How to order Pizza for a group

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PIZZA is one of the most popular foods enjoyed by almost everyone in the world.  Due to its popularity, you find Pizza as the primary food, such as celebrations like kids’ birthday, graduations, celebrating a new job, and any other kind of parties you might think of where Pizza is the main meal.

Further, due to its varieties and different flavor and the fact that it’s a balanced meal, Pizza is considered the most convenient food during parties, especially in America and other parts of the world.

Below are the detailed tips one might pick on ordering Pizza for large groups or any other social gathering where Pizza is involved. but before then, you also need to understand specific vital notes to keep in mind while ordering Pizza for a group.

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How to order Pizza for a social gathering like parties?

The most important decision to make is to consider how many pizzas you need for the party.

 Remember, it’s not how much Pizza is enough but what would satisfy the group; hence be sure not to order less Pizza that lives the guys craving for more or order more, then you end up having lots of leftovers.

1. Locate a pizza shop that you like

Assuming you are a pizza fan, you know of a pizza shop that makes very nice and authentic Pizza. Putting in mind, you are feeding many people who need to be sure that whatever they are ingesting is something delightful.

If you are in a new area and are not sure about it, visit the shops and taste the Pizza; only make sure it’s a pizza you adore.

2. Make orders prior

When you intend to have a pizza party, make sure you make your orders a day or two before the actual party. When doing this, you avoid disappointments on your part and that of the group.

This also gives the pizza store ample time to work on your order and deliver on time or pick it up on time.

3. Determine how much Pizza you need for the group

It would be best if you did a headcount of each individual, putting in mind the children. At the back of your mind, note that Pizza’s choice of and size matters when it involves coming up with the numbers.

The guest is more likely to be satisfied when you chose a pizza with a thick crust instead of a pizza with a thin crust, in which case they will have to eat more. Further, you can decide to use a little maths to arrive at the best amount of Pizza to order

Here is the simplest way to calculate the amount of Pizza needed.

Get the total number of the guest coming to the party then multiply by 3/8. 3 is the number of Pizza eaten per person, while 8 is the average number of slices of one large Pizza.  Just in case you get a decimal, you should round it off to have a whole number.

Also, be very keen while doing the calculation the consequences are dire come to think of it if by any chance miss calculate

4. Select the best Pizza that suits the guest’s preferences

After having had a good time with the guest at your party has lost a lot of energy in the activities’ frenzy, it is logical that they will all want to have some cheesy pizza to fill their empty stomach.

As much as the selection is concerned, take note that each guest has his favorite Pizza and topping types; hence you might find it challenging to satisfy all of them if you don’t consider the following.

  • Request the guest to give you an opinion of the Pizza of their choice; by doing this, you are confident that your guest will enjoy their favorite Pizza without having to feel left out.
  • Be sure to include pizzas for people with diet issues, like the lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarians, vegans, or any other pizza preferable for persons with allergies.
  • It’s also good to prepare side dishes like a sandwich: meatballs, chicken wings and salads or any other snacks like chips. Side dishes come in handy with Pizza, especially for those whose appetite is high, and eating Pizza alone is not enough.
  • Consider ordering lots of cheese pizza for the guest who may not like many toppings as most crowds go easy with cheesy pizzas. Also, a lot of cheese ensures that the Pizza maintains its original heat and is fresh throughout.
  • Be mindful of choosing Pizza with simple and famous toppings like sausages, mushrooms, vegetable pizza, or chicken pizza. So when choosing Pizza, ensure that every Pizza has its toppings.
  • To have fun with every taste, order a variety of both thin and thick crust.
  • When ordering for kids, make sure that you cut the slices into small pieces; say, for a 14-inch pizza, instead of 8, make the slices 12. The kids will be excited to see their large Pizza has many slices, and nothing feels good like seeing the kids happy. For kids also you can decide to go with one type of toppings.
  • Choose the Pizza from the bestselling pizza stores. Such pizzas come with high quality and unforgettable taste. Plus, you don’t want to have yourself look bad to your guest just because you decided to go for cheap Pizza.

5. Side dishes

When ordering Pizza, try to be adventurous and include other side dishes on the menu. youThis makes it more eligible, especially for the guest who enjoys having Pizza with an accompanied side dish like salads sandwiches, Italian lasagne, and Italian meatballs. Not to forget you can as well order snacks like chips and chicken wings.

 Plus, you don’t have to go far ordering these side dishes because most pizza shops have them making your order even further easy.

6. Also, order beverages.

You see, at times when ordering Pizza for a  party, one might forget to order drinks or instead assume that the deliveries come with drinks. Don’t forget to order drinks as it’s an essential item for the party.

Depending on the guest, if it’s grownups, you can either include alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, etc., or non-alcoholic drinks such as fresh juice and sodas.

Don’t forget to buy water for drinking, also don’t feel shy to request the guest to come with a few drinks of their choice.

7. During Making order

You know you are placing large ordered for an upcoming pizza party. In that case, make sure you communicate with the manager or the owner because they have years of expertise in making gigantic Pizza, and a lot of them that way they won’t disappoint. They can further give their recommendations on what best to choose based on the pizza style.

8. Check your order

Once you have made the necessary arrangements for your Pizza, it’s advisable to confirm that you made the right order as per your list.  Further, remember to leave your phone number just in case you need clarity regarding the pizza orders.

9. Pick your order

While picking your order, be sure to cross-check if it’s the exact things you wanted. That’s because they are human beings prone to mistake, and there is a possibility they might issue you what you did not order.

 In that case, request the boxes of Pizza to be marked and follow up or remind them before picking.

10. The prices

Any time you want to make payments for goods, occasionally you will have to consider the prices.

 Some consider going for cheap as opposed to the expensive it hugely depends on your taste or the amount of money you have however when it involves Pizza and parties learn to go for the best remember ‘cheap is expensive.’

Mistakes you should avoid when preparing a pizza party.

There are mistakes one can make while preparing a party for Pizza. Some are avoidable, but there are others that well one can avoid.

You should factor in two things when preparing for a pizza party: your money is involved, and the other one is that you don’t want to leave your guest feeling disappointed and further dissatisfied.

Here are some significant mistakes that you may be keen to avoid.

1. Not including drinks

Drinks that are either alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beverages are all essential to pair with Pizza.

That’s because some drinks have the component that can quickly clear your pallet for the next munch; hence you won’t be worried about having your guest leave a lot of leftovers. Also, drinks are essential as they complete the party.

2. Receiving the Pizza early

Ordering pizza early is one thing; however, getting it earlier than the scheduled time is another thing you should endeavor to avoid. You don’t want to serve your party-goers with cold Pizza or soggy Pizza because of the length of time the Pizza has to stay in the box.

It would help if you tried to estimate when the guest would be coming and how long before they have their first munch so that their Pizza is served hot.

3. Forgetting to prepare Utensils and napkins

After ordering, it’s also important to have utensils put in place. This is because there are pizzas like Chicago-style Pizza, which requires you to use a fork; otherwise, it can be messy.

Also, napkins should accompany the utensils because with Pizza, as much as you enjoy it, Pizza’s greasily nature can mess your clothes furniture and attract insects. It’s good to take such measures and avoid embarrassing moments.

4. Buying a lot of Pizza

With proper calculations and pizza formula, you will save yourself a lot of money and avoid throwing away an entirely made food.

5. Do Not consider Dietary restrictions.

When ordering Pizza, it’s good to have a variety of Pizza to make sure that no one is left out, considering others enjoy their favorite Pizza. A good thing pizza can offer a wide variety of dietary that include the vegetarian diet, vegan diet, gluten, and lactose-free.

6. Making late orders for Pizza

It’s proper to order Pizza a day or two before the pizza party, and this gives the pizza shop time to prepare your order and deliver it on time when it’s hot and tasty.

7. Ordering less Pizza

When ordering Pizza, you should have the exact number of guests attending.

 You can apply the formula to get the right amount of Pizza that is enough for your guest. For instance, don’t order less Pizza. It will be unfair but quite embarrassing if the pizza party could not meet the guest’s hungry needs.

8. Pizza shop with Guarantees

Approach pizza stores with high working and professional traits also consider the quality of food presented to you; otherwise, you may order pizzas in other chain stores and feel disappointed and looking terrible to the guests just because you ordered that Pizza.

9. Ailing to confirm your Pizza

Remember, the Pizza stored deals with thousands of orders in a day, and some are much like your own orders, so it’s prudent if you can confirm your order before to avoid mistakes; by doing so, you feel fantastic that you get what you ordered.

10. Ordering less cheese

Some guests like more cheese than the toppings, so ordering considers ordering pizzas with a lot of cheese. You know cheese is a people pleaser, and for sure, you don’t want to disappoint your guest.

11. Avoid more toppings

Not everyone is a favorite of a lot more toppings, so it’s good to keep it simple in that case. Only one topping per Pizza is acceptable.

12. Forgetting to order side dishes

People come in with varied appetites again it hugely depends on the crowd for kid’s rest assured they wouldn’t have to eat much but for grownups, especially those at the college level tend to have some appetite and have them eat Pizza alone may not be enough.

 To avoid instances where some guests may miss out on the Pizza, at least allow for salads, snacks, and other side dishes just so everyone is satisfied.

13. Putting Pizza as the central theme of the party and forgetting other activities

 Just because the party theme is Pizza does not mean now there won’t be any other activities. Should make the pizza party more fun and engage, perhaps think of involving soft music or games to draw away the Pizza’s attention; otherwise, you have to order more Pizza if eating is the only ve activity.

Why is Pizza a popular meal with large groups, i.e., parties?

You might wonder why Pizza is a popular meal in crowds, and other social gatherings don’t torture yourself figuring out why here is a well-thought-out illustration you might find useful.

  1. Pizza is comfortable in the sense that with Pizza, there are many different ways of eating it, and each one is most convenient depending on your most preferable style.

plus, you don t need to waste your time on tasting samples of the Pizza because it’s something you always eat; hence you need to order what you want

  1. Pizza’s nature of flexibility makes it convenient for any party to order reason being you can order as many pizzas since they are always packed in boxes, making transporting easy.
  2. Satisfies the group –when ordering Pizza for a large group, you order various Pizza pieces, i.e., different toppings and flavors. This makes it easier for each one to enjoy the taste of their favorite Pizza comfortably.

Since the Pizza preparations best suit your preference, there live the party-goers with a sense of satisfaction.

  1. It’s also pocket-friendly compared to other foods like barbeque or chicken or any other catering you have in mind.
  2. Pizza is among the favored foods since it has been there for decades. It can easily feed everyone, from kids to vegans and vegetarians.
  3. Pizza is customer-oriented  – Pizza stores make Pizza fit your preference, meaning you can select from the three crust varieties, not forget the gluten, seven different sauces, and six different kinds of cheese. Vegan party members can as well enjoy their favorite Pizza.
  4. It does not involve washing utensils-  you host your guest and entice them with the best Pizza,  then the daring part of washing utensils sinks in.

 With Pizza, you don’t have to do dishes because you only need the box as your plate and the hands for picking and putting in your mouth thus saves you a lot of time and agony for those you detest doing the dishes.

Using your hands instead of forks- with Pizza, you don’t have to worry about the cutleries because you already have natural and just at the end of your arm. Besides, the most perfect and comfortable way to enjoy your Pizza is by use of hands.

As you  Order any Pizza for a party might be quite tricky. However, the tips above anything impossible are possible. Next, when you want to host a pizza party, you can use the tips above to wow your guests.

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