Flatbread Vs. Pizza – Difference Between Flatbread And Pizza

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When you look at it keenly, you will notice that pizza came from the concept of flatbread. This is the reason why in some places, you have people confusing the two.

We sometimes don’t get why they give them two different names when they have a crust, toppings, and sauces. Although they seem similar, they have some apparent differences that I want you to see.

What is a pizza?

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In this blog, the one topic we have talked of at length is pizza. So do you know what a pizza is?

This is a traditional Italian dish that is popular across the globe. Even if you don’t like it, you must have seen it, and we can’t dispute the fact that most people like and enjoy it. The pizza features baked flatbread with a few toppings like sauces, meats or veggies, and cheese.

We cook it by baking it in the oven. If you know how to make it, it should take you a short time to fix your family’s meal.

Some of the typical toppings include the mushroom, meats, veggies, olives, richly flavored tomato sauce, or white sauce. So the pizza has three parts, with the bottom bread-like part being what we call the crust.

Here you can have a thick or thin crust, and the cheese they use and the toppings they use on different crusts vary. To make it even more delicious, consider using the pizza seasoning, mainly Italian or American types.

What is a flatbread?


We can say it’s a type of bread they make using flour, water salt, but then you roll it out to flatten it. Notice that you can have the leavened or the unleavened bread, which is the most common. You can classify pizza in the flatbread list only; in this case, it’s leavened.

It’s originally from Egypt, but you realize that areas around the Mediterranean and the middle east made them. Don’t forget the south American parts of the world. As you can see this kind of meal was popularly used in different parts of the world.

Popular types of flatbread


This is the type that was commonly found in the middle east and its neighboring areas. This is also what some people call the Arabic or Syrian bread. This is a leavened type of wheat bread.

They are so common because of the pockets they make on the inside. To make it then you have to bake the bread at a very high temperature. They further make this bread at a very high temperature making sure the bread puffs in the oven. So the inner part is then ideal for holding other ingredients as you are eating them.


This one is originally from India, but today it’s common in other parts of the world. You can find it in East Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Caribbean. Chapatti is also what other people refer to as roti.

This one is often unleavened, and it only contains the essential ingredients like wheat, water, some oil, and sometimes no oil. This one, though, you will have to eat alongside other meal options.


It is a global one we already introduced above.

It’s just a leavened flatbread with other toppings together with cheese. It makes it nicely delicious.


Is another version of the Italian flatbread that takes on the texture of the pizza? It will often come in a round or square shape. This one, they will mostly flavor using the rosemary. But if you like, you can further decide to flavor it with sage and basil.

Notice that this bread will also contain rosemary, olive oil, herbs but also rosemary flavoring.


This is another one of the most common ones again that features the use of fluffy bread. It’s today common in parts of western, central, and southern parts of Asia again.

You see the oven-baked flatbread today sell in the different parts of the world, again this one contains the wheat saltwater or sometimes yogurt or milk.

In most cases, people prefer this one with butter. It further has sesame seeds and coriander to enhance the flavors.


At least if you don’t know the other types mentioned here, you will already know the tortilla. From movies to a different household, the tortilla is a staple.

Types of pizzas

There are many different types of pizzas, which is why we are going to classify them here.  

Thin crust

Notice that some of the pizzas will come to you being thin-crusted. They make them using fragile bread dough, and they then finally add the toppings. Most of the Italian pizzas have a thin crust.

It’s no wonder you can eat a single pizza by yourself. When we say thin Italian pizza, we mean fragile Italian crust. Even the ones we refer to as thin pizza here in America aren’t of the same thickness.

  • Neapolitan pizza
  • New York pizza
  • New haven

Thick pizzas

We also have some of the ones that come with the thick crust. This then means that they can hold extensive toppings, sauces, and cheese too.

Notice that such pizzas then come in either circular or square shape. This is for you if you like to eat a lot of the sauce and cheese and meat.

  • Deep dish pizza
  • Sicilian pizza
  • Chicago pizza

Check out the different types of pizzas based on the ones you like. Choose the Italian or American pizza you like and go with it.

How you can use the flatbread

Notice that you can do a lot with the flatbread. It’s one of the most versatile styles of bread, you know. If you want, though, you can eat it plain, which is the best way to use it.

Again, you can use it in place of whichever bread you have and want to use. For example, some people even use it as the base for the pizza.

When you have the dough, you can comfortably also use it to make the perfect pizza style. You will have to roll it flat, then add on the toppings, cheese, and sauce. It’s then vital for us to mention that you know the pizza bread is also one of the flatbread types.

You can use it to make the different sandwiches for an almost full meal. The flatbread is hardy, and therefore it makes the best sandwich. Notice that with it, then you are sure it will hold a lot of the meat toppings and sauce without being soggy and bread-like.

Talk of par-baking the dough

In this case, we mean that you shoot the bread dough in the oven for a few minutes just before you take it out and add the toppings. For the process then you will set the bread dough on fire, which then makes it crispier, but it’s also tasty.

You can also par-bake that dough, set it in the plastic wrap, freeze it for future use. For this, you make it easy to prep this bread style meal for your coming guests. When this is then done, you will notice that it will be easier for us to just set the toppings on the bread dough.

It makes your work easier and fast as well.

The differences

The structure

In most culinary schools, you will have them say that the difference includes the fact that the flatbread is thinner. In most cases, the pizza bread appears thicker. I would attribute this to the fact that it’s leavened.

Notice that we are talking about the thin crust too. We know that even the thin crust is chewier delicious with a crusty crumbly texture.

In this case, you will give your flatbread, and then it has the difference in texture.

The leavening agents and the crust

The truth is that there’s no such a big difference. The main one that people talk of a lot is in how they make it.

They make the pizza dough with yeast, and no wonder it will rise and make it thicker. You will always then have the perfect chewiness.

When we talk of flatbread, you should know that they are unleavened, so it’s often thinner. It doesn’t raise at all. You see, they don’t use even baking powder or baking soda.

So when you look at it, therefore you will notice that it attains a thin crisp texture. Realize that even the thinnest pizza dough they make uses the yeast, and it’s thicker than the flatbread one.

One thing though, you will find that the restaurants use the terms pizza and flatbreads interchangeably.

The difference by relationship

Notice that we have different types of flatbread that you already saw here. The flatbread comes with different styles and flavors as well.

It also comes in different shapes and textures. However, when you look at the pizza, you have it already is a type of flatbread. Don’t be surprised if you go to some places only to realize that they use the same terminologies interchangeably.

What of the shape

So then you can have the different shapes of the flatbread. Most of the time, though, you have it being rectangular. It can also be circular, square, or even oval.

Notice that the pizza you use is mostly round, even though you can make it rectangular if you want to. Again there are only a few types of pizzas that are also rectangular.

Can you make the pizza on a flatbread?

Of course, you can make the pizza on flatbread. But I still say it’s essential to have the pizza dough when making the pizza. This is true if you like the unleavened type of bread.

Why you should make the pizza on the flatbread

  • It will cook much faster.

When you are in a hurry and still have the flatbread ready in the freezer, you shouldn’t spend any more time trying to make the pizza dough. Take it and mount the toppings on it. Flatbread cooks much faster because the crust is fragile. The bread will cook immediately because first of all, it’s thin, and second, it doesn’t need time to leaven.

  • Using flatbread means a healthier dough.

It contains lesser carbs than the regular pizza dough. So if you are on a diet, then you should be sure to use the flatbread at all times. This one, for some reason, has lesser carbs than the regular.

  • For experiment

Sometimes you want to try something new. So, of course, you know how to use the pizza dough. Although it looks more comfortable to use, not many people will get it right when using the flatbread. You can then make it a mission to try and make the perfect pizza oven with the flatbread dough. This works mostly for those who like to try new things.


  • Its base is crunchier.

For some people, this is a plus. But his occurs because the dough is fragile compared to the others. It will often be too crunchy and crispy than the average pizza. If you enjoy a thicker crust with soft toppings to blend and make the pizza, this won’t work.

  • It holds less filling.

Of course, it will hold less filling because of the tiny base. This is also why you will find most restaurants setting it in the list of starters and appetizers.

If you are concerned about the work that goes to prepping the pizza, you should make the flatbread, not the pizza. If you don’t mind it, then go for the pizza dough.

Which one is better, flatbread or pizza.

It’s hard to choose the one that anyone should use because it depends on personal preference. So when you’re using the flatbread, you are using the type of bread you can find in most cultures globally.

Notice though that the pizza is one of the flatbreads we have in Italy. They are both excellent in taste and style, with the main difference being that the flatbread is an unleavened bread while the pizza one is a type of flatbread that’s leavened.

So which one do you like to use?

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