How Long Does Pizza Sauce Last

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When you make your homemade pizza, the one ingredient that is a make or break it is the pizza sauce. So if you want to make your pizza fresh and tasty, you will need to use fresh sauce.

You can make your pizza sauce at home, but even then, if you made a lot of it, then you ought to know its shelf life. That’s why we are here to show you everything you need.

This question came from one of the readers asking ‘I made my pizza sauce five days ago, and it has been in my fridge since then. Can I use it? Let’s find out.

When you’re talking about the store-bought pizza sauce, it will all depend on the manufacturer. One thing, though, is that once you open it, you should store it in a clean, safe, and airtight can. Only then can you make sure it will maintain authenticity.

Some manufacturers will show you this information in the package. But others won’t, so it’s upon you to check in their website as they will always have the answers.

So how long will it last in the fridge

Once you open the, can you are always safe to keep the remains in the fridge. It would help if you remembered to set it at about 35-45°F. At this temperature then you can let it stay in the fridge for between 5-7 days.

However, if you want it to last even longer, then set it in a freezer at 0°F, and you can have it being fresh and safe for up to 3 months.

Is this the same for your store-bought ones?

I would say it mostly depends on the manufacturer. For example, when you take barilla, you can expect it to last 3-5 days in the fridge. But if you will freeze it, then it will last for three months.

As for Ragu, you should have it in the fridge for at least five days. But when you freeze it, then you can have it lasting for three months again. So after this time, you should discard your jar of sauce remaining since if you continue to use it, then it will cause a health hazard.

Has my sauce gotten bad?

A few things are going to show you whether the sauce is still good or it’s already bad. Note that you don’t want to use the spoilt sauce on your pizza to harm your family. So to avoid the chances of getting your family sick, then you should consider the following pointers.

Your sauce lid is the first indicator.

When the sauce is getting bad, it will first show on the lid. You may notice mold in green, black, or green color. If the lid is not clear, then open it and then check the inside, and you are bound to notice something. Suppose your jar lid has molds; it’s simply telling you that theirs mold in the sauce too. With those, then it’s not safe to eat it.

Now don’t just think that the mold grows on the counter but even in your fridge. Naturally, this sauce has a lot of water, making room for a lot of molds to grow. Don’t even think of scraping the mold and then eating it. This is because you will also have more bacteria lurking beneath the mold.

The smell but also the taste

I won’t advise you to taste it just yet, especially if you are one of the people with a susceptible stomach. When you open the jar, if you have a bad smell, then that’s another indicator the sauce isn’t good.

When it comes to the taste, you will notice that this sauce tastes sour or even tangy. It’s sometimes even bitter, and generally, it’s unappetizing. It further should be sour, and if it is, then discard.

Sometimes you may not see the mold on the sauce surface, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. If the smell and bad taste are there, knowing that it has molds underneath maybe even invisible.

Did you notice a broken seal?

The other indications, like the smell and molds, maybe there, but the first indication is when you notice that the jar seal is broken. When the can is swollen, or the can is a little dented. Sometimes you will even have the bubble foam appear.

So when the can breaks, then you are sure to have the toxic bacteria somehow.

Check the dates

Even before you go on to confirm that it’s expired, though, check the dates of the expiry. They often have clear imprints of the expiry dates. When the date is way past then, don’t even use the sauce, it’s bad.

The manufacturer uses the dates to show you when the sauce is at its freshest, and therefore you should use their guide. First thing, only buy the sauce when it’s still at its freshest remember.

What if I left it over the counter for longer?

When you are using the sauce, remember to refrigerate it. You may have just opened it, but the sauce went stale for the fact that you left it over the counter for a longer time. You should always check the sauce even if the expiration date is not on to know when it’s spoilt.


Is it safe to keep my sauce in the metal container it came in?

I know you bought it in a metal can but you shouldn’t leave it there. Once you open it, you should change it to a clean glass or plastic container. Remember, the sauce has acidic tomatoes.

Once you open the can and you even leave it open, then the reaction begins. The tin and irons on the container’s wall will start to react with the acid in the container. As such, you will have a metallic taste not good for your food.

Now when you eat such food, you can develop abdominal cramps, diarrhea, or even vomit.

Will my pizza sauce go bad in the fridge?

But of course, it cannot go good. The sauce should be kept in the fridge for not more than five days. It’s during this window that the sauce is still fresh. After that, then you start to develop molds.

Should I scrap off the mold and use the sauce?

Absolutely not. This is the first thing you will think of doing, but you shouldn’t. When you do that, it’s not like you remove all the molds since it already has others beneath the surface. Plus, you may have bacteria in there. You also don’t want to try the rancid taste and smell; it’s unpleasant.

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