18 Healthy Pizza Toppings You Can Use

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Many people associate pizza as a non-dieting food. People would rather not eat pizza when they are on the verge of losing weight or when looking for nutritious food.

Pizza nights are days that many people look forward to because of these delicious pies that are topped with different ingredients. Instead of associating this delicious meal with weight gains, they can be made to fit a perfectly healthy dish.

The important thing that you should consider before heading out to your local pizza for a slice of pizza is the choice of your toppings. So, chose a pizza topping that will help you build muscles and help you in the quest to lose weight.

Here are some of the healthy pizza toppings that you should definitely try adding the next time you are making pizza.


Garlic and pizza

Garlic is an essential ingredient, and it comes with very many health benefits to your body in general and mostly the heart. It provides high amounts of calories and provides adequate cholesterol levels that help reduce heart diseases.

It is also thought to improve the athletic performance of anyone. It also possesses high minerals and vitamins, which makes it a healthy pizza topping. You can use crushed garlic or go for the garlic sauce as a substitute for the traditional tomato sauce for your pizza.



Asparagus vegetables are so nutritious and packed with different amounts of vitamins and minerals. The young shoots form the edible parts because the shoots turn woody immediately the bud begins to open.

A single stalk of the asparagus vegetable is made of high amounts of fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that have significant health benefits to your body. Naturally, the asparagus spring valley vegetable is diuretic, which means your stomach will not bloat frequently.

It also makes a perfect ingredient in your kitchen, especially if you are one person who is watching your weight.


Spinach pizza

Using spinach as toppings to your pizza may be one idea that not all people would love because it tends to change pizza’s taste. However, sneaking in a leaf or maybe two to your pizza will not have any drastic effects.

One of the essential nutrients found in the wide varieties of spinach is vitamin K, responsible for the blood clot. Other nutrients also help to aid any form of cancer diseases.

Spinach contains high amounts of vitamins, fiber, and minerals, all of which are essential nutrients that boost the body’s performance. So, if you are all Italian delicacies, order spinach salad as an accompaniment to your pizza.

Fresh mushrooms

Mushroom magic pizza

Besides the fact that mushrooms add a distinctive flavor to your pizza, it also provides numerous amounts of vitamins to your pizza and proteins for your body essential for the body’s growth.

They are essential ingredients especially with men who are battling prostate cancer as it reduces the risk of acquiring this disease or increasing the levels of this cancer. It also possesses antioxidants and fiber that you will never find in most processed meat varieties.

The most crucial factor that you should consider when using mushrooms as toppings is to use the fresh ones instead of the canned ones. Fresh mushrooms will definitely add a unique flavor to your pizza.

The amounts of selenium found in mushroom plants are also very high, which helps in protecting the body against free radicals.

Sliced chicken


Chicken is very healthy, especially when it is not coated with any sugary ingredients. Chicken makes a perfect source for low amounts of proteins. It is one of the healthiest meat compared to other types of meat like sausages.

The difference between placing diced chicken on your pizza and ordering a pizza with chicken toppings is the sauce. Most of the chickens ordered from the restaurants are coated and covered with a creamy sauce, which adds fats and calories to the chicken.

When ordering pizza, be very particular about what type of chicken you want. When ordering pizza from restaurants, select the plain chickens that do not contain any form of creams.



It is considered to be one of the healthiest vegetables. Whether grilled, steamed, or raw, it is always packed with vitamins and minerals that help prevent the body from acquiring certain diseases.

The high fiber content that the broccoli vegetable has ensures that your stomach is full of cancer-fighting vitamins and calcium, which are essential in making the skin look youthful and glowing.

The best version of this pizza is when the crust is topped with roasted broccoli and honey. It is a perfect vegetable for people who at risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases as it regularly reduces the amounts of cholesterol in the body.

Red onions


Onions have a robust flavor, and it has a significant role in how your food will taste. The benefits of the red onions are what are of importance apart from the flavor that it has. Though it is associated with bad breath after eating a pizza topped with it, the health benefits are what you should consider.

Red onions are usually loaded with high amounts of phytochemicals and polyphenols, which increase the immunity of the body and fighting off cancer-related diseases. Onions also play an essential role in reducing the levels of blood sugar and blood pressure.

Whether grilled, roasted or eaten raw in salads, are valued not just for their distinctive flavor but also for the broad health benefits that it provides the body with.

Extra virgin olive oil

This is the mother of all oils, and you should have it in your house at all times. Olive oil is extracted naturally, which means that no other additives are added to this oil, and that is why it has a unique taste and smell.

The fatty acids and antioxidants in these oils have significant health benefits as they help lower the risk of heart diseases. It is essential in keeping the wall of the arteries flexible, thus maintaining low levels of blood pressure.

Hot and red chili peppers


One thing that you are guaranteed when using red chili peppers as toppings for your pizza is a hot flavor. They add a distinctive flavor to your pizza and also, they are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and beta-carotene.

The peppers are essential in stimulating metabolism in your body, which is very important for the body. They also contain capsaicin content, which plays an essential role in melting the excess fat found on the pizza toppings.

The topping used for the pizza does not have any significant influence on the pizza flavor. Red chilies are mostly used, but other varieties such as yellow and bell peppers also have the same nutrients and minerals.

Diced tomatoes and tomato sauces


If white pizza is one of your favorite pizza toppings, then adding diced tomatoes to the pizza as toppings will boost its taste and take this pizza to a whole new level. The use of tomato sauces also influences the taste of the pizza.

The best part about fresh tomatoes is the nature of their versatility. Therefore, this means that you can use them in any form, whether roasted, raw or cooked. The technique used to cook these vegetables also aids in the release of some other nutrients.

It contains lutein and lycopene, which are essential in protecting the eye and reducing eye light damage. Just like many other vegetables, tomatoes reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart diseases, and cancer.

The health benefits of these vegetables vary from one variety to another. For instance, cherry tomatoes have high amounts of beta-carotene. High consumption of these vegetables ensures you have healthy skin and lowers your weight.



If you want one ingredient that will give you extra protein, then ham is precisely what you need. Compared to sausages and ground beef, hams do have low amounts of fats. They have precisely seven grams of fat for every three-ounce serving.

Proteins are essential not only in pizzas but also in other types of food, and it makes a perfect option in regards to any other meat. The preservation of this red meat is either through smoking or salting, which adds a unique flavor to the meat.



One characteristic of cheese is that it has low glycemic levels. This works best for you, mainly if you use them as toppings for your pizza because your body will slowly digest the cheese, thus keeping you full for more extended periods.

Parmesan cheese makes a perfect substitute for ordinary cheese. Though many people usually overlook this cheese, it has incredibly high amounts of protein with low fat. The only difference from the mozzarella cheese is that it does not have that soft texture, but nutrition-wise, it is the best alternative.

You must know that the making of the cheese is done differently; therefore, not all cheeses are equal and with the same nutrient value. Low-fat cheese will be helpful if you are trying to reduce the rate of meat consumption.

Butternut squash

Butternut squash bacon and Brussel sprout pizza

This vegetable is usually very rich in magnesium and potassium. It is also a source of both vitamin C and A. it is a versatile vegetable, which means you can sauté, roast, or puree in different soups.

The vitamins and antioxidants found in the butternut help lower the risk of cancer and reduce asthmatic disease risk. It is a good weight regulator as it reduces the risks of obesity.

For your pizza, roast the butternut squash, slice them, then combine them with fresh shredded mozzarella and pistachios.

Sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes give you a sweet tasty flavor when used as a pizza topping. It has a soft texture, which makes it easy to use it on different pizza recipes. These vegetables are often used as desserts by many people, but they can form perfect main meals.

The sweet potato vegetables come in different varieties, with each variety having its unique flavor and also its vitamins and nutrients. The most common variety is the red one, but you can also find white, purple, and pink varieties.

Sweet potatoes are often packed with nutrients that contain anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. They contain high amounts of vitamin A which lowers the risk of eye deficiency.

Fresh olives

This is one of the best pizza toppings that you can ever use; the only thing you need to consider is that the fruits used as toppings should be black as the green fruits do not have high amounts of vitamins and minerals like the black olive fruits.

Green olives are usually picked while still young then chemically treated with specific chemicals to eliminate the bitter taste that comes from these fruits. This is why the black olive fruits make a perfect choice for your pizza topping.

They are a good source of fiber, calcium, and antioxidants. They also contain low amounts of calories, and most importantly, the fat found in these fruits are very healthy. Just the same way you would go for fresh mushrooms instead of canned ones is the same way you should choose fresh olives as it will boost the taste of your pizza.


Ham and pineapple pizza

Though not everyone loves pineapples as a pizza topping, it makes an excellent choice, especially when you want something to finish off your pizza. So, when you have any cravings for sweet sugary food, pineapples make an excellent alternative.

A single cup of sliced pineapples has more than enough manganese required for your day’s intake.


Fig and prosciutto grilled pizza

this is one fruit that you should consider adding to your grocery list. They are usually very delicious and often packed with loads of vitamins and minerals.

These fruits have extreme amounts of fiber compared to the wide variety of fruits you find in groceries. Fig fruits have a savory flavor that is well balanced by the different ingredients used in making pizzas.

Both the leaves and fruits are nutritious, and they help lower the risk of heart diseases and manage the levels of sugar in the body. You can either used fresh figs or dried figs to prepare your food. Dried figs have highly concentrated amounts of sugars because of the drying process.

Salad greens

We all know that vegetable ingredients will give you a healthy dish compared to meaty ingredients. So, instead of preparing one type of dish, continuously blend different types of vegetables and use them as your toppings.

Some of the vegetables that blend well with pizza include arugula, kales, asparagus. They add an array of color to your pizza. Besides, they bring different amounts of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body.

The best thing about these vegetables is that you can use them in different ways, either through sautéing, steaming or eating them raw.

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