Domino’s Hand Tossed Pizza VS Domino’s Pan Pizza

Ever wondered which one to order for between Dominos hand-tossed pizza and the pan pizza?

Well, it could be hard for you if you do not know the differences between the two.

You have noticed that some are labelled as hand-tossed and others as “pan pizza.”

Understand the difference between the two can be confusing because all two versions equally speak for themselves. Tasty, super fresh, and very sweet, just as you would wish.

If you take a closer look between the two versions, you will notice the difference in how they are made.

I have analysed Domino’s hand-tossed pizza vs Domino’s pan pizza to help you know the difference and make an order for exactly what you want without confusing between the two in the future.

Brief History of Pizza

Before we jump into the details, let’s have some history.

Pizza, a savory dish originating from Italy between 16th and 19th century has won the hearts of many. Its consumption and demand have been on the rise with many companies coming on board, trying to dominate the market by providing the sweetest and most loved pizzas.

Originally, this dish consisted of a round, flattened base wheat dough topped with tomatoes, cheese, and different ingredients like mushrooms and meat.

Today, some companies have set their name apart from the rest, becoming the top go-to places for pizza. Among them, the Domino’s Pizza. This brand did not invent the pizza but spent 3 years to perfect it.

Domino’s makes some of the best Pizzas and many people are their fans. Probably you have been buying some from them and noticed the different varieties they have.

Key Takeaway

A Pan pizza is made in a pan and has an oily crust. A hand-tossed pizza has a crisper crust and is made by spreading it out by hand.

To understand the differences better, we first explain the parts and some basics about pizza.

1. Crust

The crust is the bottom of the pizza. This part varies depending on the style. It can be thin or thick. It can be plain or seasoned and stuffed with other ingredients for a better experience.

To make it turn brown and rise, its dough is added with sugar.

2. Cheese

Mostly, Italian cheeses are used on pizzas, with the highest quality cheese being buffalo mozzarella from Naples, Italy.

Other types of cheeses preferred are the provolone, scamorza, Romano, and pecorino.

The Differences

Hand-tossed pizza is not the same as the pan pizza. Here are some differences between the two.

Baking Temperatures

Hand-tossed pizza is baked in an oven with temperatures of around 500 degrees. The pan pizza is baked at higher temperatures. You must be wondering the reason for this.

Well, the pan pizza’s crust is thicker than the hand-tossed pizza and needs a higher temperature to make it properly cooked on the inside.

Baking Time

The hand-tossed pizza is cooked for 10 to 15 minutes while the pan pizza is baked for about 15 to 20 minutes. The same reason still holds.

Giving Shape

First, the dough is kneaded in both until it gets soft. After that, the dough for the hand-tossed pizza is tossed in the air severally to give it a perfect circular shape.

For the pan pizza, the dough is prepared and spread in the pan using the hands until it gets the perfect shape.

The Dough

Italian pizza dough

Both the hand-tossed and pan pizza use the same dough ingredients and the standard yeast. Ingredients used are usually, flour, yeast, water (warm), salt, and olive oil.

The dough for the hand-tossed pizza is soft compared to the pan pizza’s dough. It can rise and get spread further when it is rising. For the pan pizza, it does not spread further on the pan.

Dough preparation for the hand-tossed pizza

Toss Pizza Dough

As the name implies, the dough is tossed in the air and caught by hand, usually the fists, to prevent it from tearing apart. This is repeated severally until a desired perfect shape is achieved.

The result: a thin crust just enough to hold the toppings to be added.

The dough is then added with sauce before being let for about three hours to rise. The toppings are then added.

Learn how to make hand-tossed pizza dough.

Dough preparation for the pan pizza

Pizza Dough on a board

The dough is spread around the edges of a cake pan to give it a circular shape.

A tablespoon of oil is applied around the bottom of the cake pan to prevent the dough from sticking and also make it develop a crispy nature when baked.

The pan pizza rises in the pan before the toppings are added to it.

Learn how to make pan pizza dough.

The Crust

When you take a look at the crust, you will notice the difference a lot quicker. The pan crust, also referred to as the deep dish has a fluffier and thicker crust with more cheese.

The crust for the hand-tossed pizza has a flat and crispy crust with little cheese and does not look oily.


The toppings on each type of pizza are evenly distributed but the pan pizza has more cheese and looks buttery. Its crust is not dry at all.

For the toppings, you can use different varieties depending on your preference and how you want your pizza to taste.

Some of the most common toppings include meat, vegetables, pineapple, seasonings, and different spices.

Due to the thick crust, the pan pizza has more toppings than the hand-tossed pizza which can support fewer toppings.

Texture and Taste

dominos handmade pan pizza 02 1

dominos handmade pan pizza 01

Hand-tossed pizza has a thin crust while pan pizzas have a thick crust, usually one or more inches deep.

Although both are crispy, the pan pizzas have a fried golden crust because of the oil applied at the bottom of the pan.

The hand-tossed pizzas are dry and typically not as oily as their counterpart.

The hand-tossed pizza is crunchy on a bite due to the dryness. The pan pizza has more cheese even to the edges of the crust and looks soft.


The pan pizza was first cooked in Chicago, making it its origin. The hand-tossed pizza was first prepared in Naples, Italy.


Both Domino’s hand-tossed and pan pizzas will give you the taste you want; sweet, delicious, and mouth-watering.

If you want a crunchy piece with fewer toppings, cheese, and oil, you can go for the hand-tossed pizza.

But if you are a fan of plentiful cheese and toppings, with less crunchiness, then the pan pizza will give you a nice experience.

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