Can You Eat Pizza When Pregnant

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Pregnancy is the most divine time just because you prepare to bring life into the world. Women experience massive changes in their bodies, and this also means some life habits have to change.

You will notice most women won’t even take alcohol. Well, can you eat pizza when you’re pregnant? The best question is, when pregnant, am I safe eating the pizza?

As long as it’s well cooked, the pizza is still safe to eat when you are pregnant. Just make sure the one you are taking is cooked thoroughly, and again you are eating it hot.

Therefore, if you are one of those who adore pizza, then I have news for you, pizza is yours to enjoy at all times.

Regardless you have to remember the pizza is one of the junk food, and if it’s going to make you attain more calories, it may not be safe. This is why most women opt to make it at home, thus limiting the unwanted ingredients.

If you are going to eat it from the stores, then it’s advisable that you only buy from a high-quality restaurant.

Is it bad or good to eat it, though?

The answer to this question is a yes and no, mainly because we all have different pregnancy experiences. If you have the appetite, it will be edible, but it literally can’t go into some people’s mouths.

a woman is eating pizza

Regardless even if you can eat pizza, you don’t want to eat it every day. It mainly contains not good ingredients for your body.

If you are feeling overweight especially, you want to maintain the perfect safe weight during pregnancy. This will ensure you have minimal to no complications.

Will you have any benefits during pregnancy when you eat the pizzas?

Although generally, most people will categorize pizza in the not healthy meals, they are beneficial in some way. At least I believe each meal is somehow beneficial.

This is comfort food, and when you feel a little off, you can eat pizza, and you will be a little bit okay. Remember, pregnancy brings along its share of moodiness. When you eat some comfort food from time to time, then you’ll always feel a little better.

It will nurse your cravings. Of course, if you’re craving the pizzas, it’s only better to eat it anyway to get rid of the feeling. Generally, though, it’s safe to say it will never harm you, especially when you eat it in moderation.

The toppings you use will determine whether it’s going to be a great choice of meal you can use. In most cases, if you use the toppings with the vitamin A & D, then you will have it serving your nutrients. We will talk about the toppings below, so here we will say that the toppings matter.

Going for a thin crust is excellent, especially when it’s richly fibered. It will mean you don’t experience digestion issues.

Can you eat pepperoni pizza while pregnant?

Most people don’t even think about the pepperoni’s kind of meat, although we eat it a lot. This is also one of the salami. Well, it features the use of beef and pork trimmings.

And it’s hard to know where they get the trimmings from which parts of meat. In most cases, they also cure it using nitrates and nitrites. This is what then acts as the preservative.

new york style pizza with Pepperoni 1

So the truth is that yes, it’s safe to eat it on pizza as long as it’s not the ones that are too fatty, even forming a cup of oils. Even though it uses nitrites and nitrates for preservation, you will often subject it to excellent heat. When it’s cooked in the high heats in the oven, then it’s safe to eat.

Regardless it’s vital to mention that it’s not one of the best choices to use for your meal.

Are there times when its not okay to eat the pepperoni?

Many people will like to eat the cold pepperoni slices. I mean, it’s a cured meat, and many people eat it cold. Well, if you are pregnant, don’t do it. Remember, pepperoni is not cooked when you are eating it as a cured meat.

Although it’s cured, the meat can still harbor bacteria, and it may even have parasites. If you consume it and aren’t pregnant, the strange thing is that it will not affect you.

But when you are pregnant, then it does affect you. Generally, this happens because they have a weak immune system, and anything may easily affect them.

The preservatives they use to make the pepperoni could be another issue; it may not be such a major one. Some people literary ignore the issue because it’s not a major one.

If you consume the cured meats, you may also consume bacteria that could develop and cause significant infections, even harm your little one.

Generally, is it even safe to use the cured meats?

Anytime you are outgoing to eat the meat-topped pizza, you should think twice about it. So it would help if you took it as being cured, cooked, or deli meat.

So you can use prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, ham sausage, and more. So if you are going to make the meat toppings, you should know that it’s best cooked at a very high temperature.

You can have the salami pepperoni cooked when it has bubbles, and the edges are then thicker. Generally, though it’s safe to eat it, you have to cook it properly.

 If you, for example, order the pizza that they cook with prosciutto, you should be worried about that one. The difference is that they will sprinkle it over the pizza just before the service for the prosciutto.

It’s such that you don’t need to eat at all. In most cases, it will cause listeria contamination too. Just keep off such meat if you’re pregnant.

Which cheese is the best to use on pizza?

Again just like the regular pizzas, I know that if you are going to take the regular mozzarella cheese, you are good. Whichever cheese you choose should be made from pasteurized milk; otherwise, it’s not a good one.

Just make sure whichever pizza you are choosing is not made using the soft mold-ripened cheese. Such will not work well for you if you are a pregnant mother. The reason for that is that it contains more listeria bacteria, which is responsible for flu-like symptoms.

delicious Cheese pizza

When eating the mold dripping cheese, expect to develop flu-like symptoms. Usually, you aren’t supposed to cook the cheese until it’s too hot but for pregnant moms, make sure you cook it until it’s fully cooked.

They say that if, for example, you were making the blue cheese, you should make sure it’s fully cooked to the sizzling hot level, and at that point, then it’s perfect for eating it. The reason why we like it is just that it makes sure you won’t still have the harmful bacteria alive.

The truth about pizza

Although we love pizza so much, most doctors have discouraged us from eating a lot of it over the years. If you want to be safe, therefore you should eat it in moderation. Generally, we say pizza is a junk meal containing a lot of fat and is full of cholesterol.

The pizza dough also has a lot of carbs. If you were to break it all down, you would realize that it’s just too much for your body. Therefore, when you are pregnant, even though you crave it, you should keep it off or use it in moderation.

I mean, you don’t want to consume a lot of calories anyway. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the nine months without a slice if you are one of those who enjoy it.

What could be harmful in eating pizza when youre pregnant?

Although we already have it as a main meal in our cuisine, it truly has the more harmful effect you should be concerned about. Here are the things that could be bad.

The kind of cheese you use. Some people use the Danish blue, camembert, and brie, which are the cheese styles that will be literary like the mold-ripened choices.

Such cheese will often contain listeria. We have already talked about this, though, you know. Such bacteria can cause flu-like symptoms and eventually even affect the developing fetus.

In most cases, the one thing that will make the pizza nicely delicious is because you don’t limit the cheese. It will always also mean that you have a high consumption of calories, which is not what your body needs anyway.

Generally, when you have a problem with digestion, then when pregnant, it will be even worse. If you have heartburn, then eating pizza and cheese makes it unbearable.

Try to keep off using the pepperoni to keep a lot of fat consumption, which is dangerous for your body. You don’t want to consume excess fat when you are pregnant.

When you’re eating the raw pizza that is not fully cooked, you are again consuming unhealthy meals for your pregnancy.

How should you eat the pizza?

You can still eat the pizza, but you have to know how to eat it. any pregnant mom thinks about the nutrients. So you should add more veggies and fruits to your diet. I always say make sure you eat even more veggies and fruits over it.

Just make sure you wash the veggies right then consume them. Remember, even when we are talking of veggies, it can be dangerous to consume the ones that aren’t properly cooked. So before anything, remember to cook it properly.

If you are going to eat it over the pizza, you should make sure you cook the veggies.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that the high temperature in the oven will kill the bacteria in the vegetables in the vegetables.

Now it’s not every day you find fruits on pizza, but to answer you, yes, you can use the fruits on the pizza. Take, for example, the controversial pizza ham and pineapple pizza. It’s such a safe pizza to use by pregnant women.  Now make sure the ham and the pineapple are steaming hot when cooking them in the oven.

The tips for eating pizza when pregnant

Always go for the homemade pizza

Please eat the one you made yourself at home. You can choose to use the different options that will make it just a little healthier.

However, if you are sure about the restaurant you are ordering from, then it’s okay because then you will be eating a safe one.

Want to learn how to make the perfect pizza at home? Check the articles below.

Don’t be swayed too much by the cravings.

You may crave the pizza excessively too much, so you should discuss how you will eat the food for your body. Your maternity team is going to guide you. I wouldn’t say I like to make a fuss about it, but it can always guide you to the right decision. I’m not one to count calories as I feel like it’s just tedious to do.

Choose the right toppings.

I should mention that the toppings you will use determines how healthy the pizza is. The toppings you choose then will make it a healthier option or not. Choose the better ones with lesser calories.

A whole-wheat base makes so much sense.

You can choose the whole wheat choice, which will promise you a more decadent pizza. When you are going to take the whole wheat, you can expect it to have the enriching fiber then. This also means that the metabolism is easier.


Is it safe to eat the pizza during the whole time of pregnancy?

I know most people ask this question, and it’s, of course, a legitimate one. You know most people experience a tough time during the first trimester of pregnancy.

For most women, it’s not so hard during the middle one and the third trimester. So what people like to ask is whether it’s safe to make pizzas in the first trimester.

Through the whole blog, you notice we say it’s safe to eat it if you don’t have adverse reactions. Just remember, don’t fall for too much of your cravings. If you are going to be safe to eat it, then you are okay eating them. Make sure they get hot and don’t eat them cold or warm okay?

What about Stromboli and calzone? Is it safe to eat them?

I mean, these two are just versions of pizzas. Again, the pizza is mostly just rolled, so remember to ensure the inner fillings reach a temperature of 165°F.

The only reason anyone is asking this question because it’s pretty hard to tell if the filling or the topping of the Calzone or Stromboli heats up when it’s all rolled. However, when you’re sure that you cook thoroughly, you are safe to eat it.

So if you’re going to eat it anyway, make sure you heat it to the highest temperature possible. ‘

I crave frozen pizza. Can I eat when pregnant?

We covered this already in the parts above, but we are here to answer the questions fully. The one we were talking about is the pizza that was appropriately cooked first. If you are sure you already cooked it fully and perfectly, then froze it, then it’s safe.

Then, you can have the bacteria surviving in the freezing temperature, so this then means that you are safe eating it. The question should be, at what temperature were you freezing your pizza here.

You should know the safe temperature even to dare eat the pizza at. So if you’re going to eat it immediately from the freezer, then it’s okay to do so.  

The cheese you then use should use the pasteurized milk. Remember, you should make sure you cook it to the level that it’s safe.

Is it safe to cook or eat undercooked pizza or burned pizza?

We have already covered this point in parts. It would help if you never ate the undercooked pizza. This is particularly unsafe for any pregnant woman.

However, let’s think of the burned pizza. Let’s first start with the fact that the pizza is going to be bitter. For anyone who likes to eat the burnt pizza to consume the pizza style in minimal amounts, remember.

When are you going to need to eat the burnt pizza? This mostly happens when you cook pizza in the coal oven. Such a pizza is what we refer to as charred pizza.

But whether you’re pregnant or not, don’t eat the one that is already blackened. That becomes even unsafe to eat, remember.

So is it safe to eat the pizza when you are pregnant

It all depends on the type of pizza you are eating. As a pregnant woman, eat it, yes, but do so safely and moderately. Only make sure you eat the one that is well cooked.

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