17 Best Pizza places In San Diego (Update 2021)

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One of the perks about traveling to a new city for the first time is that you are anxious and worried about a place to get a good pizza meal.

Pizza is one meal that is greatly loved and eaten all over many places. The problem is not about finding a place to eat pizza, but a place that offers you good pizza to satisfy your hunger.

There are many pizza places that you can find in San Diego, and I will name some of the best places where you can get incredible pizza for a fair price and with the right environment.

Some of the places might consider some of your preferences like vegan pizza, gluten-free pizza, New York-Style pizza, and the rest.

Some of them might not necessarily have what might suit you. It is left for you to go through the list and pick the pizzeria that suits your taste and preference. It should be a fun ride as we take you through them.

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

1. Chicago Bros Pizzeria

Chicago Bros Pizzeria

Location: 10423 San Diego Mission Rd, San Diego, CA 92108

Contact: +1 (619) 280-7703


This restaurant offers you authentic deep-dish Chicago Style pizza that is delicious. The crust is doughy and awesome, and the cheese is just perfect. The tomato sauce is well-flavored, and the pizza has a generous amount of sauce.

The ingredients they use are fresh and add a fresh taste to their pizzas, making it an excellent experience. One of their specials is the meat lovers’ deep dish; this pizza is simply amazing.

They also serve some Italian cuisine on their menu like pasta, and you can also get a sandwich and salads to accompany your pizza.

You would not frequently get a deep-dish pizza everywhere, so you can take advantage of the awesome deep-dish that Chicago Bros offers.

As for delivery, if you have an Uber account, you can use that to have your pizza delivered to you.

It takes about forty-five minutes to have this pizza well cooked and ready. To save yourself the stress of waiting too long, you can place your order ahead of time before going to the restaurant.

Go online and browse through their menu, and you will see the options offered to you.

2. Mr. Moto Pizza House

Mr. Moto Pizza House

Location 1: 3773 30th St Ste J, San Diego, CA 92104. Contact: +1 (619) 642-0788

Location 2: 4653 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109. Contact: +1 (858) 490-0501

Location 3: 1929 Cable St, San Diego, CA 92107. Contact: +1 (619) 981-9777


Mr. Moto serves incredible delicious pizzas and Italian cuisine. They serve authentic New York-Style pizza, and they do not stop here.

They add some creativity to their pizza-making by giving you a taste of the old and a taste of some innovations and addition to pizza making.

It is simply a classic place to have a decent, exciting pizza without regret. If you fancy adventure when it comes to food, you will love this place.

They also serve dinner and lunch, and they have a lunch special. You get to get great food at an affordable price.

Mr. Moto also allows you to build your pizza according to your taste and style.

You can order delivery or takeout; the best way to order delivery would be to check their online options to know what you are ordering.

Another good thing is that they have about four different locations in San Diego; this means that you will get one of these restaurants close to you no matter what part of town you are in.

This saves you the stress of going far or waiting a long time for your delivery to come through.

3. Woodstocks Pizza

Woodstocks Pizza

Location 1: 6145 El Cajon Blvd, Suite 3P, San Diego, CA 92115. Contact: +1 (619) 265-0999

Location 2: 1221 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA 92109. Contact: +1 (858) 642-6900

Location 3: 1010 Turquoise Street Ste 205, San Diego, CA 92109. Contact: +1 (858) 539-5300


Woodstock’s pizza is another famous pizzeria among the locals of San Diego that dishes out fantastic pizza.

And one of the things that make them stand out is that they offer different pizzas that consider almost everyone.

Unlike most pizzerias, they have a gluten-free menu for those sensitive to gluten and celiac disease. There is a gluten0-free menu where you can get an excellent lovely pizza without fear of gluten contamination.

Also, there is a healthy menu for those who want to enjoy their pizza but with health precautions.

Another fantastic thing about this place is that they let you build your own pizza, as unique as you want it to be. Their reason for this is that each one is unique, so your pizza should be unique as well. I think it is a great idea.

To build your pizza, they have a list for you to choose from. They have two options of a hand tossed crust or a whole wheat crust for the crust.

The sauce options have Creamy Sriracha, Creamy Garlic, Zesty Red Sauce, Pesto, BBQ, and Southern Chipotle. For the toppings, they have a variety of fresh gourmet ingredients at your disposal.

It deserves to be recognized as one of the top independent pizzerias in the country. You can check out their online menu to do justice to your pizza.

4. Davanti Enoteca

Davanti Enoteca

Location: 1655 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

Contact: +1 (619) 237-9606


Enoteca is a lively pizza restaurant that offers some of the best pizzas around.

Their contemporary-looking atmosphere blends well with the traditional Italian cuisine to give you a wonderful experience.

Their pizza is tasteful and well crafted; you can tell the effort and mastery put into every pizza with every bite you take.

They put a lot of effort into making sure they serve customers with fresh pizzas made each day from scratch in their kitchen. You do not have to worry about leftover pizza and food from the previous day.

One thing you have to admire about this place is its wine list. Their list of wines keeps changing seasonally to bring you fresh experiences and the best wines available. They also serve good cocktails that you should give a try.

5. Bronx Pizza

Bronx Pizza

Location: 111 Washington St, San Diego, CA 92103

Contact: +1 (619) 291-3341


Bronx pizza serves the classic New York-style pizza with a fantastic thin crust that is crispy and tasty. They have eighteen different kinds of sliced pies that you can pick from to have a wonderful experience.

In case you are craving for more, they also serve whole pies by order.

Their combination of cheese and sauce is impressive, they are very generous with their cheese spread, and you will love the pizza here if you fancy cheese.

It is the right environment if you are with kids; it is clean and comfortable.

They have vegan options and vegetarian options on their menu, which is impressive because not all restaurants give you excellent vegan options.

People highly patronize them because of their excellent pizza. If you are headed here, it would be nice to call ahead of time and make your order. This will make you minimize the amount of time you spend in the queue.

6. North Italia San Diego

North Italia San Diego

Location 1: 7055 Friars Rd, San Diego, CA 92108. Contact: +1 (619) 343-2301

Location 2: 3715 Caminito Ct Ste 680, San Diego, CA 92130. Contact: +1 (858) 252-7720


This restaurant has a beautiful ambiance that makes you want to spend all the time here. The patio is fantastic and an excellent way to have a sit-out lunch or dinner.

Aside from the beautiful space, they offer top-notch handcrafted pizzas.

They maintain this high quality using only the best ingredients sourced daily to give you a fresh experience. You will leave this restaurant craving more pizza and food.

It’s one of those places that you visit the first time, and when you promise to return, you mean every word of what you are saying.

They serve delicious Italian salad, Margherita pizza, garlic bread, and incredible cocktails. The waiters here are attentive and professional. It is a beautiful place to have lunch and dinner for two; you will enjoy your experience here.

7. Pizzeria Luigi

Pizzeria Luigi

Location 1: 1137 25th St, San Diego, CA 92102. Contact: +1 (619) 233-3309

Location 2: 2121 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104. Contact: +1 (619) 294-9417

Location 3: 717 Seacoast Dr, Imperial Beach, CA 91932. Contact: +1 (619) 271-3477


Luigi’s offers amazing New York Pizza, with a thin crispy crust that you can comfortably fold as you eat. And they are never shy to experiment with different toppings to give you a wonderful experience.

Check out their classic Luigi pies; they are unique and have some of the best names you can find around.

They have pizza Mona Lisa, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Capone. They are crazy names, but they do taste great. Another fantastic thing is that you can build your own pie here; you are not restricted to the pies they make.

You have the option to choose from the ingredients they present and make your unique special pizza just the way you like it.

They have vegan options on the list as well, and their veggie pizzas are quite tasteful and exciting for anyone hoping to eat healthily.

They have a family-friendly environment, and it is an excellent environment to eat out with your kids.

8. Tonys Giant Pizzeria & Grill

Tonys Giant Pizzeria Grill

Location: 4973 Diane Ave, San Diego, CA 92117

Contact: +1 (858) 268-7700


They offer creative pizzas with locally sourced fresh ingredients to give you an incredible pizza experience.

Other delicious things on their menu include their calzones, tasty wings, pasta, salads, and sandwiches.

They have lunch specials, and it would be an excellent place to have your lunch.  The food here is quite affordable, and you don’t have to break the bank to get a decent pizza.

They offer takeout and delivery. All you have to do is go to their online page, go through the menu and make your order; you will have it delivered to you.

9. ENO Artisan Pizzeria & Wine Bar

ENO Artisan Pizzeria Wine Bar

Location: 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118

Contact: +1 (619) 522-8490


This is a genuinely classic place to enjoy classic pizza and wine within a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

The pizza and Italian menu are splendid, and they serve a rich list of Italian wines that you can enjoy.

This restaurant can be quite on the pricey side, but I mean they offer some of the best wines and a comfortable atmosphere that you would not mind spending a little more.

It is a perfect getaway joint for a romantic dinner with your partner or spouse. This offers you a more calm and serene environment where you do not have to rush. The scenic view of the beach is terrific.

You can enjoy these artisan pizzas on a gluten-free crust that is amazing, crispy, and flavorful. If you are sensitive to gluten, you can also enjoy a meal in this classic restaurant.

But it would be nice to request a gluten-free menu ahead of time to enable them to serve you better.

10. Zia Gourmet Pizza

Zia Gourmet Pizza

Location: 3311 Adams Ave Ste A, San Diego, CA 92116

Contact: +1 (619) 284-4320


As the name rightly suggests, you will get nothing less than fresh pizza in Zia’s. It is not a typical pizza restaurant, and they deliver healthy good food in pizzas.

Who says you cannot have a healthy pizza? Well, this restaurant proves that you can have pizza and eat healthily at the same time.

Their pizzas are devoid of the greasiness found in regular pizza, and they use a whole-wheat crust. You also get the opportunity to custom your pizza the way you want it.

Whether you love meat on your pizza or you want to go all veggies, you are covered with the best ingredients.

The vegan option here is incredible because you get to choose from many varieties of animal-free ingredients.

The environment is kids friendly and very comfortable for anyone. It is a lovely place to be, and they offer fantastic food.

11. Little Sams Pizza

Little Sams Pizza

Location: 3250 Greyling Dr, San Diego, CA 92123

Contact: +1 (858) 571-9900


Little Sam’s serves terrific pizza, and one unforgettable pizza on their menu is the much contentious Hawaiian pizza.

This pizza has a beautiful balance of the savory taste from the ham and the sweet flavor from the pineapple. It is one of my favorites in this restaurant.

This restaurant also serves exceptional Italian cuisine with delicious meals.

They use quality ingredients that are fresh and sourced daily. You will enjoy the freshness and quality of their pizza and food.

They use real cheese for their pizza, adding a fantastic flavor to your pizza. The environment is really friendly and comfortable, and you can get good pizza at an affordable price.

12. Farmers Table

Farmers Table

Location 1: 550 W Date St Ste A, San Diego, CA 92101. Contact: +1 (619) 255-0958

Location 2: 3055 Clairemont Dr, San Diego, CA 92117. Contact: +1 (619) 359-4485

Location 3: 8141 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942. Contact: +1 (619) 724-6465


This decent pizza joint allows you to savor pizza made from organic ingredients. The environment is inviting, making you feel comfortable as you enjoy your pizza.

Their wood-fired oven contributes to them producing an incredible pizza crust that is crispy and crunchy.

They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which some other pizza restaurants don’t do. You can be sure to get tasty meals like sandwiches, toast, pancakes and waffles, and salads.

They have a gluten-free option for their pizza which is impressive for all those sensitive to gluten.

You can log online to view their menu, make your orders, and it would be delivered to you without delay. If you are not sure about the delivery charges, you will find them on their delivery options online.

13. Long Island Mikes Pizza

Long Island Mikes Pizza

Location: 5250 Murphy Canyon Rd Ste 116, San Diego, CA 92123

Contact: +1 (858) 569-7499


Long Island serves you world-class pizza. You will be amazed and impressed by their fresh pizza, which tastes amazing.

You can buy your pizza by a slice, or if you want something big, you can order the whole pie, which is still available.

They serve authentic New York pizza; the crust has a flavor, and it is crispy and crunchy.

If you get tired very quickly with one flavor of pizza, then you can come here where you have the opportunity to buy different slices of different pizza types. It is certainly interesting to have some combo of different pizzas on your plate.

They have a gluten-free menu that will go well with all those sensitive and intolerant to gluten.

Plus, the environment is very friendly, you can decide to have a dine-in with your kids rather than leaving them at home.

14. Backyard Kitchen & Tap

Backyard Kitchen Tap

Location: 832 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Contact: +1 (858) 859-2593


They offer excellent quality pizza and food, and they are quite on the pricy side. Well, the money is worth it if you are dishing out plates of excellent food.

Plus, it has a laidback pleasant, comfy environment where no one is in a rush. It offers you a spot for relaxation as you enjoy your meal.

They have happy hours, lunch specials, and dinner; it is an excellent place to get delicious food while relaxing and listening to the live music they offer.

They have a patio and an outside bar if you decide to view the south beach scenery.

They have a nice variety of cocktails, wines, and beer that you could pick from to enjoy your meal.

It would be a nice spot to host a small group of friends or have a little party, as long as you call ahead of time to plan with the management.

If you are a late-night person, this spot would be perfect for you. They operate until late as 2 am.

15. Ristorante Illando

Ristorante Illando

Location: 1825 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

Contact: +1 (619) 693-5204


Illando’s brings the rustic charm of Tuscany right here to you in San Diego. This lovely restaurant makes you feel at home while they bombard you with unique, delicious dishes on their menu.

They always have specials that you could order, plus they let your food imagination come alive by letting you create your incredible pizza just the way you like it.

Their pasta is impressive, and they offer a great selection of desserts as well. It is a decent place to have a meal. The service here is fantastic, and the waiters are professional and attentive.

They are open to taking reservations; this will help them serve you better and faster.

Also, they have space for hosting events like parties, and they make it worthwhile.

If you are hoping to have a party here, it would be nice to call ahead of time to let them know about the date, time, and number of people they should plan for.

16. BJs Restaurant & Brewhouse

BJs Restaurant Brewhouse

Location 1: 1370 Frazee Rd., San Diego, CA 92108. Contact: +1 (619) 814-6350

Location 2: 8785 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037. Contact: +1 (858) 257-3640


There is no way we will leave this fantastic restaurant out of the list for the best places to get pizza in San Diego.

They are just a place of class and fabulous food that you cannot fail to notice or mention.

Their pizza is very tasteful, and they serve deep-dish pizza the Chicago way. Also, on their menu, they have handcrafted burgers, salads, and delicious wings.

It is a nice comfortable place to have a good meal.

The workers at this place are quite professional, and they pay attention to details making sure that you get the best experience.

They make their own amazing beer, and it is something you want to try while you are there.

17. CUCINA Urbana


Location: 505 Laurel St, San Diego, CA 92101

Contact: +1 (619) 239-2222


This is a California-inspired Italian kitchen that dishes out fantastic food in a serenely beautiful environment. The food here is terrific, combining Italy’s flavorful and tasty food traditions with California’s organic fresh ingredients.

They make their food from scratch each day using only the best fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You will love their homemade pasta, delicious, innovative pizzas, their signature cheese, and their plates of antipasti.

Their atmosphere is child-friendly, you can host a group of friends here, and it is the perfect spot to plan a lunch or dinner date.

They have an excellent selection of beers and wines you could pick from as you enjoy your meal.

They have a deal which is known as Take-out Tuesday. This deal offers you a pizza and a bottle of wine, all at just $30. It is a lovely place to have a romantic dinner, and you will enjoy the experience here.


If you are in San Diego, you can find some of the best places to have incredible pizza. It might be a casual meal, you might want to go in groups, or maybe it is a romantic dinner you want. Most of the places listed in this list cater to your various needs.

You are assured that they all offer you good pizza, so you do not have to be anxious about where to eat while you are here in San Diego. I trust that you will have a lovely experience.

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