16 Best Pizza Places In Queens (Update 2021 With Address)

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Pizza is the most common dish eaten by residents of New York. A slice of this delicious pie comes in handy, especially for the people who need to have a quick first dish as they walk down the streets.

Queens offers one of the best pizza options in New York. The options are several when it comes to finding the best pizza places in this region. This is why finding the best pizza places in New York is somewhat challenging.

The best thing about having several pizza restaurants is that there will be something for everyone, from classic Italian pizza to the New York-style pizza, all available at an affordable price.

Well, there is no better way to start an argument among residents of New York than asking where to find the best pizza places.

Everyone has their favorite pizza spots in this region, making it challenging to decide which is the best.

There are ‘deep queens’ and queens. Deep queens have some of the best-aged pizza restaurants. Well, here are some of the best pizza places in queens.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

Di Farra

Di Farra

Here’s the website 

Address; 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230, United States

Contact; +1 718-258-1367

This restaurant was initially started in the early 60s, and Dom Demarco has been behind this restaurant’s success ever since. In fact, every single pie of this pizza restaurant is made by him.

This means that you have to be patient as your pizza will take longer than expected. But you are guaranteed sweet and delicious pies.

The daughter of Dom, Maggie, assists her father in his restaurant by taking orders from their fans. Orders are usually written down manually using a pen and paper, just like in the olden days.

The round pizza is the most common in this restaurant and comes with different cheese types and olive oil. Its crust is crispy and slightly salty, then topped with fresh basil, which takes this pizza to a whole new level.

Square pizzas are also available, mainly for people who prefer pies that have intense flavor. Their regular pizzas are not made using fresh mozzarella cheese. It was substituted with pre-grated Romano cheese, and this is after his mounted rotary grater broke down.

Lucia pizza

Lucia pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 136-55B, Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11354, United States

Contact; +1 718-445-1313

This pizza restaurant is famous for Sicilian-style pizzas and other accompaniments like the garlic knots, which are usually delicious. This restaurant is located in an area full of Asian business establishments and entities.

The use of wood-fired pizza ovens makes it quick when baking their pies which means you can have your pies in less than 4 minutes after ordering.

The restaurant is always tiny and squeezed, which means you can only have a stand-up slice or order takeout because there are usually no seats for visitors. The crust of their pizzas is usually thin and crispy, with legendary toppings making this pizza irresistible.

The New York-style pizza is the most common in this restaurant, and the makers take credit for mastering the balance of sugar, salt, cheese, and oil, creating a perfect pizza.

Joe and pat’s pizza

Joe and pats pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 1758 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10314, United States

Contact; +1 718-981-0887

If you are thinking about visiting Staten Island, you should visit joe and pat’s pizza restaurant and enjoy their pies. This restaurant was first opened in 1960 by Guiseppe and Pasquale, who originally comes from Naples.

Apart from the Rubirosa restaurant, joe and pat’s pizza is also located in Manhattan, with both of them making extra thin pies topped with vodka sauce.

They have broadened their restaurants and opened in several other locations apart from Queens.

Many people still don’t know about their vodka sauce pizza recipes, and that’s why it isn’t ordered often, but it is a hit. The thinness of the crust means that you cannot add several other toppings to each pie.

Neapolitan pizzas are the most common in this restaurant. The dough is always handmade through pilling and stretching, and then the toppings are added almost immediately to serve primarily local guests.

They serve not only the classic Italian design pizzas but also cocktails. If you have never tasted the fan-favorite vodka sauce pizza, you are definitely missing a lot.

Gaby’s pizza

Gabys pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 204-23 Hillside Avenue, Queens, NY 11423, United States

Contact; +1 718-740-9716

Gaby pizza restaurant has, over time, been considered and named as one of the best pizza restaurants in New York. This restaurant has some of the very best pizzas in queens that you should try out.

Their pizzas are usually traditional. That said, they are made from aged cheese, often stretched, usually in olive oil. The sauce, which is also made in the restaurant, comes from imported tomatoes from Italy.

You don’t have to worry about a seating place in this restaurant because their restaurant is spacious enough to host your friends and families even on busy days.  

Rizzo’s fine pizza

Rizzos fine pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 30-13 Steinway St, Queens, NY 11103, United States

Contact; +1 718-721-9862

This is one of the oldest pizza joints in queens and has been there since the late 50s. They have expanded their recipe over time by introducing other pizza recipes into their menu while maintaining their Rizzo signature pies.

They specialize in thin Sicilian-style pizza, and they make it to perfection. Their pies are often rectangular topped with parsley, different kinds of cheese, and sauce. Their signature is often the sauce and cheese forming a rectangular shape.

Their rectangular pies are often layered with toppings with romano and parmesan cheese, adding the all-important tangy and salty flavor to the pizza.

In the original location, Astonia has added different recipes to their menu to welcome a different clientele to their restaurant. Some of the recipes they have included in their menu include garlic knots, classic pizza, and different beers and cocktails.

Louie and Ernie’s pizza

Louie and Ernies pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 1300 Crosby Ave, The Bronx, NY 10461, United States

Contact; +1 718-829-6230

This is one of the oldest pizza joints and has been in the game for more than a decade. If you are traveling to the Bronx, you should stop and check out the pies made in this pizza restaurant.

This neighborhood restaurant is popular among the residents, which is why almost every customer knows the people working in this restaurant’s kitchen. This joint was taken over by brothers Cosima and John Tiso, and they have maintained it as it was before.

The location of this pizza joint shouldn’t make you not visit this restaurant. Their pies are usually thin and crunchy with different toppings used. The toppings are usually evenly distributed such that when you bite it, the flavor is uniform across the pizza.

Should you find yourself in this restaurant, the sausage slice is what you need to ask for. It’s also essential you eat this pizza the traditional way by folding the pizza slice because the sausage slices tend to fall off the plain pizza.

Their pizzas stand out, and this is because they are always denser and crunchy. This means you cannot easily find such pies.

Joe’s pizza

Joes pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 7 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Contact; +1 212-366-1182

This is the most classic and archetypal type of pizza found in New York. Their pizzas are usually plain but with a wide range of toppings depending on what you love the most.

Their crust is usually thin, crunchy, and at the same time chewy, all layered with different kinds of cheese then finished off with tomato sauce. The owner Joe Pozzuoli opened this pizza joint in 1975 after coming to the US from Naples.

There is no significant difference even with time as they still serve their signature plain pizzas topped with fresh mozzarella cheese. Their pies are usually square.

They have maintained their style of preparing pizzas as they resemble the pies made like 20 years ago.

This pizza joint has other branches in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and these have been added just recently. Their service is fast and the best option for people who do have tight schedules.

The best way to create a perfect pizza is by balancing the sauce, cheese, and crust. This pizza joint attains that by adding just the right amount of the sauce and the cheese on top of the crust.

Scarr’s pizza

Scarrs pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 22 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, United States

Contact; +1 212-334-3481

One distinctive feature of the Scarr’s pizza joint is that their pizzas are made from freshly milled flour used in making their dough. This does not happen in many pizza joints, and the only pizza restaurant that sells this kind of pies is Scarr’s pizza restaurant.

The owner of this restaurant, Scarr, is a very famous person in New York. He has worked in different pizza joints across New York and mills his grains from the basement, which he uses to make these irresistible pizzas.

He then mixes his milled flour with other organic flours, mainly from the upstate farm. The flour is then left to ferment before being used in creating a crispy and feathery crust. It usually has a nutty flavor and chewy, and this is what many clients love about their pizzas.

According to the owner, freshly milled flour is important health-wise and helps in the digestion of food in your system. The restaurant has retained the classic design style of pizza making.

The restaurant walls are often made with wood, same as the stools, thus replicating most restaurants’ styles in the 60s.

Mama’s too pizzeria

Mamas too pizzeria

Here’s the website 

Address; 2750 Broadway, New York, NY 10025, United States

Contact; +1 212-510-7256

This is one of the youngest pizza joints in Queens and was first opened in 2017. Its location to the upper west region of queens gives light to this side where the number of restaurants is countable.

This modern restaurant has brought the latest pizza preparation techniques and integrates traditional methods to make their pizza delicious and business to a whole new level.

The owner Frank Tuttolomondo stuck to making regular pies to keep most of his clients. The demand for this pizza is too high, making it challenging to satisfy all their customers because the joint is somewhat tiny.

Their pizzas are usually square, and it combines different styles of pizzas such as the Detroit style, Neapolitan style, and the roman-style pizza all in one dark crust and often referred to as the Frico crust.

The crust of pizzas made in this restaurant is often airy, feathery, and crumbly, and this is because of the dough, which is usually hydrated. If you want to enjoy this pizza, the best way to eat it is straight from the oven, as reheating the pies makes the pies soggy.

Brother’s pizzeria

Brothers pizzeria

Address; 750 Port Richmond Ave, Staten Island, NY 10302, United States

Contact; +1 718-442-2332

The sign and the building might be old, but as they say, old is gold, so is the pizza from this pizza joint. The restaurant has a long counter with wooden stools reminding you of the good old days. The backside has enough space for outdoor dining.

Here, they primarily make two pizza styles, and that is the Sicilian and regular style pizzas. Pizza crusts are usually thin and crispy topped with oregano making them tastier.

When you sit around the bar, you will find the same man who has been making these pies for over ten years kneading the dough quickly as he engages his customers in a bit of chat.

This pizza joint has been there for over four decades, and new pizzas have been introduced to their menu to serve the high demanding customers.

Dennis has worked in this restaurant since he was still a kid and has made it better than before.

The counter is always full of clients from the neighborhood, and this brings back the good old days as you step into the restaurant.

Amore pizzeria

Amore pizzeria

Here’s the website 

Address; 1 Kent Pl, Armonk, NY 10504, United States

Contact; +1 914-273-3535

Just like the brother’s pizza joint, Amore Pizzeria has some of the best regular slice pies. Their pizzas are often thin like many other pizzerias but with a very distinctive taste.

Compared to the brother’s regular pizza, the Amore pizza is usually a bit more sweet, crunchy, and its texture makes it feel good when folded before eating it to prevent the toppings from falling off.

It is one of the best joints in queens. They also have other classic Italian dishes that you should try when you visit this restaurant.

New park pizzeria

New park pizzeria

Here’s the website  

Address; 156-71 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414, United States

Contact;  +1 718-641-3082

This pizza joint has been there for over 60 years, situated on your way to the Rockaway beach, and has continued to serve some of the best pies to New York residents.

The only disadvantage is that it is an on-and-off restaurant, but no one comes close to their delicious crispy pies when on their game.

When ordering pizza in this restaurant, you need to ask for it to be well done, or maybe if you are lucky and find them on a good day, the flavor will be irresistible.

Over the years, this pizza joint has received visitors and accolades from different states.

So, when at this restaurant, the regular slice pies are what you need to order. The pies are often cooked in a brick oven that usually has something like a flamethrower inside it.

When preparing their pizzas, they throw in some salt at an interval of 1-2 hours on the oven floor, and this is to keep the pies from sticking onto the oven. Well, the first bite will feel like crackles even if the pies are not salty.

Patsy’s pizzeria

Patsys pizzeria

Here’s the website 

Address; 2287 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10035, United States

Contact; +1 212-534-9783

If you are looking for a wood-fired oven pizza restaurant, then patsy’s pizza joint is not what you need. Pizzas in this restaurant are usually slightly charred, and this is because they are made from coal-fired ovens.

Recently, they stopped using coal-fired ovens because of the environmental laws and the expense and cost of buying the coals. Nevertheless, the crusts of their pizzas are usually crispy and chewy at the same time, which is due to the intense heat they bake.

Their pizza style has been retained over the years. Its pies tend to be smaller than most of the other pizza restaurants, but at the same time delicious, and in terms of price, it is pocket-friendly.

Pizza enthusiasts have been seeking such restaurants because, with coal-fired ovens, you get a feathery, airy, and thinner crust compared to gas ovens. There is also an additional smoky flavor that makes the pizza tastier.

The most common pizza you will find in this restaurant is a thin crust pizza with tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese as the topping. You can also add a different variety of toppings if you want but be sure not to overload the crust.

L and B spumoni gardens

L and B spumoni gardens

Here’s the website

Address; 2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

Contact; +1 718-449-1230

When it comes to L&B, most people talk about how the pizza is created and how the squares are perfect. The toppings are usually made of mozzarella cheese, usually of low moisture, plus the sauce.

So, if you want a perfect Sicilian-style pizza, then you should head straight to L&B. New York-style regular pizzas are often thick and somewhat triangular, but that is not the case when it comes to Sicilian pizzas. Instead, the pies are thick and rectangular

The pizza’s edges are then dusted with grated romano cheese then baked altogether to form the crust. The dough used is often huge, making the crust thick yet crispy on the outside and soft from the inside.

This pizza is layered perfectly, that adding other toppings will spoil its flavor. Their layering system tends to put some people off because the cheeses and crust blend during baking, and when you bite it, you might feel as if the dough was not thoroughly cooked.

You will find most people requesting the edges of this pizza just because of how crunchy it is. The middle part is also heavenly if you don’t know, and it almost resembles the taste of lasagna but far much better.

In this restaurant, they only make Sicilian-style pizzas.

Best pizza

Best pizza

Here’s the website 

Address; 33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

Contact; +1 718-599-2210

The name itself tells you only quality pizza comes from their wood-fired pizza oven. This then means that they primarily make Neapolitan-style pizza, and they do make several pizza types.

Frank Pinello graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and has since employed a new approach to cooking. He pays so much attention when making ingredients by shredding mozzarella cheese, then pickling several vegetable ingredients such as sesame seeds, caramelized onions, and fresh ricotta.

His pies are usually white, and that is because he omits the use of tomato sauce. All these ingredients are left to showcase their flavors without suppressing one another then topped with a sauce made from ground fresh tomatoes.

The crust usually is thin and airy. The use of sesame seeds as dusting on the crust adds the all-important nutty flavor to the pizza, and this goes side by side with the caramelized onions.

You can also go for the grandma type of pie, which usually has a crispy crust topped with garlic to add a savory flavor, then finished off with the addition of chopped anchovies for the toppings.

Lucali pizza restaurant

Lucali pizza restaurant

Here’s the website 

Address; 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Contact; +1 718-858-4086

This restaurant was first opened in 2006, and the owner Mark Locarno, literally built the restaurant all by himself, including the ovens used in baking the pies until today.

Amazingly, he taught himself how to create pizzas without a single recipe but picked up over time.

His restaurant is somewhat tiny; therefore, you should go early enough if you plan on dining in the restaurant. You should also be ready to practice patience since you will find long queues most of the time.

The basic pie you find in this restaurant is the plain pies usually topped with several ingredients ranging from onions, peppers, mozzarella, pepperoni, and fresh basil. No complicated menus, which means getting your pizza is easy.

The best thing about this pizza joint is that you can bring any accompaniments, whether beer, wines, or sodas.

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