What Wine Goes With Pizza – 14 Best Wine With Pizza

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There’s no doubt that we all enjoy some pizza but especially since today you can almost put anything on the toppings. This means that there are different varieties of pizza, but we have a variety of wine types in the same way.

Although you may like different types and styles of wines, there are those that you can comfortably use with your pizza. This is what we show you today.

I love pizza nights with my best friends, but another thing I enjoy is an excellent tasty, flavorful glass of wine.

So I’ve been looking for the perfect wine to use, especially during those days when I want to Netflix and chill. I found a good list you can try.

But first,

Should I use red or white

To choose a red or white wine, you need to know the content of the pizza. The pizza is usually just a bread dough with some sauce and cheese. Some people may want to use white wine, especially when they have full-bodied white wine.

Generally, pizza goes best with red wine. Notice that your pizza will mostly be earthy and even fatty, in which case you need the red wine.

You see, the toppings will mostly include the heavier meal options. This is why you will find it better to pair it with red or wine.

Which is the best acidity level?

The cheese is fatty, and therefore, you will need the wine with medium-high to high acidity. It would help if you considered the tomatoes that make the sauce because the tomatoes are generally acidic. To compliment them, then you need some highly acidic wines.

When taking wine with your pizza, though, keep off the red wines that have tannins. You don’t want to have those metallic combinations.

When you are out looking for wine, choose the one with some earthy dimension. When you have the wine being savory, you will have the perfect tastes for even the crust. You can have the tasty toppings, but if you can also sense the toppings’ taste, then it’s better.

Where do you get such great pizza wines?

The pizza was born in Italy, but also some of the best wines come from this country. They are already used to taking pizza with wine, so they have special ones to use with pizza. Here you will always find the perfect blend with the pizza, remember.

Nonetheless, there are very many other places you will find wines even here in America. So here we bring to you some of the best choices you should use.

The toppings

Any time you are looking for the best wine to use then, you should consider the toppings. This is your perfect guide to the best wines.

The wines

1. Sauvignon blanc

Salad pizza is fast becoming one of the popular choices of pizza. I mean, most people are going vegan, but they still want to enjoy their pizza; this is also why it’s famous today. So then you have a lot of greens on the pizza crust.

In this case, you should choose the wine that can handle vegetal qualities and herbaceous qualities. This is why we choose the sauvignon blanc for you. It will deliver the perfect tart acidity in your mouth.

2. Chianti

This is another one of the most famous wine styles you can use with your veggie style pizza. Remember, many people are gearing towards herb/plant foods today. Therefore, if the pizza they make is savory, you will need this wine to compliment it.

This wine they make using the Sangiovese grapes in Italy Tuscany. This is a more natural partner to your different style of pizza, you know. It’s the best mainly because it’s less concentrated and less tannic; thus, it won’t overpower your pizza rather give it the perfect flavors.

It features the use of lighter body wine and feels like you are taking juice. It will generally work best with your different wines. I like Tenuta di Nozzole Chianti Classico Riserva

3. Pinot noir

Whenever you are going to eat white pizza, you will need a good wine. In most cases, you won’t have to eat the red sauce; instead, they use the creamy white sauce. When you are going to use this pizza, you always want to use a wine that will show the creamy notes.

The pinot noir is what you need to use anytime you are going for the white pizza. You can also use chardonnay. Notice that the drink works perfectly with the pizza in that they create the perfect affinity with them too.

When you’re making the white wine, you also want it to have its unique taste. This is why anyone who likes the pop of fruit like the taste in the wine. So when you are making the white pizza, you should never use heavy red wines. It’s too destructive; it will never work, and it will also deliver the tannin notes that will override the real white pizza.

If you are also going to use pepperoni pizza, you can be sure it will be a great combination. The pinot’s pepper-like flavor and taste will blend well with the ones you find in the pinot.

4. Lambrusco and Riesling

Here you have a sparkling red wine choice that will go well with the most debatable pizza, the Hawaiian pizza. I have found the best thing about it to be that it clears the cheesy richness that the pizza brings into your mouth.

This piece you can best serve it chill. The good news is that you can also use the Riesling whenever you want to use the Lambrusco. What I like the most is that it matches well with your Canadian bacon. And this is why I say that you should use it with the Hawaiian. Notice, though, that you can also use it with the different meat choices you have.

It’s nicely acidic to clean the palate, too, and the sweetness balances the ham and pineapple. These two wines are already sweet; thus, don’t use them with pizzas with a high acidity level. If you also have pizza desserts, you can make it work with these kinds of pizza.

Generally, if you are going to use it with the dessert, you want to make sure the wine is still sweeter than the dessert. This will amplify the sweetness and not the bitterness.

5. Dry rose

This one works perfectly when you’re using the lightly flavored pizzas. You see, Margherita pizza has lesser toppings with cheese sauce and basil as the main topping. When you use the light rose wine, then you will have the basil flavors being perfect. They are made using the red grapes to make the rose wines. This is the best compliment to your Margherita wine.

Just the fact that the Margherita pizza is light, you should only use the lighter wines. Remember that the color of the wine depends on the base of the grapes they used. Other wines you can use with your Margherita pizza is the one we discussed already, called sauvignon.

6. Syrah

If you like cheese pizza, you will find that the Syrah wine works perfectly with it. Generally, you could also use it for your vegan pizzas. This is especially true when you also like to use vegan meats for the same.

What makes it perfect is that they have the full body, and it will always make a good meal if you like to use the savory profiles. If not for anything else, you will like it because they tend even to add the blackberry flavors.

7. Argentine Malbec and touriga Nacional

When you use the wine for your barbecue pizza, you should choose either of these two. Notice that when you are using the barbecue sauce on the pizza, then it tends to give you a smoky flavor that’s also sweet. The two wines here will be nicely sweet, offering their perfect complement to your pizza. The Touriga Nacional is a Portuguese wine.

The Touriga Nacional is great just because it delivers the perfect bold and dark fruit flavors. It often also has the hits of spice to make it even better. You will particularly also have the richness of blueberry. It works, too, when you are using the blackberry fruits.

8. Chardonnay

When you want to play around with the creamy nature of your pizza, this is the best wine to go with. It’s the perfect white wine to use with your white pizzas. You will like this wine just because it gives it a full-bodied flavor.

But with the creamy white sauce, you will also lift the creamy notes of your chardonnay. This is present because of the fermentation process. Any chardonnay lover knows that it gives you the lemony zest, peach pear, and even the pineapple tastes.

9. Barbera dAsti or Barbera dAlba, Piedmont

If you are an Italian, then this is not new to you but if you like pizza, then use the barbera wines every time. For me, this is a go-to when I want some comfort with my classy wines. It stands out for its simplicity, and this is the main reason why we say it will work with almost any pizza you want.

It often has a medium body with low tannins. This wine is further juicy, and one thing about it is that it will never overpower your meals. Notice that this is easy to find in almost any kind of grocery store. The good thing is that it’s further never expensive either.

10. GSM (Grenache, Syrah, mourvedre)

This is another one of the best wines if you like to eat cheese pizza or classic cheese. Therefore, in using this wine, you will have the meal being supple and nicely balanced but also utterly delicious. So this wine will have just enough tannins to cleanse your palate while also giving you structure.

Simply how does it pair with the following pizza?

I hope you know that there are many wine types in the market, and most of them will go perfectly well with the pizzas. But if you are going to eat any of the following pizzas, you should try the wines we suggest.

Hawaiian pizza

I have to start with my personal favorite. I bet we had discussed this too, but it’s important to mention that we want a wine the elevates the tastes of the pineapples and bacon on the pizza. Consider using the following wines.

  • Zinfandel
  • Lambrusco

Sausage pizza

If you like sausages pizza, then the chances are that you will also like red wines. Therefore, you may use the bolder red wines. Here you want a spiced wine and the ones we show you here are spicy. They contain oregano, anise, thyme but also fennel.

  • Pinotage
  • Syrah

Barbecue chicken pizza

Of course, you want the one that will compliment your Smokey flavor, and in this case, the best ones you can use are the fruity wines.

  • Malbec
  • Touriga Nacional

Pepperoni pizza

And now to the most popular pizza, the pepperoni pizza. When we are talking of pepperoni, we are talking of the spiced up meats. You want the drinks that will complement it nicely. This is to say that it has a strong flavor, and you may need an intense wine. This is how you will then balance the meal, remember.

  • Sangiovese
  • Cabernet franc


Well, we can’t finish this list without mentioning the famous Margherita pizza. What stands out about it is the strong notes of the fresh basil. It often has fresh ingredients, but the pizza is lightly flavored, so it will overpower the drinks if you use intense flavors. This is why you should stick to the light red wines.

  • Choose the dry rose
  • Garnacha

Cheese pizza

I love the taste of cheese; I mean different types of cheese. It’s no wonder I enjoy the cheese pizza so much. Since you will always have the red sauce, you will use to choose the wine you can pair it with.

  • GSM (Grenache Syrah Mourverde)
  • Montepulciano

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