6 Best Commercial Pizza Oven Of 2021

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When you have decided to start a pizza business, one of the most common things to do is buy the equipment you need. You will need a commercial pizza oven to allow you to make several pizzas at a go.

Whether you are looking for the large commercial pizzas or just the smaller ones that are also in-built, you need this article. Let’s take a ride to the shops to find one of the best pizza ovens for you. There will be factors you need to check first, too, before you go buying it, and we intend to highlight that for you too.

Types of commercial pizza oven

There are about four different types of pizza ovens, and when you intend to use them for vast consumption in restaurants or pizzerias, you need the most stable ones. So, of course, most of the pizza restaurants like to use the wood-fired oven. However, the main thing they like is the convenience and reliability of the oven.

Of course, there will be different pizza ovens styles; it doesn’t have to be the wood or stone type. It just has to deliver as per requirement.

Wood-fired ovens

The name gives you an explanation of the kind of oven we are talking of here. It features the use of wood as fuel. This is the oven’s traditional style, and therefore, when you use it, you are sure to attain an almost traditional form of pizza.

Wood fired oven

Image: Slice Pizzeria

It works if you are so familiar with using it, but if you aren’t, then you may take even longer to make your fresh pizzas. However, it’s the most preferred option in America just because it delivers the best pizzas.

Often you will need to use the hardwood as they burn clear while infusing the perfect flavor to your pizza.

The best part then is that it will make the perfect addition to your kitchen style. If you used the bricks, for example, it would create the perfect pizza.

Deck pizza oven

The one thing about these is that they deliver the artisan feel. This one will also deliver the stone deck on the inside of the oven to ensure you distribute the heat evenly. You will always need the experience to operate it.

This one looks so much like the brick or wood-fired oven we have talked about above, but then it uses electricity.

You see, it will maintain the oven temperature to cook your food evenly. Notice, though, that the end product then is delicious. One thing is that it will not produce lots of pizzas like the wood oven does.

Commercial conveyor pizza oven

This one will cook your pizzas in less than five minutes. You will commonly find this in traditional fast-food restaurants. In essence, it will create all the different kinds of pizzas you want to make. It’s the show of perfection because it will always deliver the perfect cooked pizzas without needing skilled operators.

You will particularly like this one because it heats up quickly and then you can already use it. Also, you don’t have to wait for up to 20 minutes to cook it. They often use gas and electricity, but they are made to mimic the brick oven’s airflow.

You can use them in any high production unit. Even if you have a food van, then it will somehow work.

Commercial electric or combi oven

You can use them anywhere, not necessarily in commercial settings. They are not ideal for the times when you’re producing a lot of pizzas. You can use them if you are producing a lot of pizza.

So then this one is going to cook the pizza perfect enough but not quick enough. Although we call it the commercial oven, it doesn’t work for those stores that only focus on making pizzas. If you solidly deliver pizza to your customers, you need another oven for mass production. This one works for those situations where you cook the pizza rarely.

1. MORETTI FORNI P120 B3 Electric Pizza Oven

MORETTI FORNI P120 B3 Electric Pizza Oven P120 49'' x 34'' x 7'' (Chamber) 208/240/60/3-3 Decks with tray guide base

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For over six decades today, this brand has manufactured some of the best gas and electric commercial oven. Morris first started to make the electric-only oven, but today they even make the gas oven. Notice that with this tool then you can make restaurant-style baked goods.

Generally, buying for this Italian based brand assures you of the safety, effectiveness, durability, ease of use, just to mention a few. Here you will always have the high tech and advanced style of the oven.

This oven style is a double-decker style of the oven that can make up to sixteen different pizza types. Now it doesn’t matter the sizes you want to make. You can make the 12 inches or the 18 inches one at a go. One good thing about it is that it will have customizable settings for the different decks. This means you can set the unique temperature of each deck.

With this oven, you will attain a high temperature of 840F. With such a high temperature, though, you can be sure to have your pizza cooked in two minutes.

Such an extensive option of the oven, of course, needs everything set right. It has the timer button for you to set the right temperature and the time to make sure the pizza never overcooks. It shouldn’t undercook either. It’s vital that the baking space they made using the bricks that can retain all the heat. In the end, you will cook the pizza right in no time.

They make it using heavy-duty stainless steel to have it last longer. The fact that it’s broad makes it ideal for those times when you want to cook several pizzas. This is ideal for any large establishment.

You will never have some pizzas cooked while others aren’t. This is because it has the heat being evenly distributed on the floors and the top parts of the oven.


  • In two minutes, you will have the pizza ready.
  • You can use it for cooking up to 16 pizzas at a go.
  • It’s a durable choice made using high-quality stainless steel.
  • Here you will easily maintain it and clean it.


  • It’s too pricy.

2. TECHTONGDA Commercial Pizza Oven

TECHTONGDA Commercial Pizza Oven Convection Oven Double Electric Commercial Bread Machine

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Here you then have another large capacity oven where you will cook the pizza in the two baking rooms. You see, they even have two separate doors that you may use to set or remove your pizzas as you would like to.

With this tool then you will bake up to a 16-inch pizza and comfortably. But then this one is a fantastic option because it can also bake other things like cakes. You can also use it when you are toasting.

Anyone who uses it knows that you can bake the different meals at a go on the different shelves if you like. Where would you like to use it because it will work in your restaurants and your home kitchen?

Notice that it has 18 heating tubes, and you can use them to control the oven’s different aspects. You will like it the most because it delivers a steady rise of temperature and maintains it at your desired settings. It has a high of over 600°F now, which means that it’s upon you to choose the right temperature that will work for you.

Again you have the in-build pizza grill stone that you can use to attain your ideal temperature. Here, the stone is made using the cordierite material, and with it, you will easily attain up to 1450°F. Typical of other stones, it will often absorb the moisture. You will then easily attain high-quality pizzas.

Here we are talking of a stainless steel build oven. They use the food-grade safe stainless steel 304. This tool is a durable choice for you to use. Notice then that it has four knobs that you will use to control the settings. It has a timer for you to set the time together with the temperature as you’re cooking.


  • It has a wide area of temperature control.
  • They make it using safe stainless steel.
  • The inbuilt stone also means that it will achieve high-quality pizza crispiness.
  • You can use it for cooking the different niches of the pizzas.
  • You can use it in the kitchen or restaurant.


  • They are not yet known.

3. Cuore Ovens New Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven 

Cuore Ovens New Model 1000 Plus Gourmet Wood-Fired Oven Kit - 36.2' Internal fire Chamber Diameter.

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For the love of wood-fired pizza ovens, you can be sure you will attain the pizza’s perfect crust with this simple oven. In most cases, the brand here will make the outdoor style pizza ovens and tools. Since it’s made of stone, you can be sure it will distribute the oven’s temperature correctly.  With this oven then you’ll be sure to have the pizza cook easily.

It has about 36-inch space to cook your different pizza types at a go safely. Mind you, then you can use the pizza for the different meals, not only the pizzas. With the material they use to make the pizza, you can be sure you will have the right temperatures in the oven. And with that, then you can bake the pizza right.

Here you are sure the machine will impart the perfect flavors to your pizza. You will then have the perfect textures as well, and you can be sure to attain the right aroma to make the pizza also stand out. This one you won’t find every other place, but in a commercial kitchen, you can be sure to have it.

Anytime you are using the wood, then you’ll attain the perfect gourmet cooking for your pizzas. This then means you can also use it if you have a large family. Here you, therefore, have the perfect wood-fired option. So then you can be sure to assemble it and get it ready in no time.


  • The stone is everything in the construction of this piece. It will make sure it delivers the right heat all over the pizza making sure it cooks the food right too.
  • It’s meant to use in the cooking of the different things you may need, including the pizzas.
  • You can use it indoors and outdoors. But most significantly, it’s ideal for the times when you want to cook for your family.


  • It’s pricy

4. Cadco POV-013 Commercial Half Size Convection Oven

Cadco POV-013 Commercial Half Size Convection Oven

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Here you will have a high-quality commercial oven to use. In most cases, though, they make it using stainless steel. It further remains a sturdy yet durable oven that will last for years, always serving you right. If you want it to serve you best, of course, you will need to have it last longer.

This one is easy to maintain the oven option, but most importantly, it makes it easy to attain your perfect pizzas in no time. Besides, this is then going to deliver the perfect control to your oven too. Again the door will never burn you because it remains cool to touch the door.

This one is going to deliver the lower to medium range of the service. To most people, it looks like the toaster oven. It will deliver the perfect sturdiness and the perfect capacity for your not so large establishment. It will suit your cafes and other food joints.

It has two knobs, which means it will be very easy to attain the perfect temperatures when you are baking your food.

With this, then you will attain the perfect pizza in less time. Again it has a double glass door, which will also retain the heat within the oven. Here you also have an easy to clean oven.


  • It delivers the perfect control for the pizza oven operation.
  • Again you have the heavy-duty stainless steel.
  • It will heat at a range of 500°F.


  • It’s great to use, but then they haven’t certified it for commercial application.

5. Commercial Pizza Oven Stainless Steel 

Commercial Pizza Oven Stainless Steel Pizza Oven Countertop Electric Pizza and Snack Oven Deluxe Pizza and Multipurpose Oven for Restaurant Home Pizza Dishes 110V 3KW【Double Oven】

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Here is another one of the versatile options of the pizza oven. So then you will have the 662°F for easy cooking of the pizza in the oven. This is the high temperature that you can even use in baking the New York pizza.

I like that it will control the temperatures independently. You will have the low and the upper racks also controlling the temperatures differently. Notice that it will heat the pizza right but also meet the demands. This pizza oven will help you whether you are looking for one to cook only pizza or want a versatile one that you can use with other foods.

Use it for the potatoes, bread, cakes and more. This is one of the most convenient choices of the oven you can have. Notice that you can easily control the baking time while setting the temperature right too. This one will often be an ideal choice for convenience and easy cooking.

It also features the use of high-quality stainless steel for the body of the oven. This oven then remains stylish yet durable. The good thing is that the handle will resist the temperature, and that means even if you touched it, it would never burn you. This one will remain the safest to use a choice of the oven.


  • They make it using high-quality stainless steel material.
  • This one you can also use when you are making high-temperature pizzas.
  • It’s going to be a convenient choice to use the oven.
  • It will remain the most durable option of the oven.


  • They will not ship it to every other country.

6. INTBUYING Pizza Oven Toaster Commercial Bread Machine

INTBUYING Pizza Oven Toaster Commercial Bread Machine Stainless Steel Double Electric Countertop for Household/Restaurant 3KW

View on Amazon

When you are looking for a large capacity oven, this is one of the best toaster ovens you may use when making your best pizzas. The best part is that you can even bake up to 16-inch pizzas. Also then you will use it for baking the cakes, steaks and other different products.

So then, this is the perfect choice to use when making the pizzas using the electric oven. With this then you can comfortably make the different pizzas in a short time. You have the three heating zones to use, and make sure you then cook the different pizzas that are of the perfect crust toppings and features.

Again you will have independent temperature control. The top part has different temperature control from the bottom tray too. So then it will work for the restaurant and the home use too. The precision temperature will also mean you can bake your food quickly.

So here then you have the baking stones that are already built-in too. You have the perfect moisture control to make sure you have the pizza with an excellent pizza crust.


  • It’s a versatile choice of oven that you may use for different types of cooking.
  • It’s a compact size of oven.
  • Again it has a large capacity to make sure you will cook up to 15-inch pizzas.
  • The high-temperature settings mean it will take a shorter time to cook the pizzas.
  • It features the use of grade 304 stainless steel metal that is food safe too.


  • You can only use it for your small establishments, not the large ones.

Things to look for when you want to buy the pizza oven

The size weight but also the placement

The size of the oven matters. It depends on where you’re going to place it and also the size of your establishment. So the first thing to do is to take the measurements before you order the pizza oven.

With the size, therefore, you have to factor in the expected orders. If you think that you will receive massive orders, you need a larger size, but you need a smaller one if you think that you will receive less.

If you have a large establishment, you will mostly have them buy the commercial conveyor pizza oven. In such cases, you will have triple and double stacks. Sometimes they just buy two and use one when they don’t need to have them all running. The bottom line, the capacity of the oven is of the essence.

Which type are you buying the countertop style? You will also need to check the weight of the oven. Also, your countertop has to be healthy, and if it’s not, then you can let it be.

How much pizza are you going to produce?

Of course, this is a question of concern before you go on to deliver the pizza of choice.

Low production

If you are buying the pizza for commercial purposes, then you can either choose the low production one or the high production one. If you have a restaurant, but you don’t anticipate producing a lot of pizza, you should buy the commercial convection one.

They have 2-5 racks, but they will also fit a 16-inch pizza. It will often take the machine about 5-6 minutes to cook your pizza thoroughly. This one will vary depending on the number of pizzas you have at a time. You can use the convection oven for restaurants that make pizzas, but they don’t only focus on pizzas.

Medium production

Here we say the pizza deck oven suits it right. Although it will help produce several pizzas, it’s not as many as the one the conveyor produces at a time. Here you will have each of the decks of the oven holding about 4-6 pizzas at a time. It will take about 6-8 minutes to cook your pizzas too thoroughly.

Here you will need to monitor your pizzas as they are cooking but remember to move them around to make sure it bakes right. It may negatively influence the cooking process since the pizza oven will lose heat.

Brick or wood oven can also fit in here, but it depends on the size you are talking about. In most cases, you have limited cooking space, which means you can only cook a few types. Remember, they will cook on the single platform they have. Of course, it will be larger than the deck, but it’s never more extensive than the conveyor.

Notice that the brick oven will hold 10-12 pizzas at a time and the right temperature. Also, it will cook your pizza in less than five minutes.

High production

So if you are looking for the volumes of production, then a conveyor oven is your only bet. You will need to set the conveyor belt and then let the oven do its work. The good thing, though, is that most of the ovens have 3-4 stacks, which then allow you to bake many pizzas in just 4-5 minutes.

Here then you won’t have a problem with heat loss because your pizzas are passing through the heating elements throughout.

The settings

Another one of the most important factors is the settings. If you choose the wood-fired oven, be informed that you are going for a more manual piece. So it would help if you lighted it but also make sure the oven retains the temperature.

It should therefore go to higher degrees. Notice that it’s hard to maintain the temperature, especially if you aren’t familiar with the process. It’s ideal for you if you know how to make it work.

It will reach the required high temperature, but you have to know how to make it work for you if you use the conveyor and the deck, even though you will most likely have consistent temperatures. It can either be less or more; it all depends. You see, it will even have the airflow under the dish, and therefore you can attain the perfect crusty pizza.

The conveyor one will often have a fan, making sure you cook the pizza using the hot air at all times. So then you must check the settings to make sure you have them right. If you don’t set them right, you will have problems like an oven not heating up fast enough.


While you may not think of it as an essential aspect, it is essential. You must know where you intend to set the oven first.

Small space

Sometimes you just have a small space. If space is, therefore, an issue, you should buy the convection oven. It takes up very minimal space, so it will suit your small space. This one can suit your 15-60 cubic feet. It will work for those times when the restaurant is tiny.

Medium pizza-making space

You can have the deck pizza oven here if you have not a lot of space to spare. But then again, remember the deck comes in different sizes. If you want, you can buy the one that measures about 160Ft. It comes in a stack design, so then it will take more space vertically, not horizontally.

Large space

If space, then is a non-issue, you can take any type of pizza oven. If you are going to use a conveyor, then the better, after all, it occupies too much space, you know. Notice too that your conveyors are often large enough to fit your large pizzas side by side. Some of the conveyors will take up to 330 Ft of space.

The brick oven is the other one that will take a lot of space. It will mostly depend on the type of oven you are talking of. They make the dome shape so they will go high, but they also cover up to 30 sq. feet at the base. They can make them as large as they want to. The one thing it’s not, though, is small. This is for those who have a lot of space, remember.

The budget

I’m one who says you have to spend on the same budget you choose and nothing more. So you need to know how much you intend to spend.

If you are going to buy a pizza convection oven, you can be sure to spend anything from $1000-10000. This also goes perfectly because you don’t need to have a lot of maintenance for it. So you won’t have the repair costs.

You can also choose the conveyor oven, which will often cost you anything from $5000 to 30000. It will depend on the brand you are choosing, the style, the size, the condition, and if it has any special features.

One thing is that this pizza, though, will have different moving parts to heat your pizza. This then means that it will need you to have the cost of repair.

On the other hand, Deck ovens are great in that they will give you a wide range of prices. You can choose the one you can afford.

We are saying that you should prepare at least $2000 if you intend to buy an excellent commercial pizza oven.

Energy efficiency

Of course, you will need to know how much energy you may have to use. They will offer you the flexibility or the energy use. Therefore, you will reduce the bills. So as you go out buying the oven, consider the energy in use.

The fuel it uses

You know there will be different fuels you can use. So then check the space within the establishment to determine whether it has good hooks for either electricity or gas. I know you may also have the ones that use the wood, and still, that is okay. You just need to confirm that the pots are doing great.

The type of pizza you will be selling matters.

Remember the type of pizza you intend to sell; then determines the kind of oven you can use. There are hundreds of pizza types you could make, and now your chef should help you decide.

If you are going to make pizzas like the Neapolitan one, you need an oven with a high maximum temperature. If you will be making most American pizza styles, then an oven with 600F is just enough.

There you have it. Are you ready to buy your commercial oven now? Check out the options we suggested above.

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