What Is Clean Cut Pizza

Getting a slice of pizza is only possible when that slice is cut. With clean cut pizza, some pizza lovers are concerned about the cleanliness of the blade that their pizza is cut with.

In these cases, a pizza may be ordered with a clean cut, or even no cut so you can cut the pizza yourself. Customise more than just your toppings with your very own clean cut pizza if you would like.

What is clean cut pizza? Why clean cut a pizza? Read on to discover everything you want to know about clean cutting a pizza.

Pizza Cuts

Pizza is generally served in quantities that are too big for one person to lift and hold.

Pizza is usually cut by the pizza parlour in such a way that is convenient for eating the pizza.

types of pizza slices

Image: Slice Pizzeria

Regardless of the shape of the shape that a pizza is made in, a cut is generally required for serving.

This somewhat elaborate stage of serving the pizza is often visually pleasing, demonstrating great skill and speed with the pizza cutter.

What Clean Cut Pizza Is

Clean cut pizza is a special request made of the pizzeria. Seeing as the pizza cutter is used many times during the course of the night, a clean-cut is requested.

This means that the pizza cutter is cleaned before cutting the ordered pizza. This special request is sometimes offered by some chains as part of their service, but in other cases needs to be specifically requested.

Why Clean Cut Pizza

There are a few reasons why a clean cut pizza is requested, that don’t necessarily have to do with hygiene.

  • Allergies and food tolerances. In some cases people can have strong reactions to certain foods, especially seafood or gluten. For these reasons, a clean cut will be requested to ensure that no cross-contamination with seafood or gluten has occurred.
  • Religious reasons: There are certain religions such as Islam and Judaism where consumption of pork is strictly forbidden. Since cured meats used on pizza are often pork-based, it may be the case that someone who is of faith to request a clean cut to ensure no fat from the pig may touch their lips.
  • Vegetarians: People who do not eat meat are quite often turned off by the slightest hint of animal fat that may be in their dish. In an effort to ensure that they do not get the taste of meat, a vegetarian may ask for a clean cut to make sure they get no hint of meat on their pizza.

Styles of Pizza Cuts

There are some main styles of pizza cuts that are worth mentioning when it comes to ordering a pizza.

Normal Cut

A normal cut pizza is the most iconic of pizza cuts, popularised especially by the New York style pizza slice; big, floppy, and packed with cheese.

This is made by taking a pizza that has been made in a circular shape and cutting it into as little as four triangles. Depending on the size of the pizza, there could be as many as twelve or even more pizza slices. The normal cut is the most natural way of cutting a circular pizza.

Square Cut

Square cuts are the natural way for pizzas cooked in rectangular pans to be cut, however many claim that this is also the best method for a circular pan pizza to be cut.

This style of pizza cut is often used at pizza parties. Depending on your pizzeria, this could be the go-to natural style of cut.

Many pizza places in the midwest United States tend to favour this method of cutting pizza, even though it may seem strange to others.

No Cut

Not getting the pizza cut at all is also an option. If you are incredibly about the cleanliness of the cut, it could be a great option to order a pizza that is not cut, so you may cut it yourself.

There are many tips on how to best cut a pizza from industry professionals. While this may be the preference if requested, receiving a pizza that has not been cut at all when you expect it to be cut is worth complaining about to your local pizzeria.

Elaborate Styles

There are many more creative ways to cut a pizza, even amazing shapes that a pizza can be made in.

Some pizzerias offer unique cuts on specialty pizzas, and there are plenty of recipes that offer new and exciting ways to cut a pizza to make life easier the next time you decide to have a pizza pie.

Tools for Cutting Pizza

When considering cutting a pizza, there are different tools of the trade that can be ideal to use.

If you are in need of a clean cut pizza to the point that you would prefer to cut the pizza yourself, consider the different options in pizza cutting tools that are on the market.

  • Wheel: The pizza cutting wheel is one of the most popular options, often seen in movies and on television. This essential tool for the pizza lovers kitchen takes up a small amount of space when it comes to storage, and allows a pizza cutter the quickly trim across their cutting board when slicing up their pizza.
  • Rocker: The pizza cutting rocker is often favoured by professionals in the industry. Unlike the pizza cutting wheel, the rocker allows the pizza cutter to put their whole weight onto the blade without discomfort, ensuring the cut travels through the pizza base. Being a straight blade, the rocker also ensures the straightest cut. The tool can be bulky to have in the modern kitchen and is general reserved for professionals.
  • Scissor: One preferred method by many is the kitchen scissors. A sharp pair of kitchen scissors ensure that the pizza is sliced straight down to the base. This method is preferred by many, but not generally seen commercially since it takes more time to complete the pizza cut.
  • Knife: When all else fails, the trusty kitchen knife is also a preferred tool for cutting pizza. Some people may not have the need to cut pizza to invest in a tool dedicated to the purpose. A knife will work, especially if it has a larger blade to mimic the action of a pizza rocker.


Cutting pizza is an iconic part of the pizza purchasing experience. A poorly-cut pizza leaves a customer with an end product that is difficult to eat.

Slices of pizza that are hard to separate is a point of frustration and embarrassment when enjoying a pizza with friends.

If you have concerns over food cross-contamination or with your religious beliefs, it may be worth considering a clean-cut pizza. Then again, maybe you want your pizza cut your own special way.

You can always clean cut your own pizza if you’re not happy with the way the shop does it, or you may find your own unique style of cut that will amaze guests at your next pizza party.

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