Gourmet Pizza Vs Regular Pizza – The Differences Between Them

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Have you ever eaten a pizza and be like, “wow, this is different from other pizzas I have tasted? “If you are a great fan of pizza by now, you will know how popular and diverse this meal is in different restaurants and pizza chains.

Even if you don’t have a great liking for this meal, you can not deny that it is widely eaten, at home, for public gatherings like parties and dates.

If you pay attention, you will notice significant differences between some pizza and the rest. Well, this article will shed light on two major different pizza styles that are common in pizza restaurants; these are Gourmet pizza and regular pizza.

After checking out this article, I am confident that you would confidently recognize the subtle difference between these two pizza types.

What is a Regular Pizza and a Gourmet Pizza?

Gourmet pizza, unlike regular pizza, goes beyond the traditional ingredients for pizza. The traditional ingredients for a regular pizza include pepperoni, cheese, peppers, onions, ground beef, sausage, and anchovies.

On the other hand, gourmet pizza is topped with many different varieties—ingredients from pineapples, chocolate, and broccoli. The impressive thing about the gourmet pizza is that it can be customized for different times and conditions.

mushroom pizza

Image: slicepizzeria.com

So, we have a pizza for people who are gluten intolerant; we have vegetarian pizza, we have pizza for breakfast, or supper, or let’s say, a birthday party.

Usually, gourmet pizzas are meant to target a specific group of people or people with some outstanding taste or expectations.

These Gourmet pizzas are relatively new compared to the early beginnings of the regular pizza in Italy.

With the gourmet pizza, you will find the influence of cultures and traditions reflected in the pizza’s outcome.

These cultural influences came about due to the people being open to pizza and having the freedom to incorporate it into the pizza, something most common in their cultural dish. Ingredients such as chocolates, caviar, or shrimps are some of those ingredients added to pizza due to the cultural influences from some regions.

Examples of gourmet pizzas include; antipasto, curry chicken pizza, Calabrese pizza, Tabasco, vegemite pizza, vegetarian delight, banana split, apple strudel, Bruschetta, etc.

Let us look at some of the different aspects that separate the gourmet pizza from the regular pizza, such as toppings, crusts, health matters, and prices and profits.


Restaurants that make regular pizza are, most of the time, after money and profits. This means that they will usually buy preservatives products to save them for a more extended period.

These preservatives are not suitable for health in the long run because of the chemicals’ effects on the body. On the other hand, the gourmet pizza uses fresh ingredients straight from the farm.

These fresh ingredients and vegetables are perfect for health, and they provide a lot of vitamins and minerals for health. Also, most vegetarian and gluten-free pizzas are gourmet pizzas. This means that you get to cut down your amount of red meat and fats.

Secondly, making gourmet pizzas require you to employ a qualified chef and one with experience. If you are employing one who knows the art of cooking, be sure to expect nothing but the best.

This might not be the case for the regular pizza as it does not require a lot of expertise. Anyone can prepare it, so if you are looking at your food’s health conditions, a gourmet pizza will most likely have the best health outcome.


When it comes to the toppings, the difference between the gourmet pizza and the regular pizza is so outstanding and visible to the eyes. The regular pizza will usually have standard ingredients like pepperoni, sausages, anchovy, grounded beef, tomato sauce, and onions.

pepperoni pizza 2

Image: Slice Pizzeria

There is nothing so special about these ingredients; they just give you the standard taste. Do not get me wrong; I am not saying there is anything wrong with the toppings of a regular pizza; I am only stating the differences.

On the other hand, the gourmet pizza toppings keep things exciting and keep your taste buds craving and wanting more experience. This is because the toppings are very diverse and consist of only top-notch ingredients.

Ricotta pizza

Image: Slice Pizzeria

These ingredients include; top-rated cheeses such as Ricotta, which has a natural sweetness and is best paired with tart fruits; burrata cheese, soft and creamy; Gouda and Gruyere cheese. You will also find other ingredients like caviar, which are very expensive and can only be afforded by a few. You have chocolate toppings, which gives your gourmet pizza a sweet taste.

Some other ingredients include; red pepper, squash blossoms, goat cheese, pate, ricotta, prosciutto, and seafood such as shrimps, lobsters, and prawns. You cannot find these ingredients everywhere, and sometimes they even have to be imported to get your finished results.

The Gourmet pizza toppings use fresh farm products, directly gotten from the farm, and haven’t been stored with preservatives. These fresh ingredients give your pizza a fresh taste that cannot be compared to the regular pizza.


This might be a slight difference that you might overlook. You might only get to tell the difference when you eat both pizzas. The differences between the regular pizza crust and the gourmet pizza crust lie in the technique and ingredients used in making them.

The regular pizza crust will usually consist of flour, water, and salt. In addition to this, enough time is not given for kneading the dough. This is done to save time and resources. This means that your regular pizza crust might come out dry with a brittle feel.

On the other hand, the gourmet pizza crust takes a lot of time and requires more ingredients. Apart from the flour, salt, and water, you might have to add yeast and cheese to make it more profound and outstanding.

pizza on a grill

Pizza hut, one of the most popular pizza chains globally, offers a variety of pizza crusts. These crusts are not your typical everyday pizza crust.

They are stuffed with many savoring ingredients: cheese, chili, shrimps, hotdogs, salmon cream, and sausages. These are exotic pizza crusts that differ from the traditional crust.

Also, a lot of time is given to the kneading process to form gluten and rise. The end product is that your crust will be light and chewy. Your teeth will not have to fight with your pizza when it comes to chewing.

Price and profit

Regular pizza is all about conserving finances and making profits. Pizzerias that offer regular pizza will often buy ingredients in bulk and have them preserved in the refrigerator. They will use these products for an extended period before they restock their stores.

This buying of goods in stock and ingredients that can be preserved for a longer time helps them cut down on cost. Also, they make use of the least expensive, standard ingredients that would not cost them much, and they will be able to recover their expenses and make profits.

On the other hand, making a gourmet pizza is not very much about the expenses and profits. It is more about serving people with the finest ingredients and giving them a classic rare meal.

You might not always make a profit while making and serving the gourmet pizza, but you will change people’s taste bud experience. This is because you experiment with a lot of ingredients, most of them rare and expensive.

Although the price for buying a gourmet pizza Is higher, the aim is not entirely about making profits.

Time of preparation

For the regular pizza, it takes a short time to prepare it. Sometimes, the ingredients are already processed, and all you have to do is add them together to get your end products. So, this will certainly take a shorter time to prepare.

Unlike regular pizza, gourmet pizza takes a long time to prepare. This is because you have to use more ingredients, and these ingredients are usually not processed. This means that you have to start from scratch to put everything together. But it is worth the time and waiting period.

If you are in a hurry and want to get a quick pizza, then the regular pizza will be best for you because it does not take time. But if you insist on having a gourmet pizza, it would be essential to call the restaurant ahead of time and place your order.


Does Gourmet pizza taste better than regular pizza?

My answer to this question is Yes. A regular pizza will contain common ingredients or means of preparation, it is still lovely, but there might be no extraordinary thing about it. On the other hand, the gourmet pizza goes the extra mile of incorporating beyond the standard ingredients.

It gives your taste buds a fresh, exciting, and different feeling. It does not just offer a pizza that you might eat anywhere. So yes, a gourmet pizza indeed tastes better than a regular pizza.

Is woodfired pizza a gourmet pizza?

The idea behind the gourmet pizza is that it is made from exquisite materials and ways of preparation. We all know that many people have switched to using ovens in doing most of their baking with modern technology.

The woodfired style of pizza was popular back in the days, and it is now extinct. The truth is that this style of preparation gives your pizza a different taste and feel that is different from the oven-baked pizza, which is now standard.

You have a few places these days that use the woodfired style, so it is safe to say that technically yes, a woodfired pizza is a gourmet pizza.

Can I prepare a Gourmet Pizza at Home?

Yes, of course, you can prepare for yourself an excellent gourmet pizza with the right ingredients and tools. The truth is that if you can prepare the regular pizza, then you can cook a gourmet pizza for sure.

A few things you will have to consider include the following;

You have to make sure that you have fresh ingredients at home. Remember that what sets the gourmet pizza away from the regular pizza is the quality and freshness of the used ingredients. So, do well to use fresh ingredients.

Secondly, make sure that your cheese is not grated. Instead, use whole mozzarella or bocconcini cheeses. These two kinds of cheese help to elevate the taste of your pizza to something classic.

Also, remember to put your ingredients such as herbs and basil under the cheese. Doing this will make you avoid burning your garnish.


Because of the rare ingredients used to make the gourmet pizza, you will have to pay more for it than the regular pizza. I am sure adding some extra bucks would not be too much of an inconvenience. But it is worth every penny, I promise you.

Secondly, some people might prefer the regular pizza, which does not have any extra ingredients that they might see as weird and foreign. Well, the truth is that when it comes to taste, there is no dispute. We all have our preferences, and that should be greatly respected.


The regular pizza is undoubtedly good, and it is still pizza, and we all love pizza. But If you are a foodie and have an interest in food, you will undoubtedly appreciate the differences between these two types of pizzas.

Pizza is a regular meal, and most of us eat it more than three times a week. So, if you are going to be eating pizza this much, it would be nice to try out different types to keep it exciting and fun.

And by the way, if you have never tasted a gourmet pizza, you should do your taste buds a favor by trying one sometime. I bet you that you would never regret it. If you are new to pizza and would love to delve in, I trust this article has helped you to know and appreciate the differences between gourmet and regular pizza.

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