Is Pizza Safe During Pregnancy (Quick Answer)

Can you eat pizza when you’re pregnant? In other words, when pregnant, am I safe eating the pizza?

As long as it’s well cooked, the pizza is still safe to eat when you are pregnant.

Just make sure the one you are taking is cooked thoroughly, and again you are eating it hot.

Is it bad or good to eat it?

The answer to this question is a yes and no, mainly because people have different pregnancy experiences.

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Regardless even if you can eat pizza, you don’t want to eat it every day. It mainly contains not good ingredients for your body.

If you are feeling overweight especially, you want to maintain the perfect safe weight during pregnancy. Eating too many pizzas is not a good idea.

Will you have any benefits during pregnancy when you eat the pizzas?

Although generally, most people will categorize pizza as not a healthy meal, they are beneficial in some way.

Pregnancy brings along its share of moodiness. When you eat some comfort food from time to time, then you’ll always feel a little better.

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It will nurse your cravings. Of course, if you’re craving the pizzas, it’s only better to eat it anyway to get rid of the feeling.

Generally, though, it’s safe to say it will never harm you, especially when you eat it in moderation.

The toppings you use will determine whether it’s going to be a great choice of meal you can use.

In most cases, if you use the toppings with vitamin A & D, then you will have it serving your nutrients.

Can you eat pepperoni pizza while pregnant?

Most people don’t even think about the pepperoni kind of meat, although we eat it a lot.

This is also one of the salami. Well, it features the use of beef and pork trimmings.

And it’s hard to know where they get the trimmings from which parts of meat.

In most cases, they also cure it using nitrates and nitrites. This is what then acts as the preservative.

new york style pizza with Pepperoni 1

So the truth is that yes, it’s safe to eat it on pizza as long as it’s not the ones that are too fatty.

Even though it uses nitrites and nitrates for preservation, you will often subject it to excellent heat.

When it’s cooked in the high heat in the oven, then it’s safe to eat.

The truth about pizza

Although we love pizza so much, most doctors have discouraged us from eating a lot of it over the years.

If you want to be safe, therefore you should eat it in moderation.

Generally, we say pizza is a junk meal containing a lot of fat and full of cholesterol.

delicious Cheese pizza

The pizza dough also has a lot of carbs. If you were to break it all down, you would realize that it’s just too much for your body.

Therefore, when you are pregnant, even though you crave it, you should keep it off or use it in moderation.

How should you eat the pizza?

You can still eat the pizza, but you have to know how to eat it. any pregnant mom thinks about the nutrients.

So you should add more veggies and fruits to your diet. Make sure you eat even more veggies and fruits over it.

Nonetheless, the good thing is that the high temperature in the oven will kill the bacteria in the vegetables.


You can also use fruit on the pizza. Take, for example, the controversial pizza ham and pineapple pizza.

It’s such a safe pizza to use by pregnant women.  Make sure the ham and the pineapple are steaming hot when cooking them in the oven.

The tips for eating pizza when pregnant

Always go for the homemade pizza

Please eat the one you made yourself at home. You can choose to use the different options that will make it just a little healthier.

However, if you are sure about the restaurant you are ordering from, then it’s okay.

Don’t be swayed too much by the cravings.

Don’t eat too much pizza as it has many calories, which will cause you to get more weight.

Choose the right toppings.

I should mention that the toppings you will use determine how healthy the pizza is. Choose the better ones with lesser calories.

A whole-wheat base makes so much sense.

You can choose the whole wheat choice, which will promise you a more decadent pizza. When you are going to take the whole wheat, you can expect it to have enriching fiber then.

What about Stromboli and calzone? Is it safe to eat them?

I mean, these two are just versions of pizzas. Again, the pizza is mostly just rolled, so remember to ensure the inner fillings reach a temperature of 165°F.

The only reason anyone is asking this question is that it’s pretty hard to tell if the filling or the topping of the Calzone or Stromboli heats up when it’s all rolled. However, when you’re sure that you cook thoroughly, you are safe to eat it.

So if you’re going to eat it anyway, make sure you heat it to the highest temperature possible.

So is it safe to eat pizza when you are pregnant

It all depends on the type of pizza you are eating. As a pregnant woman, eat it, yes, but do so safely and moderately. Only make sure you eat the one that is well cooked.

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