5 Best Commercial Dough Mixer – Pizza Dough Mixer Reviews

If you are one of those who like to mix the doughs, you may already know how hard it can be to hand mix them. Luckily then, you can use the dough mixers to ease the processor, better yet, make it easy to mix a lot of the doughs all at once.

If you have a pizzeria, you should buy a commercial pizza dough mixer to ease the whole process.

But not all of the commercial mixers are great, which is why we bring to this article. It will help in showing you some of the very best choices to use.

5 best commercial mixer for pizza dough in 2021

The most versatile commercial mixer

1. Hakka Commercial Dough Mixers

Hakka Commercial Dough Mixers 40 Quart Stainless Steel 2 Speed Rising Spiral Mixers-HTD40B (220V/60Hz,3 Phase)

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If you aren’t looking at the budget and would like to get a good gadget at any price, this is your best mixer. This is one of the greatest tools to use if you’re going to mix a lot of dough since it has a capacity of 40QT.

It further uses two speeds with two independent timers. You will further find it useful and even easier to clean. Do you see its speed control buttons on the side? I also like that it’s sturdy and stable.

Notice that it comes with a separate bowl with which you will use to make the different doughs. This one is perfect for when you will bake the pizzas, cookies, and such like things. It doesn’t matter the kind of dough you need to prep in the kitchen because it will work. The gadget is mostly ideal for the commercial kitchen, though.

You will even have it over a long time since they use a sturdy construction method. You will further like its durable stainless steel body. It can knead up to 40 pounds of dough. It has an emergency stop switch that you can use to stop it when you need it to.

It will further give you a high-speed rotation of 156 rotations per minute. This means that you can make a lot of dough all at once, and thus it’s better for commercial use.


  • For your commercial settings, then this is ideal and even affordable.
  • It’s durable and will deliver the perfect dough.
  • It’s ideal for versatile dough use.


  • Not that we know about

Best overall mixer

2. Hakka Commercial 60 Qt. Spiral Dough Mixer

Hakka Commercial 60 Qt. Spiral Dough Mixer - 220V/60Hz Phase 3(60 Qt Spiral Mixer)

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I often trust the Hakka brothers for their gadgets never disappoint. Here you have a larger capacity than the one above. And like the above ones is that it has two-speed settings with actually different timers. We have to mention, though, that this is for you if money is a non-issue to you.

At the highest capacity of 60qts, this gadget will work in different commercial settings. The best thing is that it comes with a large bowl that you can use for the different doughs. It further has an emergency stop switch to use to stop it when you need to.

The best part, though, is that you will further have a bowl guard. It ensures that the dough you are making doesn’t scatter outside the bowl. This gadget is unique since you have four wheels for easy movement of the mixer.

You will also receive a highly electric powerful tool since it has a 3000 watts’ motor to handle the dough flour in large capacities. Again this own will spin at about 156 rotations per minute. As such, you don’t have to take too long when it comes to its rotations.


  • Of course, the fact that it has a larger size means it also gives you a large bowl to handle the dough. The large dough means you can use it for a lot of dough at once.
  • It has a larger yet highly powerful motor to handle different tasks.
  • It will come to you with a decent warranty to cover for a long time when you have it and using it.
  • Its wheels are great for the best movement of the mixer if you need to.


  • It’s expensive although you will notice it’s worth it.

Best mixer for home use and commercial settings

3. Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Stand Mixer

Wolf Gourmet High-Performance Stand Mixer, 7 qrt, with Flat Beater, Dough Hook and Whisk, Brushed Stainless Steel (WGSM100S)

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This gadget will then provide even the perfect mixing performance. First of all, it has a strong mixer motor, and as such, it will often maintain the speed that’s even when it’s dense mixing flour. It doesn’t matter even when you are looking to mix heavy bread dough because this will always work.

It has a bowl lift to make it easy to remove it when needed, but it will also help adjust the bowl. The handle also works just perfectly, making it easy to turn it from one side to another. It has a pulse function that you are amazingly going to use in mixing the different ingredients to the dough.

This one has an advantage over the ones you see above because it gives you variable speed control. This function then its ideals for the different dough recipes. This is the best choice if you want a versatile option. It will have the other attachment accessories that you can use for other functions like meat grinding.

You, therefore, have a large enough bowl that you can use for different doughs. It’s ideal for those days when you are looking to make different doughs like cookie doughs, focaccia, and more. But this one is not as large as the ones you see above. It has a 7qt capacity, which also means that you can sometimes set it in your house if you like to. And this is the ideal one to use at home.


  • It’s the perfect choice when you want a versatile option.
  • It even has a secure lid to make sure you don’t splatter the dough everywhere as you are making it.
  • It features the use of perfect build quality.
  • It even has a different mixing attachment.


  • This is very expensive for your home use.

The best durable mixer

4. Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 20Qt

Happybuy Commercial Food Mixer 20Qt 750W 3 Speeds Adjustable 105 180 and 408 RPM Food Processor Heavy Duty with Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Hooks Whisk Beater for Schools Bakeries Restaurants Pizzeria

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When you use this tool, you are sure it will be safe to use and durable. This is because they made it using strong stainless steel. And they don’t use any stainless steel; instead, they use grade 304 types of stainless steel.

It further can handle up to 20L capacity of food items. Nonetheless, it will even mix up to 6.6L of dough all at once. This is a versatile tool, mostly because you don’t only use it for the pizza dough. Instead, you can use it for other foods too. It has up to three replaceable attachments.

It’s an ideal choice for smoother mixing choices. Nonetheless, you can use it for heavy doughs like pizza dough and bread doughs too. You can even have a flat beater for the mashing of the potatoes. Also, it works when you want to mix cakes, different batters, and even for icing.

Notice that you can even use it to whip, and it further works under three different speeds. If you want to adjust the height of the bowl, then you can turn the wheels. It further has the start and stop button.

It’s an ideal option for use at home, mostly because you can use it even at home for a single purpose and other different uses. It’s large enough to work in a commercial setting, too, remember.


  • It’s versatile for different uses; no wonder it comes with three extra attachments.
  • You even have a bowl guard for extra safety of the dough or food you are prepping.
  • This is a multifunctional mixer that you can use not only for the dough.
  • It’s stable because they use grade 304 stainless steel to make it.
  • This piece is also durable to use.


  • Sorry, it has no warranty, which is not a good idea since it’s a large piece of equipment.

Best runners up commercial mixer

5. Huanyu Commercial Stand Mixer 10QT 500W

Huanyu Commercial Stand Mixer 10QT 500W Electric Dough Blender with Stainless Steel Bowl Dough Hook Flat Beater Whisk 3 In 1 Multifunctional Food Mixing Machine 180 °Agitating Home Use 110V USplug

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Here you also have a three in one attachment stand mixer. Contrary to most other mixers, you have a flat beater, a whisker, and a dough hook here. You won’t have a problem with the dough’s spattering since it has a bowl guard. This gadget is even safer and durable to use since they use 304 stainless steel.

You will further like it for the fact that it performs right. It even has a switch lock function for emergencies.

It also has indication function, head lift function, low noise, high power, and high beat rate. All this then means that it will function properly.

Whether you want to use it in the kitchen in the pizzerias and bakeries is okay because it will make the dough faster. Besides, the motor will not overheat; it will not even have excessive motor heating. Again this is a multifunction tool.


  • Safe to use the gadget
  • This one is a high power tool to use for different kitchen functions.
  • It’s easy to use and assemble it too. But if you want to disassemble it, you can do so very quickly.


  • It lacks handles, which makes it hard to hold it.

What to look for in the dough mixer?

Depending on why you are buying the dough mixer, some features matter a lot more than others. If you are mixing the dough in a large capacity, you need to check the following features.

The spiral specialty

The mixer you buy should depend on the amount of dough you can make at one time. Therefore, if you have a large pizzeria, it’s better to use the spiral mixer. This then shows you that you can choose a 200-pound capacity mixer, which will then mix over 50 pounds of flour.

So when you choose the right size of mixer for your busy pizzeria, it will take lesser time to prep the dough. Besides, the spiral mixer is strong and durable than the one we are going to discuss below.

Planetary alignment

However, if you are going to produce the pizza in low quantity, you don’t need a large mixer. This one is further ideal if you will use the mixer for other roles besides mixing your pizza dough. It gets the name from the fact that the mixer attachment turns, but the bowl remains stagnant. So you see, it looks as though the planets are rotating around the sun.


You can have it at even 60qrt size, and you will quickly remove the power attachment to attach different mixers’ styles. Again you’ll mostly have it for different needs, including slicing, cheese graters, juicing and meat grinding, mashing, among other uses. So generally, the mixer comes in the form of a food processer.

Therefore, this is to say that if you want to use the mixer for different uses, you need to choose the planetary.

Generally, though, the mixer works and delivers the same dough. The significant difference is that the spiral mixer works only to mix the different doughs. So you should know that if you want the spiral mixer for other roles, it won’t work for you.

They will then cost you almost the same amount, so of course, you will buy it based on what exactly you want with the mixer.

The special features

Aside from the type we discussed above, there are other features to consider. Generally, you expect to find different features on the different kinds of dough mixers. The one you find attractive should also have unique and attractive features.

If you want, you can choose the one with a bowl guard to secure the dough. That means that the dough won’t move as the gadget is working on it.

Some will come with a single mixer attachment, but other good ones come with other accessories in attachments. These are the best to use, especially when you’re buying the dough for home use. You will realize that it makes it ideal for different uses.

The lift-up function is excellent, especially for those mixers that have small bowls. This makes it easy to remove the attachment for easy wash-up.

What size are you looking for?

Of course, there are different mixer sizes, and the choice of the mixer you buy will depend on how much dough you intend to make from time to time. In this case, the dough mixer you are buying is the one you use in the commercial setting. So you need one that can make a lot of the dough all at once.

The size of the dough they often give you is in quarts. So you can have 7-60 quarts, but sometimes it’s even larger. Just know that you don’t need a high quart one if you use it at home.

Convenience and easy operation

Have you ever bought a gadget that you couldn’t even use since everything is just complicated? Well, this is a factor to consider and if possible, check the reviews to show you whether it’s easy to operate.

Of course, you want to get used to it in a short time, so yes, you should choose one that is easy to operate.

One thing not to worry about is the speed because it has the dial on the side to control how first it rotates. The faster it can rotate, the better because it will get you the perfect dough in a shorter time.


When you are buying such a gadget, the first thing you want to be sure about is that it will last long. This is why you should check the attachments to confirm that they are made using aluminum or stainless steel.

You want it to be the machine that, even if you knocked it a few times, it wouldn’t break or peel off. You don’t want a gadget that will be quick to rust and corrode. You need to choose the one that’s going to stand the test of time.

The price

Before anything, you should know how much you are willing to spend on these gadgets. Remember, they are powerful tools, which means you can expect to spend a little more than the regular amount you spend.

Other things to consider when choosing the mixer

Always check the reviews.

Remember, it’s easy to find the commercial pizza dough maker when you know where to go. In most cases, you may want to go to the shop but not before you check the online gadget reviews. Thankfully people who buy it will give you an honest opinion on whether they like it or not.

Confirm that whoever is giving their review has one.

Check the material

You want to buy a gadget that is safe to use with your food. Confirm that you chose the best material. You don’t want it to start peeling and contaminating your food. This is also why I prefer stainless steel.

Where to buy it

Of course, the shops that sell the kitchen gadgets will have them, and if you have done your research, you can buy them from them. Other than that, then you should buy it from Amazon as that’s easier to access than other shops too.

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