16 Best Pizza Places And Restaurants In Houston (Update 2021)

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Houston is known for its rich culture, economic development, and rich culinary culture greatly influenced by Italian cuisines.

You will find hot and spicy food anytime, any day, and you do not have to walk miles to get excellent food.

This also applies to pizza; if you are a pizza fan, you can find traditional, authentic, and new twists versions for your pizza.

The city also has terrific pizza restaurants, and they are known for their best quality pizzas.

If you plan a trip to Houston and wonder where you could get a quick fix of quality pizzas, this article will highlight some of the best restaurants you get good pizzas at a perfect price.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

1. Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca

Dolce Vita Pizzeria Enoteca


Address: 500 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX77006-2932

Contact Number: +1 713-520-8222


If you are looking for one of the certified places to eat in Housten, this falls at the top of the list for best pizza places. You can find authentic Neapolitan pizza here, with authentic Italian taste.

Their pizzas are made with wood-burning ovens, maintaining the tradition for the earliest pizzas made in Naples.

This wood-burning oven adds additional flavor to your pizza, making it a wonderful experience.

If you are a vegetarian, you do not worry because you can also get a vegan meal on the menu. You can get a decent pizza from as low as $9, and the environment is serene and casual.

If you are also interested in the Italian menu, you can get some Italian food while you are here.

2. Coltivare Pizza & Garden

Coltivare Pizza Garden


Location: 3320 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX

Contact: +1 713-637-4095


You can be sure to get good pizzas from this restaurant. They offer regular pizzas, and they also consider those who are vegan, those sensitive to gluten, and those who are vegetarians.

The atmosphere here is cozy and inviting, making you feel very comfortable as you enjoy your meal.

They are creative with their foods as well as the pizzas, and they are tasty and flavorful. This is one pizza place that won’t make you regret your decision to try out a new pizza restaurant.

The crust is fantastic; it is not soggy, neither is the crust too dry. You will get the perfect crispy and chewy crust that will keep your eating experience memorable.

3. Frank’s Pizza

Franks Pizza


Location: 417 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

Contact: +1 (713) 225-5656


You will find this fantastic restaurant in the heart of Downtown Houston. You have cravings for hand-tossed pizza; then, you will find some of the best options in this restaurant.

Also, you can find pizza made from freshly made ingredients, including the dough, toppings, and sauce.

If you love to try other cuisines, you won’t have to look far. Frank’s serves a whole lot of classic dishes from different parts of the country.

They also play around with a lot of ingredients and recipes to provide you with an amazing experience.

Looking for a new restaurant to eat when you travel to a new place can be quite hectic. Frank’s takes away this fear with their rich menu.

Apart from lovely amazing pizzas, you can also get meals like lasagna, spicy burgers, spicy wings, sandwiches, salads, and desserts.

You have the option of dining in their comfortable restaurant, or you can order takeout. They also offer delivery services in case you would want to eat from the comfort of your home.

4. Bollo Woodfired Pizza

Bollo Woodfired Pizza

Location: 2202 A West Alabama Houston, TX 77098 Upper Kirby

Contact: +1 (713) 677-0391

If you happen to look for authentic Neapolitan pizzas, you can count on Bollo Woodfired pizza. Their pizzas are baked to perfection at 800-degree Fahrenheit, maintaining the traditional way of making pizzas.

This method of using a wood-fired oven improves the taste of their pizza. The pizza has a unique smoky flavor. It is a casual pizza restaurant, but be sure to get fantastic pizza.

One of the specialties on their menu is the Margherita pizza made from fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella, and Caputo flour.

You can build your pizza, choosing the toppings that you prefer. During the happy hour, you can get a pizza and a bottle of wine for $19.

If you would want to accompany your pizza with a bottle of wine, you have an extensive list that you could pick from. The restaurant is open every day of the week, which is an added advantage.

5. Gotham Pizza

Gotham Pizza


Location: 1443 York Ave New York, NY 10075

Contact: (212) 288-8085


Gotham Pizza offers you the best New York-style Pizza that you are craving. It is located in the Heart of Midtown Houston. You can have your delicious meal here, either at lunch or suppertime.

The good thing with Gotham is that they get your pizza ready in good time; you do not have to wait for ages for your food to be delivered.

Gotham is known for its classic pizzas because they make use of only the best freshest ingredients available.

Your pizza will have that fresh taste that you want, and it won’t be compromised by being stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

The pizza dough at Gotham is prepared every single day, and you do not have to worry about if your pizza crust has been sitting in the refrigerator for a long time.

You can also get your Italian food from this restaurant if you crave something more than a pizza.

6. Luigi’s Pizzeria

Luigis Pizzeria

Location: 3700 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004-3945

Contact: +1 281-793-3333


Luigi is among the few names of pizza restaurant chains on this list. They are trustworthy when it comes to delivering on quality.

Plus, they have a vast menu that includes pizza, pasta, and salads; there is always something you can pick from.

If you plan a trip down to this joint, you should try out their Mexicana and Margherita pizza; they are a bunch of mouth-watering goodness.

The pizza sizes are enough to go around, and they are not selfish with their ample toppings.

They make good crispy and crunchy crusts, which adds a lot of fun to your pizza.

You can get good mozzarella pizza sticks and  Alfredo pasta and sauce if you want to go beyond pizza. This could be your go-to pizza place in Houston.

7. Star Pizza

Star Pizza



Location 1: 24210 Westheimer Pkwy, 24210 Westheimer Pkwy, Katy, TX 77494  Contact: +1 281-665-7768

Location 2: 77 Harvard St, Houston, TX 77007   Contact: +1 (713) 869-1241

Location 3: 2111 Norfolk St, Houston, TX 77098-4013.  Contact: +1 713-523-0800

Star pizza is a favorite among the locals in Houston. They offer the best quality mozzarella, fresh pizza dough, and a freshly spiced sauce to go with your pizza crust. The dough is hand-tossed and made with a lot of mastery.

Star pizza puts a lot of effort into producing a perfect sauce that is well blended. If you wonder why it is a favorite among locals, it is because of its perfection and the quality of food they offer.

You can order some salads for the sides; they have amazing fresh salads and enjoyable breadsticks.

They have an excellent waiting area where you can watch TV to while away the time while you wait for your order. So you are never bored, you can also order takeout.

If you prefer to have this fantastic pizza in the comfort of your home, you can order delivery, and their delivery services are very reliable.

8. Romano’s Pizza Italian Restaurant

Romanos Pizza Italian Restaurant

Location: 1528 West Gray Houston, Texas 77019

Contact: (713) 526-1182


If you are looking for the perfect New York-style pizza, this is one restaurant that gives you a real deal of what you are looking for. The cheese, ration, slice length, and sauce are made to perfection to give you that wonderful New York pizza-style experience.

You can get an authentic Italian experience from the menu offered in Romano’s. They pride themselves in using only the best ingredients to maintain the family standards right from the beginning.

Their signature sauce is homemade, and their dough is made daily to give you a fresh eating experience. The dough is hand-tossed, and this ensures that you have a well-cooked crust that is perfect.

You should try out their pasta if you are looking for a meal more than a pizza. The pasta comes with very fantastic sauce choices for you to pick from.

Romano’s pizza is open for services every day of the week. You can place your order online, and you can order takeout as well.

If you are looking forward to making home delivery, you have to do it fifteen minutes before the close of working hours as stated on the website.

9. Luna Pizzeria

Luna Pizzeria

Location 1: 3435 Kirby Dr. Houston, TX 77098. Contact: (832) 767-6338

Location 2: 107 Yale St #400, Houston, TX 77007, United States. Contact: +18328347532

Location 3: 7705 Westheimer Rd #200, Houston, TX 77063, United States.

Contact: +12819741818


Luna Pizzeria serves hearty Italian food that is pleasing and delicious. If you are looking of r a complete Italian menu, you will find it here at Luna. You will find amazing pizzas, delicious pasta, tasty chicken on their irresistible menu.

The regular toppings include extra cheese, ricotta, ham, bacon, anchovies, broccoli, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, onions, spinach, and olives.

Luna leads the way regarding hand-tossed crust in the area; they serve some of the best pizza crusts that you can find in Houston.

The ingredients used for their pizzas are fresh, and they are never frozen, so you do not lose the fresh taste of your pizza.

You can find weekly specials on their menu to spice things up, keeping the eating experience an interesting one.

The atmosphere is friendly, simple, comfortable, and cozy, making it more than a pizza restaurant. And you are sure to get high-quality pizza at Luna’s.

You can dine-in, or you can order takeout. If you are with kids, then be sure that the environment and menu are children-friendly.

10. Brother’s Pizzeria

Brothers Pizzeria

Location 1: 3820 N Shepherd Dr, 3820 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018. Contact: +1 (713) 692-2020

Location 2: 1029 Highway 6 N Ste 100, Houston, TX 77079. Contact: +1 (281) 398-4040

Location 3: 25282 NW Freeway, Ste 120, Cypress, TX 77429


Brother’s pizza boasts as one of the best pizza restaurants in Houston, and rightly so. You will find pizzas made from fresh ingredients.

These pizzas are all prepared daily, so you do not have to worry about eating an overnight pizza here at Brother’s pizzeria.

You can also get an authentic New York-style pizza in this restaurant, and they are among the best places that you can find a well-made New York-Style pizza.

They also have good lists of salads, desserts, and other Italian specialties that you could pick from.

You can be sure that you won’t have to wait for ages to have your order ready. They are quick in their preparation, and they keep to time.

You can either have a sit-in, you can order takeout, or you can use their delivery to have your pizza at home.

If you want your pizza to be delivered, you can place your order through the online platform to get the menu to see what is being offered.

11. Blaze Fast Fired Pizzeria

Blaze Fast Fired Pizzeria

Location 1: 9650 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77063. Contact: +1 (713) 893-1314

Location 2: 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032. Contact: +1 (281) 233-3321

Location 3: 7459 SW Freeway, Ste 400, Houston, TX 77074. Contact: +1 (281) 401-1908


What do you expect when you have a pizzeria that uses an oven as hot as 800 degrees Fahrenheit? The answer is nothing but great pizza; Blaze Pizza serves some of the best pizza in the Houston area.

They have hot ovens that make your pizza in a matter of seconds—the less time the pizza spends in the oven, the lesser the greasy outlook.

Their pizza crust is thin and crispy, and they are not too dry. You get that cracker-like taste when eating the crust, and this is topped with unique toppings. You also get the opportunity to build your pizza however you want it.

Their restaurants are trendy, giving you a comfortable stay while eating your meal or waiting for your pizza. One good news about Blaze is that they have vegan options and even vegan cheese on their menu.

Not a lot of pizza restaurants cater to the needs of everyone. So if you are a vegan, this is one of the very few restaurants on the list that you can comfortably walk in and order your vegan pizza.

Blaze pizza is very affordable; you can build your pizza for as low as $7.65. with their fast-fired pizza, you only have to wait three minutes to get your order ready.

You also have the option of going in and ordering takeout, or you can ask for delivery from the comfort of your home, and you will have your pizza in a short time. You can go to their online platform and view the menu.

12. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

Location 1: 303 Memorial City Ste 610, Houston, TX 77024. Contact: +1 (713) 365-9473

Location 2: 303 Memorial City Mall, #610, Memorial City Mall, Houston, TX 77024. Contact: +1 (713) 365-9473


California pizza kitchen is one pizza restaurant that keeps things spiced-up. With their seasonally inspired menu, you get to try out whole lots of tasty and flavorful pizza that you can never imagine.

If you like to try out new flavors and recipes, you have to visit this pizza restaurant.

You will enjoy their hand-tossed pizza crust, which is made to perfection and well-cooked. You can also count on them using quality and fresh ingredients for their pizzas.

Their menu is very children-friendly, making it the best place to be if you want to enjoy a meal with your family.

One of the best pizzas on their menu that you should try out is Spicy Chicken Tinga Quesadilla and Thai Chicken Pizza; both options are mouth-watering and delicious as well.

You can make your order online, and you have the opportunity of tracking your delivery up to your front door. It is a comfortable restaurant; you have to give it a try.

13. Sorrento Ristorante Italiano

Sorrento Ristorante Italiano


Location: 415 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Contact: 713-527-0609


If you are looking for a classic Italian restaurant to have your pizza or a nice Italian meal, you should certainly consider this restaurant. The ambiance around the restaurant would make you want to sit and have a meal even if you wanted to order takeout.

The restaurant is known for its elegance, and you can have your luncheons, dinner parties, and any elegant private dining in this restaurant. The environment offers you calm and peace, and they offer one of the best services around.

Their pizza is well prepared, with quality and fresh ingredients made from scratch every day. They do not compromise on quality.

They also offer some continental dishes, and you can find an extensive list of wines in their collection. It is a perfect place to get a romantic dinner.

14. Bombay Pizza

Bombay Pizza


Location: 914 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

Contact: +1 (713) 654-4444


If you want an Indian cuisine menu, you can get this at Bombay. It is an Indian-Italian restaurant that offers excellent Italian cuisines with a touch of Indian herbs and spices.

On their menu, you will find a list of pizzas to pick from. They also serve salads, desserts, soup, and pasta.

They serve gourmet specialty pizzas which are made with the best and freshest ingredients in the market. Their pizzas are fresh and do not have the feeling of being preserved for too long in the refrigerator.

They also have vegetarian options for those who do not want to have regular pizzas.

If you want some Indian toppings on your pizza, you can try out the Saag Paneer and chicken tikka masala.

Their thin pizza crusts have the resemblance of naan bread, which is an Indian specialty. It is an excellent place to be looking for something diverse and different from the regular pizza place.

15. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Grimaldis Pizzeria


Location 1: 12848 Queensbury Ln Ste 101, Houston, TX 77024. Contact: +1 (713) 463-3730

Location 2: 16535 Southwest Fwy Ste 2500, Sugar Land, TX 77479. Contact: +1 (281) 265-2280

Location 3: 700 Baybrook Mall #117, Friendswood, TX 77546. Contact: +1 (281) 286-3942


If you are looking for New York’s feel in Houston, then Grimaldi’s gives you that feeling. First of all, the restaurant has a considerable resemblance to New York-style restaurants, their designs, and the pictures you can find on the wall. It is quite a comfortable environment to be in.

You can find various salads on their menu; some of them are spinach salad, kale salad, Caesar salad, and the house specialty, which is Grimaldi’s salad with mushrooms, large olives, and oven-roasted sweet peppers.

These are just some of the salads you can find on their menu.

Their coal-fired oven produces some of the best pizza crust you can get, with a nice smoky flavor to the crust. The crust is flavorful and crispy, giving you a wonderful chewing experience.

They are generous with their toppings, and you will find toppings like; Quattro Formaggi, which has five kinds of cheese, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, Gorgonzola, and Romano cheese.

Other pizza types include the Meatballs and pepperoni for meat lovers, the Don Italian Sausage, and the Garden-Lots of Veggies pizza. You need to try out this joint while in Houston; it certainly creates competition for other pizza restaurants.

16. Piola Midtown

Piola Midtown

Location: 3201 Louisiana St Ste 103, Houston, TX 77006

Contact: +1 (713) 524-8222


Piola is an international pizza chain and offers some of the most authentic thin-crust pizza in Houston. The atmosphere in this restaurant makes you feel at home while you enjoy your pizza.

They make their pizzas with the brick oven, which means hot pizza with flavorful crust and thin crispy crusts.

They give great care in preparing their pizzas, and their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients of good quality.

One other outstanding thing on their menu is gnocchi which is top-notch. Their gnocchi is incredible and delicious, making you want to eat gnocchi at no other restaurant.

You can order a takeaway pizza, but trust me, the atmosphere of the restaurant is one you will enjoy your pizza in. you can check out their menu online to see what they have on offer.


If you are going to Houston, you do not have to worry about getting some good pizza. The restaurants on this list offer some of the best pizzas in the Houston area, so you can enjoy your trip and also enjoy your pizza while you are in the city.

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