5 Best Store Bought Pizza Dough – Premade Pizza Dough Reviews

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Most of us like pizza. However, the thought of the whole process of making it at home sends us to the chain restaurants to buy it. What if I told you that you could buy the store-bought dough, and you would only roll it, add the toppings and bake?  

The store-bought dough is the perfect solution for you if you like to make pizza, but you aren’t sure about your dough. So then we ask who produces the best pizza dough for us to buy from? Well, let’s find out.

best store-bought pizza crust to buy in 2021

1. Chebe Bread Pizza Crust Mix

Chebe Bread Pizza Crust Mix, Gluten Free, 7.5-Ounce Box (Pack of 8)

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It’s by far the safest choice of pizza flour you can use since it contains no gluten, no dairy products, and not even yeast. It will work perfect for vegans but also those who are looking for healthy flour or meals.

You can use it to make a single 14-inch pizza, and it will make your work easier since you need to roll it then add some toppings to it.

It stands out for making the best dough because the manufacturer used herbs and spices from Italy. This gives it the perfect flavors that stand out. You can almost make different Italian pizzas with it.

Most people buy it just because it’s versatile, and aside from the bread, you can also use it for other different recipes.

2. Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix

Betty Crocker Pizza Crust Mix, 6.5 - ounce Pouches (Pack of 6)

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When you want one of the pizza doughs that you can fix fast, then this is it. This features a crust mix that you will only need to add water to, and then you’re ready to go with it. So you will only take the flour and then add water to it to give it the perfect dough.

Most people like it because it’s easy to make, but also it has all the perfect flavors that make it even more delicious. So, of course, once you add water, then you can let it rest for a few minutes to have it proof.

One thing that’s bound to be true is that you will deliver one of the tastiest and crustiest pizzas. Well, no need to be skeptical; go out and buy yours, then you will see it’s great-tasting and even easy to make.

3. Low Carb Pizza & Calzone Mix 

Low Carb Pizza & Calzone Mix – All Natural, No Sugar – Perfect for Diabetic, Keto, and Low Carb Food Diets! Makes Three 8-10” Pizzas

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If you are looking for the easiest way to reduce carbs in your diet, you will have to also reduce them in the flours you use.  This will make a great pizza and calzone crust. If you have diabetes or are just working on your weight, this is the best for you since it tastes great and easy to use.

It may surprise you that even kids enjoy the pizzas at different levels. You can use it with your whole family comfortably. Here you have the premade dough, and it’s upon you to now roll it to the perfect shape. Next, add the toppings and bake or, better yet, fold to make it perfect.

You won’t have to think twice about giving it to your family with this dough because the whole family can eat it. If you are one of those who only trust the ones made in the US, then this is your go-to. Many consumers sing the praise of it, and you can be sure it will be easier to use.

4. Paleo Pizza Crust Mix 

Paleo Pizza Crust Mix (2 Mix Pack) (Gluten-Free & Grain-Free) 12oz

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Here you have one of the easiest to use dough mix again, and it stands out for being a thin paleo style of pizza mix. This is easy to mix into a dough, and therefore you can use it even when time is a limiting factor for you already.

The good thing is that this one will give you all the perfect flavors for your pizza. It’s a toxin-free choice of dough mix yet a healthy option. If you are gluten intolerant, for example, you can comfortably use this option. It features the use of almond flour with parts of the white egg flour.

It’s still a nutritious option without the soy, wheat, corn, beans, and the likes. You will also like it for the fact that it’s easy to do work. It doesn’t matter what you have; you can mix it by hand or with a mixer.

5. Jiffy PIZZA CRUST Mix 

Jiffy PIZZA CRUST Mix 6.5oz (18 pack)

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Here you have another one of the best yet easy to use crust mix. This option is popular because of the flavors and how easy it works. So you will only need to add the water, easy, right? Therefore, you have the best pizza dough in a few minutes.

Here you have a brand that knows a lot more about wheat and flour than any other, so they will only sell to you the very best. Remember to knead it well and give it time to prove a little bit too.

Have you bought the store-bought dough yet?

For some reason lately, I prefer to use the crust mix to the already made dough because of the lifespan. It’s just better to mix it yourself when you are ready for it. The store-bought doughs are surprisingly quite famous and readily available in the grocery stores than on amazon. These are some of the things you may need to walk into the store, pick, and move.

Here are the things you will need to know though

· The mess

When you open the plastic bag, removing it isn’t easy because it will stick to the bag. And of course, when you hold it in your hands, it’s going to cause a mess too.

· Not easy to work with

Although most manufactures will tell you that their dough is easy to work with, it’s not. The first thing to do is let it rest. Please don’t follow the directive that you can use it immediately. If you don’t let it rest, you can expect to find it hard to work with that dough.

Whether you try to roll it into a pan or you press it in, you will notice that it gets too hard to work with regardless. It’s way too elastic to work.

· It saves you time

Of course, sometimes you don’t have the time to make your dough, which leaves you the only option to buy the dough. If you will do this, then it’s best to choose the ones with lesser ingredients.

Heres how to correct the mess though

So go to the store, buy yourself the dough and go your way home. When you reach home, then you can remove as much as you want to from the plastic. But don’t let it rest yet; instead, make a dough ball with it first. Knead a little as you are making the ball, and then let it rest before working with it.

Benefits of buying the dough.

There’s nothing like homemade pizza but particularly the homemade dough. But sometimes we feel the need to buy ready-made dough, and here are the reasons why you go for them.

It saves time

The main reason anyone wants to buy the store-bought dough is that it reduces the time you will take in making the pizza. If you would take a long time to rest and thus get easy to stretch now, you don’t need to do that.

Some people dont know how to make the dough right.

If you aren’t very sure about making the dough, it’s better to buy it. I know once you have the dough right, it’s just about adding the toppings. Such people reason that they don’t have to make the dough themselves, so they can just prep the topping, and in 10 minutes, they have it all set.

You can use it for other things.

You don’t necessarily have to make the pizzas when buying the doughs; you can use them for other things.

You can use this dough for breadsticks, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, bread, pretzel, among others.

They are tasty

When you buy from brands like trader’s joe, then you are sure you are going for the pizza dough that’s entirely made. This way, you are sure to attain the perfect crust, and when you add on the toppings, it’s delicious pizza.

What to look for when buying the dough?

Where are you buying it from?

I prefer to buy the dough from the grocery store than online. But that’s just me thinking it won’t be nicely fresh getting it online. If you, however, are sure about buying online, then go ahead and do it.

Check the dates

Do not assume this. Check that the dates of the expiry are not close. If you buy one close to the expiry, it won’t taste as fresh as the one they just set on the counter.

Check what people say about the dough.

I always believe you can find such information online, so go out and check it before buying. The good thing is that you can just set the dough brand’s name, and it will give you a positive and critical review before you settle.

However, if you are buying it from amazon like her, you are sure you will find the review online.

The price

This isn’t supposed to be expensive and if it is, then leave it. You don’t have to buy it expensively when you can make it at home.

How to prepare the store-bought pizza dough?

Notice that you will have to make it work the same way you would often do with your other homemade doughs. When you have bought it from the store, then the chances are that you will buy it in its frozen state.

When you bring it home, you will always want to set it in the freezer again unless you want to use it immediately. I know most people won’t know how to use this store-bought dough at first, and that’s why we are here to help.

Do you know how to make it rise?

Of course, the first thing you have to do is to let the dough rise to be ready for use. If you are going to use it later, you need to get it out of the fridge first.

First step

Bring the dough you just bought to room temperature. Of course, it’s natural that you will want to have it regain its room temperature first when you are going to use the dough. Get it out of the fridge and let it rest out for 30 minutes to 3 hours.

You can help it rise quickly by covering it with a clean, damp kitchen cloth and setting it in a warm environment during its rising time. I like to set mine at the window.

Of course, this will make it easy to work with, and you won’t struggle with it shrinking back when stretching it.

Portion it next

It may come to you as a large mass of dough, so you will need to portion it to the right ball size. I know you ask how then?

  • For a single serving, you need 4-6 ounces of dough.
  • For two people, you may use 10-12 ounces of dough.
  • Use one pound, though, for full family use.

The third step is stretching and shape the dough.

Some people will want to use the rolling pin others not. Whichever way you want to make it is okay. However, note that if you use a rolling pin, then you will break the air pockets. This also means that the dough will not be as perfect.

It’s always your aim to make sure the dough doesn’t stick, so you should remember to dust it with some flour. Store-bought doughs tend to be a lot sticky.

So then you can shape it into a rectangle or a circular pizza crust. Both the rectangular one and the circle one are easy to make, especially when you stretch it by hand on the baking tray. Otherwise, do it as follow.

  • Flour the surface; you will be stretching the dough lightly.
  • Choose where you will be working on the counter, on the cutting board, or even the butcher block.
  • Start to press the edges of the dough onto the board and the flour.

The easiest way is for you to work the outside of the dough by pinching it first. And this will then make the perfect crust.

Keep working on it as you work on the middle of the dough to make sure you stretch it right. You can also keep adding the flour as you go because that will give room to the perfect stretching.

When the dough is now nicely spread, you can pick it and give it an even more stretch and keep doing so as you add more flour to it.

Just keep working on the dough until you are sure it will fill the baking sheet or stone right. Yours is to push the dough and use your knuckles to make sure it stretches as far as you like it to.

Notice that your dough shape doesn’t have to be the perfect shape. Regardless the dough will make a great pizza.

Prep the cooking sheet

Where will you be cooking the pizza? You need to prep the surface like, for example, if you will use the baking sheet, you can oil its surface. Next, lift the dough and place it on the baking sheet. Still, it would help if you took the time to push out the dough as much as you want it to. Make sure it at least reaches the edges of the baking sheet.

When shaping the round dough

You have to form a perfect ball and then stretch the dough as we have stretched the rectangular one above. The difference, though, is that you are trying to make a circular shaped dough. You are also choosing to use the circular baking sheet to guide you into making the right dough.

Next, prebake the pizza crust.

We are still doing the dough, so then you should prebake it for 3-4minutes. Once it’s ready, add your favorite toppings and then bake it at 450F.


Dont use too much sauce with the store-bought dough.

If you use a lot of sauce, you will realize that your dough base won’t become crispy. Make sure you spread the sauce sparingly.

Go on to use the olive oil.

Before you, therefore, set the dough on the pizza baking sheet, you should make sure you spread some olive oil.

Be gentle when stretching.

You don’t want it to tear, yet you want it to attain an almost uniform thickness and shaped edges. Take your time to shape it as you would like.

Use flour

Store bought dough tends to stick, so you should use the flour to stop it from getting stuck. So be generous with the flour as you are stretching the dough.

My thoughts on the store-bought pizza dough

I know for sure there are different types of store-bought pizza dough. I would say the homemade dough is better anytime. I still think that if I have to buy the dough for an easier process, there’s still so much work involved, so it beats the logic to buy it.

I will have to stretch it, let it rise, and then pile up the toppings. In which case I prefer to buy the crust if I’m in a hurry. There are several options you can try, though, if you don’t mind store-bought dough.

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