7 Best Deep Dish Pizza Pans Of 2021

Deep dish pizza, my favorite pizza in the world.

If you’re anything like me, you know that one of the essential tools you will need is a deep dish pan. I like to make it at home because I can make it flexible using my different favorite yet healthier ingredients.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. Today I’m here to guide you to choose the best deep dish pizza.

Remember that you can’t make the deep dish pizza with flat pans. You need the ones with the high edge to deliver the perfect deep-dish pizza.

Types of deep dish pizza pan

1. Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan, 14-Inch diameter

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Anyone who enjoys the Chicago deep-dish pizza will most likely already be having such a deep-dish pizza pan. This one will make it easy for you to cook your deep dish pizza without having other sauces flow out. You can also use it to make your favorite stuffed pizza in the comfort of your home.

Let’s start with the fact that it’s easy to clean because of its nonstick. You won’t have your pie stick on the surface of the pan because it features the use of a silicone-based surface.

This one is also a durable pan since they make it using carbon steel, and therefore it’s a heavy-duty choice of pan. It’s strong to stand the very high temperature without damaging. You will find it easy to clean since you can even set it in the dishwasher.  This then means that the cleanup will take such a shorter time to clean.

Here you have the professional bakeware, which means you will be baking the pizza as though you’re in a high-end restaurant. When you look at this one, then notice that it even has the perfect rim to prevent any form of warping.


  • It’s nonstick, making it easy to release the pizza, meaning that the cooking process is more straightforward.
  • Even if you want to use it for the thin crust pizza, you can.
  • It’s a durable option made using carbon steel to serve you over along.
  • It can work on any high heat.


  • Its bottom is literary, skinny.

2. Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14″ Skillet for Cooking

Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet for Cooking, Baking, Grilling-Durable, Long Lasting, Even-Heating and Versatile Kitchen Cookware

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When you have a cast-iron pan, you can be sure your pizza will be cooking perfectly in it. I like the way they retain the heat to make sure it cooks evenly. There’s nothing so unusual, too, because it also comes with these handles to make it easy to transfer from one spot to another.

Here you have an easy to use the pan for baking your favorite pizza. It comes to you already pre-seasoned and ready to use. Since it’s one of the best stones, you can be sure to attain the right brown crust. So when you are after attaining the restaurant like flavors, you need this pan at all times. It’s the easiest way to attain Italy-like pizza.

You don’t have to set it aside for only baking because you can use it for cooking your favorite meats and veggies when you need to. This one is easy to clean as you will only need to use hot water to clean it fast. Don’t even use it in a dishwasher, though.

When you are looking for the best taste and a pan that will retain the heat for some time, then you ought to use this option.


  • Nicely versatile, so you can use it for baking the pizza and roast, fry, broil, and many other uses. You can use it for pizza tortillas, pancakes tortillas, to mention a few.
  • When you want the perfect crusty pizza, then this is the best choice to use.
  • It’s the one that will cook your pizza evenly.
  • It’s durable, and you will only need to season it a few times to have it last longer.


  • It may be smaller than they show.

3. LloydPans Kitchenware 14″ Perforated Hard-Anodized Deep-dish Pizza Pan

LloydPans Kitchenware 14' Perforated Hard-Anodized Deep dish Pizza Pan Made in USA

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Here is one other high quality and most needed deep dish pan for pizza. Here you have a hard-anodized pan that will even promise you durability. The good thing it comes to you already seasoned and thus ready for you to bake your pizza.

Are you tired of soggy pizza or the ones that are not cooked in the middle? The solution here is the holes in the center.

This is the best choice when making such thick crust pizza because the heat will go to all parts of the pizza. This is also going to be the easiest way to attain the crispy crust too.

Therefore, this choice of the pan is an easy release pan because it has a nonstick surface. It will further never flake off easy, and that then means it’s a durable choice. You will have it last longer. It can even stand a very high heat of up to 700F.

This one is, therefore, more like a commercial-grade pan for an efficient pizza pan. You won’t even have the hotel spots or the perforate parts start to chip off.


  • Ideal for a crispy deep-dish pizza.
  • It’s durable since it’s a hard-anodized metal.
  • It will cook evenly because the heat goes in all parts of the pizza.


  • Not that we know

Best rectangular deep dish pan

4. LloydPans 14x14x1.5 inch Style, Pre-Seasoned Sicilian Pizza Pan

LloydPans 14x14x1.5 inch Style, Pre-Seasoned Sicilian Pizza Pan, 14x14x1.5 inches, Dark Gray

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This is by far the best rectangular pizza pan that you may use to make the Sicilian pizza. If one of these days you feel like making the rectangular pizza, then this is a must-have. This large size deep dish pan is ideal for you to use if you have a large family.

It has a double-thick rim that makes sure the other parts of the pan never warp. Here you, therefore, have the heavy-duty aluminum for use in baking the pizza. Also, you then have the pre-seasoned option of the pizza. It further means that you can make the crispy crust pizza with ease.

The pizza pan is a durable one that comes to you ready to use. This one is further easy to clean, and you won’t even have the food stick on the corners of your baking sheet. This aluminum pan then will even bake faster than the steel does.


· It will make it easy to attain your pizza dream.

· This pan is also a durable choice.

· It will make it easy to release the pizza.

· Anyone who uses the pan praises it for the perfect results.

· It will cook your pizza evenly.


· Not one yet

Deep dish pan with handles

5. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder, 12″

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder, 12', Red Silicone

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When you want to attain the even heating of the pizza, then you should use this pan. With it then you will attain the perfect and brown crust. This one will attain the pizza’s even heating, reducing the time it takes to cook it once the pizza is fully cooked thoroughly.

It comes with the right handle to help in the pizza movement from one space to another. This is one of the most durable options that will serve you over a long time. The good news then is that you will have the pan ready to use since they already seasoned the pan.

I like the flavors of the pizza stone as it reminds me of the traditional style of pizza. The best part is further that you can use this pizza stone with your different heat sources. If you want to use it on the campfire or the gas oven, it will always work.

The stone also has a nonstick surface, which means they will release the pizza first. Use this pan for your Chicago pizza and any other deep-dish pizza pan.


· It’s easy to clean

· It will distribute heat evenly, meaning that the pizza cooks fast.

· It’s versatile, so you will use it for different needs, including baking, broiling, roasting, stewing, and many more.

· The handle makes it easy to move around

· It’s ideal for a unique and flavorful pizza.


· It’s smaller, so you can’t use it when you want to cook the gigantic pizza.

6. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

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Here again, you have a natural alumina bakeware surface. So you have the pans to use in making the large size pizza. This is one of the best and durable choices of pizza. Therefore, you have a deep dish pizza pan made using the full aluminum.

You will like it mostly because it will heat up fast and attain the fast cooking of the pizza. This one is a durable choice that will never rust, contrary to what you believe. This one has the highest heat conductivity.

You only need soapy water to clean it. When you use the dish, you can attain the actual baking since it evenly supplies the heat. The steel rim will make sure your pan surfaces don’t start to warp.


· You will love the shine.

· Easy to use; it will make it easy to make the deep dish pizza.

· It’s the perfect quality to use for your pizzas.


· It’s not a nonstick

7. KamadoJoe KJ-DDPS Deep Dish Pizza Stone, White

KamadoJoe KJ-DDPS Deep Dish Pizza Stone, White

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The stone can sometimes come in white color. This one features a heavy duty ceramic stone, and that can only mean you will attain the perfect flavor of the pizza. So even though it doesn’t have the perforated holes, then you can be sure it’s going to deliver the perfect crust pizza.

It will even make it easy to attain the actual cooking of the pizza. Typical of any stone, then this one will help you attain the perfect pizza flavor and texture. This one you can use in the charcoal heat source but also the campfire-style of heat.

This is a versatile pizza pan that you may use for other meats, veggies eggs, among others. It doesn’t matter where you are looking to sear, broil, fry, bake, and even boil the pizza; you will make it work.


· It will distribute the heat evenly, making it easy to cook the perfect pizza.

· It will serve you even for other cooking methods.

· It works to deliver only the best, and it’s easy to use


· Some clients complain that it breaks easily.

What you need to understand before you even go for the deep dish pan

As you would expect, your deep dish pan will come in different colors, shapes, and styles. So before you even go to search for the best pan, you should know the following.

The material

The material matters. You want a material that can stand very high heat. You can’t assume this because some of the materials you have out there will not stand high heat. Again, when your harsh wash it, scrub it, or scratch it, it will damage the pan.

Always choose the hard anodized coating because it will not rust easily, but it will then bake your food much quicker. You see, it has a darker coat, which is of great advantage to the cooking process.

Uncoated pizza pan

While you may have thought they couldn’t work, they too will work correctly. You only need to season it at all times. The pans will require some more time because they take a little more time to heat up.


Image: Slice Pizzeria

Remember, they do have a light reflective color, and that’s why it takes longer.

Silicone glazed pizza pan

This is another one of the most common types of pans that will often make the dough easy to release. You won’t struggle with the food sticking, which makes it even more comfortable.

Think about the dark-coated pans and the light coated ones

The steel pans work the same way as most other things. When the pan has dark coatings, then it will absorb more heat. When it, therefore, retains the heat, then it will make it easy to bake faster. It will then attain the crispy finish with ease too. Well, this is what you need for your pizzas.

However, when you choose the light coating, you will struggle to retain the heat, and then it will also slow the baking process, which then means that it’s perfect to use with your cookies and the cakes.

Think of the surface too

You will have different surface types too. It will make it easy to distribute the heat, therefore. The pan’s surface will play a significant role in the heat distribution and the airflow within the dough.

Perforated pans

This is, by far, my personal favorite. You can then attain the crispy crust but notice that it also makes it easy to cook the pizza at the central parts. It will therefore attain the perfect cooked pizza at the center as much as the edges.

With this, then you’re sure to attain fast baking and even cooking too.

Solid pizza pans

Of all the different ones we have, then this is the most common type of pan. This then you can be sure will never let the heat or airflow through the pizzas. This one requires you to be smart when cooking it. Notice then that it will burn if you aren’t careful. Check the doughy consistency too.

Check to confirm that you can use it easily.

When choosing it, you have to consider whether you can use it without struggling with the maintenance. But the best part is that it’s often dishwasher safe too. You won’t have to struggle with the scrubbing and soaking too.

This is also why you should get yourself a nonstick pan, which will help prevent the sticking of the pizza to the pan. So then you will have to find the one that can stand an even higher temperature of about 400°F. Luckily they will mostly stand the high temperature anyway.

Confirm the seasoning too

If you have an uncoated pan, you will have to think of the seasoning, and the same applies to the cast iron pans. But do you know how to go about it? So then, you will use the polymerized oil to season the different parts of the oil.

  • The seasoning then will make the dough taste even better, and then it will make the dough always taste better.
  • Before you go about it, then make sure the pan is clean. Wash it with mild soap and water, then pat dry it.
  • Next then set a thin layer of oil to the pan. Go on to evenly spread to all the parts of the pan, including the handles.
  • Warm your oven to about 450°F and let it get hot first this should take 15-20 minutes.
  • Set the pan into the oven, then and let it bake for about an hour. Remember to set the foil paper to the oven floor, removing the excess oils.

Now take it out, and it’s ready. If you have the cast iron pan, though, you should know about this already.

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