Butcher Paper Vs Parchment Paper – Which One Should You Choose

When you’re always handling food preparation and cooking, you will realize that there are two papers you commonly use.

You have different papers for different uses in the kitchen, butcher paper, and parchment paper are the most famous.

Almost everyone has these kinds of papers in the kitchen, but sometimes they don’t know they do. If you want to consume better or use it appropriately, you have to know which paper is the best.

What is butcher paper?

Although you want to think about them for the grilling and other meat cuts cooking, you shouldn’t. This is not parchment or foil paper. As you know, the best you can do with it when it comes to cooking is to light a fire with it.

For instance, if you use indirect heat, it has to burn and sometimes even fire you.


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The butcher paper works even better when you think of covering your best cuts of meat and the fish types. So you won’t use it directly on the grill, but you can use it to keep the meat cuts warm and ready to eat.

Where does it come from?

The butcher paper came from Kraft pulp, which made it a safe to use, durable, and resilient paper. Notice that the butcher paper will never tear down quickly. In the past, most people just used it in the shops when they purchased meats and fish in the shop.

Remember, though, that you can always use this butcher paper as an alternative to the tin foil and butcher paper when you need to.


  • You can have it in different colors.
  • It also has high strength. That’s why not even the bones can easily tear it.
  • Its heat resistant
  • It’s affordable, so you can have as much as you need to use.
  • It offers a high density.


  • It will work best if you’re going to use it for dry foods and not wet ones.
  • Doesn’t prove the grease factor

What is parchment paper?

Here again, you have a thinner kind of paper that’s further nonstick. It’s mostly used for the cooking activity of various foodstuffs, especially in the oven. Notice, though, that they make the paper from cellulose, yet they treat it with silicone.


Image: slice pizzeria

You see, you will have even the bleached or the unbleached option if you like. In this case, the main thing is this paper will prevent the sticking, which is why anyone uses it in the oven. They, however, do use it sometimes in the grill too.

What makes parchment paper useful when it comes to its sticking properties?

You see, they make it from wood pulp just the same way other papers are made. The difference is that they treat the paper with sulfuric acid and zinc oxides. These two chemicals have the role in gelatinizing the cellulose fibers making it nonstick.

This is also what gives it the ability to handle high temperatures. So then here you have the more permeable option than the paper you often use to write. Notice too that they can retain food juices within the paper.

The good thing, though, is that it will let a little bit of evaporation such that the meat remains nicely moist.

So you can use it for baking but also grilling if you need to.

It’s one of the options to use in a smoker, just the same way you can use it in the grill. They are, in fact, safe at 450°F. Of course, it’s the easiest way to crutch the meat into the smoker. Notice that this parchment paper will retain the heat but also the juices.

Remember to use it not so directly over the fire when you use it on the grill. You don’t want it to ignite when the temperatures get too high.

The advantages

  • The parchment paper is nonstick, thus a great choice, especially for baking.
  • Here you have a heat-resistant choice of paper; thus, it won’t burn your food.
  • This is the perfect choice for oven cooking.
  • You can reuse it.
  • This is waterproof.
  • It’s grease resistant.


  • It’s not tearing resistant
  • It has no color variation.

The similarities

Although they have some differences, you will notice that they are also similar in a way.

They are both first made from paper pulp. So at the very first moment, you will need to use paper pulp to produce them.

The butcher and parchment papers are both excellent for cold to average temperatures. However, if you raise the temperature higher than that, then the papers may start to burn.

Is butcher paper and parchment paper the same?

No, they aren’t because of their uses and the way they are made. After making the paper from the wood pulp, you need to add the coating if you are making the butcher paper. This then shows you that you can’t use it for your baking. It’s not safe since it can’t stand very high temperatures.

On the other hand, the parchment one is treated with zinc oxides and sulfuric acids. This makes it nicely nonstick and a little bit water-resistant, so it doesn’t absorb the water.

Basically, you use the butcher paper for the meats and the parchment paper for the oven baking.

Can you wrap the brisket in parchment paper?

Of course, you can wrap the brisket in parchment paper because it keeps the food moist, and thus cooking is excellent. While you can use parchment paper too, you ought to use butcher paper or foil paper. Still, you can use the parchment one if it’s the only one you have remaining.

Butcher paper vs. wax paper

Of course, you would think the papers are the same, but they aren’t, especially since you can use them for different needs.

What is wax paper?

This is an excellent choice because you can use it to lining the kitchen or the countertops. You will easily do that when you want to prevent mess when working.

You will further use it when you need to wrap your different kinds of food just before storing them in the cold stores. You can also line your pan with it when you want to make anything like a fudge.

When you want to keep the food in the freezer, you should use this wax paper as a barrier to prevent the possibility of sticking together.

This is the right paper to use for everything except for the times you cook in the oven. You don’t use it in the oven because it will start to melt under certain set temperatures.

Butcher paper

This one also works when you want to cover most of your meats, whether dry or wet. But you may also use it when you want to smoke your food but not really on a direct heat source. It further doesn’t work when you subject it to higher than 400F temperatures.

So generally, you will use butcher paper to wrap your fish and meats. Notice that the wax paper is often coated with wax or silicone. This will melt under high temperatures causing harm.

You will use the wax paper for any of your cold applications. In the butcher case, you can use it for some hot applications but not all hot applications. This is especially if then you intend to use direct heat from the grill.

Freezer paper vs. parchment paper

There’s a clear difference when using freezer paper because it protects and preserves your food when it’s under the lowest temperature. You can also use them when you are transporting the frozen food under the sub-freezing temperature.

The parchment paper is used when you’re cooking; thus, it can stand very high temperatures. Notice that you can use it with food that is up to 450°F. It won’t even easily tear or soak up in the water, causing the tear.

Difference between parchment paper and butcher paper

Parchment paper Butcher paper
Colors It doesn’t come in varying colors It comes in varying colors
For grilling It would be best if you used the parchment [paper for these reasons No, it doesn’t work
The construction Not thick

They add sulfide and caustic soda.

Thicker to stand manipulation.

They add sulfuric acid and silicone.

While you may think they are entirely similar but they aren’t. They do have their differences, as you will see below.

The construction

The first thing to mention is that the butcher paper is thicker than your parchment paper. It will quickly absorb the fluids too. You will find that it’s also permeable when you’re comparing it with the parchment paper.

The chemical they use is also different but safe with your consumables.

Butcher paper is excellent, and for it to come by, they will add the sulfide and caustic soda on the paper pulp they already make.

Parchment paper, on the other hand, uses sulfuric acid and silicon on the paper pulp. In the end, of course, you will have very different types of paper.


Remember, they also have different properties, which then means you can use them for different purposes. You can use the parchment paper for the grilling, remember. In fact, the paper is excellent as it can stand the high temperatures.

But most importantly, you should put it on the cooler side of the grill where it won’t come to contact with the direct heat. If you, however, used the butcher paper, then you are sure it will catch fire.

If you are going to use it to crutch the meat in the smoker, then you’re sure both of them work. However, they say the parchment paper retains more moisture.

Also, I have seen people who prefer to use butcher paper for the purpose of smoking. This then means different people have different preferences, and that’s okay if they are safe.

The good thing is that not many people know the difference between the meats you smoke on a butcher paper or parchment paper. For this reason, it’s better to use the one you have or serves you the best.

The color

While this doesn’t look like a significant difference for some people, it really matters the kind of color they use. Notice, though, that the color of the paper never influences the cooking. The butcher comes in different color variations. If you are going to use the parchment one, though, you can be sure it will come in a single color.

The nonstick feature

When it comes to the nonstick property, you should know the butcher paper hasn’t the capacity to resist moisture. This means it will not offer nonstick properties. On the other hand, the parchment paper works to deliver the nonstick feature since it can resist moisture. This is the primary reason why they use it in the kitchen.

The cost

This is not a primary concern as most of the food wrappers are affordable. But the white butcher paper is cheaper than the parchment paper. If you are using colored or precisely pink butcher paper, then you should know it’s costly.

Dry or wet foods?

What do you want to use the paper form is one question you have to ask every time? Remember the butcher paper is best preferred for the dry foods than the wet ones. You will always have the meats and foods stick to the butcher paper whenever it is wet.

Tear resistance

While this should be a significant factor, we should tell you that the parchment paper is not tear-resistant. The butcher paper is more tear-resistant.

What should you use the parchment paper for?

Baking: one of the most common uses of parchment paper is to bake. You see, the paper will create a thin, airy layer between the baking goodies and the pan surface. It will make it easy to distribute the heat.

It’s nonstick: you know those times when you have baked your cakes or nicely cooked your meats, and then they stick on the surface? If you use parchment paper, this is not going to happen.

Breathe easy: you may also use the plastic wrap or the foil, but then that will not allow the food to breathe as this one does.

Insulation: if you use it just before you set the food in the oven, you can be sure it won’t cause burning. Instead, it gently cooks the food.


Can I use parchment paper instead of butcher paper?

I know by now you can answer this question by yourself. Yes, you can use the parchment paper just because they have a lot of similarities. The main similarity is how they have been made. Mostly you will find that it can stand almost the same temperature and do the work the butcher one does.

If you are going to use them for grilling or smoking, then, of course, you can use it in place of the parchment one.

Can you use parchment paper on the grill?

You most definitely can, with the only difference being that you should avoid putting it on the direct fire. If you don’t, then it may burn. The secret is to set it on the cooler side of the grill. But it will always retain the moisture and gently cook your meats and other foods.

Remember, the parchment paper can stand high heat. The only thing it won’t stand is direct flames.

Where to buy butcher paper for meat

There are so many shops you can buy butcher paper, and that includes Amazon Alixpress and eBay. You can also find them in the supermarkets and grocery stores in your surroundings. Since these papers are frequently used, you will find the different options in the different stores.

Can you use freezer paper instead of parchment paper?

No, you should never dare use the freezer paper for the parchment paper. Remember the freezer paper is ideal for the cold foodstuffs while the parchment paper is the paper you use for the hot foodstuffs. They will mostly burn and mess all of your food. It’s also toxic to use freezer paper for the parchment because of the chemicals they use to coat it.

Is parchment paper the same as baking paper

They mostly serve the same purpose, so that they may have different names, but they refer to the same thing. The thing, though, is that they use the terminologies differently from where they are.

Can you use parchment paper to freeze meat?

Yes, you can use the parchment paper to freeze it too. After all, it will never cause a mess to your meats. Although they mostly look almost the same, they aren’t.

Remember, the freezer paper has a polyethylene coating that makes it perfect for freezing than any other paper. Although it may work, it’s not a good idea over time. It may cause a mess in the fridge, mainly sticking to the foodstuffs. Only use it when you have no other options.

Can parchment paper go in the oven?

It most definitely can because it’s designed for the times when you want to cook in the oven. Just make sure you use it on the temperature being not more than 450°F.

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