10 Best Ravioli Makers Of 2020 – Ravioli Mold Reviews And Buying Guide

I usually buy the canned ravioli but not every time. You will all agree with me that the best ravioli is made at home from scratch. I mean nothing beats the taste of my mom’s ravioli.

However, making them from scratch is a daunting task especially if you lack the tools to make your work easy.

I know, in theory, making ravioli seems very easy, you just lay your pasta sheet on your working surface, put the filling, and put another sheet on top then cut it to pieces. However, you have some work when it comes to cutting the ravioli and making the pasta sheet if you have no tools.

Note that, there are various ways of making it. You also have different tools you need to make your work easier as you will see it below.

Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker
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What Is Ravioli?


It could well be described as the traditional Italian dumpling. It’s your pasta made in form of little cases that contain fillings in them. They are usually square-shaped and the fillings can be anything from cheese, veggies, or minced meat.

Most people serve it with tomato sauce although you can use the other different kinds of sauces to serve it.

10 Best Ravioli Makers in 2020

1. Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press

Norpro Ravioli Maker With Press

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This ravioli maker comes with a press that you may use to make the pasta sheet thus you won’t even need the pasta maker. You can work with the rolling pin the old-fashioned way.

But, before you can begin using the ravioli press you must get your dough right otherwise, having a great ravioli remains a dream.

What I like about this maker is that it makes it easy for even a beginner to make his ravioli. It comes with a recipe guide for you to follow when making the dough. As you will notice, it has 2 parts the plastic one and the metal side.

Instead of using your fingers to dent the ravioli, you use the plastic side, and then the metal one makes the shapes and outer parts of the ravioli when you finish rolling it. You have your rolling pin to help you roll the ravioli once the dough is ready.

Spread the sheet to about 12 inches long and 4 inches wide then try to make it as thin as you can. Place it over the Norpo maker, use the plastic side to dent it, add your filling and cover with another sheet. Continue to roll over the metal sheet and let the edges cut the excess dough.ravioli-maker

Turn it over and begin cutting the pieces made. You are almost done with the homemade ravioli now go ahead and cook it according to your own recipe. You can also use it to make the cookies or two-bite pies.

Large ravioli maker

2. Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

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With this item, you have your granny’s recipe covered. Your friends will not let you go before making them the delicious ravioli with the Belleman maker. The secret is in the large size that allows for more fillings.

Since it has a uniform size you expect the uniform sizes of ravioli that are uniformly cooked as opposed to dry ones and overcooked ones that you sometimes get when you have no even pieces.

The ravioli maker has 12 large enough holes for you to have different kinds of fillings. With this piece, you have the metal rod doing all the cutting for you and you won’t have to spend hours pinching the pieces again by hand.

The ravioli maker is safe to use by children and flexible yet break-resistant. Furthermore, it helps you to shape the ravioli. When using the piece, you can never have some pieces stuck on the edges of the metal.

If you will make the dough right you should have each piece free of the tear. To seal the ravioli, pass the rolling stick once or twice on the metal rod. Remember to handwash the piece that way it retains the color.

3. Imperia Ravioli Maker Set of 3 Italian Made Molds

Imperia Ravioli Maker Set of 3 Italian Made Molds- Mini Squares, Tortelli, and Raviolini with Rolling Pin

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For those who love varying options of ravioli, this is yours to use. You have probably heard of the imperia brand in the business of pasta making. You mostly need a pasta dough maker for spreading the sheet but if you have this large pin, you won’t need that.

When using the different shapes of the molds, you need to sprinkle some flour on it then place your sheet over it. Next, use the rolling pin to press the dough into the molds, add the fillings making sure every hole is nicely filled. Cover it with another pasta sheet then press with the rolling pin.

It has 3 shapes design to make the circularly shaped ravioli, square ones, and triangular ones all in mini shapes. It’s hard to use the triangular ones because your dough may stick on the sides. Remember to sprinkle some flour on the sides to avoid this.ravioli-makers

It has the molds being made of stainless steel that is of high quality. Its rubber feet beneath make it stable while you are filling and rolling the pasta sheet over. The rolling pin is however small which means you may need to buy a larger one.

Ravioli maker with a press

4. Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin

Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin

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This features a maker that makes 24 ravioli all at once. It’s made using the safe aluminum material. It’s a product from Italy which is home to the best ravioli in the world. The ravioli maker cuts your ravioli easily with its sharp edges.

It comes with a big rolling pin for you to use during the process. I like this because you don’t have to go back and forth in the preparation process. You can make 24 pieces which are enough for a medium-sized family.

Its wooden pin makes the pressing part easy and thus you will be enjoying the whole process. Use enough flour to avoid the tendency for the dough to stick in the molds. The holes are reasonably small and thus filling it should be much easier.

Moreover, with the rolling pin, you could have the perfect seal if you are tired of the history of ravioli opening when cooking. Handwash this item then let it dry well before you begin using it.

5. KitchenAid Krav, 1″, Ravioli Maker

KitchenAid Ravioli Maker, 1', Red

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Here’s some creative piece by none other than KitchenAid. You don’t need to struggle in making the ravioli, just bring this KitchenAid ravioli maker to your kitchen and notice the ease by which you make the ravioli and all at a cheap price.

The attachment literary seals the meat, cheese, and any other fillings you have in the 3-row large pocketed ravioli maker. With its included scoop you can evenly spread the filling across the pockets while aiming at filling the corners.

You attach this ravioli maker to your stand mixer and the delicate nature of the ravioli calls for manual running instead of the powered version. Making the restaurant style ravioli has never been this easy.

It works with the pasta sheet maker that is called the kitchenAid pasta roller. This cuts the time you would otherwise take to make the ravioli by half. And it delivers a high-quality piece. Moreover, you will have all the even pieces of ravioli.

It offers maximum convenience when it comes to cleaning because you use its special cleaning brush to make sure all the parts of the roller are clean.

Ravioli maker with mold

6. Ravioli Maker Mold – MASTER FENG Ravioli Maker Set

3 Pack Dish Bowl Clip Gripper, Kitchen Stainless Steel Folding Hot Dish Plate Holder, Lifter Gripper, and Three Feet Clip Retrieve Tong from Microwave Oven (2 Pack)

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The ravioli mold is designed to quickly make the 12/18 or 24 pieces at ago. How convenient is that? It comes with the ravioli mold and rolling pin to help spread the sheet nicely. We find some molds unable to seal the ravioli but not this piece.

With its sturdy construction, you will use the ravioli maker for long especially because it’s made using stainless steel. You expect nothing short of uniformity with this piece. You can also have it in 4 different shapes, hexagonal, round, square, and triangular ravioli.

Always remember to handwash it. Furthermore, rest assured that your piece is corrosion resistant. It doesn’t matter the type of filling you have because with the tray and press you have all you need to make the ravioli.

You will have an amazing kitchen experience with this tool.

7. Cheftor 4 Piece Authentic Wood Handle Ravioli Maker Set

Cheftor 4 Piece Authentic Wood Handle Ravioli Maker Set with 2 Round Stamps, 1 Square Stamp and Cutter Wheel for Ravioli, Pasta, Lasagna, Mante, Dumplings, Pierogi, Pelmini

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Having the ravioli maker set makes your work easy and creative too. This piece comes with 1 square stamp, round stamps and dough cutters. You can use the stamps to make a firm seal between the doughs. This helps to avoid opening as the ravioli is cooking.

The cutter ensures you separate the shapes and pieces evenly before the cooking begins. They are easy to use and will create consistent pieces.

They have high-quality wooden handles that not only offer you a firm grip but are also easy to maintain. They are further comfortable for use even when you are making large batches of the ravioli.

The items are further durable as I have used mine for years and I have never been disappointed. This always takes me back home to where ravioli came from in Italy every single time.

8. CHEFLY Pasta Ravioli Maker Set All in one 9 Thickness Settings

CHEFLY Sturdy Stainless Steel Pasta Maker - 9 Thickness Settings Dough Roller & 2 Blades Noodle Cutter & Fixation Clip for Fresh Homemade Lasagne Fettuccine Spaghetti P1801

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Making pasta at home has never been this easy with the chefly machine. Why use your hands to shape this pasta, ravioli, fettuccini, or noodles when chefly has your back? You will have the perfect texture and flavor at home.

You will choose from the 9 settings how thick you want your dough to be. You then go ahead and choose the width of the pasta or the square size of the ravioli with the serrated edge. It features the regular manual hand clamp model that will clamp on your table.


Use the socket on the side to turn it on by hand and let your roller do the work for you. This happens to be your commercial-grade tool. With the knob, adjust to your desired thicknesses before you place the pasta dough in the machine.

I like that this item has detachable parts that will make it easy to clean even the hidden parts that prove unreachable. They are further dishwasher friendly items that take the work off your shoulder. Use the item to make your homemade pasta anytime.

9. Marcato 8323 Ravioli Cutter Attachment

Marcato Ravioli Cutter Attachment, Made in Italy, Works with Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, 7.25 x 4.5-Inches

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Are you looking for nothing less than the authentic flavors for your family meals? Consider buying the marcato ravioli cutter attachment that works best with the atlas pasta machine. It will make sure you form, cut, and seal the homemade pasta.

If you want an item that will cut your dough consistently for even and easy cooking, buy the marcato. Its compatibility means it offers the quality functioning and technical innovativeness of the company which produced the item.

Its handles make processing the dough easy and aside from the ravioli, you can use the attachment to make lasagna, fettuccini and Tagliani. With the help of the different accessories like the pasta bike, genuine pasta ravioli, and taca pasta, making the dough and ravioli is easy.

Remember to clean this item every time you finish using it.

Round ravioli maker

10. Fantes Ravioli Maker Stamp Set

Fantes Ravioli Maker Stamp Set, Round Stamp with Wooden Handle and Fluted Edge, 2.5-Inch, The Italian Market Original since 1906

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For those days when the only shapes that would fulfill that craving are the round type ravioli, we have you sorted with this stamp. After you have made the richly authentic dough, you can have the ravioli stamp make the round pieces

It will make a uniformly sized 2 inches of ravioli every single time. Since the pieces are even so will the cooking be. You can use whichever stuffing of your choice and still have a unique round design.

The stamp will help with the sealing process as well so that you don’t have to struggle with your fingers and still have the ravioli open amidst the cooking process. It uses the firm wooden handles for a firm grip and reduced strain when cutting.

The item is easy to hand clean and consider letting it dry out before storage.


Factors of Consideration When Buying the Ravioli Maker

· Ease of use

The reason why you are buying the ravioli maker is so that you may have peace of mind when making the ravioli. You won’t have to do everything by hand as there are machines to aid the task. This is even better when you have limited time to take on the handmaking process.

Ask yourself before you invest in the tool if it appears like an easy to use the item. Of course, for obvious reasons electric items are the easiest to use because they are automated. If you have a big family, you can also use manual machines because they are easy to cut with.

Note that, although you want to create the best ravioli, not all the ravioli makers are the same. You must take your time to look at the features it has versus the features you would like before buying the item.

· The speed

For those who have cooked ravioli for years, this is a non-issue even when they are using their hands. However, if you aren’t fast, that’s okay and you only need the help of a tool that will make it a quicker process.

For the automatic or electric machines, this is a plus for them. I specifically love the KitchenAid Krav, 1″, Ravioli Maker it speeds the process. This other manual maker depends solidly on how fast you are as a person.

· Is it durable?

This tool happens to be amongst the smallest gadgets in the kitchen. Nevertheless, you still need to check an item that is made using a material that is corrosion resistant and can stand the test of time.

Moreover, take the time to clean your item rightfully. If possible, always avoid the dishwasher and instead handwash the items. I always choose the ones with a longer warranty duration as they indicate that the item is trustable.

· The type

From the list, you will realize that there are two types of ravioli makers: electric and manual ones. Electric ravioli makers that are automatic are great but for your business set up. If you will be making the ravioli at home, just buy the manual ones.

Remember the electric versions are costly yet they require intense maintenance. The manual ones are more popular yet sufficient for use. They are easy not only cheap but also easy to maintain.

· The cost

Last on the topic is the cost because it’s not such a major one. You want to know that this product is one of the small tools of the kitchen therefore, you shouldn’t break your bank in buying it. As long as it has the features you like pick it and move to the next item.


Where to Buy the Ravioli Making Sheets

I believe in Italy the item is readily accessible as it’s the home of ravioli. If you also have an Italian community around you with their appliance stores, you will find one there too.

Additionally, if you can visit the various online store you should find the ravioli sheets in most. In fact, you will have a display of choices.

Other Ravioli Making Accessories

The basic item as we have seen displayed in the list above are the ravioli maker, the tray sheet or the cutter will help to shape the ravioli.

You also need a bowl, a rolling pin, and a knife to make the process even easier.

· The pasta machines

Once you have your dough ready, the pasta machine will come in handy to help you make the thin dough. What I like about the machine is that you get to choose the thickness you would like and the dough develops an even size.

After you make the sheet, it’s easy to shape them in the ravioli maker. Whether you want the manual way or automatic method is up to you. Most of these machines are easy to use and maintain. They are further durable which means that you will have a one-time investment.

· The rolling pins

If you know how to use the rolling pin to make the pasta sheet then you should be fine with having one. However, you may need the rolling pin once you place the pasta sheet in your ravioli maker.

It will help you press the sheet further and even seal the ravioli before the cooking process begins.

· A knife

Make your knife sharp as it will help you in cutting the dough into halves before you start the pressing. Sometime you may use it to cut the ravioli pieces.

· The pastry board

I mostly like to knead the dough myself so that I can feel the texture I have. In this case, you will need a pasty board. Some people will opt for the kitchen counter when making the dough and that’s okay.

How to Use A Ravioli Maker

If you want more details, please check the video.

If you want to see the image version, please check it here.


How to Make the Ravioli Without the Machine

In the olden days, I believe there were no such machines to cut your ravioli or make the pasta sheet yet they still enjoyed every piece of the ravioli.

· Begin by making the ravioli dough using eggs, flour salt, and some oil. Mix your dough perfectly to make a great texture with it. Cover it and let it rest for a few minutes before you embark on the ravioli making process.

· After about 20minutes, come and divide your dough into half then pick the first half and roll on your already floured surface. Stretch it to a paper-thin size.

· Place the filling on one side of the sheet small pieces and living an inch space between them. Try to make fillings of about 12 tablespoons for each row.

· Brush the edges of your dough with egg and bring the other sheet side to cover it. The egg York acts as your glue. Now begin to cut it using the pizza or pasta cutter then remove the pieces as you press the edges together.

· Then begin the cooking process.

How to Seal the Ravioli

The last thing you want is to have done all the process of making the ravioli right and when cooking begins you find that it opens up. In this case, the sealing wasn’t properly done. Of course, making ravioli takes practice.

Basically, you want to brush the ravioli sides with the egg wash then bring your remaining square on top. Press down the seal as this will remove the air bubble around the ravioli and let it stick together.

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