How to Make Pizza Less Greasy

Have you witnessed a situation where you or a friend wraps a napkin around your pizza to soak out the oil onto the napkin? Well, I have witnessed people doing that, and I have also done it myself

We all love pizza, and we eat it week in and week out, but it is not a healthy food because of all the grease it has. When the fats from these greases pile up in our bodies, they can be detrimental to our health.

We can avoid this; we can reduce our pizza intake, which I do not see happening. The other option then is to reduce the amount of grease that makes it onto our pizza.

We will look at ways to reduce this grease on pizza when baking our pizzas at home. This will make you avoid wrapping your napkin around your pizza, and you will also reduce your worry about the health impacts on the body.

Reducing the grease on Your Pizza

Before attempting to solve the issue of too much grease on your pizza, it would be essential to know where the grease comes from. You need to know the source of the problem before you can solve it.

The most significant contributors of grease to the pizza are the cheeses and the meat. These ingredients contain fats that we might not be aware of until we finish cooking. And by the time we finish cooking the pizza, it might be too late to control the pizza’s greasiness.

The heat from your oven or your grill breaks down the fats in the meats and cheeses. These fats meltdown and spread around the pizza, and at this point, there might be nothing that we can do to salvage the situation. The best way to address this situation is to reduce the amounts of fats in the ingredients we use before finally baking the pizza.

1. Change the type of flour for your dough

Flour for Pizza

Surprisingly even the type of flour that you use contributes to the greasy levels of your pizza. If you are hoping to cut down on your pizza’s greasiness, use whole wheat and other natural grain crusts with a small salt amount.

2. Swap your meat for thinner meats

We all know that pepperoni and sausages contain many fats, and they are significant contributors to your pizza’s greasiness.

You can swap these meats for thinly sliced meat such as salami, and others like chicken sausage and turkey bacon. They offer you a much healthier choice than pepperoni.

If you must use pepperoni and sausages, then you will have to drain out the fats. Most people complain that they lose their tastiness, but you have to sacrifice some aspects if you have to eat healthily.

One way of taking the fats out of your pepperoni is cooking and draining the oil on them before placing them on your pizza. Take a skillet, place your pepperoni, and heat on medium heat for a while.

The pepperoni will produce some grease after heating. Take them off the fire, place them on a clean napkin to absorb the oils. Then you can place them on your pizza.

Another hack of reducing your pepperoni’s fats is microwaving them before placing them on your pizza. Place some paper napkins on a plate, put your pepperoni or sausages on the napkins, and put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds.

The napkins will absorb the fats from the pepperoni when the heat from the microwave heats them.

3. Use a lot of Veggies on your toppings

With vegetables, you are sure of getting fewer oils, and you will benefit by getting more vitamins and nutrients. Try using some vegetables like sundried tomatoes, roasted garlic, oregano, basil, and many herbs. Using more vegetables and fewer meats will undoubtedly contribute to making your pizza less greasy.

4. Use Higher temperatures while cooking.

If you have been observant, you will notice that restaurants’ pizzas are less greasy than the ones we make at home. This is because these restaurants use ovens that are 700 degrees Fahrenheit. The pizza cooks faster with this high heat, and there are fewer chances of having a greasy pizza.

Now, when we bake our pizzas at home, we use about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which means our pizzas take a longer time to cook, and this more extended time melts all the oils in the meats and cheeses, and we end up with a greasy pizza.

Although we cannot get the same heat as these restaurants’ ovens, we can crank our ovens to the highest degree, which is 550 degrees. This will help us cook our pizzas at a lesser time, and we will be able to avoid most of the greasiness that we find on our pizzas. Increase your oven’s heat and cook your pizza at a lesser time.

5. Go for cheese with low fats


When your oven melts the cheese on the pizza, it melts, and this is when you can see the oils and fats more clearly. We often use cheeses that are high in fats because we want to maintain a rich flavor.

To make your pizza less greasy, it would be essential to cut back on the amounts of fats contributed by cheese.

So the best way is to go for cheese with low levels of fats, like part-skim mozzarella cheese, low-fat cheddar, and white cheese, which all contain low-fats.

Another important choice to look for is low-moisture cheese, the reduced fat kind of cheese doesn’t usually have a low moisture version. Or you can use a combination of soy mozzarella and regular mozzarella cheese to reduce the amounts of fat on your pizza.

Problems of a greasy pizza

A greasy pizza has a great chance of numbing the different flavors on your pizza; hence you might not enjoy it.

The greasy pizza can soak up your dough and make the crust wet and soggy. Nobody loves a soggy pizza crust, and a crunchy crispy crust is always the best option.

Too much grease on the pizza is harmful to the health. This is because the fats keep accumulating in the system, leading to overweight, hypertension, and heart-related diseases.


When we are eating pizza, we always want to enjoy ourselves and have a wonderful experience. There is no need to choose a pizza meal when you will be irritated or inconvenienced by the pizza’s greasiness throughout the meal.

It is better to find ways to make sure that your pizza comes out perfectly the way you want it. This way, you get to enjoy your pizza meal comfortably with peace of mind. I hope these little hacks will help you have a better experience.

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