16 Best Cookie Press Of 2020 – Electric Cookie Press Reviews

Depending on where you are in the universe your snacks and desserts may vary.

Bread, for example, cuts across different parts of the world as a breakfast snack/meal. Sometimes people eat different kinds of cereals but sometimes even cookies.

However, cookies are mostly treated as snacks. We all enjoy these tiny treats because not only are they normally delicious but they are also crunchy and filling.

For a long time, they were given to kids but today we all enjoy the tiny treats.

Unlike bread that involves a tedious process to make, cookies are easy to make at home. However, most of us make the round boring, and old shapes of cookies. If you are tired of the same shapes it’s time to buy a cookie press.

This article will guide you into buying the best press.



Before we find out what the best cookie press for the spritz cookie is, we have to know what the spritz actually is.

Spritz cookie comes from German and Alsatian. Spritz in German means to squirt. So, the cookies, in this case, are made by squeezing the dough from the cookie press. They will form different shapes and sizes.

Best cookie press to buy in 2020

The Best Spritz Cookie Press

1. Edge cook cookie press for spritz cookies

Edge Cook Spritz-Cookie-Press-Gun-Kit 20 Disc with 8 Icing Tips: Sturdy-Stainless-Steel - Works Even with Arthritis - Ideal for Holidays-Baking-Biscuit, Cake, Churro, Cookie Maker

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This one features the highest quality of stainless steel. Made of high-quality material, the machine is durable. The item comes with 20 different disc shapes. It further comes with a cookie maker set and 8icing tips.

This is perfect for both your cakes and cookies. With this combination, you will mold different styles of cookies and biscuits. It’s further kids friendly which means that over the holiday you may put those little hands to some work.

It features sturdy construction with the highest quality material. It is corrosion-resistant and you won’t have to worry about the breakage of those delicate treats. It’s further crack resistant and it may just work as a great holiday gift.

The high-quality piece will handle even the thickest dough with ease. Since it features sturdy construction you won’t have to worry about your gadget bending. You further don’t need a piping bag that you would always use for the icing.

This is a manual piece that allows you to be creative and get engaged in the whole process.

2. Valuetools Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit

Cambom Clear Cookie Press Gun Kit with 16 Discs and 6 Icing Tips for DIY Biscuit Maker and Decoration Red

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Coming with its striking red features, the item offers an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. It features the perfect design with enough shaft capacity to make a lot of cookies at a time. It further lets you know how much dough you have to go.

It has 16 plastic discs that aides in creating the cookie shapes. You further have 6 decoration tips that will meet your needs. I like that it’s easy to use since you only need to fill the dough into the shaft, cover the disc then screw the nuts.

It has detachable parts which make cleaning it a breeze. You only need a little mild detergent and warm water to get rid of all the dirt and stains. This machine is made using high-quality plastic that is also BPA free.

Being a manual piece makes it fun to use and thanks to the manufacturers because even your kids can use it comfortably. You will make many cookies at a time if you have the right cookie dough consistency. Since it has a large-sized tube, you won’t have to refill it very often.

3. Fante’s Easy Cookie Press

Fante's Easy Cookie Press, The Italian Market Original Since 1906, Silver

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If you are looking to have fun and effortless ways to craft yummy cookies, here you have them. The only thing you need is to fill the metal shaft with cookie dough and then craft the different shapes of the cookies.

You will even make the authentic homemade crispy delicious cookies at the speed of lightning. It has 5 traditional sliding shapes that make 5 different designs. It’s easy to use and you could easily make butter cookies, cheese straws, and sugar cookies among other types.

Forget about loading the dough because now you need to just load the shaft then place the desired sliding plate before you screw it back and start turning the handle. As you are turning the handle you achieve a consistent dough texture.

The piece is easy to clean and you only need to disassemble the parts before washing it with warm soapy water. The Italian cookie press will serve even the non-Italian cookie doughs.

4. HuiJia Stainless Steel Biscuit Press Cookie Gun

HuiJia Stainless Steel Biscuit Press Cookie Gun Set with 13 Discs and 8 Icing Tips

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This is another one of the durable cookie press pieces. Although it’s not always marketed as a cookie press because its dispensing machine works sideways, it’s as effective to make the biscuits as it is to make the cookies.

With this method, it gives you more leverage and therefore making it easy to use for the cookies. It features a sleek and modern design and its body is basically made using aluminum, stainless steel, alloy, and ABS plastic.

The materials used to make the cookie gun are FDA approved. Of course, the plastic see-through design makes it easy for you to see how much dough you have remaining. However, although this one doesn’t let you know how much is remaining, it gives you durability.

It has 13 aluminum discs that you may use to shape the cookies. They too are durable since they are made of aluminum. It further comes with 8 icing tips which you may use for decorating the cakes, cookies, and biscuits.

5. Ourokhome Cookie Press Icing Gun

Ourokhome Cookie Press Icing Gun - Biscuit Maker Machine with 16 Discs and 6 Cake Decoration Tips (Yellow)

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Another perfect design cookie press is here and it features 8.86 inches in height, therefore, you don’t have to add the dough frequently. Since it’s clear you will know how much dough you have left every tie.

It further comes with 16 discs which will help you to create the batch of cookies. It has 6 decorating tips which you may use to bring out different decorations. The cookie gun is easy to use and even your kids will enjoy the process.

It’s made using high-quality plastic material. The plastic is further BPA free and FDA approved. It doesn’t affect the taste of your cookies. Furthermore, it’s non-toxic and durable.

With its detachable parts, you can clean it with warm soapy water. If you have a friend who enjoys cookies this would be the perfect gift for them.

6. Louty Mid-Autumn Festival DIY Mooncake Mold,Cookie Press

LOUTYTUO Mid-Autumn Festival Hand-Pressure Mooncake Mold Cookie Stamps DIY Pastry Tool With 6 Pcs Flower Mode Pattern

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This mooncake mold cookie press set is made using plastic that is also BPA free. It features solid and sturdy construction that ensures the piece will last longer. It has varying thickness sizes which means you get to choose which thickness suits you.

The set is easy to clean since it has detachable parts. What’s more, it has an eye-catching design that you can easily place on any part of the kitchen to add aesthetic value.

It comes with 6 cookie stamps all having different patterns. This gives you control of the choice of pattern press. They show exquisite workmanship of the manufacturers and with it, you get all the perfect shapes.

It’s easy to use and it features the simple operation hand press that saves time. Use the set during the different Chinese festivals. It’s the perfect choice when you want to make beautiful desserts.

7. GXHUANG Sugar Craft Cake Cookie Press

GXHUANG Sugar Craft Cake Cookie Press Kits Maker Clay Extruder Gun with 20 Discs

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This one includes a cookie maker, 20 shaping discs that will give you the different shapes of cookies plus four plastic tips. This item like the ones discussed above is easy to use. You even get to set the dough to your desired texture.

The pump is made using stainless steel material for enhanced durability. The stainless steel pump is corrosion resistant. This makes it easy to work with. It’s ideal for professional use. You can quickly make the biscuits or cookies. The cookies are further consistent.

8. Five Cents Cookie Press Gun Kit

Cookie Press Gun Kit,Baking tools, cookie mounted gun set, 10 flower pieces, 8 flower mouth, butter baking tools

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This is another great cookie press that is ideal for beginners. It features a brightly colored piece which you may fix at any part of your kitchen for easy decoration. This one comes with 10 flower molds and other 8 pastry tips for decoration.

You won‘t only use it for cookies but also biscuits. This tool is easy to use even for kids as it presses easily and the dough comes out. It features a clear see-through glass that lets you see how much more dough you have.

Although the set is made using plastic this is food-grade plastic. The set doesn’t influence your dough in taste. It’s further nontoxic and it doesn’t fade easily. It has a flat mouth design to shield it from side leaking. The set isn’t only cute, it’s powerful too.

9. Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press

Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press

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Making delicious and crusty cookies has never been this easy when you are using this cookie press. Made of strong plastic the cookie press is durable. it comes with a clear barrel which allows you to watch for the remaining dough.

It further comes with a flatted bottom that doesn’t slip when in use. It works perfectly regardless of where you are dispensing the cookie dough. The press then gives you the consistency of perfect results every time you use it as opposed to inconsistent cookies you handmake.

It allows you to form the cookies quicker thanks to its smooth nonirritant handles. It comes with 12 plastic discs which have unique patterns that you may use to make attractive designs.

They will deliver different shapes even that of the pumpkin, wreath, or flowers. You can easily handwash the detached parts.

10. Wilton Cookie Preferred Press Cookie Press

Wilton Cookie Preferred Press Cookie Press

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This pro press is well designed and easy to use. It has a comfortable handle that won’t strain your hands. You can easily craft your perfect spritz the traditional way. It’s the solution to an easy filling of the dough.

You have 12 different shaped discs as well as four other mini cookie discs. This is your ideal cookie press when you wish to make the butter cookies. It comes with a clear barrel which you will use to monitor the amount of dough you still have.

Moreover, it has a metal ring to keep the press from sliding as you are operating it. It is one of the study construction pieces that is also durable. The press further comes with a recipe book as well as a guide book.

The guide book will show you how to work your press while the recipe book shows you all the best recipes you may use for the different cookies.

11. Marcato Atlas Classic Biscuit Maker Cookie Press

Marcato Atlas Biscuit Maker Press, Made in Italy, Includes 20 Cookie Disc Shapes, Classic Silver

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This Italian cookie press will work best in a dedicated chef’s kitchen. You can have it in different colors that suit your kitchen decoration. Using this one platform you may design different kinds of cookies.

The item is made using stainless steel which makes it ideal for use over a longer duration of time. It allows you to adjust the size of your cookies with a single turn of the knob.

The item will shape between 25 – 30 large cookies at a time. It will even make 40 smaller pieces. It’s easy to clean since you only need to wash it immediately after use by first disassembling the parts.

It’s made using anodized aluminum for enhanced durability. It brings along about 20 traditional shape discs. The ergonomic design is easy to use. Never put it in a dishwasher rather hand wash it with warm water.

12. Cuisinart Electric Cookie Press

Cuisinart CCP-10 Electric Cookie Press with 12 Discs and 8 Decorating Tips, White

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If you don’t care about the fun involved in manually making the cookies, this electric piece is yours. This one will make so many cookies at a time. The handle is sturdy and easy to use. Therefore, it really suits a professional site.

It like most other cookie presses has a see-through plastic shaft which makes it easy for you to know when to refill the dough. It carries along 12 shape discs that you may use to produce different shaped cookies.

Its patterns are however just the seasonal ones. It further comes with 8 icing pieces to make the icing easy. You can use these icing tips to decorate other pasty kinds. You will finish this process quicker with the electric cookie maker.

You will make up to 40 cookies per batch. This item features a single press that gives you a number of cookies. It will work best for you if you have a problem with your joints.

13. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press

OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Stainless Steel Disks and Storage Case, White, 100

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If all you desire is a tool that will easily create consistent cookies every time, oxo cookie maker is your best bet. It’s by far one of the best choices of the cookie press we have. It has a non-slip base which will keep your press on the cookie sheet.

With this feature, you have your cookies being uniform and neat. In addition, since it has a long handle, you get great leverage to press out more cookies. The item is designed for durability and that’s why it’s made using strong plastic.

Its tube is clear and it allows you to see the dough remaining in the container. The press comes with 12 discs of different patterns to make it easy to change the shapes of the cookies. It will come in the shape of flowers hearts and snowflakes among others.

The discs feature a stainless steel material which makes them durable. You have a compact storage case to use every time you have finished using the discs. The item is also easy to clean since you can detach its parts.

14. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press

Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press

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With this tool, you will easily make dozens of cookies in a heartbeat. The item is lightweight and therefore easy to use. You can even operate it with a single hand. It brings along 14 different discs. This will ease the process of crafting the cookies.

They’ll make the shape of hearts, ovals, spare wheels among others. Its trigger mechanism makes it easy to operate this tool with a single hand. Also, it has a see-through cookie maker shaft. It will let you know how much dough you still have remaining.

The item is easy to handle yet versatile to use. It has various parts and the fact that it comes with a packaging box to keep everything in place is the best idea ever. Of course, cleaning the tool is often a problem for many people. This one allows you to wash it in a dishwasher.

It brings along the six decorating tips for frosting. You can easily use this item for all your outdoor activities.

15. Pretty hand cookie press gun kit

This item has its body made of aluminum alloy while the ends are made using stainless steel. The material and structure offer you an ergonomic design. It’s safe to use, anti-rust, non-toxic, and even durable.

Using the item is as easy as the 123 steps. You only unscrew the top, fill the body with the dough, and then screw it again. Next, you just press your gun and the cookie dough comes out. You may use it to even make a biscuit.

Since it has detachable parts it becomes easy to clean. It further has a trigger mechanism that allows for quick and enough dispensing of the dough. With its non-slip base, it remains steady as you are making the cookies.

Its sturdy handle is easy on your palm making it easy to make the cookies. It comes with 20 different disc shapes and 4 plastic nozzles. It will even serve as the perfect gift to your friends and family.

16. Deni 4650 Battery Operated Cookie Press

Deni Battery Operated Cookie Press

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Last on the list is this battery charged cookie press. You may use it to dispense cookies, pasta filling, cheese straws among others. With a single touch of the button, the dough is dispensed. This one is battery powered and works only until it’s out of charge.

It comes with two see-through cylinders. It also has 25 different discs of different patterns. It further has 10 decorating tips that you may use on other dessert pieces as well. You can use it to add fillings and toppings to other desserts.

It’s easy to clean since you just detach its parts then clean it.

What Is A Cookie Press?

If you are anything like me then you will at some point have wondered how one cooks all the different shapes of cookies. You can make almost every shape design you can think of but with a cookie press.


So, a cookie press is a small kitchen gadget that is also handheld and you use it to shape your soft cookie dough into various designs. You could have a flower, heart design, snowmen among other shapes.

Someone would ask why to buy a cookie press when you can use the pastry bag.

Of course, you can use the pastry bag to pipe your cookies.

However, with a cookie press, you’ll have more shape options.

For all food, visual appeal is necessary. The great shapes, colors, and texture will lure you into eating more of the food and snacks.

Therefore, if for example, you are making cookies for a function, you will need a cookie press that can make different shapes of cookies.

Essential Tips to Consider when Using A Cookie Press


The cookie press like any other kitchen gadget requires that you practice more to understand how it works.

  • Only use a suitable recipe for your cookie press

Your cookie press will only work if you make the right consistency and texture of your dough. By the way, don’t use nuts and other raisins to flavor your cookie because it won’t squeeze in the cookie press.

Notice that there are recipes that fit the cookie press. Only use such recipes for it to work right.

  • Properly fill your press

Whenever you are filling your cookie press, it’s upon you to make sure the dough goes in all the parts of the cookie press. This ensures your cookies don’t have air spaces. Press it a little more to remove the air. Further press it down to fill the shaft as this will help you get rid of air.

  • Don’t use baking sheets

Contrary to other pastry items you know of, cookies require that you don’t use a baking sheet. Your dough should stick on the cookie press that’s why you shouldn’t even grease your baking sheets.

  • Spaces

Give the cookie dough some space. You want to leave enough space between the cookies so that they can spread without getting ahold of the other pieces. They will cook better than when you put them close together. The cookies rise so that’s the other reason why you need space.

  • Practice makes perfect

Your first lot of cookies you make using the press won’t be as perfect but don’t give up. Keep trying and in the process, you will figure out a lot of things. You will learn how to make your cookies even better.

  • Let them cool down

Cookies are usually delicate so you shouldn’t try to remove them before they have cooled down. Use a thin spatula to remove the cookies.

Choosing Your Best Cookie Press

If you like to make cookies you need the best cookie press in the market. Follow the guide below to make the right choice.

  • Types of the cookie press

You have two makes of cookie press and the first step to buying the press is to understand whether you need the electric one or the manual one.

The manual cookie press

This cookie press is the most affordable and easy to use. It’s, in fact, the best choice for a newbie in the cookie making business. These ones are in fact preferred because they will even press your heavy dough. You can have various models that are manual.

The electric cookie press

The electric cookie press is ideal because of the consistency. You will get consistent results when you use this cookie press.

  • The die-cast discs

The other question is how many die-cast discs it has. You don’t want a cookie press that only has a single die-cast disc. The reason you are buying the press in the first place is that you are tired of the same round shapes.

So, buying one that will make the same shapes over and over again is a no. Ensure you have several disc shapes to choose from. They may be a butterfly, heart, flowers among other different shapes.

  • Check the shaft capacity

This is just self-explanatory. If the shaft has a larger capacity, you won’t need to refill it every so often. But if you want to bake with kids, work with small hands shafts as well. Make sure the model you choose is small enough for their hands.

  • Easy to clean

Of all the kitchen gadgets today the one thing we often want is to make sure you can easily clean them. In fact, I prefer those that you can clean in a dishwasher to avoid the cleaning process altogether.

  • Corrosion-free

Apparently, this gadget will make it hard to get rid of all the air and moisture in the groves and crevices. Somehow it normally still has some dampness. This is why a cookie press that has a good corrosion-resistant material is best.

  • Does the shaft attach easily?

You want to buy a cookie press whose material attaches with ease to the handle. It should further be secure on the handle.

  • The trigger

This trigger press compression has a duty to release just enough dough for a cookie every time you press it. In fact, you let the trigger measure the dough for you. It’s usually a single finger trigger and this may not work for anyone with arthritis.

  • You further can have the turn style compression

This one features the handle that turns and pushes the dough through the press. It’s meant for those who have joints problems like arthritis.

How Does A Cookie Press Work?

  • Make your dough following the ideal recipe that will produce the right consistency.
  • Roll the dough: the first part is to roll the dough into a log. This you can do by rolling it on the palms of your hand. Your aim is to make the dough short and thin to fit in the press.
  • Open the cookie press: you will then insert the dough into the press, therefore, you need to unscrew the ring that is at the end of the cylinder and opposite the handle.
  • Fill the cookie press with the dough: once you have opened its ring you should insert the dough log you have made in. Leave an inch of space on the cylinder.
  • The patterned disk: which pattern would you like your cookies to have? Choose the pattern and insert it in the ring. Ensure it’s flat.
  • Screw the ring back to the cylinder: next screw the ring back to the barrel. Ensure that it’s tightly screwed all the way.
  • Press the air out: using a plunger, press out the air in the barrel. The plunger is long and thin and it will, therefore, go in and out of the barrel. Press the dough in the barrel until you feel that it has reached the end.
  • Place the end of the barrel on the baking sheet. Ensure the ring is completely flat on the surface of the baking tray. Don’t line the baking sheet though.
  • Pump out the cookie dough this will have your dough on the baking tray. Once you know you have it on the sheet, just lift the pump.
  • Repeat the same procedure until you are done with the process.

If you have a problem getting the dough out it may be because of one or two of these reasons.

  • You might have used very cold dough so let it sit and attain room temperature before you begin again.
  • If it’s not taking the shape you make then it might be too soft so keep it in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes before you start again.

Once you are through, clean the item with warm soapy water and dry it on the utensils rack.

Where to Buy It?

You can get the cookie press online especially Amazon because there you have a variety. Another place where you will get it is in the kitchen equipment store near you.


I’m one individual who will do anything to make my life a little easier. Using the cookie press is much easier than molding it by hand. From our list, the best one that I have used is OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Stainless Steel Disks and Storage Case.

Not only is it a popular brand but it’s also effective.

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