Best Salami for Pizza Of 2021

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When you are making the Italian style pizza, you may sometimes need to use salamis. While you mostly use them on pizza, you can also use them on sandwiches and pasta. Salami is another type of the oldest type of sausage.

It often has a casing that covers the different kinds of meats and spices. Today though, the salami is part of many recipes in your cuisines. And that’s why we even have different versions coming up every time.

Often you will have people asking, but how did the salty, savory meats or sausages come to be a favorite in most households?

Whats salami

The term salami is also the same Italian term Salame. It refers to the cured sausage that’s encased and has air dried and fermented meats.

They mostly use pork meat in this case, but nowadays, they will almost use any meat.


It’s an Italian style of sausage that the manufacturers have damaged due to the high demand. They no longer make it as they used to; instead, it goes through over-processing and mass production. With this then the sausage is not the same perfect quality.

The salami comes in a hard log that is also easier to cut into thin slices if you like to. It, therefore, features the use of stuffed meat that they also set in a casing.

In most cases, the meat is never cooked. They then cure and ferment the meat. Notice, though, that the salamis come in different types. Also, the most popular pepperoni is just one type of salami.

Also, they make the salami using different meats, with the common ones being meat, veal, and pork. You can use them to make the different sandwiches on pizza and many other recipes. You can also eat them as part of salads or appetizers.

Where is salami from?

Salami has its origin in Italy. But not much is known as to when exactly it came about.

They founded the salami way before even the popular roman history. Today though, when you are looking for the salamis, you can be sure to find them anywhere.

You’ll find the different types made featuring the use of different flavors too. They come in different thickness and consistency too.

How to make the salami?

The first thing to do is to choose the right pork and beef if you need them. Again make sure the meat you, therefore, choose to use has no bones. No one wants to eat bones in their sausage. Remember, the quality of the meats you choose will often determine the quality of the sausage you chose.

You can further add the flavorings that may include garlic, pepper, and fennel. Then if you want, you can also add some wine or cinnamon. I mean, it’s just about everything you need, especially if you are making this at home.

So then they mix the different types of meats with the flavorings you already have. You will then take the mixture, and then you stuff it in your casings.


From here then the process of fermenting the meat in the casing begins. So the dry curing is the first step. Remember, traditionally, this one was supposed to be a method to preserve the meats. Notice, though, that the whole process will take a little bit of time.

Therefore, the taste you have on the salami is a result of the different and beneficial bacteria. They will often make the salami more acidic. And with this then helps it to get dry-aged. No wonder it will be chewy yet nicely delicious. You will then have the salt absorb the moisture. It’s also the reason why the salami gets nicely dry.

For this to then happen, you have to keep the salami casing at a set temperature. And that also depends on the different types of salami you are using. You will then store the salami at a humidity-controlled temperature too.

What to consider when buying the salami

Different things will matter when you’re buying the salami, remember.

The type

As we had already mentioned, there are different types of salami. You have to know the type you are going for based on what you will use it for. We will list a few here, not talk about them because that will be your topic for another day.

  • Prosciutto
  • Bresaola
  • Pancetta
  • Mortadella
  • Soppressata

The flavors

It’s important to mention that the salami’s flavors will vary based on the spices you use with them. The salami is mostly not as spicy; if you like pepperoni, you will find the salami bland.

Nowadays, though, we have variations made here in America that are somewhat spicy and flavorful. I mean, we love spicy food, so we have to make it our way.

Often they aim at making it match the Italian taste buds so you will still like it. I enjoy the kinds that we eat on salads mainly. The good thing is that they remain affordable.

The fat content

Notice that you should choose the salami with a reasonable fat content because it will add on some flavor. But if you are concerned about the fat in your meal and don’t want to eat the salami with fat, you should keep it off.

1. Sopressa Salami by Creminelli

Sopressa Salami by Creminelli - Bulk Form (2.7 pound)

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They make this one following the northern side of Italy recipes. They have rich recipes where they like to add a lot of garlic and wine. This is one significant addition to any recipe. This kind of salami they used to press between planks to allow the salami to age.

Here you are sure only to get the fine salami meats. Look at this salami keenly; you will notice that they feature the shape of the kidney-shaped bean. Still, it also has a natural casing for the sausage meats. So then remember to remove the casing before you eat this flavorful piece.

2. 2 x 15.2oz Gallo Italian Dry Salame Light 55% Less Fat Deli Thin Sliced

2 x 15.2oz Gallo Italian Dry Salame Light 55% Less Fat Deli Thin Sliced

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This one will not be too hard, but neither is it too soft, making it easy to slice into thin pieces. Lucky for you, then you won’t need to cut it by yourself. This one comes to you already nicely sliced, which means you will only need to set it on your salad, pizza, or sandwich.

It won’t taste smoky or over-processed, and it gives you the authentic Italian old-world version of salami. They use premium quality pork but also the turkey sometimes. Their aim is always to make sure it’s tasty, which is also why it’s still a modern version of salami.

It uses dry fat and milk, which also means it will have 55%. So this is a healthier choice. You will be surprised that it has and uses Italian spices and seasoning to make it tastier.

3. Galileo Italian Dry Salami 

Galileo Italian Dry Salami - 2 x 2 inch Jumbo Wrapped, 4 Pound -- 2 per case.

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Before we even talk about the salami, you should know that this type of salamis has a shorter shelf life.

It features the use of pork with a variety of spices. To further give it a distinct flavor, they use garlic. Here you even have the Italian flavors since they use spices from Italy. They take about 21-25 days to age fully. They are also richly flavored, thus making it a delicious choice.

Here then you have the types of sausages with the shorter lifespans. When you are looking for the old world flavors, this will bring the perfect taste. This one then has added more flavors of winemaking; it greatly tangy. This salami is the easiest to use a style of salami anyway.

4. Simms Premium Smoke Flavored Hard Salami Slices

Simms Premium Smoke Flavored Hard Salami Slices - 1 lb.

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I’m one who enjoys the different smoked salamis styles as they will add the perfect flavors to your pizza. You can use it in the sandwich but also the pizza if you like. Most people like to add it to the crackers, and then they eat it together with the different wines.

The brand is famous for making one of the best pizzas. It features the use of beef, salt, and sometimes even pork.

5. Levoni Mortadella with Pistachio Nuts

Levoni Mortadella with Pistachio Nuts - No MSG, Imported from Italy - Sliced by the Pound

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Here you have another choice of salami that you will only find from Italy. It features one of the best choices of the salamis that you can use on your pizzas.

This one brings you delicate flavors yet very delicious. It will make your mouth water, and it will maintain the right fragrant feeling. It will retain the perfect fragrant smell with the perfect cuts. It will still maintain the rich tastes.  

What meat will they set on the salami?

Like most sausages, you mostly use pork meat and not any other type of meat traditionally when making salamis. Today, however, you can decide to use the beef, which is most preferred lately. If you have turkey or duck meat, don’t shy away from using it either.


The casing method they use and the curing process makes sure you don’t need to refrigerate it. Of course, today, once you open it, you will have to refrigerate it to ensure that it will last long. Notice that they use different spices to make different salami flavors. If you’re like me, then you will mostly like to use pork or beef.

Why does my salami have white parts?

It features the penicillin mold. Notice that the same is what you will find on the exterior of some cheese. This is also to say that it remains an edible option.

Don’t worry about the white parts, as they make sure the salami never attracts bad bacteria. And it will work to keep off bad bacterial even during the fermentation process.

It will always create even the better-looking salami, and the good thing is that you can eat it without it causing any food poisoning.

Do you have to cook the salamis?

It will depend on the type of salami you are using. For example, the dry salamis you don’t have to cook so you can eat it as it is.

Your salamis will last even longer because it contains antioxidants and preservatives. You will further have it containing low water activity, which means that it doesn’t give room for bacterial growth.

The best thing to do is to make sure you keep the salami in the proper condition if you like it to last longer. This way then it will retain the flavors. But expect that if it stays for long, then you will have it losing its flavors.

So there’re salamis that you have to cook. And such are the ones that are best set on your pizzas. But you can also have the ones that you don’t have to cook.

But how long can it last?

Notice how long the salami then lasts depend on the person who produced it. Notice that it will last anything from a month to years, depending on how they made it.

Generally, though, you will need to refrigerate the salami you just bought, especially when you open it; if you can freeze it, then it’s better.

In its frozen state, then it will last up to 9 months. Generally, though, I advise that you take it within weeks of buying it because it will be tasty delicious.

Should I eat the casing?

Most of the salami casings you know of are edible. If they are not, then the manufacturer is going to advise you not to eat it. The casing is often the intestine, which they wash well to make sure it’s safe to eat. Sometimes they use the animal skin to case the salami.

The casing is mostly safe to eat, and it’s not, then they will advise you not to eat and try it.

Is Italian salami better than the ones they make in America?

It all depends on your taste buds, I would say. If you were born in Italy, you would most likely enjoy salami that is from your country. For those in America, the Italian salami may lack that spicy edge. So go for the one you like based on preference.

Of course, salami is Italian, so if you ate the ones made in Italy, you would know the real tastes, and I know you will love it as I do.

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