Brooklyn Style Pizza – What Is It And Why Is It Unique

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Pizza is the second most popular meal in the world. This meal is so famous and versatile that there are a lot of varieties and types of pizza.

Many people around the world love and eat pizza, and most people eat it weekly.

It is no surprise that pizza, which originated in Italy, has undergone many changes and varieties.


Some places have some uniqueness attributed to a specific type of pizza. This is the same with Brooklyn style pizza.

This uniqueness might be based on the type of crust, thickness, thinness, or the type of sauce or toppings. This article will focus on Brooklyn pizza’s unique characteristics and what sets it apart from other pizzas types.

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What is Brooklyn Style Pizza

The Brooklyn style pizza is made to reflect how the Brooklyn People made their pizza and what they preferred. This name was coined by the pizza chain Dominos Pizza in 2006.

And since then, this pizza has taken the world by storm, and it is trendy.

Some might wonder what the difference is between a regular pizza and the Brooklyn style Pizza. Well, the difference lies in the crust, topping, and size. Let us break it down for you below.


Unlike the regular pizza, Brooklyn Style pizza has a thin crispy crust; it cracks up slightly on the bottom when you fold it. The regular pizzas have a thick crust, and most of them are soggy and not crispy like the Brooklyn pizza.

The crust of this pizza is made from fresh dough, and it is stretched so that it can be thinner. If you are the type that prefers less dough on your pizza, you should certainly try out this thin-crusted pizza.


 This crunchy feel of the crust comes about because of the cornmeal that is added to the dough. You get to enjoy a thin crust that is easy to chew and easy to carry around. You might think because the crust is thin, it might be dry and hard. But this is not the case.

Although the crust is thin, it is still soft, and you can bite into it and still have the wonderful incredible feeling.

Also, the crust and the toppings have a balanced ratio. The crust is not soggy and heavier than the toppings, and the toppings are not heavier than the crust.

This balance between the crust and the toppings is an art that has to be perfected. This is part of what makes this pizza outstanding and different from the regular pizza. One other unique and the remarkable thing about this pizza is that you can fold it.

You can fold it because of its size, and this makes it easier for you to eat. You avoid the stress of stretching your mouth too wide and feeling uncomfortable. You know sometimes you can go to a restaurant to eat pizza all by yourself, and since you cannot finish it, you ask them to pack it up for you.

One fantastic thing about this pizza is that you can easily walk around with it when packed up in a foil or paper bag. The crust’s thinness and the balance between the topping and the crust make it easy and portable to carry around.

This crust is traditionally divided into six big slices unless you ask them to do otherwise when ordering your pizza. If you love big oversize slices of pizza, you will love Brooklyn Pizza’s traditional slices. They are divided into only six slices and are obviously bigger than the regular pizzas divided into eight slices.


The Brooklyn pizza’s toppings spread from the center of the crust to the edges of the crust. This is unlike regular pizzas that leave some space at the edges.

The cheese is gotten by mixing half skim and half whole milk. This mozzarella and provolone cheese is shredded and placed on the crust.

pizza with delicious toppings

Also, you can decide not to go with the traditional topping and might prefer pepperoni. The pepperoni is sliced in a thin circular shape and used with cheese. Or you can customi9ze your pizza with any toppings that you best prefer.

If you have some health restrictions or difficulties, you can ask for a gluten-free crust, and you will still get the crunchy feeling you require.

You can also decide to do without the mozzarella and Provolone cheese. These can be excluded from your pizza if you are allergic to cheese.


Is the Brooklyn Thin Crust Healthy?

When it comes to food, we sometimes have to choose between the taste we want or our health preferences. For the Brooklyn style pizza to maintain its thinness and crispy nature, it requires a lot of fat.

So, if we compare this thin crust to the regular crust, the Brooklyn style pizza crust contains more fats.

Also, because of the mixture of provolone cheese and mozzarella cheese, the Brooklyn style pizza is more greasy because of the fats.


Although Domino’s pizza chain has popularized the Brooklyn Style pizza name, they cannot claim ownership of this pizza style, nor can they say they have the original recipe.

Dominos popularized this style as a marketing strategy for their brand, which fortunately has been helpful.


Many restaurants all over Brooklyn were preparing this meal even before it was popularized. So the Brooklyn style of pizza cannot be attributed to just one individual.

Different toppings of cheese, meat, and sauce are also used by different restaurants that prepare Pizza the Brooklyn way.


Any food eaten globally and is considered the second famous food will undoubtedly undergo some changes, or something unique might be added to it.

Apart from Brooklyn style pizza, you might have heard of Detroit-style pizza or Chicago deep-dish pizza; they are also types of pizzas served in Detroit and Chicago.

The Brooklyn style pizza was made to suit the way the people in Brooklyn preferred their crust. And this has spread to a lot of places, and a lot of people appreciate it.

If you have never tasted this pizza, I would recommend that you give it a try. Remember, variety is the spice of life. You might get to appreciate this unique pizza and even get stuck to it.

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