Learn How Much To Tip Pizza Delivery | Frequently Asked Questions

Ever wondered how much tip you should give for pizza delivery in the U.S.?

Although not mandatory, tipping at restaurants, services, and deliveries is a common practice in the country.

It is a way of saying thank you for the services provided by the delivery man.

The question is – how much to tip pizza delivery in the U.S.? If you are new to tipping or coming to the U.S. anytime soon, this short guide will help you figure out the right tip amount.

Pizza Delivery

Moreover, the guide covers frequently asked questions related to tipping for pizza deliveries and things to consider to decide on an appropriate tip amount.

The guide covers the following questions:

  • Do You Have To Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy?
  • What Is The Appropriate Tip Amount For Pizza Delivery?
  • What Are Factors To Consider When Tipping A Pizza Delivery?
  • Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Pay For Gas?
  • Should I Tip If The Pizza Delivery Was Late?
  • Is It Okay To Tip With Coins For Pizza Delivery?
  • Can I Tip With A Credit Card For Pizza Delivery?

Do You Have To Tip The Pizza Delivery Guy?

Although it is a voluntary gesture and not legally mandatory, it is considered common courtesy to tip the pizza delivery guy. Keep in mind that they usually expect a tip since these are part of their overall income.

Moreover, if you don’t give out a tip, they might think they did something wrong or your order was incorrect.

What Is The Appropriate Tip Amount For Pizza Delivery?

Generally, you should tip between 10% and 20% of your total bill. Most people meet in the middle and give a 15% tip.

However, a 20% tip is usually given for the most excellent service. For example, if your pizza delivery order costs $20, you should give at least $2 to $4.

What Are Factors To Consider When Tipping For A Pizza Delivery?

If you can’t decide on the 10% to 20% tip range, you can consider some factors to help determine the customary amount.

You may want to consider the quality of service, how far the delivery guy traveled, and the weather conditions, to name a few. Here are some factors to consider to help you decide on the tip amount:

  1. Quality of service: As soon as you meet the delivery person, check whether they are friendly or polite. You can give a 15% to 20% tip if you like their service. However, if the delivery person is rude or unfriendly, you can choose the least tip of 10%. In the worst cases, you can decide not to give a tip.
  2. Rainy, snowy, or scorching hot weather: Although staying in for a cozy rainy night calls for a pizza, it won’t be a good weather condition for a delivery person to drive. The same goes for severe snow or scorching hot summer days. Thus, it is ideal to give a tip more than the average to appreciate the work done in these working conditions.
  3. The distance covered: Not all store locations or food delivery apps allow long-distance deliveries. It can be tough to drive long distances for your pizza order since this includes long drives and traffic issues. However, if you did get a pizza delivery from a distant store location, it is best to tip more for the effort needed to deliver your pizza.
  4. Challenges in the delivery: The delivery driver may face many obstacles when delivering your pizza. These include heavy traffic and the path going to your home such as steep or narrow roads. Another challenge can be delivering large orders. It can be difficult to carry three to four pizza boxes, especially if the pizza is large or extra large. You can consider giving an extra tip to show appreciation for their hard work.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Pay For Gas?

Drivers pay for their gas, but pizza companies usually reimburse these expenses.

For instance, Pizza Hut reimburses gas and mileage expenses, according to some Glassdoor reviews.

Based on reviews from Indeed, Domino’s also reimburses gas for pizza delivery drivers according to a mileage total.

Should I Tip If The Pizza Delivery Was Late?

You should talk to the driver and check why the delivery was late. Sometimes, they can be late due to situations beyond their control, such as bad weather and traffic conditions.

In these times, it is advisable to be considerate and acknowledge the fact that the driver did their best to deliver it.

If it upsets you that much, try giving a tip of at least 10%.

Is It Okay To Tip With Coins For Pizza Delivery?

Yes, it is typically not a problem to tip with coins if the amount is small. If you plan to give out coins, make sure they are organized and counted well.

It is best to separate the coins per dollar to help the driver count them.

Keep in mind that if you give so many coins to count, it takes time for the driver to count them one by one.

Moreover, it may be troublesome, especially if they have multiple deliveries to fulfill.

Can I Tip With A Credit Card For Pizza Delivery?

If you order online and the online system has a tip option upon payment, you can consider tipping using your credit card.

The tip will be included in your total bill upon checkout. However, if they do not have this option in the online system, you will have to give your tip in cash.

It is worth mentioning that there may be a processing fee for credit card transactions, so you may want to consider paying in cash instead.

Giving a tip in cash is actually a better option so that the drivers can receive it instantly.

Show Gratitude In Every Slice

Remember to be courteous and generous to delivery guys. A fair tip goes a long way in making someone’s day and showing appreciation for their efforts. Always give a tip between 10% and 20% of your total bill.

Moreover, it is better to give a tip in cash and in the exact amount you like.

Don’t ask for a change in case you want a lesser tip. Lastly, always be kind to delivery drivers and don’t make unreasonable demands.

Follow these tips whenever you order a pizza. What do you think about tipping pizza delivery drivers? Do you agree with the amount of tip?

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