How Much Pizza To Order

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It’s only when you have a large group of people that you will want to know the number of pizzas to order. If you’re an enormous crowd-pleaser, then you always need to know just how many pizzas to order.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught scratching my head, not knowing how many pizzas to order.

How many pizzas should you then serve 10, 20, 30, and 5 people? When you intend to serve many people at a party, we have you covered with this calculator. However, you will need to factor in their hunger level and the type of pizza you are ordering.

Be informed that we have different hunger levels as well as feeding habits. So one person needs only a slice of pizza, another needs four. Regardless this calculator will give you a rough idea of how many pizzas you can order at a time.

So you don’t have to think so much about it because we are here to give you accurate answers to the questions.

Figuring out how many pizzas to serve

I often say we need to start this topic from the basics. Before you even go to the calculator, you should know the following.

  • How many people are you going to serve? You should know how many adults they are going to be together with kids if any. 
  • It would help if you then had a rough idea that many people are likely to eat one slice and how many may eat more than a slice. Know the number of people expected to eat multiple pizza slices as well.
  • Depending on the pizza you are ordering, know the number of slices on each pizza.
  • It will help if you also know everyone’s preference for pizza.
  • Before you settle on the pizza you are then going to take, decide if this is the only meal you are serving, or you will be serving it alongside other meats or options.
  • Are you looking to make sure the pizzas are done when they leave or are you going to need leftovers as well?

Check the appetites

What kind of friends or party mates do you have? There’s nothing worse than holding a party only to have people not satisfied. 

Regardless, you don’t want to order too much nor do you want to order very little. It’s better when you have more than enough because people can carry the leftovers home. If you have lesser, then you will have a hungry lot still.

Generally, most adults will take three slices while kids take two slices. So then, depending on the group you have, you will know whether you can add another slice over each individual. You should know your people a little more, and if you need to add two more slices, please do so.

Again where are you ordering the pizza from? is it thin crust, and do they also offer smaller pizzas? If this is the case, then you should order a slice or two for every individual.

Remember, if you’re ordering a large pizza, for example, the 14-inch size, you will serve about 10 people. It would help if you multiplied 10 by 3. You should divide the total slices by the number of slices on each pizza when you’re done with this. So you should order 3 pizzas, and if you want extra, then 4 is enough.

What toppings are on the pizza

While you may not think about it, the toppings greatly influence the pizza you are to use. Some of the fillings will be lighter than the others. That’s why you want to know the suitable types of toppings.

You know you can use anything from sausages, mushrooms, bacon, pepperoni, and many more choices. Some people prefer to use cheese pizza. Since there is a wide range of pizza toppings, I suggest you go and ask your friends and family the types of pizza toppings they like.

Once you have the basic idea of what they like, you can divide the large pizza into portions to know which ones they can use. I sometimes divide the toppings in half for the pizza. It will have one side being different toppings and the other side being another set of toppings.  

Are you going to order the specialty pizza?

These make excellent pizzas, but they are essential if you know the kind of pizza toppings your family needs. Make sure you are only getting a mix that most of the guests like; otherwise, you will be left with the pizzas.

Ask the pizza company to add more toppings pizza

When you have just a single layer of pizza, it’s okay to say you will do well when you have more toppings as it will be a little more filling. Remember, you will pay a little more for it, but then it’s worth it. With more toppings, then the people will get satisfied a lot faster.

Another way to make the pizza filling is to use a thicker crust than a thinner crust. This is incredibly best when you also add another layer of toppings.

How many slices do you expect people to eat?

We already mentioned this above, but it’s also a significant factor to consider when you are out trying to order just enough pizza for your family.

It’s even a versatile one to use. So when taking it, you should take it knowing your people may enjoy it. So then go on and order 3 slices for each adult and two slices for children.

If you find the perfect thickness, you should order just three, but if it’s thin, you should order a slice or two more.

How many slices are there on each pizza?

Let’s say it mostly will depend on the size of the pizza. If, for example, you have the 10-inch pizza, then you will have about 6 slices from them. If you are then serving about 12-inch pizza, you know that it’s slightly larger and has more slices. The regular one then will have about 8 slices of the pizza.

When you have another more giant pizza that is 16-inch, you will have about 10 slices. But then an even larger pizza of the 18-inch size will have about 12 slices of pizza.

This is a general rule and remembers that the number of slices may vary from one provider to another.

So then an even larger one will have up to 14 slices of pizza. Most people like to order 14-inch pizza.

What do you think about the pizza bar?

So then the calculation we are checking here will give the perfect answer to the main question, which is ‘the number of pizzas you may need.’ But then you will not have answered the question regarding the toppings you need to add to it. When you have the pizza bar, it makes it easy to know the toppings you should use.

You will always see these during weddings, significant parties, and birthdays as well. So I see people choose the one with the cheese, but then it comes in different toppings. With this then you make it easy to cater to the needs of the guests. You will always have people choosing the kind of toppings they like.

The tips to consider

When ordering pizza, you should liaise with your vendor and give you the same ideas about the pizza and the number of slices on each. Aside from that, let them bring in the pizzas when you’re ready to eat. You will want them to eat the freshest, most delicious, and hot pizza. Have then delivered right when you are ready with your guests.

Don’t just ambush your pizza vendor, though. If you intend to order many pizzas, let the pizza place know at least 12 hours before the order. If you then ambush them, you can be sure only to get the not-so-good pizzas.

Don’t forget to confirm the size of the pizza you are ordering and the slices you will have per pizza.

What about ordering pizza for the kids?

Of course, there are times when you have the kids’ party, and you want to get the pizzas. Please get them the pizzas, but of course, you don’t have to order the same way you do when you are ordering for adults.  Remember to order at most 2 slices of pizza per child.

So there you have it in summary, you should order a 14-inch pizza for 3 people just because it has 10 slices.

But if you choose to buy a 12-inch pizza, you will be ordering a pizza for two people and one child. Also, if you’re then going to buy for a crowd, though choose to buy 14 or a 16-inch pizza. The slices are much larger, so they will be more filling.


If I’m ordering different types of pizza, what should I do?

I know they are different, and they have different fillings, which is why you need to know. You should remember that if you order the deep dish pizza, you should order lesser. Such contains a lot more toppings, and therefore it’s much more filling.

How much tip should I give when ordering a large number of pizzas?

Notice that the person delivering the pizza home deserves a token of appreciation but how much? First, depending on your vibe, you should give much or just enough for them because that’s what they depend on.

Let’s say your order goes to about $60, then you should give about $8, but even if you have $6 is still acceptable to do.

Always calculate it at the ten percent of the food you order. If you want to tip more, you can go as much as even 20%.

Do you know how to order for a larger group?

Of course, you should be sure you know that you will order for a larger group, so you should check the following pointers.

For the chain store orders, then you should order their most enormous size pizzas. That will make it easy to feed a large group. Of course, it will be costlier, but you will be surprised that you pay more if you go for the medium sizes.

The people will fill up much faster than they do when they eat the medium size one. You will find that those who eat three slices may opt for two slices only.

If you have leftovers, never mind, you can ask your friends to carry some pieces home. You don’t want to waste the pizzas. However, if you have a big family, you can store the leftovers in the fridge for use the next day.

Note that you can make the pizza at home if you don’t mind a lot of work. It’s not a good idea because it will mean you have to do a lot of work that doesn’t entail party enjoyment.  

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