10 Best Pizza Places And Restaurants In St Louis (Update 2021)

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Loyalty is one virtue that is highly valued when it comes to the best pizzas in St Louis. There are several pizza restaurants in this region, and it comes down to your favorite pizza restaurant.

Some restaurants have been making homemade pizzas since the early 50s. They have been updating their pies according to the demand of their products.

Other restaurants came recently and established their names as some of the best restaurants in St Louis.

The commitment to making authentic pies has made pizza restaurants in St Louis grow and develop. Here are some of the best pizza restaurants in St Louis;

Here are some best pizza in other places you may want to check out.

Union loafers

Location 1629 Tower Grove Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

Contact +1 314-833-6111

Union loafers

This restaurant makes one of the best pizzas in st Louis. Their pizzas are usually enormous, about 18 inches but made to delightfulness and perfection.

You should know that this restaurant is a bakery, and they emphasize the use of quality ingredients.

It is based in botanical heights. Their pizzas are made to crisp perfection by borrowing both Neapolitan pizza style, usually slightly charred, and New York pizza style, which is all about the pizza’s size and texture.

Both these styles combine to create a super delicious pizza.

Some of the traditional delicacies made in this restaurant include Margherita, pepperoni, sausages.

The best of them all is the foxglove cheese pizza. It is usually paired with mushrooms and topped with sofrito.

Dewey’s pizza

contact +1 314-726-3434

location 559 N and South Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63130-3920

Deweys pizza 1

This is another restaurant that you should stop and make time for. Their service is one of the best, and you will not see that in many other restaurants.

Each staff is undertaking their responsibilities properly where others are taking orders, clearing the dishes. This means even during their peak times, you will get all the attention that you need.

Apart from their service, pizza in this restaurant is usually very enticing and delicious.

The best is when their chefs interact with their customers by answering and showing them how they get the pizzas done.

Beer is also served in this restaurant as an accompaniment for your pizza. They are usually crafted seasonally from locally found ingredients.

Louie pizzeria

Location 706 De Mun, Clayton

Contact (718) 440-9346

Louie pizzeria

There is no better way to enjoy your pizza than with friends and family. In St Louis, you can decide to enjoy your pies in a serene and quiet restaurant, or you can go and order everything on the menu of that particular restaurant.

When you have company, sharing is always the preferred option.

In this restaurant, the ovens usually cook at very intense temperatures, which means you can have your pizza ready in less than a minute.

One of the chefs of this pizzeria said that he has to change pizzas almost 3-4 times while cooking to prevent the pizza from burning due to intense temperatures.

One of the highlight pizzas is salsiccia sausage pizza blended with grilled fennel, pepper, and just the right mozzarella amount.

The U.R.B.

Location 4501 Manchester, The Grove

Contact +1 314-474-0935

The U.R.B.

The Urban Research Brewery also gives room for their customers, both drinkers, and diners, to sample their upcoming beer and vote by giving their feedback on which beer tastes good. The brewery can facilitate its production.

In this restaurant’s back room, you will find a pizza counter that creates one of the best pizzas in town.

You will find New York-style pizza in this restaurant usually served either by slice or pie. The pizza is layered to perfection with classic pizza toppings, all you should definitely try out.

Depending on your luck, you will find they are doing Roman-style pizzas such as the bonci. To sum it up, they have delicious pizza and handcrafted beer in st Louis.


Location 7734 Forsyth Blvd Clayton, MO 63105

Contact +1 314-773-7755

Pastaria 1

This restaurant offers a wide variety of pizzas, and they are also usually very consistent, which makes it one of the top pizza restaurants in St Louis.

They also have the classic black and white photos hanging on the wall, replicating those from the Rome pizzeria, showing how classic this restaurant is.

The spacing is large enough, and their pizzas made from wood-fired ovens are nothing short of excitement. It’s hard to decide which pizza is the highlight of this restaurant just to show you how good they are.

Nevertheless, a bechamel pizza topped with grilled mushrooms and garlic is just one of the best.

You can also try the salume beddu nduja pizza, which is usually very spicy and hot from the salami nduja but balanced well with some honey drizzle.

Katie’s pizza and pasta

Location 9568 Manchester, Rock Hill / 14171 Clayton, Town & Country

Contact +1 314-942-6555

Katies pizza and pasta

This restaurant is always fully packed, the reason being the atmosphere and beauty of this restaurant.

The restaurant offers a sleek space and atmosphere for several occasions like family gatherings, get together, and nightly dinners.

Katie Collier, the restaurant owner, has ticked all the boxes right from the food to the restaurant itself. Their menu is full of classic and other varieties of pizza that have high-quality toppings and ingredients.

Their menu changes almost every time, depending on the seasons. This means you will find different pizza varieties during winter and summer.

They also have a giveback Tuesday that has led to the rise of several charities within this region.    

Pi pizzeria

Location 610 Washington Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63101-1298

Contact +1 314-727-6633

Pi pizzeria

This is one of the oldest pizza restaurants in St Louis, but they still offer the best pizzas there.

The restaurant owners Chris Sommers and Frank Uible wanted to try something new, and they did it to perfection.

This pizzeria can easily make a list of best pizzas several times using only two alternatives: the cracker, crisp thin crust, and the deep-dish cornmeal crust.

They even moved a shop to Washington DC the very time Obama said it was one of his favorite pizza restaurants.

Several classic designs are also served here, but I prefer the build-my-own pizza.

Pizza head

Location 3196 S Blvd St Louis MO 63118

Contact 314-266-5400

Pizza head

In the initial stages when this restaurant was born, the owner Scott Sandler was mainly doing the Neapolitan pizzas, but that changed after he found his latest passion.

He perfected his Neapolitan pizza-making styles for two years before switching to the New York-style pizzas.

This restaurant is perfect for late-night dinner or breakfast. Their pies are usually 20 inches and irresistible, with several toppings that you can choose from.

They also serve very cheap beer and rock vibe in a low-key setting. To sum it up, they have jukebox jams that you can enjoy while eating your pizza.

Pie guy

Location 4189 Manchester Ave St Louis MO 63110

Contact +1 314-899-0444

Pie guy

This restaurant is located along the grove, and it shares the same atmosphere and space as a bottle shop. This restaurant is usually opened until very late in the day.

Mitch Frost, the brains behind this restaurant, uses high-quality ingredients to make his New York-style pizza. This means his pies are of a high standard, with all ingredients imported directly from Italy.

Some of the ingredients are sourced locally within phoenix but usually of very high-quality.

His highlight pizza is a sourdough crust usually dipped in a blend of garlic, and butter is super delicious.

Their pizzas are usually 18 inches, and they give you the opportunity to customize your pizza with five different sauces that you can choose from.


Location 2728 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118,

Contact +1 314-400-7712


The restaurant owner Francis Rodriguez has focused his attention on making high-quality pizzas with a sauce that he has perfectly created, taking his pizzas to a whole new level.

Yaquis pizza crusts are usually perfectly baked, slightly charred with occasional bubbles.

They also have a roasted chicken that is often drizzled with a delicious sauce with the same similarities as the ones used at K.F.C.

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