14 Best Pizza Places In Times Square (Update 2023)

Looking for the best pizza restaurants in Times Square? You are in the right place.

Times Square is an area located in Midtown Manhattan of New York City. It is a place that has vast resources that contribute to the economic development of the area.

Below are some of the pizza restaurants you can find within the Times Square locality.

Best pizza Times Square

1. Joes pizza

  • Location: 1435 Broadway, New York, NY 10018
  • Contacts : (646) 559-4878
  • Email: joe@joespizzanyc.com

Joes pizza 1

The pizza restaurant is located at the 1435 broadway. Joes pizza is a unique and must-try pizza place in Times Square. It mainly offers new York-style pizza.

It is regarded as one of the best new  York listings according to publications and guides by New York magazine and time out New York.

They make very delicious thin-sliced new York style pizza characterized with a spicy and sweet tomato sauce with patches of fresh mozzarella and served at a reasonable price.

They never reheat pies; instead, they are made according to orders; hence they go fast. Thus, the supply is constantly restocked.

If you are a tourist visiting the place I  would highly recommend the Joes Pizzas.

They have the best pizza slices in New York. It is a place frequented by celebs hence high ratings and of course a top contestant.

2. Kiss my slice

  • Location: 274 40th ST New York City
  • Contacts: +1 212-391-9524

Kiss my slice

With a touch of Italian cuisine, this is a must-stop place to visit with your friends and family.

They have delicious and mouth-watering pepperoni tasty Margheritas with chucks of san Marzano tomatoes that get positive reviews from their customers.

Kiss My Slice offers some gourmet options that include traditional cheese to buffalo chicken.

They are generous with the toppings, and the crust made from fine and fresh ingredients is nicely done.

The services you get from the staff are despicably fantastic and professional attracting more clients, not to forget the staff are creative.

You don’t have to worry about the prices here because it is affordable accompanied by a gentle atmosphere.

3. Radio city pizza

Radio city pizza

If you want an experience of homemade pizza dishes from marinara sauce to the dough, then visit Radio City Pizza.

They invest in customer satisfaction and include various dietary in their menu, including offering gluten-free pizza crust and vegan dairy-free mozzarella.

The space area is small but has a couple of tables to sit both inside and outside, the atmosphere is good, and its vicinity to nearby hotels make it a popular place with tourist visiting New York.

Their food is reasonably priced, and their staffs are friendly.

4. Johns pizzeria 

Johns pizzeria

Johns Pizzeria is a perfect and pocket-friendly place to spend some time with your loved ones.

If you are looking for an authentic pizza in a unique setting, think no further than John’s Pizzeria, you will get all you need under one roof.

Its location is easily accessible and has a large space area that can host up to 400 people.

The good thing is that John can handle large groups of people, each receiving the kind of treatment that is satisfactory.

The pizza here is excellent at the same time moderately priced considering its location plus, they are massive; hence be sure to get satisfied quickly.

Also, John’s Pizzeria has other dishes like pasta and deserts, which are also great on the list.

5. Carve unique sandwiches

  • Location: 760 8th Avenue SE corner of 47th Street and, 8th Ave, New York, 10036
  • Contact: (212) 730-4949 

Carve unique sandwiches

The restaurant is located next to the broadway in the heart of New York City. They mostly dwell in preparing sandwiches for breakfast but also prepare pizza.

It is a family-owned restaurant hence expect most of their food to be freshly cooked.

They have excellent staffs who are very friendly and ready to offer their service quickly and with respect.

The pizza is as good as they look fresh and hot they have such a delicious pepperoni pizza, and the veggie pizza is fresh hot, and awesomely made, and further a variety of pizza to choose from.

The toppings are tasty and made to perfection, while the crust is thin and crunchy.

They stay up late and so you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite meal. Curve unique sandwiches prises of the pizza are $7, which is a reasonably fair price.

6. Famous original rays pizza

  • Location: 736 7th avenue  New York City  between 48th and 49th street 10019-6001
  • Contact  212-956-7297
  • Email: info@rayspizza.com

Ray’s has different pizza outlets, and their pizza is always awesomely made. The pizzas have got some huge slices, and they are served hot and fresh.

The pizzas are available in all sizes and customized to suit people of any age and all with dietary rations.

Famous original rays pizza is a one-stop family place. The pizza served for the family is enormous and worth the price, actually much cheaper.

The sauce adds taste to the cheese and toppings. The cheese is fresh and tasty, and they apply a generous amount of both.

The restaurant is constantly bustling with people who stream in and out of the restaurant. This shows how authentic their pizza is, and they also have offers where you can have extra pizza.

The staffs are friendly and polite. So next when you visit New York, please stop by Rays and you won’t regret it.

7. Patzeria perfect  pizza 

Patzeria perfect pizza 1

Patzeria is a must-visit place in New York if you want a classic New York-style pizza experience.

I can bet the pizza slices are huge, so you know, visit the restaurant on an empty stomach if you want to clear a slice or more.

The pizza menu is diverse, but you can choose from other dishes as well.

If you want a place with excellent customer service, then this is your joint, the staffs are tentative, kind, and respectful because of the covid-19 situation the workers wear mask and gloves.

For the pizza, I recommend the regular pizza. The sauce is tangy and sweet, while the mozzarella cheese was delicious. The crust is thin and airy.

However, patzeria has various delicious pizzas you can choose from and never be disappointed.

8. Angelos pizza 


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If you want an excellent neighborhood Gem, then Angelo’s Pizza is the place. They have a great menu, and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing.

They have the best staffs who are courteous with excellent customer care service.

Whatever dish you decide to choose from the menus, you will absolutely love their food.

It is such a great location considering the ambient atmosphere, quiet and relaxing, perfect for dining out.

It is a big restaurant with two floors hence a perfect setting for social distancing.

They have such unique and delicious pizza prepared from the wood-fired ovens.

The crust is light and fluffy, the sauce has a good tangy flavor, and the cheese is a blast considering it’s chewy.

If pizza is not your favorite dish, they have various other Italian dishes you would opt to taste.

9. Pizza  hut express

  • Location; 761 7th Ave # 69, New York City, NY 10019
  • Contact;  +60 1-300-88-2525

Pizza hut express

It is one of the best pizza companies globally, with a lot of restaurants across the globe. They are inspired by the belief that pizza night should be great.

They are the first of their kind to deliver pizza beyond the corners of the earth and into space.

The pizza hut in Times Square could prove a hard place to find.

It is located within various other restaurants and is not clear from the front, but their pizza recipes accompanied with other side dishes are usually the best and a must-try.

10. Pauls on Times Square 

  • Location 136 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036
  • Contacts +1 212-204-7246

Pauls on time square

It is a perfect location that makes it a convenient place to be, especially when you want to grab an early dinner before going for a broadway.

Their staffs are hospitable and also knowledgeable about the menu and can further make recommendations for the meals. The interior décor is beautiful and classy, a mixture of casual and semi-formal.

11. 99cent fresh pizza

Location; 143 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018

Contact +1 212-366-5550

It is a conveniently close place to Times Square. There are no chairs; hence you only need to order and grab your take away.

Their pizzas are relatively cheap as you only need to pay 99 cents per slice, but if you want more toppings, there is an extra charge for that.

The pizzeria is busy 24hrs just passed by at 12.30 am, and it was packed with people streaming in and out. The pizza is of good quality with some level of freshness.

The crust is quite crunchy, while the toppings are favorable.

It is a place to try if you don’t want to spend much but also have a touch of a fantastic satisfactory meal

12. NY pizza suprema

NY pizza suprema 1

It is by far rated as one of the best pizzas in Manhattan by slice harvester and further one of the ten best pizza in Midtown. They have a unique variety of pizza accompanied by tradition.

They have various pizzas to choose from, including the fully loaded suprema slice, the hot honey pizza’s indulgence.

Try white pizza drizzle hot honey, and the good thing is that you can make orders per slice; hence you can try a variety of their pizza in one meal.

Their flavors and ingredient are incredible and unique. The crust is thin and crunchy. If you want to get an iconic experience of New York pizza, then this is the place.

Their services are quick and flexible. You won’t have to wait for your pizza for long.

13. Gotham pizza

  • Location 852 8th Ave, New York City, NY 10019-6244
  • Contacts: +1 212-258-2288
  • Email: info@gothampizza.com

Gotham pizza 1

Gotham pizza is a perfect go-to place. They are known for dealing with fresh ingredients and further using classic dishes.

The pizza place is relatively small; therefore, you can only order your pizza or curry takeaway. They have this thin crust that is crunchy and airy. The pizza topping is also excellent.

If you are looking fr a place to have some quick bites get it from Gotham pizza.

14. Johns of time square

  • Location: 260 W. 44th Street New York, NY 10036
  • Phone: 212-391-7560

Johns of time square

It is voted one of the best pizza restaurants in New York, following the unique features and using coal-fired brick ovens to prepare the pizza; these ovens have no thermostat; hence, they are operated by chefs with years of experience.

They have a variety of pizzas to choose from. You can almost get any pizza you want. The coal-fired pizza, in essence, has not so thin or thick crust.

The outside building is not appealing, but once you enter inside, you will notice a change brought about by the beautiful glasses worth taking a photo of the structure. According to history, the place was once a church hence its interior structures.

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