How To Eat Pizza – 13 Proper Ways You Can Use

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Pizza has held a lot of controversies involving how to consume it. You find People strongly supporting their ideal way while others choose to politicize the whole issue concerning the best technique to use while eating pizza.  

It is okay to eat pizza the way you like it because of cultural, social, and environmental differences. In essence, pizza is eaten and served differently depending on the country, beliefs, and social values one upholds.

Further, eating pizza depends on certain things, including the toppings, the amount of oil the cheese in it, and the formality of the occasion; all these affect how you eat your pizza. Bearing this in mind, you can decide to be adventurous and try each method as long as it suits you.

The truth is there is no right or wrong way to eat your pizza. As long as you enjoy what you are eating, the rest does not matter. For this reason, the focus is to learn how to eat pizza using various fun techniques, and maybe from it, you can choose what method best suits you.

Different ways to eat pizza

There are various ways you can eat and enjoy pizza.

1. Start with the crust.

 In this technique, just as the name suggests, you eat the crust first as you move up to the other toppings. With this method, you are sure to enjoy all the different flavors of the Pizza one at a time, including the crust itself, thus achieving some perfect balance.  

Usually, the method is appropriate if the pizza is very hot, given the oven’s heat. The pizza in the eating method should have a thicker crust to manage the toppings’ weight.

This eating technique is usually messier than you can ever imagine; hence, it is advisable always to have a napkin to wipe the stains.

2. Wiping away the excess oil

Familiar with people who observe a healthy diet but at the same time not afraid of breaking the rules for the love of pizza. The method implies just like you do the facials to your skin to exfoliate oil, so do you do the same to the pizza, in which case you remove the excess oil in the pizza by wiping out the grease on the cheese until it is all wiped out using the Napkin, then you can eat your pizza.

The advantage of this method is that it protects your clothes from any oil spillage or stains. It’s also good because removing grease from your pizza means doing away with many calories from your slice.

3. Inside out folding method

It is considered an innovative approach to eating your pizza; you only need to take your pizza, then turn it upside down, fold it so that the cheese and all other flavors are on top, then eat your pizza.

Some people prefer to enjoy the flavors first before eating the crust. Remember to be careful while using this method, as an outcome could be consequential.

it is best to use this pizza style with a thin crust and fewer toppings to avoid the mess brought about by oil, onion, and cheese when folded upside down

4. The tuck method

To retain both your poise and the slices, don’t hesitate to try out this method. You place your thumb and the middle finger under the crust, and then you slightly move your index finger towards the center of the crust to create a basic triangle.

The method enables you to only focus your gaze on the toppings, which gives your pizza an excellent experience.

This method Is handy whenever you find that using the folding the slice method into half makes the pizza sag; use this method and maintain all the toppings in their place. 

5. Traditional tip to crust method

Typically, the most popular way to eat your pizza. In this approach, take the pizza while holding the crust, consuming it from the top to the crust. It’s considered the most convenient way of eating your pizza as you only need to grab your pizza slice and start eating.

 You accomplish this method when the crust is thick and crispy; therefore, you only need to be mindful of the weight caused by the toppings, especially while directing the pizza into your mouth.

Good to note that the method does not work for pizza with thin crust because you want to contain the weight at the center to avoid the ends from flipping down.

6. A Pizza pocket/wallet method

The technique is best suitable with the Neopolitan Pizza. In which case, The Pizza comes as a whole, so what you need to do is fold the pizza into half, then fold the half pizza again so that it forms a kind of pocket like pizza.

Preferably the method ensures that the toppings are in the right direction, giving you a perfect balance of the flavors, hence enjoying your bite. It’s advisable to start from the crust to keep the pocket from sinking.

7. Eat the crust later.

This is a common practice primarily in the US, where you leave the pizza crust to consume it later once you finish eating the toppings. The crust is saved in the form of a breadstick, which will then be consumed with an extra ordered sauce like marinara, garlic, or ranch sauce best suited for pizza.

In this method, you eat the upper part of the pizza then live the crust. You either dunk the crust into the sauce as you eat or slice the crust into tiny pieces and deep in the sauce its best suited for pizzas with a thick crust.

8. Folding the Pizza

This method’s a genuine way of multitasking, enjoying pizza while at the same time making sure you don’t mess with your clothes. It also decreases the time you spend eating your pizza, and you can eat it while you are still or on the move.

 In this method, you fold the pizza to face upwards into a U shaped; this maintains all the toppings while the crust is left visible. The method works well with a thin crust with many toppings, and the method also protects your mouth from being burnt by the cheese and be sure to stick to a flexible crust if you insist on this method to avoid messy situations.

9. Use a fork and a knife.

This is a practice that is prominent in Italy, considered a more delicate tactic. Their pizza is not cut into pieces. It comes as a whole, so you have to use the knife and fork to cut it.

This method keeps your hands and clothes off the mess caused by the pizza toppings.  You can further enjoy the pizza with loaded toppings.  Further, it would help if you had a firm plate with this method, a fork to position the pizza, while a knife to cut the pizza to pieces.

You use this tactic with any pizza type, but it’s particularly good with pizza with thick crust or at least many toppings.

10. Rolling method

This method is not standard, and that’s why people will most likely stop so they can watch you with some awkward facial expressions when you use it.  In this tactic, you roll the pizza from the crust to the top while the toppings face inwards.

 Bear in mind that the pizza might fail to fit in your mouth, and also a possibility that the toppings might fall from the other end of the rolled pizza, that is, if you don’t maintain a parallel position.

 A thick crust may not be an option because it adds bulkiness to the pizza; hence, it might be hard to fold. A thin-crusted pizza is much more comfortable and flexible to fold.

11. Double-decker method

If you are a hard-core pie eater, this is the best approach to eating your pizza. It’s a more efficient way to eat pizza because you only need to put the slices on top of each other, either facing the opposite direction or facing each other. When you pack pizza on each other, it saves you time.

The best pizza to use in this approach is a thin crust since it might be tedious to line up the pizza with a thick crust. It’s a method recommended for those who like to multitask as well as overachievers.

12. Separate toppings from crust method

This method is typically expected with children, particularly those that depend on their mom and dads to take them to pizza stores. In this method, you chose to separate a crust from all the gooey toppings and cheese. Thus eat the crust and toppings separately.

The method works great with all types of pizza. As long as you feel pulled to try this method, don’t hesitate. The fact that it’s familiar with children should not stop you from enjoying your pizza how you like it.

13. Cutting pizza in a spiral

This is another sure way to eat and enjoy your pizza in this technique. The pizza is cut into a small spiral pizza that resembles nodules then you eat it with your hands or fork, whichever way you prefer.

In this approach, it’s hard to get messy and recommended only for the thin crust with fewer toppings.

Eating pizza with a fork and knife.

Eating pizza with a fork and knife is a culture that is common with the Italians though some countries have also adopted this style. The reason why Italians tend to eat their pizza with a fork and knife that’s because their pizza is served when it’s hot; therefore, ceasing them from burns on their hands.

In most cases, the pizza is not cut; it’s just around, and crispy pizza is served on a small plate. It’s important to note that eating pizza with a fork and knife hugely depends on where you are, for instance,  in Italy or some parts of America like Chicago.

However, it’s not limited to this style alone as others prefer starting with the fork then eventually eating with their hands. You can enjoy eating your pizza the way you want.

Reasons why you should eat pizza with a fork and knife

Pizza is a pie

All types of pie, ranging from chicken pie to ban berry pie, are usually consumed using a fork and knife. Remember that pizza in itself is a pie, so why not use a fork and knife to eat your pizza.


The pizza we have today hails from Naples city of Italy. According to Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, an organization issues out credentials for validity to pizza worldwide and what entails an authentic Neapolitan pizza. They have set guidelines to how people should eat their pizza, which stresses using a fork and knife.

Your hands are infested with germs.

It emerges that 95% of people using public restrooms do not wash their hands properly. Is it a potential health hazard considering having just handled respiratory secretions or the external excretions like feces, then you have to use the same hands to grab your pizza? Note that is why the fork and knife come in handy.

The pizza is not well organized.

The characteristics of pizza that involves oil, open on the top side design, are not suitable for directing vegetables, meat, and cheese into your mouth. Pizza is not a burrito or a sandwich that you can comfortably put in your mouth without having to get messy.

You are most likely prone to disaster with such a characteristic if you choose to handle it with your hands.

It reduces pollution

When you refrain from using a fork and knife, the mess left in your hands, face, or even mouth may trigger you to use more napkins depending on the toppings, creating a scenario that lives a lot of litter in the environment creating pollution.

The experience stands out.

Using a fork and knife allows you to pay more attention to the pizza, feel the different flavors, and enjoy each bite at a time, unlike using your hand where you are forced to eat faster because the pizza is just right next to your mouth.

Bars you from the future health implications.

When you are eating pizza with your hand, you have to bow towards the pizza to avoid food particles messing yourself, unlike a fork and knife, which you have to put directly to your mouth without a struggle. Remember bending your back too much also has health implications.

Easy to separate the cheese from the crust

it’s more relaxing when you have to separate the cheese from the crust without having to struggle using a fork and knife than it is using your hands

Reduces chances of molten cheese causing minor injuries

When introducing molten cheese into your mouth, there is a high chance you might get burned in your tongue, chin, or cheek. In this case, using a fork and a knife allows for quiet time to cool before consuming your pizza.

Easy to use gestures and still enjoy your pizza

Mainly for those who like talking while using a lot of gestures, imagine a scenario when you are using your hand to express yourself while at the same time using the hand to eat pizza.

There is a chance that you might spill some particles to the person you are dining with or end up losing your pizza because the hands are all over the place.


The goal of eating pizza is not to eat tons of it but to get satisfied; therefore, eating with your hands means you are gulping each bite faster; hence there is a likely hood by the time you will be moving to the third slice, you will be full.

Unlike using a fork and knife with each bite, you can digest the food; hence, you can eat as much pizza as you want.

Eating pizza with more toppings.

When you decide to eat pizza with many toppings, consider using a knife and fork as the best approach, in which case you can contain the flow of grease in undesirable areas.

When to eat your pizza with a fork and knife

During a campaign trail

If you eat pizza during a campaign, remember you will have to meet people and most probably shake hands. If you used your hands, there is a chance that the sauce might spill over your shirt, the same shirt you have to appear in public with, or paparazzi might decide to blast you with a dignified photo showing how you are directing pizza into your mouth.

When eating Neapolitan Pizza

When eating this kind of pizza, you have all the reasons to eat with a knife and fork because the chef serves you a whole individualized pizza that has not yet been cut; hence you have to use the fork and knife; it also applies to Chicago deep-dish pizza.

When the pizza is intense hot

If the pizza is just from the oven, use a knife and fork to slow down your eating pace and refrain from molten cheese, which may burn the walls of your mouth, causing blisters.

When in a restaurant

It is advisable that when you go out in a restaurant first, you have to keenly observe what others are doing if the people in the restaurant eating with fork and knife then follow suit if you don’t want people to stare at you with disgusting faces.


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