Can I Order Domino’s Pizza on a US Holiday? Know About US Domino’s Holiday Hours 2023

The US holiday season is always one of the busiest times of the year. From preparing a party to ordering food, these are some things you need to plan ahead of time for the holidays.

If you are planning to have a Domino’s pizza party during the US holidays, you need to make sure that your preferred Domino’s store is open.

Depending on the holiday, Domino’s is either closed or open on regular or reduced hours.

Moreover, each Domino’s store has its own operating hours during the US holidays.

Thus, checking with your preferred Domino’s store about the holiday hours is important.

The article answers your questions about Domino’s Holiday Hours 2023.

You’ll learn about the holiday dates in the US, holiday hours, and how to order food at Domino’s during the holidays.

In this way, you can get your favorite Domino’s food during the holidays.

In summary, here’s what you will read about:

  • What Are the Domino’s Holiday Hours 2023 in the US?
  • How to Know If the Local Domino’s Store Is Open?
  • Can I Buy Domino’s Pizza During the US Holidays?
  • Tips When Ordering Food During Domino’s Holiday Hours

What Are the Domino’s Holiday Hours 2023 in the US?

Domino’s holiday hours vary per Domino’s store location. Generally, there is no 24 hour food delivery at Domino’s.

However, about 6,000 US locations are open from midmorning to past midnight.

For more information, check Domino’s delivery hours. Below is a list of US holidays that most Domino’s stores are typically open to serve or closed.

Table of Domino’s Holiday Hours 2023

Holiday Date Day Holiday Hours
New Year’s Day January 1, 2023 Sunday Normal Hours
Martin Luther King Day January 16, 2023 Monday Normal Hours
Presidents’ Day February 20, 2023 Monday Normal Hours
Good Friday April 7, 2023 Friday Normal Hours
Easter April 9, 2023 Sunday Normal Hours
Memorial Day May 29, 2023 Monday Normal Hours
Independence Day July 4, 2023 Tuesday Normal Hours
Labor Day September 4, 2023 Monday Normal Hours
Columbus Day October 9, 2023 Monday Normal Hours
Veterans Day November 11, 2023 Saturday Normal Hours
Day Before Thanksgiving November 22, 2023 Wednesday Normal Hours
Thanksgiving November 23, 2023 Thursday Closed
Black Friday November 24, 2023 Friday Normal Hours
Christmas Eve December 24, 2023 Sunday Holiday Hours
Christmas Day December 25, 2023 Monday Closed
New Year’s Eve December 31, 2023 Sunday Normal Hours

How to Know If the Local Domino’s Store Is Open?

The best way to know if your local Domino’s store is open is by locating a Domino’s store near you.

From the store’s page, you will be able to find the holiday hours and offers available.

You can refer to the page How To Find Pizza Open Now – Domino’s for more information.

Can I Buy Domino’s Pizza During the US Holidays?

Dominos pizza 3

If the Domino’s store is open during the holidays, you can order pizza online as you normally would.

Ordering pizza is most convenient through Domino’s website or Domino’s Pizza USA app via App Store and Google Play.

Aside from Domino’s app, you can also order from third-party apps such as UberEats and DoorDash.

Alternatively, you can always call and place your order via telephone at your local Domino’s store.

If you can’t make a call or order online, simply visit the store in person and wait in line.

Tips When Ordering Food During Domino’s Holiday Hours

During the holiday season, Domino’s usually has limited-time promos and discounts.

If you want to get the best deals, make sure to check out the hot deals offered on the website or app.

You may be asked to enter a discount code or buy a combo food package to get lower prices.

Don’t forget to order earlier so that your orders are delivered on time.

Keep in mind the holidays are quite busy, so you can expect delays or busy working hours for the crew.

Final Thoughts

Check your calendars and anticipate the holiday hours per Domino’s store.

Be sure to check the store’s hours, offers, and food available. For a smooth transaction, ordering online through Domino’s website or app is best.

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