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Wherever you are in the world, it’s everyone’s dream to eat a unique meal every so often. With breakfast being the most essential meal of the day, you ought to eat a richly flavored and nutritious meal.  Crepe is that unique meal that originates from the burst of France flavors.

One true thing is that making a crepe in your home kitchen or restaurant requires your creativity and the right resources.

It never looks like a difficult process but you need the right tools to make it the French way. The first thing to do is to find the best crepe maker.

There are thousands of crepe makers in the market so you don’t have to break your pocket to get a nice crepe maker.

You only need to take keen notice on the different properties that make a good crepe maker.

Best crepe makers to buy in 2021

1. Nutrichef Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker

Nonstick 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker - Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop with Adjustable Temperature Control and LED Indicator Light, Includes Wooden Spatula and Batter Spreader - NutriChef

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Do you want to easily fix your delicious breakfast? use the nutrichef crepe maker to make crepes. Although its designed for crepes it will also make your pancakes, bacon, tortilla, flatbread, burgers and eggs among others.

On the 12-inch surface, you could make your large breakfast crepes or other food items with ease. It features a compact design that is light and easy to move from one place to another. You can use the item on any countertop.

It further comes with a spreader and spatula to enhance your cooking. You can use them to help in spreading the batter and flipping the crepe. Luckily, it’s cooking surface has a slight lip to help retain the batter on the cooking surface and not dripping off.

This is a beginner’s crepe maker because the temperature control makes it easy to use. It has a single knob that you turn to light it up and the light indicators will let you know that your maker is lit.

2. Cucina crepe maker

Crepe Maker and Non-Stick 12' Griddle- Electric Crepe Pan with Spreader and Recipes Included- Also use for Blintzes, Eggs, Pancakes and More

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Another 12 inches non-stick crepe maker is Cucina. This is easy to clean yet portable. It’s an efficient tool that will make desirable crepes for you in minutes. This highly efficient crepe maker is meant for both professionals and beginners in the field of crepes though.

It gives 5 temperature control settings for you to control how you want the crepes to come out. It happens to be one of the best electric crepe makers in the world. Whether you need to use it in your home kitchen or commercial restaurant, this item is best suited for both options.

It further has the rubber feet to offer the firm grip on your kitchen or commercial restaurant counter. What’s more, it will cook your basic crepes and other complicated recipes of crepes with ease. You can use the non-stick aluminum griddle as a surface for making pancakes.

It comes with a batter spreader for easy cooking. It’s further easy to clean and maintain.

3. Waring Commercial WSC160 Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Crepe Maker, 16-Inch

Waring Commercial WSC160 Heavy-Duty Commercial Electric Crepe Maker, 16-Inch

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This crepe maker features a durable stainless steel material body and a heavy duty aluminum cast iron cooking surface. What I like about cast iron is that you season the item and over time it becomes non-stick.

This crepe maker has a 16-inch large cooking surface with a thermostat that you can adjust to 570˚F. This crepe maker will make your crepes quick between its large surface and high heat. It further enjoys the service of the light indicator that lets you know when the crepe maker is ready for use.

It’s an electric crepe maker designed to serve the purpose of commercial crepe cooking. It’s easy to clean and maintain but remember to season it before use for durability. It stands out because of its ability to retain heat.

4. Eurolux Original French Style 12 Inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker

Eurolux Original French Style 12 Inch Electric Griddle and Crepe Maker - Pancake Maker Non-stick Coating Developed By the Swiss Ilag

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With this griddle making the 12-inch crepes is a breeze. You could use it to make even your other favorite pancakes and blintzes. The item like other crepe makers is non-stick which makes it easy to release the food from the pan.

It further comes with a batter spreader for easy making of the thin crepes. The crepe maker has 5 different levels of temperature settings. This plate is versatile as it works as a griddle to prepare your stacks of pancakes and bacon among other favorite breakfast meals.

It has an on and off light which will help you to know when the crepe maker is lit or not. It gives you all the control as to how you wish your crepes to come out.

5. Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate

Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette with Cast Aluminum Grill Plate

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Most people aren’t familiar with this raclette yet it’s your ideal kitchen tool. The tool is powerful with the heating level of up to 1200 watts. It then has varying temperature control. What’s more, it has the non-stick aluminum top for safe cooking.

It then has the reversible grill top for making the crepes, pancakes, fajitas and quesadillas. On the other side, the granite stone top is suitable for grilling meat, fish and veggies. Other accessories include 8 raclette dishes, spatulas and dish holders.

It has varying heat control that delivers the perfect results and it also gives you utmost control over your meal. I like it that the handles remain cool to touch as you are cooking. Are you having a dinner party soon? Consider buying this tool.

6. Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

Tibos Chromed Tibos Electric Crepe Maker

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Here is another powerful crepe maker that utilizes up to 1300 watts of power. It will make a large crepe with its 13-inch diameter. Like most other crepe makers, it offers the non-stick surface for the limited amount of oil use.

This powerful tool will heat up fast and distribute the heat evenly thus you won’t have to wait for long. With its batter spreader and spatula. Cooking the crepe is way easier. It has a temperature control that helps you choose the desired temperature.

7. 2.8KW 16″ Commercial Crepe Pans Electric Crepe Maker 

Crepe Makers, 2.8KW 16' Commercial Crepe Pans Electric Crepe Maker Aluminum Griddle Hot Plate Cooktop with Adjustable Temperature Control and LED Indicator Light Single Griddle Hot Plate Pancake Making Machine

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From the look of things, this gives you a large crepe maker that you may use for various other foods. The electric griddle will help you make the crepes and blintzes for your entire family. But don’t underuse it, if you have a business this electric griddle will come in handy.

Since it’s so powerful, you can use it when you are going for your outdoor activities. Whether you intend to use it in the kitchen or countertop, this item will serve you just fine. It further utilizes the temperature control settings that will make it easy to cook your food.

It comes with a spreader and spatula to ease the crepe making process. Moreover, the tool works quietly and since it has a 16inch cooking surface, you expect nothing less than a large crepe.

Like all the other crepe makers above, the item has a non-stick surface to make food releasing easy. Although it’s reasonably high priced you expect great service with this sturdy construction. Your guest will have a display for breakfast.

8. TurcoBazaar Single 40 cm 16″ Commercial Double Pancake Maker 

TurcoBazaar Single 40 cm 16' Commercial Double Pancake Maker Luxury Gas Crepe Machine Pan Griddle Machine Non-Stick Crepe Maker

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This crepe maker is not only large but also uses gas for cooking. I often like the gas cookware because it’s reliable and cheap. The item has the non-slip feet for your stability as you are cooking.

Its heavy-duty non-stick plate is exactly what you need and what’s more, it’s made of stainless steel for durability. At 16 inches you can cook large crepes and the item can stand the day to day use since it’s a sturdy construction.

9. Morning Star – Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle 

Morning Star - Crepe Maker Pro - 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle - Non-stick Pancake Maker

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Although all the other crepe makers we have seen have the non-stick surface, this one makes it the ideal kitchen companion especially when you want to travel through time to a European breakfast.

Cleaning the item is thus easy as you won’t have to scrape the cooking surface to remove the stuck food.

Its 13 inches large and a nicely brushed appliance that makes it easy to use in the living room where there are guests. It features a power of 1000W and with the temperature control knob, you can control the heat that is subjected to your crepes.

The item is versatile for use as you can cook the tortilla, eggs, bacon, sausage, flatbreads and more. With its rubber feet, you are sure to retain the stability of the crepe maker as you are cooking. It further protects the countertop from scratching.

Do you wish to use it for days when you are going camping? This item is portable. It’s lightweight and almost flat shape to make it easy to pack and move from one place to another.

10. PROFESSIONAL Non-Stick GAS crepe maker

PROFESSIONAL Non-Stick TEFLON COATED SMOOTH COOKER 16 '' 40 cm SINGLE ROUND Plate Commercial industrial Grade PROPANE GAS Snack Pancake CREPE Griddle Maker Machine PROPAN (LPG)

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Here is another large yet powerful crepe maker that uses the propane gas to heat it. Making your crepes has never been this easy. The cooking surface is Teflon coated to avoid sticking of the crepes as you are cooking.

It’s all made of the high-grade stainless steel for durability and its thermostat knob regulates the temperature between 0-300˚C. It features an ergonomic design that is highly effective and durable for use.

11. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan,Black

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For your stove top crepe maker choose the Cuisinart pan. It features the hard-anodized exterior that is dense and non-porous thus keeping it wear resistant. Its interior non-stick surface is what you need to make the crepes, pancakes and eggs alike.

Its handle design is a poor conductor of heat which means that it stays cool to touch as you continue to cook the crepe. You can use it easily with its tapered rims which will keep the batter from pouring.

The pan is oven safe so if you wish to cook anything in the oven just use the item. With its titanium reinforced surface, you will have an easy time releasing of the food. It’s further true that it heats the pan evenly.

From savory crepes, pancakes and sandwiches you will have the restaurant style meals with this item.

12. MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker with FREE Recipe Guide

MasterChef Cordless Crepe Maker with FREE Recipe Guide- Non-stick Dipping Plate plus Electric Base and Spatula, Fun Gift

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This crepe maker will show you when the cooking surface is hot enough to cook the crepes. It comes with a dipping plate and spatula for easy cooking of the crepes. Your crepes can be as thin as you would love them to be.

It has an electric base that keeps the cord neatly and easily. This keeps you safe from accidents that would result from leaving the cord out in the open. It’s a large tool that will help you to make paper like thin crepes. It further comes with the spatula and a recipe book for you to try cooking.

13. Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle – Pancake Maker

Crepe Maker Machine (Lifetime Warranty), Pancake Griddle – Nonstick 12” Electric Griddle – Pancake Maker, Batter Spreader, Wooden Spatula – Crepe Pan for Roti, Tortilla, Blintzes – Portable, Compact, Easy Clean

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Last but not least on the list is the G&M Kitchen Essentials crepe maker. Most people don’t like buying an item dedicated to making a single item like the crepe maker is. This G&M Kitchen Essentials crepe maker is ideal for multipurpose cooking.

You could use it to make crepes and pancakes then use it to make the pizzellas too. With the built-in indicator, you can easily control the Temperature when making your crepe.

The pan like all the others on the list above is non-stick. 

What is a crepe?


Image: Slice Pizzeria

It so happens that crepe is one of the most treasured breakfast meals across the globe. The word crepe in French means pancake. However, the crepe isn’t the regular pancake, it’s thinner and it’s sometimes stuffed with the various toppings.

A unique characteristic of crepe is that you could pair it with almost every meal you like to make a sweet or savory meal.

The meal is also filling, giving you a pack of energy to sustain you through the day. The crepe has its origin in Brittany-France.

Reasons Why You Need A Crepe Maker

  • They call on your creativity

Although most people perceive it as just a thin pancake, you can spin and change them to make unique crepes of different shapes and flavors.

You only need to know how to play around with your ingredients. With this crepe maker and your talent, your family will applaud you for being a good cook.

  • Easy to use

If you love crepes, you must have this tool. You don’t want to use the regular frying pans as it won’t be easy to make the crepes. This maker is your answer to a delicious and superb meal in less time.

  • Heat distribution

The crepes are thin which means that they cook fast. You need a pan that will distribute heat evenly and the crepe maker is exactly that. It makes sure the pan is evenly hot thus cooking the crepe fast.

  • Readily accessible

Unlike most other kitchen appliances that are hard to find and expensive, the crepe maker is cheap and yet readily accessible in most of the kitchen stores.

  • Durability

As with every other utensil, you want an appliance that is durable. Of course, most crepe makers are made to last long and they will serve you for long before they begin to break down. The crepe makers on our list are especially the durable types.

Features to Consider When Buying the Crepe Maker

  • Do you want a gas crepe maker or an electric crepe maker?

You can have either the gas crepe maker or electric crepe maker. The gas crepe maker is ideal for outdoor use or for events purposes. You can also have it in your home but you must have a static place where you have the gas supply.

On the other hand, the electric crepe maker is the most famous. If you have a single outlet, the electric one is ideal.

  • The material used

In this era, you should watch the material you use for cooking so that they don’t become hazardous to you. Of course, you can find the crepe makers made of different materials. However, it’s best if the crepe maker conducts heat evenly and it’s easy to maintain.

  • What shape is ideal?

You can have the crepe maker in square or circle shape. Note that, the square ones are easier to clean yet they allow you a whole range of shapes and styles to make the crepes. The square ones are ideal for those who are working in a limited space.

However, if space is a non-issue and you have more flexibility, it’s okay to buy the round ones.

  • What size?

There are sizes to fit all preferences. For me, a portable size or one that caters for my space issues is the better option. This is because It’s easy to maintain and store in my reasonably sized house.

  • Choose between single or double

The round makers come in single options but the square or rectangular ones can come in double options. This helps when making the crepes in large batches. Notice that the common ones are the single crepe makers though.

  • Check the cooking surface

If you plan to make the large crepes then you need to go for a large cooking surface. If you like your crepes small to medium you can buy the regular makers. Also, note that the large cooking surface is easier to clean than the regular small ones.

When it comes to cleaning though even the material used matters. If it’s aluminum non-stick it gets easy to clean.

  • The temperature settings

Get one that has an easy temperature control system. Remember that the temperature matters when it comes to the cooking of crepes. The higher the temperature the better since crepes aren’t supposed to take long on the cooking surface.

Seasoning the Crepe Pan

Do you want to have that thin crepes? The rule of the thumb is to season your crepe maker for effective crepes. The truth is that you can use any pan when making the crepes but your crepe maker makes your work all easier.

Once you have your new package of crepe maker with you, unpack it and plug your machine on the socket.

· Switch the machine on then turn the knob to 270˚C.

· Your machine will be ready when you see the red knob turning off. Let it stay at this temperature for the period of seasoning.

· Begin by putting your tablespoon of oil in the middle of the plate and spread it to all the parts of the plate. Use a cotton cloth or brush to spread the oil on the cooking surface.

· Let the pan cook for about 5 or 10minutes then when the pan is completely dry add the oil again and spread it then let it cook till it’s dry. Repeat this process 7 more times but each time you can reduce the amount of oil you are using.

· The oil that you use is mostly pure oil.

· Check the surface and when it finally becomes shiny and chestnut brown, switch it off and let it cool off as it’s seasoned and ready for use.

Using the Crepe Maker

Of course, from the list above you ay have noticed that there are quite a number of crepe makers in the market today. One may become confused as to the right procedure to employ when using a crepe maker.

Never mind the various styles of using the crepe maker because below is a description of the standard method to use.

· To begin with, wipe the surface of your crepe maker so that you free it from any dust or dirt.

· Then, spread some butter on the surface or spray your cooking oil on the surface.

· Let the crepe maker preheat before you pour your batter on the surface. The good news about this is that some crepe makers have light indicators that show you when the crepe maker is ready for your batter.

· You then pour your crepe on the pan and note that your first crepe might not be as thin as you want but with practice, it will be good.

· Make use of the crepe spreader to help you make a thin crepe that is smooth and fluffy. If you have the spatula use it to turn your crepe.

· You should take about 2 minutes to cook the crepe. Watch out for the bubbles and when you notice large one you should know that the one side is cooked and you need to turn the crepe.

· Turn your crepe to cook the other side then once cooked drop it on the plate. Repeat the same for all the other crepes then switch it off to cool and then clean it.

How to Make Crepes with A Crepe Maker?

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