17 Cheese Substitutes You Can Try

When you think of it, cheese is one of the essential parts of a pizza. It adds the creaminess, nutty flavors but sometimes even the saltiness. But not everyone can use cheese because some people can’t stand it.

Suppose you are, therefore, one of those who can’t handle the cheese. Remember, you can still eat your pizza with some other cheese substitute styles.

Here we will show you some of the perfect substitutes you can use to substitute the cheese. This may be to make it as delicious without using the same cheese.

1. Tofu

This is no longer an Asian only delicacy or snack. Today different people, but especially vegans, use it to spice it a little more.

This tofu will always mimic the mozzarella or even the provolone on your sandwich meals.


So when you have made your pizza, you can cut the tofu into cubes and then add them over the pizza. You will most probably notice the cheese-like taste. Therefore, it will give you a perfect taste to blend well with the right pizza toppings.

It all depends on the taste you are looking for, and if you like to have the ricotta or cottage cheese taste, you can blend or even mash the tofu and add a dash of lemon juice.

So the silken tofu will substitute all the different cheese types in the smoothies, pies, pasta, and the likes. I feel like it can also work as ricotta cheese and the mozzarella type.

2. Kite hill cheese

Kite hill cheese

This is mostly the perfect choice for anyone who is lactose intolerant or even a vegan. They use almond milk to make a cheesy product for you to use on your favorite pizzas.

The good thing that makes it popular to date is that it tastes so much like real cheese.

They have different cheese types in the company. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking of ricotta cheese, ripened cheese, or truffle cheese.

You can be sure it will attain the perfect tastes. So then they will deliver the fresh almond milk, the cheesecake yogurt, and more.

You can check the one you would like to use because they offer several different choices for you. If not for anything, you will enjoy the creaminess of the cheese substitute.

3. Miyokos plant-based cheese with oats and legumes.

Have you tried the miyokos creams? They are famous for making some of the creamiest yet perfect and delicious cheese-like product to use.

This one will mostly serve you when you are looking for cheddar cheese alternatives. It is also nut-free for those who are even sensitive to nuts.

We can’t deny that it features a much creative recipe where you have the culture legumes and the oats. Therefore, you will have the perfect taste for the different kinds of pizzas and pasta that call for the cheddar-like cheese type.

So if you thought that being vegan means eating boring food, think again. Since it has oats, then it will deliver an almost nutty flavor.

4. Oat cheese

Oat Cheddar Cheese

Of course, when they are selling you the cheese alternative, they will make it using some nuts, but this one uses no nuts. But it also doesn’t use dairy products.

This is a plant-based cheese substitute that you can use in most of your recipes calling for cheese. They use tapioca flour, sea salt, agar-agar, extra virgin olive oil, and some herbs.

Most of the manufacturers today use oat milk for different uses. They not only use it in cheese substitute making but all other dairy needs. They deliver the best yogurt alternative sometimes.

The good thing, though, is that it’s safe to use to prevent the different allergens.

5. Neoclassic brie alternative

Neoclassic brie alternative

This one will be a cashew-based vegan cheese, and notice that you will have it showing you the creamy nature, yet it’s also mild and tangy. Remember, this plant-based option, though, has a lot of nutrients.

You will like the creaminess, the tang, but also the distinct rind of brie bloom. So the cheese then will be full of flavors.

Therefore, they use organic cashews to make the cheese, and of course, you will have the rich creamy and nutty flavors for this kind of cheese.

They usually also add coconut water and coconut cream. When you are no longer up for eating the authentic cheese, know that you can have such alternatives.

The cheese you therefore use is going to be delicious. If you are going to add them to your pizza or even salads, this one will always work.

6. Parma vegan parmesan

For those times when you like to add the parmesan to your pasta and salads, you can always use this alternative. We love the hardness and the sharp flavors of the real parmesan, but you can also use this type of cheese.

Parmesan cheese

They come in the form of cheese shakers that you can also decide to sprinkle on your pizza or even the pasta’s surface. You will always make it using the herbs but also the spices.

It will even have some garlic taste making it better tasting. You can use the Parma on other foods like even vegan meals.

7. Cashew cheese

Sliceable Cashew Cheese

You can make your cheese at home when you have the cashew nuts. Most people like the thickness that follows the cashew cheese, you know. It does have the buttery tastes, too, that will blend well with most of the meals you have to add the cheese.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to make a cheese long with this kind of cheese or making the creamy spread; it will always work.

These are often versatile but also nicely smooth for anyone to use. I just love the crunchy taste and the perfect fitting it has with the different pizzas.

8. Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast

Here we have a non-active yeast and, of course, the most popularly preferred by the vegans—this one they often sell as flakes. You may also find it in powder form.

It often has a cheesy, nutty flavor. The best part then it’s that it also gives you the umami and cheese-like flavor.

It will amazingly work whether you are using it on the popcorns, pizzas, veggies, or even the salads.  I think that is also the easiest way to make the best meals.

9. Use raw cashew almond cheese.

raw cashew almond cheese

People like the cashew and almond cheese a lot more because of the nutty flavors it delivers to your meal.

Notice that it remains soft and chewable yet very easy to spread. You will find it more common because it will never cost you a lot to make it.

It doesn’t even take a lot of time to make this delicious goodness. So then you will notice that it’s all about blending all the ingredients.

Here you have one of the best cheeses that you can use to blend in with different kinds of desserts and meals. You can serve it with your apple slices, grapes, but also apple slices, crackers but also grapes. The secret then is to coat it with the different nuts.

10. Potato and carrots cheese

Potato and Carrot Cheese

When you are just evading dairy, you can always use the different ingredients you want to think of.

So you can use different things, including the different kinds of nuts like cashew and almond nuts but also potatoes. So they use the potato and carrots base to make the cheese.

They then usually add on the nutritional yeast, and you can then add on the oregano, onion powder, and garlic powder. So here you have another option you can use if you are allergic to nuts too.

This one works best when you want a cheese you can use on your sandwiches. Also, use it if you want the one to serve with crackers or just eat by itself.

11. Paprika cheese

Paprika cheese

When you don’t want the soy, nuts, or even dairy, you can use this paprika cheese. This cheese substitute, they make for the purpose of blending on the cheese platter.

It works great on the toasted sandwiches, but you can also use it anywhere you would typically use the grated cheese or the sliced ones.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have a robust flavor since they don’t use the nuts, but neither do they even use the soy.

If you mostly have food allergies, this one is a great choice to use. Choose to use the dairy-free cheese too.

12. Creamy alfredo sauce

Creamy alfredo sauce 1

This one in itself is just enough to use for the different uses in the place of your regular cheese.

It will deliver the creaminess and yet the pillow-soft texture with the milk flavors too. This one works perfectly when you’re looking for an alternative for your pasta.

Since it usually full of flavors, you will find that this option is amazingly delicious, and it makes your pasta still as rich.

13. White sauce

If you already have the white sauce, you can use it without needing to add on the cheese. It features the use of milk, a little bit of butter, and sometimes even parmesan cheese. You will find it being flavored sometimes too.


Therefore, it makes a great alternative when you are making pizza or even pasta, and you don’t have the cheese, or you don’t want to buy it.

14. Zucchini cheese

Zucchini cheese

You don’t always have to use the cashew spreads sometimes; you can also use the zucchini to make your favorite cheese spread.

It means it’s a perfect choice if you are allergic to nuts. It will serve you best, although it’s not a vegan option.

You can use it on the cheese to also use it if you are a cheese slices fan.

Cheese substitute for pizza

15. Garlic and herb cream cheese

Garlic and herb cream cheese

Here you have the cashew-based garlic that also uses different herbs to make it even tastier. You can then blend the basil, thyme, sea salt, garlic, and these ingredients then you will then notice that you make the cheese quickly.

So then you will make the herbed cream of cheese. This one is a salad topper, but you can use it with other foods like pasta and pizza. It’s going to be the perfect veggie patties too. The cheese style is then delicious.

16. Smoked coconut gouda

Smoked coconut gouda

When you are looking for another nut-free cheese-like, this is the perfect one to use. When you use this cheese type, then you will be using a nut-free cheese substitute that is flavorful and sweet. People like it more because it melts quickly, and it remains nicely tasty.

Also, people like it a lot more because they can use it to top the pizza and use it on the crackers and sandwiches.

If you like the smoked flavors, then you will find this coconut to be nicely tasty. It will always deliver perfect goodness.

You will be surprised that people like the taste and it remains melty. So once you try it, then it will maintain the melt.

When you, therefore, try it, you will like the way it tastes, and you won’t want to use any other cheese style.

17. Aquafaba cheese

I hope you already know what the aquafaba is. It features the use of canned chickpeas. You can use it to make your favorite cheese too. The main reason why anyone chose to use it is that it will melt quickly.

Notice, though, that you can use it to successfully make the different cheese types to even use on the pizza. Just remember how delicious it will depend on the type you are looking to use. Don’t forget to add a dash of lemon juice to make it delicious yet full of flavors. This then means you can use it on your pizza but also things like your sandwich.

Do you like any one?

If this is your first time, try to use the cheese substitutes then you may not enjoy it. If you keep trying them then you will have these delicious options serve you better because they are healthier.

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