History of Pizza

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Pizza is one of the worlds most loved fast food. Today it enjoys global dominance. And even though people may not enjoy it as much as we do in America and Italy, they do know it. For most other countries, this can be a special treat.

Notice that in a day, the different restaurants sell more 3-billion-dollar worth of pizzas, at least in America and most other developed countries. Well, this is why anyone wants to know a lot more about it. So how did pizza come to be?

For more than a century, people have enjoyed the flatbread style with toppings like cheese, sauce, and meats. It looks simple, yet it’s very variant today depending on where you are eating it from.

Even before the people of Naples made their first pizza, there were other people, especially in the Mediterranean, already making the flatbread then adding the toppings to eat. I mean, that’s like the whole concept of pizza making. This was a great on the go meal back in the days.

The Greeks and the Phoenicians were already enjoying these meals in a different version. There’s they made using the flatbread from the flour and water. They would then set the dough on the stone and then season it again with herbs.

For them, this was plankton, and they ate it with another thick sauce on the side. It was more like modern focaccia. Such was popular even among the Egyptians.

By the late 18th century, Naples’ people pulled together a meal that the poor people perceived as so busy to cook. Back then, they didn’t even serve it in the hotels, and no one knew that it would become a world’s sensation.

These people were in a rush to either find work or go to work. They, therefore, needed food that was cheap and easy to eat on the go. So they would get these pizzas from street vendors and not the shops.

Where did the name come from?

I know when you can trace the name, then you can easily also trace its origin. This word comes from the Latin word pinsa. History indicates that the roman soldiers when they first went to the Jewish Palestine area. They made the Jewish matzoh, and they would then bring it back home.

The stories are varied because we also have archeologists suggesting that they had the pizza during the Veneto area’s bronze age. And, of course, at the time, the pizza was taking the modern look already.

The origin of pizza in Italy

Not many countries in the world can say that their primary or national dish is a global meal. Even if you don’t eat it the Italian style, you still eat pizza at least once in a while. Whether it’s the marketing or that this delicious, I can’t tell. But I can say that this is something that everyone tries from time to time.

Of course, the moment the Italian immigrants brought it to America, and we loved it here. Today you can find the pizza in two categories in America; it’s either thick or thin pizza. In Italy, though, the pizza is either Italian or the rest of the world pizza.

When you see these categories, you understand why there is a constant debate on which one is better. However, I like to say that if you are a pizza lover, you should try and eat the ones from different regions.

Notice that the very first pizzas the peasants were eating didn’t have the tomato sauce. Mind you; it’s not that Italy didn’t have tomatoes because they did. They, however, in 1530, thought that the tomatoes were poisonous, so they didn’t use them in food. They often only used it to decorate their yards.

Soon the people of Naples were starving and innovative and decided to start using them in their food. They even used it in their pizzas, and that saw the rise of the modern pizza style. Well, by the 19th century, the people could not get enough of the pizza in Naples. And at the time, pizza started to gain popularity.

In 1830 this region founded the first pizzeria to sell some of the best-known pizzas today called Antica Pizzeria port alba. To date, we still have it selling some of the very best pizzas.

In 1889, Queen Margherita traveled to Naples to try the popular pizza, and she ordered it from Pizzeria Brandi. Here the pizza maker on duty was Raffaele Esposito. He then made a special pizza for the queen that had Italian flag colors. It had red tomatoes, green basil, and mozzarella cheese.

It happens that the queen loved it so much. And it became a hit as they gave it the queen’s name, pizza Margherita. After this time, the Neapolitan pizza started to spread throughout Italy. Also, people were starting to make different versions of pizza that match their taste buds. By 1940 actually, the pizza was quite popular among the different communities across the country.

Today everyone can attest that they like the Neapolitan pizza, and it still stands out for retaining its authenticity. All these thanks to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana certifications. I don’t know of any other; meal across the globe that the law controls how you should cook it.

If you are going to make authentic Neapolitan pizza, you must adhere to a standard way to cook it, shape it, and the ingredients. Also, the way you eat it will matter. The essence again is to make it or retain authenticity.

Is pizza Italian or American

Although pizza is a signature cuisine and dish in America, it wasn’t founded here. It has its origin in the Mediterranean and Europe. Okay, the fact that they founded the modern one in Naples doesn’t mean some variation wasn’t in other countries. There are various other options of pizza that are made in America and not Italy.

For example, the Chicago deep-dish pizza is unique to Chicago. The famous New York pizza also takes the Neapolitan features on is unique to New York and American style of pizza.

This, however, doesn’t mean Italy doesn’t have its options of pizzas. They also have many different pizzas, the Sicilian, Romano, and Neapolitan pizza, to mention a few. The pizza, I would openly say, is both Italian and American.

Was the pizza invented in America?

No pizza wasn’t invented in America. The Italian immigrants brought it to America, and since the Americans loved it so much, they made it quite famous. Today we have about 3 billion pizzas they sell in America every day.

Also, Americans have invented pizzas like the Chicago, Detroit, and New York ones. Americans just made the pizza that features their authentic ingredients.

They even made Stromboli pizza. But we can’t take form the fact that pizza is an Italian invention.

Why is pizza called pizza?

In history, the word pizza comes from the Latin word Pinsa. This is also referred to as the flatbread with some of the toppings. They, of course, call it pizza because of its shape and it’s a flatbread.

This name also dates back to Vulgar Latin of Gaeta in 997. There are so many versions to tell you why one community calls it pizza, but of course, I like to stick to the one most popular. The Latin language is where we find the first derivative of the word pizza.

Who invented pizza

There’s no direct name to who invented it first, but the credit is given to the one who made the pizza to her honor the queen Margherita. They give credit to the baker Raffaele Esposito. She founded the typical Margherita pizza that looks more like the Italian flag.

Although there may be more history regarding the pizza, little is known about the exact person who started to make it in the streets, which is why most when people talk of pizza they remember chef Raffaele. We don’t mention the vendors who came up with the flatbread and toppings, but we give credit to Margherita pizza’s chef.

In America, we applaud Gennaro Lombardi for making the first pizzas in New York. He was even the first one to have a pizzeria. He started all this towards the end of the 19th century, but that’s also when Italians were already making it at home.

When did pizza start

We have talked about this already, but it’s important to mention that the pizza didn’t just come up one day. It was always something else before it came to be. It first started with the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. They like bread, and they would therefore make some flatbread with toppings.

The toppings were mostly the herbs and oils too. Naples was initially a Greek settlement area no wonder they had the flatbread in use already. Notice that the new age pizza has its roots in Naples, Italy, and very little is said about the Greek.

So around the 1700&1800’s, pizza started being a staple in Italy. But when you are talking of the flatbread, that dates back to 12000years back, also known as the Neolithic times. You see, some history shows that it’s the Greeks who brought the flatbread and cheese meal to south Italy.

The history of pizza in America

The Italian immigrant’s brought their pizza to America. At the time, the people from Europe were looking for factory jobs. In the 19th and 20th centuries, millions of Europeans were moving to the US. Although they weren’t after making any culinary statement, the Italians were so many they started making their pizza from Naples.

Although the Italians were making these meals at home, the father of pizza is known as Gerraro Lombardi. He started to make the pizzas for the workers. But soon, he realized that his grocery store would never be enough, so he took a license to operate the pizzeria in 1905.

Nonetheless, we had even another Italian immigrant called Filippo Millone. Even though he was not credited for the efforts, he founded six pizzerias in 1890.

Millone was making pizza back home in Naples, and he came to America in 1892 and started the pizzerias. He was the first owner of Lombardi’s pizzeria. He had been advertising the pizza on the newspaper by 1898.

Also, Filippo owned pizzerias in 53½ spring street and Bleeker street Greenwich valley. So, of course, Lombardi was not the actual founder of pizza in America. But still, he’s the one history shows.

When it first came to America well, the natives didn’t care for it first, and such pizzerias depended on the Italians. Luckily there were so many Italian immigrants that they quickly made the pizzeria run.

But during world war two, the American and British soldiers settled in Naples. They could conduct their operations while in Naples. During this time then they develop a love for Naples delicious meals but particularly pizza.

So when they came back home, they started to look for places where they could find Italian pizza. At the time, people didn’t understand what the Americans were looking for in the traditional low-class food. But they loved it, and as such, they had a key role in popularizing it among Americans.

By the 1950s and 60s, industrialization began, and the food industry wasn’t left behind. That’s when we saw the rise of fast food joints. And since pizza is classified as fast food, it began to spread in the country like wildfires.

Everyone loved it, and they were eating it a lot more now. Thanks to businesses like pizza hut, dominos, pizza inn, and the likes, they made good tasty pizza available to the people.

The target was to reach as many customers as they can. This is why dominos first opened restaurants next to colleges and soldier bases. It’s evident that students and soldiers always need quick and delicious meals, and this was going to be exactly that. Quick, easy, and delicious.

Soon the pizza made its way to Midwest. The history of American pizza may not be complete without us talking about Chicago pizza. When talking about Chicago pizza, you won’t have a very clear history because there’s so much debate. This pizza is often the deep dish style and different from the regular ones. Still, it has its root in the Sicilian Italian pizza style.

In a nutshell, after the pizza chain took over, they quickly started to market the pizza worldwide. Today we, therefore, have so many countries selling the different chain pizzas.

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