfax, which has a bar setting upstairs, and in LoDo, which offers sunny outdoor seating.

One of the pizzas on its menu is the Green Chile with creative toppings of cheddar, homemade green chile, and mozzarella.

However, most Denverites prefer the delightful stuffed pizzas that come with tangy marinara for dipping. The other toppings include meat, veggies, melted cheese, etc.

They serve thin crusts; therefore, if you are from the East Coast, you know you have to eat by hands. However, there is a fork and knife if you prefer to be a bit neater.

Pizza from here is served both as a whole and in slices for easy sharing. If you want a delivery made to your location, you can visit its website to place an order.

Vero Italian

Location:2669 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Contact:(303) 296-8376

Vero Italian

Judging from the name, it goes without saying that this spot serves authentic Italian cuisine, including our most beloved dish, Pizza!!! Vero Italian is located at the central market of Denver.

It is a stall operated by Andrea Frizzi, a chef. Since he is of Italian descent, it is automatically thought his pizza recipes are the best, and yes, they are.

The chefs there toss and stretch the pizza doughs as you watch from the counter. After, they will add toppings so high on the dough.

One particular dish they have is the Ouva. Its toppings include roasted garlic, ricotta cheese, and two eggs. When that process is done, they put the dough and its toppings into the white wood-fueled brick oven.

Vero Italiana opens up every day from 10 am to 9 pm. To serve you better, they usually have happy hour offers. You can get a  Margherita pie that usually sells at 12 dollars for eight dollars.

It does not sell slices of pizza; you have to eat one as a whole. For your orders, visit Grubhub or Vero Italiana website to place one, and it will be delivered.

Remember, for the full experience; you need a bottle of beer to accompany every bite. Vero Italiana has the beers in plenty too.

Bar Dough

Location:2227 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO 80211, United States

Contact:(866) 237-4564

Bar Dough

Everything in Bar Dough is drop-dead delicious. It can be challenging for you to choose what pizza you want. That is because of its exquisite and mouth-watering variety of recipes that Russell Stippich keeps introducing.

Russell Stippich has extensive experience in the culinary world. He has worked with award-winning chefs in Frasca and the Culinary creative team.

He is the current owner of Bar Dough. He keeps experimenting, which has placed this beautiful spot amongst the best in Denver.

Bar Dough is an Italian restaurant that serves everything Italian. The setting of the establishment is cozy and homey. Apart from their heavenly pizzas, you can enjoy their Italian-inspired craft beers, cocktails, and wine.

Bar dough has one location, which is within Max Mackissock’s Highland restaurant.

The pizza here is dreamy and heavenly. The crust is perfectly crispy at the edges, with some bit of chew at the middle. The toppings added are just enough.

The ratio of the cheese, sauce, other ingredients, and to the dough is just right. Every bite is perfection. Their main two dishes are the notoriously tasty clam pie and the Signore Bianco white pizza.

The Signore Bianco has herbal, salty, creamy flavors. That is all thanks to the red onions, pickled chilies, green olives, cheeses, and mountain man. The mountain man is topped perfectly with Gorgonzola, Montasio cheeses, pistachios, guanciale, and little Calabrian chile honey.

Its unique recipe has helped the Bar Dough stand out for a long time amongst other Denver joints. Its pizza is served as a whole, with no slices.

Furthermore, if you need their pizza, you have to visit Bar Dough since there are no deliveries physically.


Denver in Colorado has a unique pizza flavor for everyone. The original Colorado Pizza style, the new york style, the Italian tradition, and the Chicago style.

Even if you come from the East Coast, your craving for your home pizza is done away with.

The growth of pizzerias in Denver has ensured people don’t walk for miles searching for this delicacy. Queues have shortened.

Pizza joints have moved closer to the neighborhood, and neighborhoods have moved closer to the pizza shops. So it is a win-win for everyone.

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