29 Dessert Pizza Recipes

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When people hear about pizza, most think about the cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce that make up the pizza. However, you can make other forms of pizza like the dessert pizza.

Nevertheless, the dessert pizza is not always appreciated as much as the other types of pizza. These pizzas are nothing more than delicious, and you can use your favorite toppings to customize them to your liking.

Dessert pizzas are usually made in different varieties, including fruit pizza, cookie pizza, and ice cream pizza. The dessert pizzas can either be eaten cold or warm, and regardless of the time, whether winter or summer, these pizzas are a hit.

Here are some of the dessert pizzas you can try making

Banana foster dessert pizza


It is an easy recipe to make. Often, pizzas are great pleasers, especially when you have many people that you want to feed.

This pizza is made with shortbread, sliced bananas, and covered in creamy cheese. For the crust, you can make the dough in advance or buy from the store as both will save time. A vanilla scoop on top of the crust will make this recipe a hit.

You should try this recipe. Whether you are making it for your guests or your family, they will love this dessert.

Heres’s the recipe- banana foster dessert pizza 

Chocolate chip dessert pizza


This recipe is a two in one dessert, and it is made of both cookies and pizza. It is not a new recipe as many people have made this dessert but with different toppings and different ingredients.

The crust used on this pizza is simple to make, and you only need to bake it briefly such that the toppings will melt on the crust readily.

For the toppings, the most important is chocolate, but you can add other ingredients of your choice. The crust base is covered with the cream, the reason being to hold the toppings properly.

Here’s the recipe- chocolate chip dessert pizza 

Deep-dish cinnamon streusel dessert pizza


The sweetness of this pizza is so good. This pizza is packed with streusel crumbs with a sweet crust and drizzled with cinnamon is so delicious, and one piece is never enough.

It is one of the most loved desserts, pizza, and why not? It goes well with tea and or a glass of milk. You can make your dough or buy from the store when making this dessert. Depending on the thickness you want, you can adjust the dough to your liking.

Here’s the recipe- deep-dish cinnamon streusel dessert pizza 

Cinnamon roll dessert pizza


Cinnamon dessert pizza is one of my favorite desserts. This pizza begins with the dough, and the best part is that the homemade dough does not stay in the oven for a long time.

The best part of making these rolls is adding the cheese glaze on top of the pizza. The toppings of this dessert pizza are made up of butter, cinnamon, and cheese glaze, which often makes a better percentage of the pizza.

Here’s the recipe- cinnamon roll dessert pizza

Fruity brownie dessert pizza


Children mostly love this pizza dessert, and usually, it will take a few minutes to put it together. The next time you are hosting a kid’s party put this dessert on your to-do list.

Combine pizza and brownies will give you a delicious meal. The fruity, creamy cheese mixed with the brownies and topped with whipped cream makes you an irresistible pizza dessert that you will want to make daily.

You also do not have to stick to the toppings you do not like; get creative and add your favorite fruit toppings to this dessert, with the cream being the essential ingredient that you should not forget to add.

Here’s the recipe- fruity brownie dessert pizza 

Cookies and crème dessert pizza


The base of this magnificent dessert pizza is made using a cookie that is usually mixed and baked with the same technique as that of pizza. Making a dessert pizza like this one is straightforward; provided you have the base, toppings, and sauce, you are good to go.

The toppings of this dessert pizza are made of chocolate chips, whipped cream, and crushed sandwich cookies, then finish it off with a white chocolate drizzle to make this treat irresistible.

Here’s the recipe- cookies and crème dessert pizza

Caramel apple dessert pizza


This is one recipe that your kids can get to customize to their liking. Apples are always crispy, and when used as a topping in this dessert, it is just super amazing. It’s almost like the fruit pizza dessert, but the fruit of focus here is apples.

It is an easy recipe to make, and it will only last less than 10 minutes before you are through. All you need is a sugar cookie dough and bake it, then top the dessert with cream cheese and your favorite fruits.

Chop your apples into small pieces because of the ease you will have while eating this pizza. Nevertheless, the most challenging part of this recipe is choosing the correct toppings and slicing the apples into small pieces.

Here’s the recipe- caramel apple dessert pizza 

Watermelon pizza


Is there anything better than a refreshing slice of watermelon on a hot day? The refreshing taste of watermelon is delicious on a hot day, but adding some spices to these melons will make it even better.

The watermelon pizza is an easy recipe and, most importantly, a dessert pizza that a crowd will love. It is also a healthy dessert with low calories compared to other types of pizza.

You can add yogurt as a topping to this pizza as it adds proteins to the pizza while the melon provides vitamin C to the dessert. This dish comes up in less than 10 minutes, and you should definitely try making this recipe.

Here’s the recipe- watermelon pizza 

Peanut butter cup pizza


This dessert is full of flavors from the peanut. The base of this pizza recipe is made from a cookie dough that has been refrigerated. You can also use a peanut butter cookie dough comprised of chocolate chips.

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate makes a delicious dessert. When it comes to the dough, there are two options from which you choose to make this dessert. You can use the dough that comes from the tray or one that is tube-like.

Here’s the recipe- peanut butter cup pizza  

Rocky road dessert pizza


You can have this dessert done in under 15 minutes, and usually, it is a perfect choice for holiday candy. The unique part of this recipe is that you can swap the recipe to your liking by introducing different ingredients.

The dough used in making this dessert varies, and a store-bought or homemade will make this dessert a success. However, if you want something tender and softer, use the cinnamon roll dough.

The standard used toppings of this recipe are hazelnuts, marshmallows, and chocolates, but you can add fruit-based ingredients like raspberry to make it look colorful.

Here’s the recipe- vegan rocky road dessert pizza

Peach and cream fruit pizza


This dessert features fresh peaches as the toppings, and the crust is made from a brown buttercream frosting. With this crust, you are guaranteed a nutty flavor that is often unique and delicious.

The cream cheese frosting is then squashed in between the fleshy and succulent peaches and the crust. The frosting is often decadent in cheese but with regulated amounts of sugar, bringing together a balanced pizza dessert.

Here’s the recipe- peach and cream dessert pizza

Heath brownie dessert pizza


These mini desserts are more enjoyable after having your dinner. Heath brownie dessert pizza is a straightforward recipe to make, and with all the simplicity, very delicious.

When baking this dessert, the options you have are two you either bake your brownies or buy them from the nearest store. So, if you want to bake your brownies faster, buying them will be a better option for you.

The cream follows next, and rather than use milk, a coffee creamer will be a better idea. Then garnish the dessert with flowers, and you are all but done.

Here’s the recipe- heath brownie dessert pizza 

Fruity paleo granola breakfast pizza


This recipe will instantly become a hit to your family and friends when you introduce it to them. It is another simple dessert to make, and it will take you less than 15 minutes to prepare this tasty dish.

This recipe’s base is made from a coconut, which is ordinarily crystallized and sweetened with coconut cream, then finished off with fruit toppings.

When it comes to layering the cream, you can get the coconut creams from the groceries, or you can dollop a spoonful of coconut cream from the can that contains coconut milk.

Here’s the recipe- fruity paleo granola breakfast pizza

Blueberry cheesecake dessert pizza


The blueberry cheesecake dechocolatssert is a perfect recipe for your kids, and especially for that afternoon, you do not feel like cooking. You can also customize it to your liking; you should try out this recipe.

The best part about this sweet dessert is that it uses only six ingredients to make a perfect dessert pizza. It takes about 25-30 minutes to make this recipe.

Before baking the dough, add powdered sugar to the dough to add a soft texture to the dough and make it a little extra sweet. After cooking and cooling the dough, there is no baking required s you only need to add the toppings.

Here’s the recipe-blueberry cheesecake dessert pizza 

Pumpkin spice dessert pizza


There are various ways to integrate pumpkin into your dishes, and one of them is to use it when making a dessert pizza. All you need to make this recipe is a classic pizza crust, a cream cheese icing and a pumpkin cream cheese icing, and lastly, a streusel topping.

The best base to use in this recipe is a thin-crust. Thin-crust can hold the toppings properly because the amount of toppings used is relatively minimal. Add the icing after baking and serve the dessert fresh.

Here’s the recipe- pumpkin spice dessert pizza

Taffy apple pizza


This is one of my favorite recipes, and it involves a sugar cookie made in advance then topped with peanut butter and sliced apples. Nothing tastes better than this dessert.  

The cookie base is made either from a store-bought dough or homemade dough, but I prefer the homemade dough because you get to decide what to add to the dough, but if you do not have enough time, a store-bought dough will be a good option.

Here’s the recipe- taffy apple pizza 

Strawberry kiwi dessert pizza


This recipe is a kid-friendly recipe with many fruit flavors brought by the wide variety of fruits you can use to make this dessert pizza. This dessert is a classic recipe, but its taste remains outstandingly perfect.

Making your cookie dough is the best alternative rather than buying it as you can easily include ingredients of tour liking. When cooking with kids, use a store-bought dough because of time, and it is a bit more direct than making your dough.

To make the cookie dough soft and tender, assemble it and store it in the fridge until the next day. For the toppings, use cheese cream, strawberries, and kiwi fruits.

Here’s the recipe- strawberry kiwi dessert pizza

Rolo brownie pizza


This dessert recipe this often loaded with heavy amounts of chocolates. So, if you love rolo as candy, you will definitely love this dessert. It is a perfect dessert for occasions like birthdays and parties. Wait for the reviews after serving it, and you will not regret the outcome.

The rolos have to be melted to blend appropriately in this recipe, and placing them on the brownies after spreading the chips will melt the rolos well.

This dessert is a hit, and when made at parties, one can never be enough.

Here’s the recipe– Rolo brownie pizza 

Skor bar dessert pizza


Well, this recipe is another easy one, but it does not mean that you should prepare it without the recipe guide. This dessert is made with only four recipes, but you can add your favorite ingredients to enhance its taste.

It is a perfect dessert for any gatherings, and it consists of cake layers, whipped cream, Skor bars, and a pudding. The Skor bars dessert features both the savory and sweet flavor needed to make a perfect dessert.

This recipe has a base crust that consists of crackers, milk, and toffees. The topping often used is the chocolate chips.

Here’s the recipe- Skor bar dessert pizza 

Caramel Fudge oreo pizza


There is nothing sweet than a dessert filled with chocolate, and this recipe will not disappoint you. This dessert is composed of a brownie crust, sprinkled with creamy fudge and pounded Oreos. Trust me; this one is a hit.

The toppings are made of chocolate shavings, but you can personalize and modify them to your liking. The caramel used should be chewy and not the rustic ones

Here’s the recipe- caramel fudge oreo pizza

M and M chocolate brownie pizza


This dessert is nothing short of sweetness. It features a chewy base crust, chocolate sauce either store-bought or homemade, and a variety of different candies as the toppings.

This recipe is basically for people who love chocolates; it is sure a hit. The savory flavor turns to sweet, and that is why it is irresistible. The browny base is the most important in this recipe and once you have made it, add any other ingredient that your tummy loves.

Here’s the recipe- M & M chocolate brownie pizza

Cherry cobbler pizza


If you love pizza, you will immediately fall in love with this dessert. There are several ways to make pizzas, and one of them is making dessert pizzas. The best thing about pizza toppings is that you can modify them even if you do not have the required ingredients. You should try out this recipe. 

One slice of this dessert can never be enough, not unless you are on a diet. If you are, consider not eating them because you might find yourself eating the cherry pizza more than required.

Here’s the recipe- cherry cobbler pizza 

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pie


If you love pies, then this dessert is for you. I love both cookies and pies, and this recipe is one of my favorites. This dessert is large, and that is why you have to cook it in a pie pan for it to fit correctly.  

Oatmeals are usually chewy and tender, and when combined with the chocolate chips, it is usually very delicious.

The pan is the best way to bake these cookies; you only have to spread the dough to the oven and toss it in the oven.

Here’s the recipe- oatmeal chocolate chip cookie pizza 

S’mores dessert pizza


The s’mores dessert has the same similarities with how the pizza is made. Like many other desserts, it is also made from cookie dough and usually has the same taste as the common s’mores except that this is a dessert.

Baking the crust in advance will give you an easy time to assemble the toppings and complete the baking within a few minutes. It is often made when camping and for kids in an open fire, but you can bake it in the oven with this recipe.

You can also use traditional ingredients like graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and melted chocolate to make this delicious dessert.

Here’s the recipe- s’mores pizza dessert 

Raspberry brie dessert pizza with rosemary and candied pecans


This dessert has all the sweetness you require. The added creamy brie cheese and fresh raspberries, and sliced rosemary topped with a light sprinkle of homey make this a perfect dessert.

This dessert pizza is enough to feed a crowd. The crust of this pizza is made from ordinary dough then topped with chopped berries. The honey is drizzled after baking is complete.

The ingredients blend well to form a deliciously sweet dessert that you would want to make over and over again.

Here’s the recipe- raspberry brie dessert pizza with rosemary and candied pecans 

Sweet pizza with mascarpone and blackberries


The blend between baked fruits and vanilla filled mascarpone and a slight drizzle of chocolate takes this recipe to another level. You should definitely try this pizza if you want a sweet dessert.

The fruity flavors are sometimes the first you will taste in this dessert, and this gives room for the other flavors of vanilla-infused mascarpone and the crust to also stand on their own. The use of beer pizza dough in making the pizza ensures that the dessert is not too sugary.

Here’s the recipe- sweet pizza with mascarpone and blackberries  

German apple crumble dessert pizza  


This dessert goes perfectly with tea or coffee rather than use a cake. It is best served hot, delightful, and easy to make; furthermore, it is highly nutritious, and most vegans love it.

The base dough is often chewy and tender, topped with crunchy apple crumble baked until golden-brown. The shape in which you bake this dessert depends on your preference. You can choose to make them oval or circle as the taste will not change.

Traditionally, this dessert is coated with sugar and streusel. However, you can customize it to your liking adding a variety of flavors by using ingredients such as vanilla cream, chocolates, raspberries, and strawberries.

Here’s the recipe- german apple crumble dessert pizza 

Funfetti dessert pizza


Just like the wide variety of pizzas that we have, you can easily modify this dessert to whatever suits you best. The base is usually large and contains marshmallow buttercream then topped with fresh sliced berries.

With the crust of this dessert, refrigerating them before baking is essential; if you do not refrigerate it, the crust’s edges will bake faster than the other dough parts. Putting the dough in the fridge also ensures that the dough is softer.

Here’s the recipe- funfetti dessert pizza 

apple snickerdoodle cookie pizza


The snickerdoodle cookies are always so sweet. But have you tried using them in making pizzas? They are simply delicious primarily when used to make this recipe. This pizza is loaded with apple fruits and cinnamon, each having its unique taste.

There are three options for the pizza sauce in this recipe: apple butter sauce, apple sauce, and plain sauce, all of which you can use together or use only one.

Here’s the recipe- apple snickerdoodle cookie pizza 

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