5 Best Garbage Disposal For Septic System – Septic Garbage Disposal Reviews

There’s a whopping number of people who have septic tanks in America and the better part of the world today. This means that your home isn’t connected to the city’s plumbing.

The garbage disposal is also common because it mostly prevents the tendency to clog the sink among other roles.  

They are further common with those who have their homes connected to the city’s plumbing than those using the septic tank.

This happens because if you use the septic tank, the last thing you need is wastewater while there’s a belief that garbage disposal wastes water.

Most of us who have been using the septic tank system are afraid of clogging the system which is common with garbage disposals.

However, while the concerns are true, you can buy a powerful garbage disposal unit and that will lift all your worries. If you know the benefits of having the garbage disposal you shouldn’t have to stay without one especially when what you have is the septic tank.

Best garbage disposals for septic of 2021 to buy 

1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

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You will agree with me that insinkerator is one of the leading companies when it comes to producing garbage disposal. The only downside of this company’s disposals is that they are often so expensive.

Nevertheless, this model is effective when it comes to working with the septic tank. You have the powerful ¾ HP dura drive induction motor. It will serve your large household with its 40 Oz capacity of food waste.

It’s further ideal to use with your septic tanks because it has 2-grade levels that help to break down the food into finer particles. As usual, the insinkerator company has come up with a sound seal technology to reduce the noise and perform quietly.

It’s further made using the high-quality stainless steel thus corrosion is unheard of. Moreover, for your septic tank, you have the bio-charge that has the citrus scent infused to keep your home from bad odor.

Its installation is easy which means with the 3-bolt mounting system you will have the processes finished. This item is safe for a proper size of the septic tank. Although it features the continuous feed it works best with the septic tanks.

It further gives you a 4 years warranty which is an ideal assurance that the item is high quality. On the downside, it doesn’t come with the power cord which increases the expenses to an already expensive tool.

2. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal

Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord - (L-8000)

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You can never have second thoughts about buying the waste king garbage disposal especially if you have a septic tank because this one feature a powerful item that will grind your waste to finer pieces. With 1HP, it will tackle all kinds of wastes leaving your kitchen spotlessly clean.

In addition, it has the spinning ability of 2800rpm which means the process is further fast and this is ideal to reduce the jamming problem. Although the preceding one is said to operate more quietly, this one is also quiet.

With its permanent magnet motors, it makes lesser noise compared to the regular ones which use the induction motors. The grinding parts, as well as all the other essential parts, are made using the stainless steel to make the item durable and corrosion-resistant.

The item is further way cheaper than what it’s meant to offer. As you can see, its counterpart is listed amongst the highest priced garbage disposal. Installing the item is a breeze but if you want assistance on the installation the better for you.

Although the best one is the batch feed when it comes to using it with the septic tanks, I do think that this continuous feed works effectively with such powerful disposals.

3. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Garbage Disposer

InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

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Insinkerator continues to win the souls of most people in this subject of the garbage disposals. What is even better is the fact that amongst the many kinds available in the market today, the insinkerator is compatible with the septic tank.

The garbage disposal uses premium steel for the items construction parts which makes it durable and most importantly corrosion-resistant. The brand has its attention to details which has made it stand apart from most other brands.

Also, the gadget has a sound seal technology that minimizes the noise to the utter minimum. It has a 1 HP induction motor which is powerful enough to handle almost any kind of waste you have. It further has 3 stages of grinding to make sure it finely minces the waste.

This is a method that will help ensure that you don’t have clogs in the drainage system every so often. Moreover, its unique locking system will make sure its easy to install anywhere.

You have been given a 7-year warranty where you can make free calls during the warranty period. It’s almost impossible for you to find such a great support for your septic tanks with other garbage disposal companies.

4. Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Waste King Knight A1SPC Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 1 HP with Exclusive Silencer Technology

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Anyone would trust this garbage disposal because of the brand it comes from and the way the item looks like. You might not have the advantage of the Bio hack for the garbage disposals but it’s not a big deal when the disposal is powerful enough to finely grind the waste.

Waste King is your ideal option because of its grinding ability with its 1 HP and 2700 rpm. You don’t need to pass it through the chambers in various stages. It will power the waste in a single pulverizing pass. Most people praise the fact that its installation is easy and it works well with your septic tank.

Furthermore, you receive a 36-inch power cord which makes it one of the cheaper choices. Moreover, it uses the continuous feed to push the waste faster and you can keep on adding waste as you are grinding.

It’s designed to reduce the jamming using its stainless-steel swivel impellers. It will not only serve you for ages but you won’t need to contribute to a lot of its maintenance.

5. Whirlaway 191 1/3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

Whirlaway 191 1/3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal

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When you have a small septic tank, this should work best for you. Although it’s not as popular as the two brands above, the whirlaway is equally effective. It not only covers a limited space but also accurate for anyone who has small waste disposal.

It has a 1/3 HP motor which is the least power but effective for limited use. Furthermore, it works with the permanent magnet which means that the noise is slightly reduced but not the same way as the two brands above that are the quieter options.

You should only buy this if you are working under a budget and you have less waste disposal.

Why You Don’t Have the Garbage Disposal When You Have the Septic Tank

For most people, the thing holding them from installing the garbage disposal is the fear of not meeting the city rules and a belief that garbage disposal and septic tanks are incompatible.

Contrary to those beliefs, the US regulations state that there are garbage disposals that are compatible with the septic tanks. If you will set them properly and make your septic tank receive regular maintenance you should be okay. Note, you should ensure you have the right size.

Is it Okay for You to Use the Garbage Disposal for Septic Tanks?

This is a question of one’s preference and experience with the garbage disposal units. To be on the safe side, don’t ask your neighbors because they will give you all the conflicting answers. It’s true to say that having the garbage disposal make the kitchen operation easy.

It’s not even true that your disposal will generate too much waste to clog the tank. Normally the garbage disposal units generate very little waste.

For those who have the large septic tank that can take care of the dishwashing and washing machine, the garbage disposal is just your enhancer. If you can get the garbage disposal that will treat your septic tank, the better. So, yes, it’s okay to have it.

Choosing Your Garbage Disposal

  • The size of your garbage disposal

You will have the different sizes of the garbage disposal but if you have a big garbage disposal the better for you. It may look like a stereotype but when you have the big garbage disposal it will be easy to fit in your torque.

Additionally, the big garbage disposal units will have the soundproofing system to reduce the noise because they tend to make more noise. Before you go buying the garbage disposal though, check your under-sink space. Does it have enough space to fit your garbage disposal?

If you realize that you have a small space, then you should consider remodeling your kitchen especially if you are a big family.

  • How strong should it be?

This is determined by the motor. Of course, because you are using the septic tank, you need one that can grind almost everything you call waste. In addition, the best motor is the one with the ability to grind a large load of waste. Below are the list of the motor types and strength.

1/3 HP

This happens to be the weakest available yet people still love and use it often. We attribute it to the fact that they are cheaper than the other choices in the market. Also, most people in the US live alone which means that the amount of waste they produce is minimal.

They also fit in the small apartments or studios which means you still get the benefits even when you have the less powerful one

½ HP motor

These ones are also famously used in small homes but they are stronger than the one above. You can have the ½ HP motor for your regular and light Use. However, be gentle with them if you wish to use them for a longer period.

¾ HP motor

These ones are stronger than the 2 above. They can also deal with the hard food bones, fibrous fruits and veggies.

1 and 2 HP motor

They are strong and heavy enough to deal with hard food waste. You will rarely hear instances of jamming because it grinds the waste to the finest level possible. You can use the motors for your small businesses.

You should, therefore, know that it all depends on the machine’s power. Only the power will detect whether you can grind the food on the chamber. With your septic tank, you should get the advanced garbage disposals as they will give you a powerful grind.

  • What’s the estimated waste you produce?

It goes without saying that if you produce a large amount of waste you will need a powerful grind. Otherwise, you will take longer to grind the waste but also fail to produce the fine grinds. Take your time to know the waste in relation to the HP you need.

As earlier stated:

½ and 1/3 HP motors are suitable for studio or single apartments.

¾ HP if you have a family of up to 6 people this should work.

1-2 these ones are basically stronger and can handle the food waste of up to 9 people.

We have searched for the best garbage disposal to use for your septic tanks and they range between ¾ HP and 2 HP thus they are effective to use.

  • The noise

You may want to overlook the noise level of these items but the factor is very important. The noise pollution becomes a health risk if you aren’t careful. You should try and buy the quiet model if you have the money.

Insinkerator evolution is known to be the quietest option but they are usually relatively expensive. If you have limited cash, you can use some Waste King brand and still have the noise minimized. Notice that, your sink may also cause noise because of the vibration.

Therefore, having the proper sink that is compatible with the garbage disposal is the ideal solution.

  • Septic tank compatibility

Since this garbage disposal that you are interested in is meant for use with the septic tank, you want one that is compatible with the same. Not all garbage disposals work with your septic tanks. Therefore, buy those that are listed as usable with septic tanks too.

Alternatively, you may have those that are designed for use with the septic tanks only. With such garbage disposals, you have the bio-pack unit to even treat the microorganism. This makes your system more efficient for it will break down your waste faster.

  • Continuous vs Batch

Most people I know of like the continuous feed for the garbage disposal. However, the batch feed is efficient for use with your septic tank.

This is beneficial since you don’t have to release the water every time you are cleaning.

The batch feed is especially ideal if you have a smaller tank.

Major Problems Associated with Operating the Garbage Disposal with The Septic Tank

Whoever thinks that they won’t have a problem with this item is lying to themselves. It’s true that every machine is just a machine and will at one point or another fail you. Below are some of the problems you expect to have.

  • Noise

This is often taken lightly especially when it’s your first time to use the disposal garbage and you don’t know of the many other options available. Of course, over the years the expensive models have solved this problem.

You will most probably experience this problem if you have the disposals with the ½ or 1/3 HP motor systems. They make the motors weaker but don’t really take care of the noise. Of course, the last thing you want is for you to experience mental related issues because of such noises.

Therefore, buy yourself a quieter disposal.

  • Jamming

How many times have you had to call your plumber to take care of your drainage system?

It’s true to say that at one point or another, this item will jam even if you have the high-end ones so it’s best to be psychologically prepared. I’ve seen the ones that are designed to cater for this problem but they still jam. The only thing it does is reduce the number of times it jams.

Worry not though because fixing the jams is a non-issue for the garbage disposal.

  • Clogging

You have the garbage disposal being part of the kitchen drainage system which means that the clogs are unpreventable. Unfortunately, clogging is a little more complicated than the jamming. You will find the clogging in the drainage pipes.

With the basic knowledge in plumbing, you could deal with the issue but you should always try to consult your plumber.

Important Points to Have in Mind When You Have the Garbage Disposal for The Septic Tank

  • Notice that this is not your trash can

The garbage disposal works like your regular trash can but it isn’t. Don’t start putting stuffing your veggie peels into the cans as this may lead to its quick distraction. You don’t also want to have clogs in the septic tanks thus causing a health hazard.

Unless your garbage disposal can finely break down the waste into even finer particles, it will have a massive impact on the septic tank to put large waste items.

  • Don’t overuse the garbage disposal

If you have the garbage disposal right now, you should consider using it sparingly because if you use it every other time chances are that it will spoil your septic tank. For the septic tank, in fact, make sure the large waste pieces are thrown into the trash can.

You can even use the compost roller to make compost leftover food waste.

  • How frequently should you pump the septic tank?

This is an important factor of consideration when you have a garbage disposal because you want to avoid the maintenance cost as much as possible. But, for you to know this, you need to know the size and capacity of the septic tank you have.

What’s your daily waste amount both in liquid and solid form? Remember, houses with more people will fill up faster than those with fewer people.

However, note that you should always check or pump the septic tank every after 2 or 3 years. This keeps you safe from clogging and jamming.

  • How long does your garbage disposal last?

The regular garbage disposal will last anything between 8-15 years subject to the care and maintenance. What will cause you to need a quick replacement is the dull blades, burned out motor and rust.

  • It shouldn’t leak

When you have just installed your garbage disposal, you don’t expect it to begin leaking. If it’s leaking then know that it’s not tightly fitted. However, if you have the old garbage disposal then chances are that it’s old and rusted out.

How to Tell When Your Garbage Disposal Is Bad

We all know how essential this item is in your kitchen especially if you have those weekend nights with friends at home. They help to ease the cleaning process so when they are bad, cleaning becomes a nightmare. But, how do you know when your garbage disposal is bad?

  • It doesn’t turn on or start

This is the simplest of all to know that it’s bad. You have tried to turn it on several times but it just won’t start. In this case, know that you have a faulty garbage disposal. But first, confirm that this is not just your circuit breaker problem.

  • You often reset

    your garbage disposal every so often

The machines are sometimes faulty and you can just reset them before they begin working normally again. However, when you must frequently reset the buttons then it’s time to know that you are using a faulty item.

  • It will take longer to break the waste down

A good garbage disposal will break the food waste fast. As they continue to age, like anything else, the garbage disposal has difficulty in breaking the food down.

  • If it makes

    the screeching noise

These gadgets are never quiet but they shouldn’t make the screeching noises. You could have the garbage disposal making the screeching noise when the grates have shifted or the motor is worn out. Take care of these problems and you have a noise free item.

In conclusion

There are many garbage disposals to use for your septic tanks. All the above are effective but the InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Garbage Disposer stands out. It’s powerful and worth every single cent you put into it.

Remember you are going to have the quietest, durable and powerful garbage disposal. It’s followed closely by Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal, 1HP.

In fact, some people believe you can get the feature of the evolution excel using the waste king. Thus, this is about brand preference.

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