Top 5 Best Semolina Flour Of 2021 Reviews

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We live in a world so concerned about what we consume. Today we have most of the people gearing towards less wheat use for one reason or another. So today, we introduce you to the other common kind of flour-semolina flour.

So the semolina, though, is a type of flour that also contains very high gluten, coarser texture, and it also retains the yellow color. Notice, therefore, that you can use it to make the different things that include the pasta.

Notice that you can have the coarser or medium textured flour. If you want, you could also use it to make bread, cakes, and pizzas. It’s a common ingredient in Italy but also in parts of Asia. No wonder Italians like to use it in making their favorite pasta too.

This flour they make from the durum wheat, which grows mostly in the middle east. Remember, the semolina flour is going to be coarser than the regular flour.

In most cases, it also has an earthy aroma that’s also different from other wheat flours.


  • This kind of flour has been in existence for the last thousands of years but in the middle east.
  • It contains high gluten quantity which is why it works great when you are making the pasta.
  • You will notice it for its yellow color.
  • It’s often coarser than most other types of flours.

1. Antimo Caputo Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata Semolina Flour

Antimo Caputo Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata Semolina Flour 2.2LB (1kg) Bag (2 Pack) - All Natural Dough for Fresh Pasta

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Most people enjoy this flour just because it contains no additives; it’s in its natural form, you know. The good thing, though, is that you can use it for your pizza dough or the pasta one if you like.

The difference here is that the flour is not very fine-textured. It will remain a coarser choice.

Notice that they use the term rimancita, which also refers to the grinding of the grains twice. This then will form the perfect fine and smooth flour.

So you have powder-like flour to use in the dough. What makes the flour very fine is that they use the slow milling process to mill the flour.

So here then you will make the malleable flour that is also not sticky. The flour then will mean that it maintains the moistness, yet it will retain its nutrients. You will most definitely attain the elastic dough too.

People like it because it makes it easy to attain a distinctive flavor, but you will also attain chewy flour. Make sure, though, that you knead it properly to attain the perfect texture and flavors.

Remember to leave it a little longer to rise even more. When the dough rises appropriately, it will influence the texture but also the tastes more.


  • You will attain the elastic dough that you won’t even teat.
  • Notice that it will always have a delicious flavor.
  • You can use it to make the pasta dough but also the pizza one.


  • Most of the buyers complain that they only give you a small quantity.

2. Bob’s Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour

Bob's Red Mill Semolina Pasta Flour - 24 oz

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Although the name suggests that it’s a perfect flour to use for the pasta flour, you can also use it for the pizza dough. This one is a coarse and sandy flour for anyone to use.

This flour has a lot of minerals and vitamins. Remember, it contains thiamine, irons, folic acid, riboflavin, and even niacin.

However, if you have nuts and soy allergies, you should spare yourself from the different reactions that you could easily attain. It won’t work for vegans because the processors make this flour in places with the elements.

This is the best flour to use if you don’t like to add eggs to your dough.

If you like to make a stiff dough, then the solution is to use more flour and lesser water. You will mostly like the golden brown color of the flour.

Then make the flour using the premium durum wheat. So then, with it, you will find it easy to make the different doughs you want to use.

Notice that it has a decent amount and price to use in the making of the flour.


  •  It’s one of the cheapest choices.
  • This one is going to retain the moisture in the flour.


  • It’s somehow artificially made.

3. Rani Sooji (Farina, Suji, Rava, Rawa, Semolina) Flour

Rani Sooji Coarse (Farina, Suji, Rava, Rawa, Semolina) Flour 4lbs (64oz) ~ All Natural | Vegan | NON-GMO | Indian Origin

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If all you want is to have or make the best sooji flour, you can choose this type of flour. The good thing, though, is that you will have the flour that is in its most natural form. This is most of the cleanest form of flour.

Whether you’re looking for this flour to use to make pasta, pizza, or even bread, you will make it work efficiently. You may not know it best if you aren’t Indian, but you can best believe you will love the flour.

It’s ideal to use in the making of the different meals you intend to use it for.

Again, it will deliver the sand grain’s coarseness, and that tastes and rubs nicely on your tongue. You will like the flour because it’s high in protein and also the fiber content.

This also means that you will have it easy to digest the different styles of food.
Notice that you will realize that when you use the flour here, it makes you feel nicely full.

Therefore, you don’t have to eat a lot of pizzas and other foods. The good thing, though, is that you will find it easy to use, but it has no preservatives, and it’s not an artificial choice either.


  • You will like it for the fact that it will then cook fast. It means you will have the most convenient choice.
  • It has no GMOs
  • It also contains a lot of fiber and proteins.
  • It’s versatile but also tasty.


  • Not that we know of too.

4. Semolina Flour

Semolina Flour (16 oz, ZIN: 525082)

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Here you have another type of flour you can use to make pasta, pizza, or flour types. So this particular flour then they use the endosperm of durum wheat.

This is why you will have the finer grind for easy making of the pizza dough.

One thing that makes you like the flour the most is that it has a nutty flavor, yet it’s also a sweeter and delicious choice to use. Here you will further use the quality flour, and you can be sure it serves you whether you are making the pasta or the pizza with it.

You will like it the most because of the freshness, yet it’s not even the most affordable option. You will have one of the most affordable choices to use in this flour you find here. With this, you can be sure you have the easier-to-use flour that will also make the perfect dough.

If you love more of the most natural style of foodstuffs, then you can use the flour you have here. So the flour then will be GMO-free, and yet it’s not artificially made either.


  • It’s a versatile choice of flour.
  •  This is the best-accepted choice of semolina flour in the world.
  •  You will further have the fine flour too.


  • None we know of yet

5. Antico Molino Caputo Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata

Antico Molino Caputo Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata (Reground Semolina Flour) - Pack 4

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So here you will have the flour they make using the perfect grains of wheat. It’s perfect for you to use when looking for the durum wheat to the perfect flour.

Notice though this is one of the more refined options you can ever use. So you can use the perfect flour for making your favorite pasta, pizza, or bread is here.

You can use the flour when you’re making your favorite pizza dough together with the different toppings you would like to make the perfect dough with. The best part is that it will quickly cook faster in the oven since it’s fine.

Again, they will always use the slow grinding process to make sure the dough makes the perfect pizza dough.

They also regrind the dough to make sure it grinds right, thus making it cook right. You can be sure about the authenticity of the quality since it means you will cook perfectly.


  •  Therefore, you will receive a versatile flour that you can use in cooking different meals like pizza bread and pasta.
  •  It’s easy to use flour, yet it will help you attain the perfect flavors and textures.


  • This one has a shorter lifespan.

How to make the pizza dough with semolina flour?

Do you have time?

It would help if you had at least an hour when you’re using the semolina flour. This kind of pizza will work for the perfect last-minute use when you have cravings.

If you always have a problem with the dough snapping back when you’re stretching it, then you should use this flour.

It will ensure you attain the perfect dough. In most cases, you can’t even have the dough retaining the circular shape.
You will most likely enjoy the dough in less than an hour to dinner time. It takes a much shorter time to prep the dough than other types of dough.

Most people like to use it to dust the table or counter before setting the pizza ball to start stretching. This will allow you to stretch the dough without really sticking it.

You will find the dough being delicious and flavorful at the same time.

So you can almost use it the same way you use the regular flours. So you will set the flour with the water, yeast, and some olive oil, knead it and keep kneading to make a smooth dough. Go on to let the dough rest for at least an hour.


What is the general taste of the semolina flour?

Of course, if you’re going to eat it for the very first time, you want to know how it tastes. It’s a sweet flour with a nutty flavor. Expect some earthy aroma too.

If you like the yellow color of your wheat products, then this is the reason why you will attain the color.

How should I store it?

Compared to other types of flour, semolina flour is surprisingly very delicate and fragile.

It will get stale sooner. This is why you can’t just set it on the counter unless you keep it in the cool dark place, then you can expect it to get damaged sooner.
For some people, by the way, the best way to keep the flour is in the refrigerator or the freezer.

Can I substitute my semolina?

Of course, you can use substitutes for the semolina. Put, if you don’t have it, then you can use the same amount of all-purpose flour, bread flour, wheat flour, among others.

Such flours then also have a high gluten content. Sometimes the gluten is way more than the amount you have in the semolina.

Is it healthy?

Of course, it is just like the many foods you will be eating too. It contains a lot of proteins, but it also has vitamin b types. This one can make it easier to lose weight if you want to.

It will keep your heart healthy. Unless you are, therefore, gluten intolerant, you are always welcomed to eat it.

Where will I find this flour?

You can find this flour almost anywhere you have a grocery shop, but if you are going to look for it online, you shouldn’t hesitate to check amazon.

Here then you will have several options you can choose from. Again it gives you the chance to read the reviews too.

How else can I use it?

Although we are talking about it regarding the making of the pizza dough, you can use this flour to make the pasta from scratch, you know.

Notice that the gluten in it is just balanced. Also, you can use it to make the couscous among many other uses.

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