17 Healthy Pizza Recipes That Will Make Your Love Pizza

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No matter the ingredients and toppings used, pizza is one of the most loved and adored foods globally. Nevertheless, pizza’s reputation is not good as it is regarded as junk food due to the use of white crusts in pizzas.

However, not all pizza recipes are made with high amounts of calories as you can find healthy pizza options with minimal amounts of cheese and toppings made of a wide variety of vegetables

The best healthy pizza recipes are those that are homemade. Instead of ordering a takeaway pizza from the stores, take your time, and create your pizza. Healthy pizza recipes vary in ingredients but with the same idea of making it as healthy as possible.

So, the best you can do when it comes to healthy pizza recipes is to make your pizza and customize it to your liking as opposed to ordering, which might sometimes contain other constituents that are not vegan nor healthy.

Here are some of the healthy pizza recipes

Salami, garlic greens and taleggio pizza


I cannot talk about everyone, but pizza is a universal food that almost everyone loves. The salami and garlic greens pizza are among the many healthy pizza recipes you can find, whether by ordering or making it in your house.

The best thing is that you can get this recipe done in less than an hour. The toppings are made of your preference, and you can customize them with different ingredients. Making a homemade recipe is much better than ordering from the nearest store.

Here’s the recipe-salami, garlic greens, and taleggio pizza.

Caprese pizza


This recipe is all about the salad. So, if you are in love with the Caprese salad, then the pizza will make you more excited. This recipe is often packed with various fresh flavors, which makes it outstanding with a distinctive taste.

For this recipe’s base, you can use whole wheat flour or the enriched flour as they both come out best. The only difference being that the enriched flour has its nutrients removed, but it still is a good option.

The best part about this recipe is that it is not junk food and zero unhealthy processed ingredients rendering it a healthy recipe for people who want to lose weight.

Here’s the recipe- Caprese pizza 

BBQ chicken pizza


The BBQ chicken pizza is always loaded with several flavors like plum tomatoes and black pepper, all full of health benefits and a low amount of calories.  

A whole meal dough makes a perfect base, and it does not require you to knead it. Use a mixer and let the dough sit as you prepare your chicken. It is a simple recipe, but you will love it because of the different varieties of flavors.

Season the chicken before grilling. This is mainly to keep the chicken moist, then add mozzarella cheese and the BBQ sauce, and you are as good as done.

Here’s the recipe- BBQ chicken pizza

Caramelized onions and goat cheese pizza


You can get this recipe done in less than 45 minutes due to the simplicity of making this healthy meal. This pizza is always creamy and full of flavor from the onions and balsamic vinegar.

Topping it up with baby spinach and drizzling some sunflower seeds on the pizza will ensure that there are extra vitamins and minerals to this recipe.

So, if you are tired of the other types of pizzas made from pepperoni, sausages, and the standard cheese, maybe it is time you try this recipe out. A change from your favorite pizza to another will not do you any harm.

Here’s the recipe- caramelized onions and goat cheese

Breakfast pizza


Over the years, pizza has been evolving with several ideas generated to recreate different forms of pizza. The breakfast pizza is one of the updated pizza types, and well, it is so easy to prepare and so tasty.  

The breakfast bread makes a perfect base for this recipe, and for the sauce, you can use salsa. Bacon, cheese, and egg yolks provide the perfect flavor for the recipe. All these ingredients provide plenty of nutrients and vitamins to the pizza.

Plus, you can use a leftover pizza to make this recipe and transform it into a breakfast pizza by putting all your ingredients on the pizza crust.

Here’s the recipe- breakfast pizza 

Rainbow veggie flatbread pizza


This recipe is full of vibrant colors, and it is appealing to the eyes. It is one easy recipe because you get to top this pizza’s crust with any leftover vegetables you have in your house, then arrange the vegetables from the dark color to the light ones.

Do you want something healthy? This pizza makes the perfect choice for that, filled with vitamins from the vegetables and a low amount of calories.

You can easily customize the crust with olive oil or pesto, then add your sliced vegetables to the crust as toppings.

Here’s the recipe- rainbow veggie flatbread pizza 

Fig and prosciutto pizza


with this pizza recipe, you are guaranteed both sweet and savory tastes. The figs have a soft texture and are usually sweet. Prosciutto or the ham used in this pizza recipe is the ingredient that brings the savory taste.

The skill and secret of making this recipe come out best are by adding the prosciutto after baking the pizza and while it is still hot. It blends well with cheese even when it is not cooked.

Shredded mozzarella cheese makes a perfect topping to the pizza. Add balsamic vinegar to add a unique flavor to the pizza.

Here’s the recipe- fig and prosciutto pizza 

Pizza Margherita


This is one of my favorite recipes, and I love the toppings and the flavors used in the pizza Margherita. Homemade dough is what you begin with when preparing to make this delicious pizza. The advantage of making your pizza dough is that it has a soft texture, which is mainly you that has made.

Making this recipe is much straightforward and for better results, use the best ingredients at your disposal. You will need a crispy crust, and using a stone pizza will give you precisely the crispiness you need.

For extra nutrients to this pizza, use other ingredients like spinach, zucchini, and basil leaves.

Here’s the recipe- pizza Margherita 

Cacio e Pepe Pizza


It is a veggie pizza that comes in handy when you do not have enough time to prepare dinner. Cacio e Pepe literally means cheese containing pepper, which is what this pizza is made with.

The recipe will only take you 30 minutes to prepare and bake, and this is why it is a perfect recipe for someone short on time: drizzle parmesan cheese, ground pepper for a salty cheese flavor.

Here’s the recipe- Cacio e Pepe Pizza 

Greek-style pizza


The crust of the Greek-style pizza is often light, airy, and spongy because when making the dough, it is left to proof. Transform your pizza into the Mediterranean style and top it with low-fat cheese and rich vegetables.

The homemade version of this recipe is far much better than a store-bought dough. Nevertheless, a store-bought dough will serve the purpose if you do not feel like making your dough.

Here’s the recipe- Greek-style pizza 

Sweet potato crust pizza


Have you ever tasted a potato crust pizza? If not, you should try making this recipe. It is one recipe that never goes wrong. Most importantly, it is a healthy pizza recipe that is gluten-free, and it is an easy one to make.

It is a far healthier pizza than the regular pizzas because the sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and fiber. It is also yeast-free, and this works best for people who do not love yeast.

When it comes to the toppings, you can add anything that you desire because almost anything looks perfect on this pizza.

Here’s the recipe- sweet potato crust pizza 

Zucchini Spaghetti Cauliflower Crust Pizza


The amount of vegetables in this recipe is just adequate for what you may desire. The cauliflower crust in this recipe is added with spaghetti as the toppings, making it a very delicious dish.

The key to unlocking this recipe is seasoning the cauliflower crust before baking to get all the flavors. Of course, the toppings depends on what you desire, and you can easily integrate other ingredients like rosemary.

So if you have never tried this recipe, you should definitely put it on your bucket list of to-do. I bet you will love this pizza,

Here’s the recipe- zucchini spaghetti 

Fruit pizza


The fruit pizza is a dessert, and it is also very healthy. Usually, this pizza’s base comprises giant sugar cookie that is topped with fruits and icing sugar. This dessert is delicious, and it feels good to eat it because of the fruits’ nutrient value.

The secret to making the fruit pizza is by using a glaze; instead of making the dough from the start, the crust is more comfortable to put together using the glaze. Nevertheless, you will need to substitute some ingredients with others to make this recipe healthy.

The fruit pizza makes a perfect dessert if you are on the look for a new and healthy type of dessert.

Here’s the recipe– fruit pizza 

tomato artichoke and spinach flatbread pizza


The best part of this pizza is that the flavor comes from the ingredients; this then means that the fresher the tomatoes and the baby spinach, the tastier it will be. Preparing this dish will last less than 30 minutes, and making it is straightforward.

You can serve this recipe as a main meal or as a starter. The flatbread is then topped with different kinds of cheese like parmesan and mozzarella cheese.

The type of bread you use to make this recipe is all up to you to choose from. There is a wide variety of flatbread like pita or naan bread. Both these bread types make this recipe perfect

Here’s the recipe- tomato artichoke and spinach flatbread pizza

Three pepper pizza


The three pepper pizza is made without the traditional tomato sauce. A tomato paste is used in place of the tomato sauce, making it delicious and healthier. Tomato sauces have high acidic levels, and the fact that it is omitted makes it healthier.

This is an easy recipe to put together. The ingredients you require are dough either homemade or store-bought, onions, garlic, yellow, orange, and red pepper. No sauce is needed for this recipe.

It is a healthy pizza, a perfect replacement for the typical plain cheese pizza. Basically, the toppings are made of what you desire.

Here’s the recipe– three pepper pizza 

Grilled pizza burger


I bet you have eaten both pizzas and burgers; both have a unique taste. The question rather is if you have ever tried the pizza burger. The pizza burger is made up of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and several other seasonings then added to the burger.

Blending all these ingredients will make you a juicy and tasty pizza burger. The grilled pizza burger is much more flavorful and nutritious than the standard pizza variety.  

The best thing about making this pizza burger is that you can add the ingredients according to your desire. The two in one combo will satisfy both your cravings for pizza and burger in one recipe.

Here’s the recipe- grilled pizza burger 

Shrimp pizza


The shrimp pizza recipe is another simple recipe that is fresh, spicy, and savory. This recipe’s freshness comes from the use of basil leaves, tomatoes, and grapes to make the toppings.

However, the shrimps are not as rich in nutrients as the salmon and other seafood, but they make an excellent healthy meal because they contain high protein levels with low calories. They make an incredible meal for weight loss.

Use the scampi sauce while making the shrimp, as it helps in keeping the shrimp moist. It is also essential that you stir-fry the shrimp before putting them on your pizza.

Here’s the recipe- shrimp pizza 

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